Stone Temple Pilots 09/04/10

Jones Beach Amphitheatre: Wantagh, NY

Words/Photos/Videos by Melorocker

Can someone please stop those rumors?!?!?!.  With the recent fall from a stage by Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland during a show and his “ability” to continue to sing on “cue” when he should have been hurtin’, it is no wonder that the internet has been rampant with those rumors of STP using lip syncing backing tapes during their shows.  This incident has also led to the chants of Scott Weiland getting back to his drugs/alcohol ways. Flash forward to last night show at Jones Beach and the first sight that we all saw was that of Weiland being carried in by guitarist Dean DeLeo on stage like a drunken fool.  Weiland then proceeded to drunkenly walk to his mic. what a way to start this show, kill then with humor. everyone got the joke.

The pilot boys were in full attack mode, the first few songs were all the freakin’ rockers. “Crackerman”, “Vasoline” and the first single of the new album “Between the Lines” were the highlights. The songs rocked with such force that it kept pace with the windy conditions courtesy of the remnants of what used to be Hurricane Earl.

I can attest, at least during this show that Scott was singin’ with full valor and grace.  The band was smokin’ hot. the stage was kept clean of clutter, catwalks/ramps be damn.  The groups sound was awesome and every instrument could be heard clearly.  Other highlights include the songs “Big Empty” and “Sex Type Thing.”

If I had to point out a sour note, it would be the steep price of $137.00 for the seats up front.  There were a few empty seats to be seen in not only this section, but the entire venue. For the record there were 3 sell-out at Jones Beach this year.  Phish sold out not one, but two high flying shows and a gig by Jimmy Buffett. STP did manage to bring more fans in then Cinderella and the Scorpions did earlier this summer. With this show the Jones Beach season comes to an end…  Despite some brutal heat, summer really flew by quickly this year.  I have confess once more…

"Rock n Roll...Forever" Ben Gazzari
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Sunday, September 5th, 2010 at 1:13 pm.
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