Muse 09/25/10

Staples Center – Los Angeles, CA

Words/Photos by Hullabalooza


Note – Hullabalooza hit up almost every video our own Reverend Justito posted from the Muse show this past Saturday night in LA.  He also hit Rev’s review with a comment seconds after it was posted.  With the goal of the site being live music reviews by fans for fans, we asked Hullabalooza to share his T-shirt story.  We hope you enjoy. 


Believe it or not. My story starts… I believe exactly on April 22.

After getting completely angry after looking forward to buying Coachella tickets; then finding out I had to buy ALL 3 days just to see ONE band. Muse.

Believe me. If I had 300 dollars. I would have bought all 3 days. Sadly, I didn’t.

Next thing you know, I hear they’re playing at Staples Center! And that the presale is on the 22nd! I couldn’t believe it. Another chance. PRESALE. I had it planned out.

Sadly, everything didn’t go according to plan. However, I stayed home from school that day and my sister and I were on two laptops, awaiting the presale at 10 AM.

I was on the phone with my friends at school from 9 AM to 10 AM. We’re all so excited. I was litterally shaking. My heart has never pumped so fast.

9 :45… 9 :50… 9 : 58…. My sister says ” I HAVE TO GO PEE,” and I tell her.. “STAY SITTING DOWN. YOU AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE.”

PRESALE STARTS! I get TONS of errors, I’m panicking, I’m sweating, I’m yelling at my sister.

We buy four tickets, two tickets each. Sadly. I got seated seats. My sister got two GA.

We were buying tickets for us, and two of my friends, who are the ones that I’ve talked about nothing aside Muse for just about 3 years. Litterally, everytime we were at eachother’s houses, “Imagine if Matt….” “OMG WHAT IF…” “WE HAVE TO SEE THEM” “THEY HAVEE TO PLAY…”

About 300 dollars gone right there from presale.

There was no way I was going to make my friends fight for my sister’s GA ticket, even though it would be funny because they were willing to fight for it.

300 Dollars for our four already bought tickets. I found a site. Bought two more GA tickets. 150 Dollars each.

A little backround info: My parents, never even give me a dollar. 20 Dollars is plenty to me. 600? In the span of 5 minutes, 600 of my mother’s dollars gone.

I’m still shaking. I can’t believe it. I have PIT TICKETS.

And that’s where it started. My count down to the day. I don’t remember at how much it started at, but this past month, I’ve been thinking that it was 168 days. Every day at lunch “Dude. 167 days to go.”

Again, believe it or not. EVERYDAY, we talked about how epic it’s going to be. How early we’re going to leave. How complete our lives are going to be.

Funny quote: “We’re going to leave as men. Even your sister is going to leave with a beard.”

As the days passed, we were acting as if the show was the upcoming weekend, as if it was so close!

July. Me and my friends make a pact to stop listening to Muse. Just to make the concert feel so much better. Sure we failed a lot, but there was still a lack of Muse throughout our journey.

Just as a little funny story. My friends and I would hang out, litterally play the first HALF second of the song. We would know IMMEDIATELY what song it is. We laughed so hard at the fact that it was even possible. If you ever go to a Muse concert in Southern California on their next tour. We’ll be first in line. Try us.

September 17

During the summer. We had planned out to make a shirt for the show. We weren’t exactly sure.. Some of our ideas :

All three of us have a different shirt, each dedicated to Tom Kirk; Morgan Nicholls; Dan the Trumpet Man.. Individually of course.

Shirts that tell Twilight fans to go away.

Shirts for Chris, Dom and Matt; Along with a story of how EPIC they are on the back.

We ended up sticking to the idea of Dan, Tom, and Morgan.

Sadly, Josh (One of our trio) and I had no money.

Junior (EPIC MAN OF OUR TRIO) however, decided he was going to do Tom and Morgan OWN YOUR FACE.

September 17. After school. He’s going to finally make the shirt. I drop him off at the Swap meet (cheap quality, SO WHAT?).

An hour or so later, he shows up at my house with his master piece.

We plan out more stuff. We had the intention of making a HUGE poster board and having everyone in the GA line write a insert to them. The night before the show, I read that we can’t take posters bigger than 11×17 in. inside. So that idea was crushed.

