MAC LETHAL – 02/18/2012 Mojo’s Columbia, MO

Mac Lethal has had a crazy past couple of months. Most people now know about Mac due to his youtube videos of him speed rapping. He first posted a video in response to George Watsky’s ” Pale Kid Raps Fast ” video. A lot of people watched the videos and every now and again just for fun he would post another.

Then I woke up one morning in December and everybody and their cousins had posted this speed rap of Mac Lethal making pancakes. It went viral fast, and since December it has over 20 million views.

Mac Lethal is nothing new to me, I remember we he signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment back in 2006 and how happy I was that someone from Kansas City was getting the exposure they deserved. Then came all the shows I saw back in the day with him and Atmosphere, Sage Francis and other great hip hop acts. Mac has paid many dues over the years to get him to where he is now.

When I heard about this show I knew a 90 minute drive to see him was something I had to do. I got 3 of my friends to commit to going. I bought 4 tickets and waited.

Day of show I started it out by hitting St. Louis Mardi Gras and got my party on early. I left Mardi Gras at 6 p.m and headed home to fix a quick snack and hit the road. My friend Brian drove and we had a car full of people making the trip easier on the pockets.

I was passed out almost the entire way to Columbia. It was nice to wake up and be surprised that the venue Mojo’s was larger and much nicer than expected. It had a very nice deck outside and first person I saw were my friends Curtis and Kathy whom have been featured in many of my reviews in the past. It was cool to see they made it to the show as well.

After I gave my I.D to the doorman he gave me 4 tickets for our group. I settled in and grabbed a PBR which at $2 was a bargain. That made beer number 14 for the day, I was feeling great, refreshed and ready for a show.

The openers were good, but we spent a lot of time catching up with friends and enjoying the pleasant night on the patio. Mac Lethal was also chillen on the deck hanging with friends. The turn out was great, a lot of people came out to support.

Soon it was time for Mac Lethal to take the stage, as Rick Ross’s ” I Am Not A Star ” boomed from the speakers the man we came to see stepped to the stage. After a brief thank you to the fans from coming out Mac Lethal got things going with ” Manifesto ” which is off the 2009 release ” Love Potion 5 “.

Keeping the set moving the crowd went crazy for ” Black Widow Spider ” from the ” Love Potion E.P ” which was released in 2008. The song features a harmonica on the beat, and is extremely catchy. The crowd ate it up.

The song ” Rotten Apple Pie ” was next and brought back fond memories of seeing Mac during the ” 11:11 ” days. I remember seeing him in 2007 at The Blue Note in Columbia with Atmosphere. That too was a great show.

Mac Lethal has a lot of fun with his music, and music should be fun. Sometimes though he almost has too much if that is even possible. By taking lyrics from Insane Clown Posse and mixing them with Miley Cyrus ” Party In The Usa/Miracles Remix ” was born and the world was never the same.

Choosing to opt for a beatbox from his hype man Patrick for the song ” Heart Of A Pig “. It was dope to see him spit that song live again. He also mixed a freestyle about Columbia in towards the end. Another great song from the ” 11:11 ” days followed and ” Calm Down Baby ” got the crowd anything but calm. I dig what he says about Tool making the same album over and over, funny and true.

He kept teasing the crowd with the ” Big Poppa ” beat by Notorious Big before he spit a freestyle and teased his hype man with the line ” Patrick used to drink but quit 3 quarters in like Lebron James “.

Starting off the next song by screaming the crowd into a frenzy ” Undertow ” was next up. Deciding to take it up a notch Mac headed into the middle of crowd which got the crowd even more crazy. The energy level was turned up to high at this point.

” Fuck being Skinny ” got the approval of the crowd and was a fun intro to ” Walking On Nails ” which is a great old song. He didn’t take a break before playing one of my favorites ” DUI/ DUI STILL FLY REMIX “. The song tells the story of him getting a DUI which is a serious problem for people my age. To make light of a sore subject he took the beat to Three Six Mafia’s ” Stay Fly ” and changed it to I got a D-u-I-I-I-I-I… I had not seen him do that song in atleast 5 years.

Mac came out with a new cd on 12/31/11 on Black Clover Records called “ Irish Goodbye ” and in between songs he would give out free copies of it to the crowd that he had paid to be pressed himself. That is dope of a artist to think so highly of your product and fans to give it away for free. I suggest buying it online if you haven’t already it has more great songs than I can mention here.

My friend Mike who made the trip with us got his wish and Mac played his favorite song off the new album ” Aviator “. Mac said this was the first time he had ever played the song, so not to be mad at him for fucking it up.

Keeping the new shit coming he hit the crowd with ” The Parlour ” and slightly messed up one of my favorites from the album “ Wooooo ” but it was all good as this was all new to Mac and us.

Then came problems a audio cable broke due to the party being so live. It happens. Now most people would of had to sit around looking stupid but not Uncle Mac. He busted acapella versions of ” Citrus ” and ” Ashes To Ashley ” while they fixed the problem.

The music started back up with the great beat to “ Vodka Tonic With A Lime ” in this track Mac talks about turning down $250,000 from Sony to sign with them. That was a smart move because he has a crazy independent career ahead of him that is worth way more than that.

The show was almost over, and he was ready to leave but not before bouncing to the classic Mac track ” Pound That Beer “. It was dope end to a awesome show. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch but that is what made it what it was.

Once again thanking the fans for coming out, and apologizing for fucking up certain songs. Mac jumped off stage and spent the next hour greeting his fans and snapping photo’s. Mac Lethal is dope, go see a show and see for yourself you wont be disappointed.

Till next time.

Go Check out Mac Lethal on Facebook :

Or on Twitter :

Or on Amazon, Itunes, or his bandcamp page. I highly suggest all of his releases but get that ” Irish Goodbye ” and you will be hooked.

Thanks to Mac Lethal, Mojo’s, Brian B. Mike, Curtis, Kathy, Megan and everyone else who made this trip GREAT. Thank You.

Mac Lethal Setlist Columbia, MO 02/18/11

1. Manifesto
2. Black Widow Spider
3. Rotten Apple Pie
4. Party In The USA/Miracles Remix
5. Heart Of A Pig (Incomplete)
6. Calm Down Baby
7. Notorious B.I.G (Short Freestyle)
8. Undertow
9. Walking on Nails
11. Aviator
12. The Parlour
13. Wooooooo
14. Citrus (accapella )
15. Ashes To Ashley (accapella)
16. Vodka Tonic With A Lime
17. Pound That Beer

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