The Black Dahlia Murder 12/03/09

The Roxy Theatre – West Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos/Videos byReverend Justito

Thanks Scion For The Free Show

A few years before I was the concert confessing cubical warrior who hangs at Hollywood hotspots with Tom Morello and that dude who gets paid to beat the snot out of people, I drove various video tapes around in a highly decorated Scion XB.  While there were many terrible things about making $9.00 to deliver digital betacam’s with Judge Judy episodes or Lexus commercials, there were some experiences that I truly miss.  While many aspects of the Scions we got were stripped down, my boss made sure to get the good CD player/speakers.  I often was expected to drive like a maniac (some execs often confuse video tapes with hearts in coolers going to transplant patients) and I can’t tell you how many rush hours Miasma by The Black Dahlia Murder helped me survive.   Having seen the Waterford, Michigan melodic metallers a few times in the past, I had high hopes to catch them in support of their most recent record – Deflorate.  I am sure you can imagine my excitement when my former road rage machine maker Scion brought the band to The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA for free.

Brian Eschbach - The Roxy 12/03/09

Oddly enough, I actually had more fun waiting for the show than inside the show.  I hit the sidewalk with fellow concert confessions user God Frank around 6:45pm, and found the line to already be rather long.  In the 105 minutes that we waited in line, we watched some kids (who were cool enough to go buy us beer without us even asking) pay a 53 year old homeless man $15 to have a dance off with them.  For those interested in the results, the cash heavy early had better overall moves, but dragon breath at 30+ years older busted some serious split.   I was personally invited to participate in group sex act with 15 year olds boys, and when I looked to the father who was the chaperone for the night, he just smiled and seemed real proud of his flock of braces, acne and hated of the Raiders nation.  Perhaps most important we discovered the first known North American MexiMetalMullet wook #17 as he walked up and down Sunset Blvd no less than 38 times.  Sometimes the soul just needs laughter and on the first Thursday night in December, we were blessed with some very awesome temporary friends.


With a very slow entrance process into the venue being the worst part of the night, we ended up being some of the very last people allowed into the venue.  Having already missed the opening band Revocation, we didn’t even have time to use the restroom and grab a drink before The Black Dahlia Murder hit the stage.  As the curtain went up with a wall of feedback, the club erupted into pure chaos.  With no guard rail, the very young crowd charged from the circle pit onto the stage, looking to jump back into a sea of their peers.


The band used its 42 minute headline set to pack fan favorites in with a few choice new songs.  When fronmtman Trevor Strnad was not encouraging the crowd to get naked with him, he controlled the all ages crowd with a steady mix of screams and over-exaggerated hand motions.  While the uneducated ear may pass it off simply as screaming, Strnad’s vocal range is rather remarkable.  He made sure to show it off during songs like “Black Valor” and “A Vulgar Picture” hitting high shrieks and thunderously low growls.  With more than one stage diver offering the Wayne/Garth “We’re not worthy” bow down to drummer Shannon Lucas, it was guitarist Brian Eschbach who protected them by getting into multiple fight with the one security guard who tried to stop the onslaught of fans upon the stage.

Trevor & Brian from The Black Dahlia Murder 12/03/09

Really, at 42 minutes, the show was over before I felt the band had even really got started.  To be fair, it was free, and the band needed to get to LAX to catch a flight to South America.  It’s just that knowing what these guys can do upon the stage it wasn’t enough.  Being one of the last ones in, I was on the opposite side of their new lead axe slinger Ryan Knight, which prevented me from watching him only improve an already technically solid musical machine.  All the more reason I will do my best to check them out the next time they come through LA I suppose.  So as the curtain came down before the band hardly had time to break a sweat, we hit the strip once again, this time meeting up with some real friends.  As I clutched my free pair of Scion socks, I realized that with a few small changes, Scion has a pretty cool thing going here, let’s hope we will be fortunate enough to get plenty of free metal from the auto maker in 2010.


A direct descendant of the outlaw Jesse James and star of a 1983 Kilpatricks Bread radio commercial, Reverend Justito has taken his gift of ADHD and put it to good use by creating one of a kind concert reviews. A bootlegger at heart, the man lives off Whiskey, Taco Bell and the love of San Francisco sports teams.
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