Details for “The Adventures of Pete & Pete… The Reunion” Unveiled

Hell Yes!

If you weren’t already up to your eyelids in 90’s nostalgia with all the Summerland talk , The Wallflowers touring, and No Doubt putting out a new record this year, here’s something else to stir up those feelings of the good times: The on-stage reunion of the cast of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, August 28th at the Orpheum in LA.

So I guess you’re wondering what this has to do with music.  Well let’s tell you

Nov 6th 2011: Meat Puppets at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ. Opening bands were Black Box Revelation and Jounce.  Outside, right before BBM is set to hit the stage, this dude comes running down the block holding up a phone with a Wikipedia page open.  Reaching for breathe, the dude says “The lead singer of that band Jounce was Danny Tamberelli… That’s Little Pete!”.

Since that evening, my interest in this once forgotten show has been re-sparked.  Watching every single episode of it on YouTube in a two day span, seeing guest starts like Micheal Stipe, Juliana HatfieldLuscious Jackson  and recurring stars like Iggy Pop and Syd Straw , you think to yourself “Of COURSE this kid is in a band!”

Also appearing will be the band “Polaris”, they do the opening theme and some of the scores on the show, including the one I’m going to share at the bottom, “Waiting For October”. At the “mini” reunions they had with some of the cast members in LA, and then NY, did not feature Polaris but did include Little Pete jamming out on the opening theme (“Hey Sandy”)  and a few others with Syd Straw and the guy who played the Meter reader on the show.

Obviously, not the best version you’ve heard of this, hence why we’re happy Polaris is joining the party. The event is presented by Cinefamily and FYF Fest and brought to us by Goldenvoice (who are having a big day promoting wise.) It’s times like these you regret living on the Least Coast-this would be something I’d hit in a second.  Someone needs to go and get me Artie, The Strongest Man………..iN THE WORLD’s autograph and mail that to me. You’ll win a free hug.

General Admission is $25 and VIP is $75 .. On Sale to the General Public at Goldenvoice.Com this Satruday, July 21st.

“Clear your calendar.  Get on a plane.   Evade the International Adult Conspiracy.  Just don’t be a jerkweed, and do what it takes, cause you don’t wanna miss this show!”- Cinefamily

Pete and Pete Opening Theme Song by Polaris:

Waiting For October by Polaris

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Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 at 6:01 pm.
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