Cypress Hill (w/ Stevie Stone) 08/16/10

The Pageant – St. Louis, MO

Words/Photos/Vids by BeeZnutZ

A fresh clear monday summer night in St. Louis. I crossed yet another band off the concert bucket list. Cypress is a band I have listened to for 13 plus years. I still remember that fateful trip to the pawn shop. You could cop used cds 3 for 10 dollars. I still remember what I bought that day. A Cd with no cover caught my eye, I bought Temples Of Boom III that day, I also got Dayton Family F.B.I files, and some alternative cd like the offspring or something.

I listened to Cypress Hill all of the time after that. I was either in 8th grade or just going into High School. The first time you hear B-real rap its mesmerizing his voice is like no other in the rap game.

Not only does it sound cool but Cypress Hill appreciates the art of music. The need for a intro and outro on certain tracks. Nobody was making 6 minute rap songs with 2 minute intro’s.

I remember know the whole “the path of the righteous…” Speech thanks to that cd.

Then in 1999 Cypress Hill/Limp Bizkit were going to play a free tour. I want to say it was for MTV. Rap Rock was huge at the time. However I remember it being canceled shortly after being announced. Pretty much just like the last US Limp Bizkit tour. Next time I heard about Cypress being in tour was opening for Blink 182. That just wouldn’t do them justice so I chose not to go to that.

A few months back Slightly Stoopid posted Dates about a tour with Cypress Hill. Although I wasnt happy about seeing Cypress open It would be more of their crowd.

I ended up not being able to go to the closet spot. Then one of my favorite clubs in St Louis Announced a CYPRESS HILL headlining show.

I rolled down there kinda late I walk around with a drink for a bit. Then I stopped by a local glass company’s table they had set up on the street. TNT GLASS makes killer pieces and are super friend. Go see them.

I make it in the club while Stevie Stone was performing. He is from Columbia, Mo and is signed to Ruthless Records. I didn’t catch much of his set.

I stepped outside to catch some fresh air before Cypress hit. I came back in about 20 minutes after Stevie Stone left the stage and it was pretty empty in the showroom.

I guess everyone else went outside too. New laws effective July 1st bans smoking in the club. You can smoke at the bar or Outside but you have to be 21.

I cruised right up to the barricade and talked with my friend Sammy. It was atleast 30-40 minutes in between Stevie and Cypress.

When they did hit, it was on. They opened with ” Get Em Up” hitting the stage in matching custom leather Cypress Hill Vest. Then they went old school on us. “Hand On The Pump”, ” When The Shit Goes Down “, and “Kill A Man”. Quenched a lot of the old school hill fans thirst for the old shit.

Then towards the middle of the set they played ” Insane In The Brain ” Which started yet another set of old classics such as ” I Wanna Get High/Hit’s From the Bong Medley. During which B-Real Toked on a Jumbo sized joint that seemed to be everlasting. ” Hits From The Bong ” featured a 8 foot glass bong that the drummer came out to hit.

“Dr Greenthumb ” was always a favorite of mine and it was great to finally see it live. The Percussionist and Dj were impressive as well. They each had a solo I remember the drummer slapping the cymbals barehanded it just looked so cool.

After a brief break I heard the intro to a song I played a thousand times. It was off my favorite Cypress Album temples of boom ” Throw Your Set In The Air” Was a highlight of the night.

Then when I thought this show couldn’t get any better for me they play my all time favorite song “Illusions” again off the album Temples of Boom.

At this point I could of left and been happy, but it kept getting better. ” You heard it on the radio, seen it on the tv show! Ak to the K? A to the mutha fuckin K” that was a great song to see live. B-real and Sen Dog really kept the energy going.

Then they went backstage for 5 minutes as the room filled with “Cypress Hill” chants. Coming back to the stage to “We Aint Going Out Like That” set the vibe for a strong encore which included the title track to the new album ” Rise Up”.

I had a hunch they might end on this song, everyone wants to be a rock superstar and live large and it was apparent when they played this song to close out the night and the crowd went wild.

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