Skrillex Announces Children’s Album: “Drop Goes the Bass”
Note: This story was part of our April Fool’s 2012 News Blast Spectacular. It is not to be confused with truth. We hope you enjoy. 

Dubstep phenomenon Skrillex (a.k.a. Sonny Moore) has been bursting through the seams of the EDM universe to make himself known since 2009. Ever since he left emo group From First to Last to pursue a solo career he has released four wildly successful EPs and has won three Grammys.

However, the 24-year old has announced that his upcoming album will be a huge change of pace for him. “It’ll still be an electronic album,” said a close friend of the DJ. “But it will be marketed towards children. It’s gonna have dubstep remixes of like Pop Goes the Weasel and Mary Had a Little Lamb and stuff like that. It’s gonna be off the hook!” The source does not want us to reveal his name, but we will tell you that he may or may not be known for wearing a mouse head during concerts.

Might be this guy.

Another close source—this one not a musician/producer—told us that “Skrillex has always had a huge fan-base in the 2-month old to 36-month old range. They just can’t make it to most concerts, you know? Too many drugs there, so [Skrillex] figured he would make an album that would be just for the little ones. I’ve heard some rough drafts of songs, and it’s gonna be off the hook!” In case you’re keeping score, this is the second source who has used the phrase “off the hook.”

On his website, Skrillex has released the track listing for the upcoming album—titled “Drop Goes the Bass”—as well as a nationwide tour that includes gigs at birthday parties, Chuck E. Cheese, Monkey Joe’s, Gymboree, and even an appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba!.

The track listing for the album is below, as well as the tour dates.

Track Listing:
1. Drop Goes the Bass
2. Hush Little Baby (Skrillex Is Gonna Buy You a Hearing Aid)
3. Itsy-Bitsy Bass
4. Skrillex Had a Little Mau5 (w/ Deadmau5)
5. Wub Wub Black Sheep
6. Litttle Miss Muffet (w/ Nicki Minaj)
7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Skrillex Remix) (Nero Remix) (Bare Noize Remix) (Rusko Remix)
8. Hot Cross Bass

Tour Dates:
June 11 – Timmy Wilson’s 1st Birthday – Louisville, KY
June 12 – Lisa Little’s 2nd Birthday – Indianapolis, IN
June 14 – Chuck E. Cheese’s – Dayton, OH
June 16 – Spring Awakening – Chicago, IL (not a children’s show)
June 17 – Jackie White’s 1st Birthday – Knoxville, TN
June 18 – Monkey Joe’s – Charlotte, NC
June 20 – Gymboree (Lenox Square Mall) – Atlanta, GA
June 21 – Monkey Joe’s – Augusta, GA
June 22 – Kyle Jackson’s 3rd Birthday – Birmingham, AL
June 24 – Chuck E. Cheese’s – Shreveport, LA

Skrillex will be in Europe most of the summer, but he says the rest of the Drop Goes the Bass Tour will continue September-December, and the shows will take place only on Saturdays.

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