Once again my friends, I am going to share another adventure from my 2012 concert tour hellride. The night of 2/17/12, may have started out troubling, but the fabulous music played during that show held my spirits high and kept me in the “zone”. I arrived a bit late to the WoW Hall in Eugene, OR. and ended up parking in a motorcycle parking spot, so that I could minimize the music that I would miss. Unfortunately, upon entering the venue, I heard the concert was already underway. Aeon Now’s music and stage presence immediately had my attention and I hastily made my way to a bench to stand on, for the best vantage point to film the show.

Aeon Now from Cottage Grove, OR definitely played a solid set. Dubbed as a Dream punk band, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew they were in good company. These ladies and their male trombonist brought sex appeal to the stage with their wonderful attire. Olive Delsol’s sultry voice delivered songs like Negative Snapshot and The Last minute with such elegance. I was in awe from her beauty and sexy voice, plus who isn‘t attracted to a lady that can play an accordion? Aaron Long on trombone, Hannah Brown on washboard, and Della Davies on violin made the fullness of the music rich and robust, while Moriah West delivered the backbone of the songs by robotically banging away at the drums. Unfortunately, I was only able to catch 4 songs from their set, but I was happy to see the band come back out later that night to assist Vagabond Opera when they played Red Balloon.

After Aeon Now finished their set, I made my way back to my car and parked down the street to avoid a ticket. I arrived back at the venue with time to spare before Mood Area 52’s set. This band was not as burlesque in style as Aeon Now and Vagabond Opera, but they were another surprising opener for me. Not very often do you get 2 great openers. Moon Area 52 from Eugene, OR was founded by Michael Roderick their accordion player and vocalist. I was fortunate enough to see the band play as a quintet that night. Their wide variety of musical styles throughout their performance was impressive. The set consisted of 8 songs, all of which I recorded and posted on my Youtube channel. The highlight of their set for me was when they covered Neutral Milk Hotel’s Two-Headed Boy. I must admit that their set was good enough for me to decide to see the band play again on 2/28 at the Wandering Goat in Eugene.

By the time that Vagabond Opera hit the stage, I was already ecstatic from the wonderful music I had heard that night. The last time I saw Vagabond Opera was back in November of 2011 and I had a night that will be forever burned into my memory. The band has a stellar sense of humor and the music they play is so much fun to listen too! You definitely get the vibe that the band is there to entertain their fans and not there for their own personal needs. I truly feel among friends, even if I don’t know the fans or the band personally. I guess the common bond of loving the music is all we need to be happy for a few hours and forget about the daily worries of life.

Vagabond Opera’s performance that night was superb. They started the set with an upbeat Tough Mazel and the folks on the dance floor began to spring into action. I really enjoyed the songs, Yellow Gardenias and Beard and Moustache personally. A very sexy belly dancer came up on stage for Hanumonsoon and made me go gah gah for a few. The banter throughout the show was hilarious and made for great segues. They ended the night with Sing for Your Lives. Towards the end of the song, the band invited the audience to come up on stage and dance. Within a couple of minutes, approximately 30 people came up and filled the stage, dancing with the band and each other! I have never seen so many people on such a small stage, it was awesome.

The band sent their fans home with smiles on their faces and most of them burned plenty of calories by dancing the night away. They played The Last Dance for an encore. I was very satisfied that night with the music I had the honor of listening to live and I think most their fans felt the same way. Overall, I was able to see 2 new bands and thoroughly enjoyed them both and also got to see Vagabond Opera again. I made out like a bandit by not get a parking ticket and only missing a couple songs from Aeon Now’s set. After contacting the band’s, Aeon Now and Vagabond Opera were both nice enough to help me name all the videos I took of the show from their sets! A class act to say the least. I highly recommend checking out all 3 of these bands if they are ever in your area, I know I will.

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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 at 7:54 pm.
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