Junior planned on throwing the shirt at Dom, right after KoC, we all imagined him getting it and just laughing. We loved that idea.


The day

The night before, I couldn’t sleep from being so excited.

Junior and Josh got to my house around 9 PM. As excited as we were, it still didn’t hit us that they were going to be playing RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Infact, even as I type this. It feels like I’ve never seen them live.

3 AM. We leave my house and go buy food before we get on the freeway.

Taquitos at 7-11. ARE SO GOOD!!! I told them in the car. These are the PERFECT start, to our PERFECT day.

We get to L.A. at around 4 AM, we see a group of kids in front of Staples, we jump out of the car just thinking “NO FUCKING WAY. THEY DID NOT GET HERE BEFORE US.”.. They left. Tourists? Random people walking around at 4 am? Either way. We were just repeating. We’re here. We’re first.

Security sees us. Then makes us leave.

We wait in my sister’s car outside of a Taco Bell, at 6 AM, we go park the car in a lot and head back to Staples.

We get there, and just sit outside, knowing we’re going to get kicked out. Knowing we can’t be there for another our.

We get kicked out.

We walk over to Starbucks, having our usual “OMG WHAT IF MATT WALKED IN RIGHT NOW AND JUST SAT RIGHT NEXT TO US?”

6:50 AM

We scamper back to Staples. Repeating outloud, “THERE BETTER NOT BE ANYONE THERE.” “Dude. No one is there. We’re first.”

We get to the GA line.

We’re third.

I was so mad. They got in line before we did?!?!? It wasn’t even 7 AM yet!

One of the people, stayed outside in LA from 9 PM the day before. I was amazed.

Not because she got there at 9 PM, but just the ignorance! I’m suprised she didn’t get shot/stabbed/kidnapped/etc. LA is dangerous until light out. The other two people were brother and sister so they counted as 1 group to us. They got there right before we got in line. So TECHNICALLY. We were second.

We talk to our new aquaintances, finding out that they were, in our books, the coolest people ever. At our school; Junior, Josh, and I, are the only people who LOVE Muse. So it just amazed us that there were people like us there. Of all places, Los Angeles, where we thought no one appreciated Muse as much as we did.

And so our day starts, with nothing but two backpacks filled with food and water.

People arrive at around 9 AM, suprised to discover that they aren’t the first in line. That was just hilarious in my mind. I just thought to myself “It’s Muse. 9 AM is LATE.”

More people arrive, little by little, all with the same expression of “WE AREN’T FIRST?!?!”.

At around noon, members arrive. We already heard that they were annoying at the Honda Center show. So I was expecting the worse. They got there. Cut the whole line behind us. Wrote a number on everyone because we are so incapable of taking care of keeping our own spots. They basically acted like they were better than everyone else and that really bothered our group up front. We erased our numbers, and the product of their annoyance, was this.

Those 4 older women from, HATED HIM. It was the best part of the line… almost.

At around 4: 30. We’re still in line. I hear drums. I instantly move my ear to the door, telling the people in my group “I HEAR MK ULTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” We’re all pressing ourselves against the doors, just trying to listen. The song ends. We’re amazed. At the song, and at the fact that nobody else cared when we were going crazy. We even yelled to the people in line that they’re playing.

We hear MK Ultra start.. AGAIN. Josh and Junior SPRINT to the Team LA store, because we found out earlier that it’s RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE. I didn’t run because I didn’t want to give up seconds of the song when I can hear it through cracks in the door.

It finishes again. Josh comes back running, telling me to “get the fuck over there”. I run to the store. I regret not going earlier. The sound was so clear. I heard Matt talking. Even though his voice is just blibberish to me, I HEARD HIM!

We all heard him say “We might do Bliss too” TWICE. Sadly it wasn’t played, but just that got us so excited. Junior and someone else yelled to Matt, not sure on what they said, but it was so thrilling.

The store closed at 5 PM. Basically making us leave while Muse was in sound check still. It was practically over, but we wanted to hear it all.

At around 5 :30, they start telling us to get ready… One hour till doors open.

It was the longest hour of my life. Just thinking that Matthew James Bellamy, Dominic Howard, Chris Wolstenholme, Morgan Nicholls, and Thomas Kirk are all going to be within reach. That they’re even in the same building. Was truely amazing.

