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I can trace listening to Kid Rock to the era of the playstation. The orginal, grey old school playstation. I still remember playing the game ” Cool Boarders II ” when I first heard ” Devil Without A Cause “. My friends and I had known about Kid Rock long before that. We were very much into Detroit’s rap and underground acts and at one time Kid Rock was both.

Then there is one of my favorite concert friends. He works at a great Local venue and has been working the St Louis Concert Scene for about 25 years! He has seen everyone, he told me once The Red Hot Chili Peppers came in the early 90’s to about 60 kids. He would tell me all sorts of crazy stories from back in the day and interesting facts I would of otherwise never known some of the venues and bands.

So being curious I asked him, who was the best you have ever seen? He knew right away and told me ” You won’t believe this, Kid Rock!, back when he opened for Monster Magnet, he stole the show, he played every instrument and was just incredible, I felt bad for Monster Magnet. ”

I personally have been going to see him live for over 10 years. I was there for a lot of the different tours and changes over the years. Which brings us to 2011, with a new album it was only right to bring along a new tour.

With the help of Jim Beam and Red Stag the Born Free Tour 2011 rolled into St. Louis. My family and I decided we would make it a night out and have some fun.

We walked through the parking lot drinking beer 10 feet from signs discouraging such activity as the sun was setting for the evening. It was a perfect evening for a outdoors concert.

Right away I suggested getting drinks from my favorite bartender. You see most people don’t tip the Bartenders at Big Concerts where drinks are already $8 dollars. I will say this, If I can afford and 8 dollar drink I can afford a dollar to toss the guy making it. It’s simple. This guy knows me now and I go to him, and everyone I know goes only to him for our mixed drinks. 3 Drinks later and about 30 dollars lighter we found our way to a spot to watch the show.

Sheryl Crow took the stage about 10 minutes after reaching our seats. She came on stage with a big smile to great her home state crowd. She is from Kennett, Missouri where the motto boast ” Where the living is easy “. It was obvious she was happy to be there on stage performing.

She had the crowd into her set and played classic after classic. You hear all these songs on the radio but you tend to forget sometimes how many songs one artist has until you see them live. About halfway through the set she played ” All I want to Do” and went right into a cover of “Stuck In The Middle With You “.

Sheryl and her band had a very enjoyable set. Which also included the hits : ” If It Makes You Happy “, “Everyday Is Winding Road ” and ” Soak Up The Sun “. She left the stage and did a great job of putting everyone in a good mood. It felt like Kennett out there with all the easy living going on!

Everyone was enjoying the good weather and atmosphere, well most people that is. During a trip to the bathroom we encountered a guy sitting on the curb puking all over the place. The crowd was yelling ” Hey buddy, spread your feet apart you are puking in your shoes “. Good advice there, friends.

The sun went down and we stood in line for more drinks, we were thirsty. It made the wait more interesting. We made it back just in time for a montage of Kid Rocks career. A video of photos, album covers and song snippets edited into one. It was pretty impressive.

Kid Rock exploded onto the stage with bang, right into ” American Bad-Ass “. He was backed by the Twisted Brown Trucker band and some badass pyro to accompany the song. Not that he needs it, he really gets into the shows.

He bounced between old and new Kid Rock albums to keep it the set list fresh. He played ” Low Life ” the last track on 2007’s Rock and Roll Jesus as that song ended they launched right into a cover of The Georgia Satelittes ” Keep Your Hands To Yourself”. It sounded good and the crowd ate it up.

One of my favorites off the new album is called ” Slow My Roll ” which is something everyone should do now and again. Sometimes we go too fast and do too much to appreciate everything. For a moment the show slowed, but it wasn’t long before Kid Rock had everyone including himself off his feet!

Launching back into a high powered version of ” Cowboy ” the crowd went wild. Everyone sang the song word for word as the Pryo exploded on stage.

During a “Somebody’s Gotta Feel This ” Kid Rock went behind the drums, rocked the guitar and cut records while pouring himself a Red Stag Jim Beam shot and smoking a cigar.

A few songs later he was joined on stage by Sheryl Crow as they covered ” Love The One You’re With ” and then did the 2002 hit ” Picture ” together. Which I am sure a lot of the crowd was excited to see live.

That would of been a great way to end the show. Not a Kid Rock show though, he still had a lot more to offer the packed crowd in St. Louis. After a few more songs including “So Hott ” and explosive version of ” Bawitdaba ” he finally left the stage.

Coming back out for a encore he started off the bonus set with ” All Summer Long ” and followed that with a amazing piano version of ” Only God Knows Why ” during which he played the piano. Then to close out the set with a huge American flag as a backdrop he chose to close the evening with ” Born Free ” the title track off his new album.

Overall Kid Rock really knows how to put on a good show and hasn’t lost that in his fame or success like a lot of popular acts do. He doesn’t go out there and go through the motions. Until next time….

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