Faith No More (w/ Mariachi Los Toros & Redd Kross)

12/01/10 Palladium – Hollywood, CA

Words/photos by Reverend Justito

I am not sure why Live Nation added a second Faith No More show at the Hollywood Palladium.  Granted, I was shocked that the first show didn’t sell out in a matter of minutes, I personally thought two weeknight shows at the mid-size venue was too much in this harsh economy.  I of course was correct, and earlier this week Live Nation had a $20 gets you in the door for night two of Faith No More sale.  Thankfully I was able to pay a bit less and found myself going from a lifelong fan who has never seen the band to being blessed enough to witness them twice in less than thirty hours.

The night started with Mariachi Los Toros.  I feared that the crowd would rip up the traditional Mexican musicians; however it was just the opposite.  The crowd went wild to the point where they may have been the best received non-headline act of the two day run.  I won’t even attempt to tell you song names as I can hardly speak English, let alone Spanish.  I will say that while living in California, I am obviously aware of Mariachi music.  However, I sure don’t seek it out, so this was a much welcomed surprise and treat. 

Up next was Hawthorne California based Redd Kross.  Well into their third decade of rocking, I am always excited to catch the McDonald brothers live and in person.  For 45 minutes, the band won the crowd over with their catchy yet hard rocking alt-punk sound.  Songs like “Lady in the Front Row” had the crowd moving and bouncing around with huge smiles across their faces.  The foursome even performed a few songs that Jeff McDonald wrote when he was 14 (keep in mind he is pushing 50 at this point).  While clearly written by a young teen, the songs have withstood the test of time and rocked  My personal highlight was during the song “Stoned” when I looked to my right and saw Andy from “Weeds” rocking out.  It’s moments like those when I actually enjoy seeing shows in Los Angeles.  Not even guitar issues could stop Redd Kross from kicking the Palladium’s ass on the first day of December.  Highly underappreciated, if you ever have the opportunity to check these guys out – DO IT!

Should I mention the terrible MC we suffered through for two nights?  Her name is Serena Luna and she received a much deserved heckling as she told what some would consider jokes about midgets and tards (her words, not mine).  Or shall I be the bigger person and skip discussing the worlds smallest MC?  Yeah, let’s skip her and get right into Faith No More.

Unlike the night before (and many of the bands version 2.0 gigs) the band did not open with the Peaches and Herb classic “Reunited.”  Instead the five piece opened with the abusive one-two punch of “Faster Disco” and “Be Aggressive.”  Unlike the first night where the crowd was lethargic, night two was the night all the rowdies snuck in.  The crowd bounced up and down as lead singer Mike Patton screamed the “I SWALLOW”  portion of “Be Aggressive” into his microphone. 

With a nice block of Angel Dust (“Land of Sunshine”, “Everything’s Ruined” in the rear-view the group dove deep into the post Jim Martin era with songs like “Evidence”, Got That Feeling” and the always popular “Last Cup of Sorrow.”  “Cuckoo For Caca” somehow managed to sound heavier and beefier than night one as young fans melted to the dance floor from the serious attack on their senses.  While we were promised another heavy tune, the band tricked us and busted out a cover of the Jackson 5 hit “Ben” instead. 

After a larger than life version of “Midlife Crisis” that not only featured the band stopping mid song (the crowd picked up where the band left off), but a moody disco jam – things got strange.  Arguing over what song to perform next, drummer Mike Bordin decided it would be a good chance to take a leak.  While Bordin was absent, Patton found a replacement drummer in the crowd.  Decked out in a Metallica shirt, Rich took his seat behind the kit and ummmmmmmmm let’s just say he tried his best.  Had it not been for Tool drummer Danny Carey emerging (and Bordin’s return) things could have gotten very ugly very quick.  Regardless, a pretty awesome chance for Rich – if you happen to read this we would love to have you send us your version of the story.

The band concluded the set with the massive hit “Epic” and a delightful cover of “Kiss and Say Goodbye” the band came back for the first of two encores.  The reunited rockers welcomed some very special guests to the stage for the occasion.  First up was Sparks for a raucous duet on their 1974 hit “This Town Ain’ Big Enough For Both of Us.”  While most of the crowd (myself included) had no clue who the guests were, it didn’t stop us from getting down and enjoying the jam.  Sparks collaborator and former Faith No More guitarist Dean Menta stayed on stage and was the lone guitarist for the encores second song – “Digging The Grave.”

The band returned for a second encore that opened up with the breakthrough hit “We Care A Lot.”  This was the only time over two nights where it felt as if the band was going through the motions not because they wanted to, but because they had to.  Despite this observation, it was still a great take on the popular song.  To close the two night run, the band broke out the Album of the Year number – “Pristina.”  Bored with the stage, Patton took a long walk along the guard rail that separates the crowd from the band.  With next to no warning, Patton jumped from the rail into the crowd where he remained for a few minutes.  Being passed above our heads (and above my camera as you can see below) fans went nuts attempting to touch the one-of-a-kind talent.  As the song concluded, Patton headed back, slammed his mic onto the stage as hard as he could and walked away.  The band followed, the lights came up and it was all over.  Two nights, two shows; Faith No More gave Hollywood their all and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact I witnessed it all.  I am truly grateful for the chance; I hope round three happens at some point during my life.

A direct descendant of the outlaw Jesse James and star of a 1983 Kilpatricks Bread radio commercial, Reverend Justito has taken his gift of ADHD and put it to good use by creating one of a kind concert reviews. A bootlegger at heart, the man lives off Whiskey, Taco Bell and the love of San Francisco sports teams.
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