Scott Weiland 01/29/09

Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD

Words/photos by Joyce

Editors note:  I originally started this concept of fan-submitted concert reviews with a Myspace page.  While a good chunk of those reviews were lost when the now-dead social network deleted my page with no warning, I came across this review saved on my hard-drive and decided to share it here.  I hope you enjoy.

So last night I had the pleasure of seeing Scott Weiland at Rams head in Baltimore. I almost didn’t go coz the weather was nasty. Already had a couple of inches of snow and then they were calling for freezing rain later in the night…but….I HAD to go. I mean…its SCOTT WEILAND! I have been a fan of his for as long as I can remember. I remember when the Stone Temple Pilots album “Core” came out waaaay back in 1992. I had just started really getting into rock and when that album came out…I just remember running around and singing those songs at the top of my lungs. And Scott Weiland blew me away..His voice…his looks….a sexy package all the way around!

Back in 2000 I won tickets from 98 Rock, a local radio station, to see Scott Weiland and Dean Deleo of STP play a few songs acoustically in their pint house! It was me and about 20 other people! I was freaking out that day! I got a picture taken with them…but I will not share that picture coz it’s got my ex-husband in it…yeah…going to have to crop him out of it!

So…I had to go last night…fuck the weather…I was going!! The doors opened at 7:00 and I got there safely at a little after 7:00. I walked to the entrance and saw no line at all! I peeked in the club and only saw 2 people at the bar. I asked the guy at the door if anyone was here yet. His reply, “yeah…34 people.” He even showed me his counter on his scanner that he scans tickets with. I was number 35! I walked in and saw an open spot right in the front…so I took it!

The opening local band took the stage around 8:00…they were okay but not worth talking about. I was looking around for my best friend. Surprised he wasn’t there yet…only to find out later that he was having dinner with the fuckin’ band…thanks best friend! But, guess that’s the perks when you have your own online magazine.

The opening band finished playing and now I just had to wait. Finally, shortly after 9:00 the band took the stage and opened with a sweet jam. Scott quietly walked out onto the stage as if he was no big deal. Seeing him up close, I was worried what he may look like. He looked good though! Healthy! Very sexy! The band rocked out song after song..mainly playing songs from the new album…which by the way…if you haven’t gotten it…get it! The songs sound great live! The show was flawless. I think one of the annoying things was the crowd chanting “STP…STP” I guess it’s to be expected…but he was not there to support STP…he was there to support his solo album….and that’s what he did. He played a few STP songs…but lets face it…it wasn’t STP…the songs sounded as if they were sped up…they flew threw them and went back to the solo stuff

They had a fog machine that blew out a ton of smoke…it added a great effect to the songs. After playing for about an hour and a half…they left the stage…but they were def. coming back. The roadies covered up the guitar pedals with a towel and I was wondering what was coming up. They band came back out and they began playing more songs from the new album. Then…the reason for the towels…BUBBLES!! I am in no way a pot head or a drug user of any kind…but if anyone in the audience was high last night…I’m sure they were loving this show. The songs and the effects added a funk-a-delic atmosphere.

I have to say the funniest part of the night was when, Doug, the guitar player, decided he was going to go over to the other guitar players and knock them down! Before you knew it, all 3 of them plus Scott were laying down on stage and playing their instruments. You could tell that Doug was the one who keeps that band going…keeps it fun and real. The show wouldn’t have been the same without him!  And Scott…if you’ve seen him perform…he takes control of the stage. He dances in almost like a slither….kind of like a snake. Watching him is very inspiring to me. But you can tell he is in his own little world by the way he dances and moves around.

And as I was driving home….both hands on the wheel…white knuckles….lol….driving in the ice that was falling out of the sky…it was so fitting to the night and all I could think was, “Well..if I crash my car and die…at least I would die happy!”


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