6:29…. 6:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doors open shortly after, Junior and Josh being in a seperate door entrance as I, they were yelling the whole time. I even told them “Imagine if your door lags because you guys won’t stop yelling? LOL”

Coincidently there was a problem with the scanner in that line. I was the 3rd person inside the arena. In the backround, I hear Josh and Junior yelling, “JUAN, YOU FUCK. JUANNN. FUCKK. OMG. HURRY UPPP. JUAN, FUCK YOU.”

I run to get my wrist band, I run down the steps even though there’s no one near me, no one inside yet. The run to the front was just excruciatingly exciting. I claimed my spot, where I planned months ago. Front middle, a little to the left to get Matt’s side.

I couldn’t believe where I was. It didn’t even feel like I was there to see my idols.

As soon as I get my spot, I take a picture of the beautiful stage.

As we sit there, just waiting for our wildest dream to come true in front of our eyes. I remember that I needed to take a picture of proof of Junior’s shirt..

Passion(ate) Fail  FINALLY gets on. I’m happy. It just means we’re that much closer to Muse.

I litterally almost fell asleep while they were playing; the only thing keeping me awake was the annoying sound of the singer’s voice, making my ears vomit.

They’re off. Intermission starts. It still hasn’t hit me yet. I’m about to see Muse. I’m in the front of the pit at a HUGE arena.

We see Tom. Junior IMMEDIATELY takes off his shirt, and gives it to Tom. I was just shocked in disbelief. He actually got the shirt to them. There’s a 100% chance of the whole band seeing it. OUR DAY IS GOING PERFECTLY.

Intermission almost over. I start to see shadows in Matt’s pillar. I start telling people. I see his guitar reflection. I EVEN SEE HIS KAOSS PAD. Then it starts.

The lights shut off. We can see Matt, Dom, and Chris moving up in their pillars.

We are the universe begins.

Before this, I let two people go in front of me so I won’t be squished against the barrier.

Uprising starts. I immediately begin to go mad. Half way through the song, I’m exhausted. I’m forcing myself to jump more, singing at the top of my lungs.

Crowd going ballistic, making the begining of the show ridiculously amazing.

Song ends. Matt throws his glasses. Where do they land? The EXACT spot where I was before I moved back a little. I wanted to kill that guy. Those should have been mine. I didn’t care after 5 seconds.

Resistance starts. Everyone is clapping. I’m yelling like a little school girl that just got a pink pony.

It could be wrong, could be wrong.

This was definately right.

Crowd again, AMAZING.

Before I realize it, I had just blacked out. I don’t remember being there. Everything felt so surreal. I was convinced that I was dreaming. I didn’t realize that I was still jumping and singing.

Resistance is over.

When New Born started. I already knew I was going to go beserk. I was still blacking in and out, but I was more focused on this show than my own well being.

Soulless is everywhere…

After that. The whole pit went nuts. The spineless were truely destroyed.

When Matt slid onstage near the pit, he did his trademark ‘sex-face’ DIRECTLY to Josh.. That bastard.

Practically dead. New born is over. Microphone fiend riff beings.

Typing this, I realize it’s almost impossible to put my feelings during these songs into words.

Let’s just say… I jizzed.

Honestly. I remember jumping and singing, however, I don’t remember Supermassive Black Hole. I blacked out once again.

MK Ultra. I regained actual conciousness. Seeing Matt so close to me. I was telling myself that I passed out at Staples, and this was just a dream. I remember MK Ultra perfectly. Seeing it live, definately made me love that song even more than I already did.

They’re breaking through….

Once again. Blacked out. I was suprised to find out they played the star spangled banner the next day.

I do remember them playing hysteria, but I don’t remember it during sadly.

All I remember is seeing Chris headbang like crazy, just thinking “HurHur.. iWolstenholmed” and the solo.


I slightly remember Nishe and United States of Eurasia, but I just mainly remember shouting at the top of my lungs


Next up. Feeling Good and Guiding light.

So happy. I was able to rest. Just to relax. To breathe. To listen to FEELING GOOD. ONE OF THE FEW SONGS THAT I WANTED TO BE A MUST FOR THIS SHOW. I felt my hair soaked, my backpack pressing the sweat against my back.
I was able to just record Feeling Good and regain energy as I sing along to every word.

