I remember being on facebook, bored. When I got the notification that I had been invited to see my buddy’s band open for none other that REEL BIG FISH and it was FREE! After spending 40 plus dollars to go see RBF only months prior I was in.

Only one problem, I was supposed to be at work. A little sweet talk and shift switching later. I had the entire saturday off. That left me with the entire day to go see Reel Big Fish and party St. Patricks Day style in Rolla!

Day of, I went to the gas station for some papers and beer. Then I came home and made Blueberry Pancakes, Hashbrowns and Bacon. Before I knew it my longtime road trip partner in crime Chris arrived.

After a very nice breakfast we were off, well not yet. We had to make the tradition stop at Starbucks so Chris could get his crack, I mean coffee. Even more of a mindfuck was when Chris was handed his drink without PAYING!!!! He didn’t steal it either, dude is just connected. Free Crack, I mean Coffee, is unheard of in this economy.

Chris had his coffee and about a half hour down the road. I started cracking beers, and drinking them out of my starbucks cup. Then the ride started to get interesting.

A brief car trouble had us pulled over while we figured out that the car was tripping. Back on the road now running LATE. Hwy 44 hates us, last time we made this trip we ran out of gas at our exit.

We got to Rolla and it was truely GREEN everyone was out having a great time. The venue was a small pavillion inside of a small city park. Which sat pretty much in the center of downtown Rolla.

I also noticed my friends band “Wild Tiger” was on stage finishing their set. By the time we made our way into the crowd they were leaving.

Which left a Grateful Dead cover before RBF. Instead of watching a cover band we explored downtown.

A few people asked me if I was actually drinking beer out of starbucks cup? Without missing a beat I would rattle off my friends coffee order and told them it was a ” Venti Iced Mocha No Whipped Cream”.

We actaully ended up parking in the High School lot, which was funny. After a bit of meditation and MORE BEER! It was time.

I was shocked at how easy we got the rail for this show. We were a bit to the side but we were front. After a brief soundcheck Reel Big Fish took the stage.

After singing the lyrics to “Trendy” All day long seemed fitting thats what they would open with.

” This next song is about a girl who left me for another girl, and I should of known because everytime we played rock, paper, scissors she would always go right for the scissors!” was a nice intro to: ” She has a Girlfriend Now”

( Video By: http://www.youtube.com/user/tkmm2″

The crowd was packed in for Reel Big Fish and it was obvious everyone came for a good time. Lot’s of crowd surfers were flying over head.

Staying on the topics of Girlfriends and how much they love yours. They played the classic ” I WANT YOUR GIRLFRIEND! ”

They played a solid 60 minute set, playing fan favorites such as ” The Set Up”. True Reel Big Fish fans, and the people of Rolla were treated to a great setlist.

The security was quite interesting at all. Real mellow guys many of whom were rocking the previous security passes from St. Pat’s concerts prior.

After promising they were really out of good songs, they played ” BEER ” . And the beer was flowing. I still had my Starbucks beer front row the whole show.

(Video by http://www.youtube.com/user/locomike1219 ) Check him out!

The park was almost entirely full during Reel Big Fish. Lot’s of new and old fans were out in the crowd.

“We played all our good songs, and this time we mean it” started out the last song ” Take on Me”

(Video by http://www.youtube.com/user/locomike1219 ) Check him out!

I enjoyed this set a ton, being free, outside, awesome weather and one of my favorite bands playing. It doesn’t get much better. I had consumed way too much Beer. I got in the car and proceeded to pass the fuck out until I was home. Sorry Chris, that Cd put me to sleep. Good times. Till next time.

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Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 9:29 am.
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