Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros Do Their Thing on Letterman

It’s shit like this that keeps me out of Silver Lake as much as possible. I mean what the fuck is going on here? I assume the drummer failed with 3-4 bands with names like To Write Love On The Sickest Kids or Pierce The Maya. Is that the oldest Hanson brother on guitar? Oh and hey check out the front man, who I can only assume is Edward Sharpe, but no his name is Alex Ebert. Fact is the best thing about this train wreck of a performance is the fact Edward Alex Ebert Sharpe ran closer to the crowd (who judging by the expressions on their face have that same WHAT THE FUCK feeling that I have) and got a bunch of camera men on TV. I am not sure how things work back east, but I know out west more often then not if you are a union camera man and you end up on TV when you are not supposed to you get fat cash. Anyways enough of my rambling here is Alex Ebert and the Magnetic Zeros “performing” Man On Fire for Mr. David Letterman.


P.S. Sweet pajamas bro.


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Friday, May 11th, 2012 at 8:57 am.
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  1. Fiona

    Yeah, I’m all for being open and free, but these theatrics are frightening.There is such a lack of authentic connection with people here, even though the overt gestures would have you believe otherwise. Also, I don’t know is the front man wears make-up to create the dead look, but his flesh is almost green looking. Makes my stomach turn. Even so, the song was great. I just can’t look at him. There is something so dark about him that seems to surface shortly after their big success with “Home”. The video for “truth” says it all. I’m not going to say anything about drug because I feel like I already on a little rant, but it’s pretty obvious that his personage has been greatly affected by something pretty toxic.

  2. Fiona

    P.S. Sorry about all the typos

  3. Michael ebert

    What a lot of garbage you guys are spewing. It was a great show.

  4. Michael, can you explain to us what made it great?

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