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Chances are, no matter where you live in the world, you have heard of the world-famous Whiskey A Go-Go on the Sunset Strip. Anyone who loves music and drives down the strip for the first time will undoubtedly get goosebumps when their eyes focus on the landmark where the likes of Motley Crue and The Doors got their start. However, these goose bumps quickly fade away when one learns the truth regarding the Whiskey. Inside the walls, it is not the music that matters, but how much you are willing to pay for your start. It is because of this pay-to-play mentality that most music fans stay away from the venue. In fact, Good Friday 2010 was my first trip to the club in over seven years and I only went, as it was a chance to hang with a good friend from out of town. You see, all my local friends who are in bands are not dumb enough to waste their cash for the cheap thrill that is standing upon the same stage as Jim Morrison. Within seconds of hearing the first band taking the stage on Good Friday, I realized very quickly why I never come to the Whiskey.

The Icebreakers

I didn’t even have a drink in my hand when The Icebreakers hit the stage. Before the first note was played, I broke into laughter. I am not a betting man, but I am pretty sure not a single member of the six piece band has a drivers license. The group opened with the Berlin classic “The Metro”. The best part of their set perhaps was the female singer announcing to the crowd that it was their cover of the song originally performed by Alkaline Trio. This caused most of the parents in the crowd to chuckle. Well that is all the parents except the one father who was being shaken down for videotaping his child on stage. Junior High talent show, this was not. The juice-head guard was anything but polite to the proud papa. Over the next twenty five minutes, the band played a mix of originals which included  “The Mission” as well as a few choice covers. “Crazy Train”, while comical for the heavy keyboards, did feature new guitarist Dominick (who was decked out in an Ice Cube t-shirt) tearing up the Randy Rhodes solo. Before the band closed their set, the front woman announced that not only was their drummer 10 years old (which explained the fact she played the same 4/4 drum beat the entire night) but that their bassist (and her sister) had only been playing for 10 months. Closing with “Just A Girl” by No Doubt, the band barely pulled off the bouncy ska classic. It would be very easy for me to rip apart the entire concept of The Icebreakers but, when it comes down to it, they were actually the best band not named “Send The Sages” that I heard all night. The singer had cheesy moves that were clearly rehearsed for hours in the mirror. The original songs were tolerable at best. However, the passion is there, clearly some of the kids possess some musical ability, it’s just a matter of growing up. I just can’t figure out how the$e tike$ ended up at the Whi$key on a Friday night?!?!?!?!

Set To Stun

Well, the energy was there. Too bad there was a major lack of talent, originality and chemistry. I mean hey, I suppose there is a market for ugly straight edge dudes in headbands more concerned with thrashing around the stage instead of thrashing on their instruments. Perhaps with time they could craft a sound? Next.

Buffalo Trip

Buffalo Trip made me want to listen to Wolfmother. I mean, if Wolfmommy is a rip-off of Zeppelin, you can only imagine what a Wolfmommy rip off sounds like. These guys should probably just do the world a favor and drive their pinto off a cliff.

Clueless Brigade

Clueless Brigade had the unfortunate task of following Send The Sages (The headliner plays in the typical headliner time slot.  With short set times for all bands, the venue will still have 2-3 bands after the headliner). I had seen them in the balcony most of the night holding their instruments. Not warming up, just holding them. So, upon taking the stage, the front man mentioned how no one remembered their last show at the venue, and that they had better songs. We lasted two songs before leaving the venue. “Fuck The Government” and “I’m A Terrorist”. What should have been speedy punk riffs were slow and sludgy.  I really wanted to like em, they seem like nice young men.  Once again, I hope they at least keep at it, as a tighter version of this act could be halfway decent.

While it’s very easy to bash these bands, I can’t blame any of them.  They are simply chasing their dream and at least they are all trying to create something. The villain in all of this is The Whiskey A Go-Go who charge these bands to play their craptastic venue. I mean the only band that somewhat fit with the headliners style of music was Set To Stun. While diversity is good, you at least need to have a uniting factor amongst the bands. The only thing uniting this line up is the fact that all these non-headlining suckers wasted their hard earned cash to play a famous stage. As bad as all of the bands mentioned in this review, nothing was as terrible as what we witnessed down the street at The Standard (silly side story, heading to The Standard we all had a good laugh watching crazy punks walking out of House of Blues.  Turns out Alkaline Trio was playing.)

Trader Joe

I have no clue what this guys name is, but since he came to the club in his work clothes, I feel TJ works. You see, it was his birthday and, for whatever reason, they let him rock the mic for a few minutes. As you can hear (assuming you can make it through the entire video), chances are your dead grandmother has more game than this guy. Sadly, I didn’t videotape the end of his performance where he repeats for about 3 minutes “Pussy in my lap, birds in my sack”. Hey, I will say this. Trader Joe’s was so bad that The Standard gave us a free bottle of champagne and apologized.  I do hope you at least had a good birthday, thanks for the laughs.

I must say, for it being Good Friday, Hollywood had a lot of bad music on Friday night.

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Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 at 8:40 pm.
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