Valentine’s Day, 2012 was extra special for Phishbeard this year. I attended a formal house party of approximately 50 people, where there was a potluck and Fruition played 2 sets of music. Rocking fancy clothes is something I rarely do, so dressing up for this party was actually fun for me. The show took place at a house located in the Belmont District of Portland, Oregon. The folks in attendance that night were mostly friends of the band and hardcore fans. It became apparent that after noticing the lack of rain outside and being surrounded by good people, that I was to have a wonderful night in store.

All the songs played that night had something to do with love. The emotional gamut was pretty much covered through the love songs played that fine evening, with a nice mix of original compositions and covers. About 3 songs into the show, I had to change seats, because I wanted a better spot to film from, so I posted up right in front of the stage. Songs like Used to Call Me Baby, a Split Lip Rayfield song and Fruition’s Turn Your Love, definitely had me dancing on the inside.

The talent of this band is quite obvious, if you see them play live. Jay Cobb Anderson and Kellen Asebroek both carry the music so sweetly in their delivery of the words that they sing. Mimi Naja’s voice is one that angels envy and she can make her mandolin sing such beautiful melodies. Anderson, also is quite skilled at playing the guitar. Keith Simon’s meaty bass grooves coupled by Tyler Thompson’s drumming create the perfect backbone to the music that they play. During the second set of the show, Fruition kept steamrolling out the good tunes. Highlights of the latter half of the show for me were a Townes Van Zandt cover of Ruby and also Doria RobertsPerfect.

I would have to say that Valentine’s Day 2012 was just about perfect for me. The Fruition formal was a stellar performance in an intimate situation. The after hours fun led to Fire on the Mountain Buffalo Wings to watch the second set of Brad Parsons and Josh Rabie’s free show, which also turned out to be a blast. I was able to record a ton of great video footage and made some new friends that night as well. I highly recommend checking this band out if they are in your area. They are possibly one of the hottest upcoming bluegrass bands in the Northwest. Start jamming out to their awesome music now, instead of hopping on the bandwagon after everyone you know is loving their sweet tunes.

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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at 9:31 pm.
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