Last time Social Distortion came to town was a few years ago. I went on advice of a friend and had a great time. When they announced the Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes tour I didn’t think I could go.

Somehow I got the night off work. I love it when the venues post the set times on the website. Unlike most nights I really did not want to go see a show. However I hopped in the car and headed out for The Pageant.

I showed up in time for Chuck Ragan and his band. A good soild opening set was what the crowd was treated to. I watched 3 songs and headed to the bar.

I went and sat at the Halo bar and watched the Cardinals play for a bit before securing a spot on the floor for Social D.

After a brief 20 minute set change a amped up remix of “California Love” started bumping. As the lights grew dark the Southern California band took the stage.

Mike Ness came out rocking both sides of the stage right away motioning off to the side stage for more guitar right away.

The next song the floor errupted into a massive pit and my position went from the back of the pit to almost the rail.

After a bit of this security rushed into the pit 3-4 deep trying to control the moshing. Only to be overtaking and tossed in the pit themselves at moments.

There was a very blended crowd, old and young, punk and casual. That is always cool when bands bring so many people together for a show.

Mike tells funny stories as intros and gets the crowd charged up. They talked a bit about the new album “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes” and played the single ” Machine Gun Blues “. Things were chaotic on the floor and would only get worse.

For “Bakersfield” It started out by Mike asking the crowd if they had ever been somewhere they didnt want to be before? He went on to talk about being stranded in Bakersfield. He said “I was walking thinking…How did I get myself into this mess……and more importantly how was I gonna get myself out”

Showing no signs of slowing the show down they left for a very brief intermission and came back out to play “Prison Bound”. This was one of my favorites of the nights. I really like the keys in this song.

Mike Ness then gave everyone in the crowd the day off the next day from work. Nice guy. “Story of My Life” was up next.

The night ended on somewhat of a bad note. Some girl took a hard fall and had a bad gash on her face dripping blood. All This while they were ending the set playing the Johnny Cash classic “Ring of Fire”. Then the house lights came up and drum sticks flew out. Another fun show, another fun night glad I went.

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Thursday, May 5th, 2011 at 9:33 pm.
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