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I am looking forward to the George W. Bush tax rebate check that I still have not received. $600 bucks to inject back into the economy. Being a good American, I have decided to take that chunk of change and spend it. I live within walking distance from the Hollywood Bowl, and I really wanted that money to go back into my community. Tonight I was rewarded for the first donation I made with a chance to enjoy Modest Mouse & REM sharing the stage at the historic outdoor venue.

I am pretty sure I have managed to catch Modest Mouse every time they have played Los Angeles in support of their most recent release, We Were Dead Before The Ship Evan Sank. I really didn’t expect much tonight, simply because it’s rough to be the opener at the Hollywood Bowl. Modest Mouse had a somewhat solid turn out tonight. I saw plenty of dudes with plaid shirts, beanies and facial hair worse than mine. Even with some fan base out, many folks found their seats ate dinner and cried because the Lakers were down big. I know I enjoyed watching a cougar who had her mole hills made into mountains slobber all over her backwards ball cap dockers short wearing All American Boy. I braved it all, and was rewarded with a set that ended up being pretty awesome.

The 6 piece band lead by Isaac Brock opened with the 1-2 punch of “Satin in a Coffin” & “Dance Hall” from their 2004 record Good News For People Who Love Bad News. The radio hit “Dashboard” followed and the band managed to get about 27 people to stand. Many with beers in their hand.. After another song from We Were Dead… “Fire It Up” played, the band dipped back into their catalog. Truckers Atlas; with it’s snarled guitar riffs was probably a bit too much for the R.E.M. fans (the Russian couple to my right were not fans that’s for sure), but very appreciated by the fine folks who came out to support Modest Mouse, even if the band didn’t include the long hippie jam found at the end of the song.

If the band had not played their biggest hit, “Float On”, the biggest crowd reaction of the night came from the song “Doin’ The  Cockroach”. With it’s jagged guitar riffs and barking vocals hardcore fans of the band were able to let loose. I really though the band would end on “The Good Times Are Killing Me”, which featured Johnny Marr on a very tiny piano and Isaack Brock having a smoke. However, it was “The View” that wrapped up an opening set that went well beyond my expectations.

With the line from “The View” “as life gets longer awful feels softer” repeating in my head all day, it really was the perfect way to close out a solid support set from one of my favorite bands. I have to guess they played 45-60 minutes. They got not believers ready for the main event, and
rewarded any fans who made it in. I can’t think of a better way to start of my summer at the Hollywood Bowl



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Thursday, March 26th, 2009 at 11:34 pm.
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