P!nk w/ The Ting Ting’s
Staples Center – Los Angeles, CA 09/18/09
Words by HJunderpants

I’ve seen P!nk live  three times now, and this last show in promotion of her latest album “Funhouse” was by far the most overall entertaining. Having separated her shoulder days before her L.A. show, P!nk far from disappointed, and opened by being lowered in a cloth rope swing while singing the AC DC favorite “Highway to Hell” to almost 20,000 amped fans at the Staples Center.

At this point she has her audience’s full attention, and she belted out “Bad Influence” and danced around the stage getting the crowd to dance their way outta their seats. Now that everyone was in full on pop-rock hypnotic state listening to the favorites like “Just Like a Pill” , “Who Knew”, “Ave Mary A” and “Don’t Let Me Get Me” with a full on circus going on behind the perfectly bleached blonde, this party was started.

Now, I know that this statement I am about to make is a highly debated one between me and my friends, and I know I’ll have many disagree, but I stand by it. P!nk is f-ing hot. Super gorgeous, perfectly toned body amazing laugh (which yes, makes a person more attractive), and a voice that makes me die a little. I want to touch her inappropriately. That said, when she covered The Divinyls “I Touch Myself”, I wanted to do just that, errr, I wanted to touch her, or me, or my girlfriend, it incited strong feelings, I’ll leave it at that. She laid on a couch in the middle of the stage singing in a painfully seductive manner, while making me quite jealous of the couch. Once I recovered from this experience, she sang what most assume is a song to Carey Hart, but I do believe it’s actually to a friend who passed away, the very sweet “Please Don’t Leave Me” brought me out of my sex thoughts and with a seamless transition we were on to some more less erotic but equally fun songs “U and Ur Hand”, “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)” and “So What.”

Throughout the show, trapeze swingers and dancers were entertaining our eyes while P!nk entertained our ears and they did not cease to do so when she went into a more toned down portion of her set with acoustic versions of “Family Portrait”, “I Don’t Believe You”, “Crystal Ball”, and a personal favorite “Trouble” from the poorly marketed CD “Try This”…then as the heavens parted and planets aligned, Pink who has always covered my personal all time favorite singer Janis Joplin at previous concerts I’ve seen, changed it up and sang the hell out of a Led Zepplin’s “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You”. I almost cried it was so amazing, and I am not prone to crying.

I wiped my tears just in time to enjoy “Sober”, off her latest release of which she is currently touring for, only to be followed immediately by a house shakingly good rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and easing us into the end with her own “Funhouse”. When I thought it was over, she closed with Gnarls Barkely’s  “Crazy”. I love you P!nk, I truly do.

Not one to disappoint, she encored with the song that catapulted her into the cars and homes of most radio listening Americans in 2001, the Linda Perry written and produced insta hit “Get this Party Started”. After a little over 2 hours of watching and hearing the party that is P!ink, we were finally all sent home with “Glitter in the Air”

Oh yeah, I guess I got ahead of myself….the Ting Tings opened. I don’t know much about them, the drummer played with a toned down Meg White type kit, and a female singer had a guitar and a mic. Somehow they made it sound like there were at least 3 other musicians onstage with them. They were great. I recommend the purchase of their current album, whatever that may be.

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Monday, September 21st, 2009 at 5:23 pm.
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