I had not had the greatest of weeks, so instead of stay at home alone. I decided to go out. While sitting around cruising facebook looking for something to do. I went to The Firebird’s website and checked the show listings. I wasn’t searching for anything really just something cheap, fun and a excuse to go out. I needed it.

So when I read about Baroness I was interested. Then I went to their facebook page where they had exactly 68,000 fans. I clicked like and became fan number 68,001. That was all I knew of this band before leaving my house in search of a good show and good times. I left around 8:15 and after getting some gas and snacks on the way arrived at The Firebird in St. Louis around 9:00. I love The Firebird as I have said numerous times before. Good people, nice lights and sound. One of my favorite places to see a show.

I got there while Royal Thunder was playing. They are a 4 piece band from Atlanta and fit right in with the rock crowd that packed the front of the stage. The singer MLNY did a great job of engaging the crowd and keeping things interesting. The rest of the band played hard and fast and kept up the paced tempo throughout the set.

They played 6 songs mostly from their new release ” CVI ” which comes out on May 22nd 2012 on Relapse records. They had the crowd into their set and most people grabbed a beer and sat up front and rocked out.

After about 30 minutes Royal Thunder closed out their set with ” Blue ” which is on the new record. They made some new fans this night for sure and the crowd filtered outside to catch a smoke before Baroness took the stage.

A brief soundcheck followed as the crowd gathered near the stage. The crowd was a decent size and everyone was enjoying themselves and the evening. About 30 minutes passed, when the drummer Allen emerged from backstage and took his place on stage. The rest of the band from Savannah, Georgia took the stage. They went right into playing a epic intro to ” A Horse Called Golgotha ” and got the crowd started. For the next 60+ minutes they did not let up.

Baroness worked the setlist between their 2 released albums and the very much anticipated ” Yellow/Green ” album. The new album comes out on July 17th 2012. The crowd was very excited to hear the new music live and in person. It made many peoples night when they played ” Take My Bones Away ” off the ” Green ” disc of the new album.

As the show progressed the crowd got rowdier, it was probably all the beer. Speaking of, not sure what this was but very cold, very wet liquid sprayed all over my legs and into at one point. The pit had people running for cover and the crowd was left swaying. I tried my best to not get knocked over.

The song ” Isak ” was one of my favorite jams of the night. From the 2007 release the ” Red Album ” got things going in the crowd. For a Thursday night St. Louis really packed out the Firebird.

There was a good energy to this crowd and it felt good being a part of it. Baroness killed this small stage and made this show feel 100 times larger than it was. I highly recommend going to see this band NOW!

After the show they hung out to sign autographs and talk music with their very devoted fans. They were just overall really cool guys. After having a bad week, it all turned around with a killer rock show.

Thanks Royal Thunder, and Baroness, Extra thanks to The Firebird, Eveyone who came out and everyone reading this.

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SETLIST 04/26/2012

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Monday, May 14th, 2012 at 8:53 am.
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