Chiddy Bang/Diplo Axe Presents One Night Only The Firebird St. Louis, MO 03/30/12

Words/Photos/Videos By BzNtz

Cruising around facebook, I found a event for a free Diplo/Chiddy Bang Show in my town. The shows are put on for free by Axe body spray in various college towns across America. The catch? The shows are only announced 24 hours in advance.

I was lucky enough to be able to trade shifts and get out of work early. After getting to the Firebird, I had my doubts of getting in. The Firebird is one of the smaller venues in St. Louis and the response to the show was massive.

My friend Stephanie got my ticket for me and was waiting for me when I showed up. We took a picture together and I bought her a beer and shot. I bought myself a beer and got a place to watch Chiddy Bang from.

The venue was uncomfortable packed to the point where you had no choice but to be friendly with everyone around you. People were packing in as the set times grew closer. The lights dropped and Xaphoon Jones took his place at the drumset.

The music started and Chiddy Bang came out rocking the title track ” Breakfast ” off of their debut studio album ” Breakfast “. The crowd ate it up, rapping back words, and bouncing off the floors.

Chiddy Bang is a two piece group from Philadelphia, PA. They fuse hip hop with various samples to create a unique sound.
Xaphoon Jones plays drums and produces while Chiddy handles the microphone.

They played mostly songs from the new album. One that stood out was ” Baby Roulette “. Featuring the lyrics: ” My love is supersized, ain’t no happy meal “. They had the packed house smoking, sweating and dancing.

They put on a great 40 minute set ending with ” Opposite of Adults “. Which was cool because that was the song that originally got me interested in the group. They left the crowd chanting for more as they walked off the stage.

About 30 minutes later the crowd once again started its push as the minutes and seconds ticked away before Diplo took the stage. In all honesty I did not know very much about Diplo before this night.

Now I have done my homework I found out what a hard working man Diplo is, from his non profit to teaching school, to his project Major Lazer. Diplo stays very busy, and does very well for himself and others.

Right before the lights dimmed again, they came out with about 10 cases of huge light up glowsticks and tossed them by the handful to the crowd.

The house music stopped, the lights went dark and out walked Diplo with a varsity jacket bearing his name on it. Within seconds of touching the DJ set up he had the crowd going. For the next 2 hours the party would not stop.

He would bounce from song to song, and genre to genre so fast it could make your head spin. With beats that shook the walls, and the crowd losing their minds. It was chaos inside the Firebird.

Diplo is very good at what he does which is capture the crowds imagination and go wild with it. Everyone seem lost in their own little world while the music was pumping out the speakers. People were dancing with no cares in the world at all.

I left halfway through the set, and when I came back he invited the ladies of St. Louis to come dance with him on stage. For the next 30-40 minutes the stage was filled with a bunch of girls breaking it down to the songs pounding out the speakers.

After an hour and 40 minutes Diplo tried to leave only to have the crowd chant his name until he returned. He once again fired up his DJ rig and put on one last song for the crowd to lose their minds too.

Confetti shot off, and mixed with the beer and sweat on the floor made for one hell of a mess to clean. I hopped in my car feeling good for seeing such a great show for such a cheap price and headed to White Castle. Where I secured a tasty late night snack and called it a night.

Thanks to: Axe, Chiddy Bang, The Firebird, Diplo, Lauren and Dan from Axe, and everyone else who made this night great.

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