No Doubt 07/25/09

Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mt. View, CA

Words/Photos by jhallead

The last time I saw a No Doubt show I was 16 years old, convinced I was going to marry Gavin Rossdale, and didn’t really like Gwen too much.  I did not like Gwen only because I was jealous of her.  Now, 12 years later, obviously passed my Gavin obsession, I was still jealous of her.  Jealous of her abs of course.  Gwen looks amazing.  I cannot believe she had a baby less than a year ago.  But then again I don’t have a personal chef and trainer.
No Doubt - 07/25/09:  Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mt. View, CA
I was lucky enough to get my company box seats which I was very thankful for because I did not have to worry about the drunk teenie boppers all up in my face.  Ninety percent of the crowd were chicks.  Can you imagine the bathroom line?  Yeah, not fun.  I almost kicked some ass on many many girls who cut the line.
Gwen - No Doubt - 07/25/09:  Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mt. View, CA
The actual show was OK.  Not amazing.  I am a No Doubt fan so I like many songs they do not play on the radio.  For most of the show I felt that I was sitting in the dentist chair listening to easy radio.  Meaning, most songs they played were the most popular songs all of us have heard way too many times.  They still rocked.  The chemistry between Gwen and Tony was obviously there, as it always is.  I often wonder if they just play to each other for the hype.  I also often wonder what her husband thinks of they way they play on that relationship. 
No Doubt - 07/25/09:  Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mt. View, CA
I feel like I may not give the “musical” review that most do, but that is because I always remember the experience I have with my friends and family.  We all had a blast.  I am was the biggest fan of the crew I went with so it was cool to tell them stories of how the band became as huge as they are today.  We ended up leaving early to beat the large crowd, but I heard the rest of the show was amazing.  I will always be a fan and I am excited to hear the new album, whenever it might come out.
No Doubt - 07/25/09:  Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mt. View, CA

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Thursday, August 6th, 2009 at 2:58 pm.
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