Aaargh! I lost my first draft, and it now takes some serious talent to sneak this review in, while at work.  Anyways, it’s been a few days since I have seen and heard “Scott Lucas and the Married Men” at the Metro Gallery inBaltimore.  My friend from work, Joyce, posted an invitation on her Facebook wall about them. Needless to say, my desire to not waste a good Saturday night kicked in. I am not aware of this band. Moreover, Joyce and I never really had a chance to jam in this kind of rendezvous together, ever before. Nevertheless, I found myself being led by my handy dandy GPS through the dark lit streets ofBaltimoreto a posh venue. I expected a fun night, but I never thought that I will be left with a lingering admiration on Scott Lucas and The Married Men!


“Be back by midnight, otherwise you’ll be paying more for your parking fee,” said the lot attendant. So, I hurriedly rushed my frantic self to the venue and found Joyce, by the bar with a drink. After ordering my favorite mix of  Sex on the Beach, we  moved closer to the stage. Shamefully, we talked about work, until the lead vocalist stepped up on the stage. Joyce cautioned, “They’re rock, but not really heavy metal! They can come a little subtle with a touch of country, but they’re definitely rock and roll! You’ll love em!”  So, I sat quietly with great anticipation, but not with high expectation. It wasn’t my first time to kill a Saturday night being entertained by a bunch of talented musicians while downing my favorite concoction. A member pulled out an accordion. Well, Joyce cautioned me about it being country, so no biggie. Then a girl, wearing a cute dress, came up to the stage with a violin. Wait, a violin in this kind of gig? Violin commands class, so it left me wondering how she’ll be able to get away with it. My interest deepened.


The bass, the beat, the words, the voice, the ensemble… I am left without words! They hollered the sweetest rock and most melodious edgy sound I’ve ever heard and witnessed! I fell, instantaneously, to the song, “Out of the Boat.” It’s hard to ignore the lyrics and the intro that initiated it. The bass sounded like a heartbeat from a broken heart.  I took it as a love song, so deeply embedded with pain and anger, that the music appropriately nucleated the words. I, therefore, declared it as my song.


Their passion, while belting to “There Ain’t No Grave” made them almost like soulfully transparent. They’re in a different realm, and they took their audience with them. Not a single word from the crowd was uttered, as the music slowly faded to Scott Lucas’ repeated conviction of “there ain’t no grave to hold my body down…”  It, too, became my song and so are: “Steady Gaze,” “There You Are,” “Heavy Lidded Love,” “Chin Up,” to name a few. They rocked with class! They’re edgy, yet soulful.


While It’s easy to be lost in one’s own personal debate on which track sounded like Motley Crue, GNR, UK’s The Boomtown Rats -“I don’t like Mondays” and Soggy Bottom Boy’s -“Man of Constant Sorrow,” the unmistakable fact about “Scott Lucas and The Married Men” remains the same, they are no ordinary band. Thank you Joyce :)

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 at 12:17 pm.
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