Shit is Fucked Up Tour” 2009.  What a way for the Offspring to embark on a north american Sojourn.  Yes the economy stinks, people are unemployed…kids are way beyond bored! and this tour came at the right FUCKIN’ time.  The show started with a punk/folk guitarist by the name of TURNER.  Ok music, not my cup of tea. he should have employ a band cause he really scream every word of every song.  Next up SUM 41.    i remember these guys a few years back were an MTVsensation.  To my surprised this band packed a punch.  Frontman Deryck “Bizzy D” Whibley worked the crowd from left to right, even bringing some fans to see the show from the stage. totally awesome. i understand that they lost their original guitar player but the “new” guy TOM played and sang very well.  SUM 41 is all fun on stage, not to be missed. The Offspring took the stage at 9:30 at night and deliver a great set.  the hits that we all come to love were played (well a few were ommited ) but it was truly a hit after hit attack by the band.  Noodles was awesome but he never looked at me though i was standing right in front of him…go figure! Dexter is a great vocalist and his rendition of Gone Away in piano was awesome. the band was truly in top form. it was a sold out show. close to 3,500 fans.  i’m ready for another show from the offspring. i met a couple from San Fransico that were on a small tour of their own, seeing the band in california, new jersey and new york. what a life. here are my pictures from the show and some videos from other fans.Offspring Genocide Live



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Friday, July 10th, 2009 at 6:31 pm.
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