Next up. Helsinki Jam.

I’m at a loss of words for this. Absolutely amazing. No one can truely understand how epic this jam is from a video. When you watch this live and hear it perfectly. You just want to punch someone in the face and yell “FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

Another chill song, undisclosed desires. I was able to record it as well, and just get ready for the insane songs still left to come.

At this point. I realized how much I’ve blacked out. How much my body was in need of water. I didn’t care. There was no way I was letting this stop me from enjoying this show.


There was no way I was going to record this song. Clapping and singing were a must for this. This is the song that pulled me into Muse. This is the first song that I listened to 24/7 for two weeks straight. Yeah I heard it a trillion times, so what. No matter how many times I see this live, I’ll always enjoy it beyond my own expectations.

Next, PLUG IN MOTHER FUCKING BABY. Definately one of my personal highlights of the show. Four words.

I popped a hullaballoon. (A.K.A. The big eyeball balloons filled with confetti)

Not only that. I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG. During the performance, I can just tell that Matt was having the time of his life. That the whole band loved the crowd. I never stopped jumping. Never stopped singing. The whole time they were onstage, I don’t think my mouth was ever just closed shut.

Next. House of the Rising Sun.

At first, I was suprised at how many people were singing along. I was amazed. And then hardly anyone sang “It’s been the ruin of many a poor boy and God I know I’m one” That was HILARIOUS. I felt so akward being the only one in my little area singing that part. It was awesome either way!

Hysteria again??!? Was my first thought when Time is running out started playing. I was completely out of it. I don’t remember the song until Matt impregnated EVERYONE at Staples Center with his voice. If you don’t know what I’m talking about. You’ve never seen this song live.

At this point. I couldn’t feel my legs, I never felt so desperate for cold air, and even though I was on the brink of going to the hospital, I was having the best night EVER. I’ve had dreams of seeing Muse this upclose, hell I even had dreams where Matt sang to me. This show already was beyond any dream I’ve ever had.

UNNATURAL SELECTION. My favorite song off the Resistance Album. Happy and excited are insulting understatements to how I felt when I heard the begining. When it was over. I refused to let them leave. So many people started chanting different things.

I went from yelling about 3 different things before everyone started yelling MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE!

When they came back with OVERTURE!!!!!! I was glad I could rest, because I knew they were going to play something epic before KoC. I definately was not expecting Stockholm, but that IS one of my favorite songs, along with every other Muse song.

My body was WAY past its limit. I forced myself to continue to jump as high as I could and to sing along. I couldn’t believe I was actually watching this song live. That I was even in the same room as Matthew Bellamy.

Final song. Man with a Harmonica started. KoC obviously. I’ve always just LOVED the Man with a Harmonica intro. I plan on getting a harmonica just to learn that. I knew this was the last song. I gave it my all. No matter how many times the people from the mosh pit hit me or pushed me around, I pushed back harder. Jumped higher, sang louder. Making it so much more worth it for me to just be alive.

It’s so hard for me to describe this show to anyone reading this. One, because I blacked out constantly. Two, because it’s Muse. I can’t even begin to explain the feeling I get whenever I hear their music. The only way I could ever figure out how to begin to begin to begin to describe it is just through the most beautiful poetry known to man.

This show. Was definately the best night of my life. When it was all over, I thought I was just going to fall onto the floor and pass out, it felt like my calves were cut in half, even today, over two full days after, it hurts SO much to walk. I still have my GA bracelet on, I’m going to keep it on for as long as I can.

Saturday can only be described as the biggest orgasm known to man. How dead I felt afterwards made the show feel even more epic. My clothing has never been so soaked from sweat. I felt like I just went swimming.

There is so much more that I haven’t said. This isn’t even half of everything. I could talk about this for ages. And I plan on doing so.

It still hasn’t hit me that I saw them this Saturday, another reason why it’s hard for me to describe. Once it will. I will most likely die from the late excitement.

The next day. Junior found this on Muse’s twitpic.

Look familiar?

Well it should.


Nothing much to say. Im a complicated person. Complicated tastes. What you see about me to be to be explicit is most likely wrong. Aside from my obsession with Muse.
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