Coldplay 07/13/2009

Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mt. View, CA

Words/Photos by Jhallead

Okay, so most of my friends are in love with Chris Martin.  They think he is the cat’s meow.  Me, not so much.  The only thing I can think of when I see him is how he is married to Gwyneth Paltrow and has a daughter named Apple. I would say I am a fan of Coldplay, but not a crazy super fan.  I was lucky enough to attend the concert with a few girlfriends who had been counting down the days to have their “Date with Chris Martin” as they explained it.  I had heard that Coldplay was amazing live and so I wanted to check it out for myself.
Coldplay's Chris Martin 07/13/09
Luckily we had seats.  Anyone from the Bay Area knows that though the lawn can be fun during day concerts, it is not the best place to be for a sold out show.  Unless you like tripping on people trying to get to your seat that is.  I used to love the lawn seats but I guess I have grown up a little and get cranky if I have to sit on a blanket.
Coldplay - 07/13/09 Mt. View, CA
I have to admit, Coldplay was awesome LIVE.  They did something special for each song.  For instance, they set off these HUGE yellow balloons during the song Yellow.  The picture is a little blurry but you get the idea.  They also made sure to give props to the large audience in the lawn and sang 4 songs up on a platform.  They did a cover of Billie Jean that was pretty good, though I wanted to punch the drunk gals behind me trying to sing along.  I noticed that the band liked to say “FUCK” a lot.  I guess that makes you a rock star?Chris also led the audience into a cell phone wave.  Ya know, the lights went off and everyone stuck their cell phone in the air, etc.  It really made me think about how much technology has changed since the my real concert days at the Shoreline.  I guess about 12 years ago everyone would have done a pager wave or something.  At the end of the show they gave out free CD’s to everyone.  Granted, you can download the cd free but still a nice gesture.
Yellow - Coldplay 07/13/2009
Overall, it was a good show and worth the price for good seats.  It is really great to be around such huge fans pouring their hearts out to their favorite band.  I am glad I was able to experience it with great friends!


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