Lights w/ The Ambassadors 03/24/12
Firebird – St. Louis, MO
Words/Photos by concertchk


After hours in the car, we arrived in St. Louis at the Firebird. Thankfully despite a long line we were able to  get a good spot to the side of the stage, right on the edge so we could rock out with Lights on a Saturday night.  We even had a dad and his daughter standing next to me, he leaned over and said “if we were 10 years younger we would be up in the front” LOL!! I said, I’ve been up in the front, and usually am, he gave me a strange look.. so either the heat made me look older, or something.. who knows.. I am old, but can still hold my own in a PIT. Knowing that The Firebird it’s a rail free venue, your knees hit the stage basically.. so.. you are right in the artist face.   I have been to this venue before for a few shows, the venue itself only holds 150 to 200 people if that.. and granted there isn’t much ventilation within this venue so you can imagine yourself in a sauna that was how HOT it was in this place. Seriously.. it was unreal.. so steamy, everyone left dripping wet…

My first major observation – Lights seems to attract a rabid fan base both girls and guys, and they profess there love for her during the show, it’s quite odd.. someone even yelled out “I want you to have my child”, she was flattered and said “okay”. She tends to draw crowds that want to be her as well, I seen many ‘comb overs’ mimicking her hair, lots of leggings, flannel, boots.. all to “TRY” to look like her. I don’t get that, it’s her style, stop coping it.. but kids have to “idolize” someone right?

The night kicked off with an opening band, made up of two brothers and two other fellows, called The Ambassadors. Now they were really good, they were upbeat and quite entertaining, lots of drums and guitar, along with a key board. They did their job by getting the crowd moving slightly, not much, but enough to make for a solid opening band..

Lights hit the stage at about 9:15pm and the crowd started moving. She vocally sounded beautiful, starting off the set with “Banner” a song from her most recent record Siberia. The jam was the first of many to get the crowd moving their hands from side to side. It”s an epic song and always gets the crowd going. It felt as if the stage wasn’t nearly big enough for her piano, two synth’s, guitar, drums, another set of synth’s and her guitar. Lights has a lot of electronic equipment for sure. When I first started seeing her, she had a keytar.. that did not make an appearance in this show unfortunately.

I will never understand how artist decide to use a fog machine, she looked like she was in the middle of the abyss it was so foggy in there, yes it makes for a great atmosphere, but not great photos.. I did manage to get a few good ones here and there…


I also managed to video tape one of my favorite songs that she sings, ‘River” from her first LP The Listening. You can actually see all the equipment that was on stage and I never did see the other guitarist who was to the left of the drummer Murray.  When she first started touring, back a couple years ago, I saw her open for Relient K, her voice sounded so tiny in a sense she didn’t have great vocalization in putting it out there for the crowd to hear, Saturday night she put it out there… she even got deep on a few parts in singing, she did an excellent job and her growth as an artist has been exciting to watch.

Afterward, we did stay to meet her and yes I got my picture with her, (not posting that), and I told her she vocally sounded amazing, she thanked us, and was glad that we had noticed. Overall it was by far the BEST concert we have seen of hers, she just sounded great.  We both agreed that she should just play outside, she nearly died as well it was so hot inside the quaint venue. Lights is such a sweet heart and a great performer, she is playing the Juno Awards with Deadmau5 at the start of April, you should really check her out.



 For a review of Light’s in-store performance at Vintage Vinyl St. Louis earlier in the day, please click here



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