Roger Waters 12/11/10

Tacoma Dome – Tacoma, WA

Words by ebrother

When my buddy told me he would find me a ticket to the show, I was less than confident. After all, the show was two days away and had been sold out for three months. I instantly dismissed the idea as an impossibility. Once again, good fortune slapped a bullseye on my forhead and shot a “once in a lifetime opportunity arrow square in the center.

“Getting there is half the fun, right?”
When my buddy told me we were going to begin our three hundred mile trek from southeastern Washington to Tacoma at eight a.m. I think I may have laughed right in his face. That mothefucker hasn’t seen eight a.m. in a very long time. I sent him a text at eight thirty-six: “Are we still leaving at eight?” He responded with “had a bit of an evening” (no surprise here) “up and running. are you ready?”
The fact is I had been awake since five thirty. I was itching to get on the road. Like a junkie who can see his next fix just around the corner. Unfortunately my pal doesn’t take the concept of time very seriously at all. To shorten a rather long and painful story, we ran into a blizzard on the Snoqualamy pass and it took us an extra few hours to get there. We missed half the show.

“Standing in the aisles with itching feet and fading smiles”
It was a short walk to section 5A, but by the time I got there it was impossible to find my seat. I found it easier to hang out on the cat walk. the view from there was just fine. Set one ended and I found an old high school friend and his wife to spend the second set with.

I’m positive that anyone who may be reading this has already watched some youtube footage of the tour. Those people understand the fact that it is impossible to convey in words the amazing spectacle that is “The Wall”. This is a show I could watch ten times in a row and see something different every single time. It was every bit as good as I expected and, believe me when I say my expectations wereabout as high as they could be. By the end of the show the crowd at the Tacoma Dome was about as loud as I have ever known a crowd to be. I was proud to be a part of it all.
I find it funny how the extremely pleasurable and excruciatingly painful experiences can’t really be written down. You just have to feel them to form an understanding. You have to be there. This trip brought me to both of these places, but in the end, its all just bricks in the wall, right?

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Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 at 12:47 pm.
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