Watch Garbage’s Entire Webster Hall Show (New York City May 22nd 2012)

I’m getting old.

In previous years, a guy like myself would have made his way into the city earlier this evening to catch Garbage destroy Webster Hall.  But that wasn’t the case as this writer not only wasn’t in the building, but was admittedly asleep for the entire duration of the Webcast courtesy of MTV HIVE.

Fate is a funny thing. You ever fall asleep early and wake up like 3Am with absolutely nothing to do, and you’re saying to yourself “What the F#%K man?!”. Well, that happened to me, then I found this Garbage webcast seems to be still up available to watch. And I didn’t even have high hopes I’ll be honest, I just turned it on hoping they’d lead off with “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” (which they didn’t). But I gotta tell you I’m like six songs into this right now and  Garbage is freakin’ killin’ it! Shirley Manson may have a inverted Princess Leia hairstyle going on, but I would still do all sorts of things to her that would have me fired if mentioned by the Concert Confessions Human Resources Department..

And here come’s “Stupid Girl”! Okay, sorry people, I’m done writing this thing I gotta focus on watching this stream. This video down below was courtesy of MTV HIVE but they took it offline.  We have since found the performance on YouTube, but as always know that this could vanish faster than Viacom can scream Third Party Copyright Claim. 

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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 at 2:37 am.
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