It was a hot day for a rock concert, and the name of the venue sort of fit the weather. With the temps in the 100’s and the Twisted Spoke Saloon located out in a field you can imagine the tumbleweeds rolling by and the desert music playing. seriously it was that remote of a location.

Halestorm took the stage promptly at 10pm, when they walked in the door they¬†immediately went “oh my gosh it’s hot in here” and it was, I had already turned into a puddle, but was ready for them to rock out.

Getting there wasn’t that bad, nor was getting a spot right on the rail right by the door where the bands walk onto the stage, it was a very small stage, but big enough for three bands equipment and some good rock music.

I’ve seen Halestorm several times this year and last year and yet every time I see them Lzzy get’s better and better at belting out tunes, they sang songs off of there newest album “The Strange Case of Halestorm” as well as a couple old favorites from there debut album “Halestorm”. Lzzy showcased her piano playing skills on “Break In” and their deluxe version song “Private Parts”, she can play the piano and sing with the ease that she is known for. She clearly has the pipes and displays them every night, with Joe Hottinger (the guitarist) and Josh Smith (the bassist) as the supporting cast, it turns into a rock and roll expedition of great music and lyrics.

One highlight of the show was her brother Arejay, he does a drum solo, and he brought out these two huge drum sticks, and played a pretty epic set, it was entertaining as they the band was trying to keep cool themselves, not much room to do so in a metal sheet building with no air circulation, but they did an amazing job.

New Medicine and Emphatic put on great performances as well. Emphatic is a new band that I had never seen before, they rocked.. and New Medicine whom I’ve managed to see five or six times always put on a good performance, and get the crowd moving.

Set list for Halestorm:


  1. Love Bites (So Do I)
  2. Mz Hyde
  3. It’s not You
  4. Freak Like me
  5. Familiar Taste of Poison
  6. Rock Show
  7. You call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing
  8. Break In
  9. Private Parts
  10. Drum Solo
  11. Daughters of Darkness
  12. Dirty Work
  13. I miss the Misery
  14. I get off
  15. Here’s to Us

They played a mixture of new and old songs, loved the piano solo.. I’m assuming they will tweak this a bit when they play the Carnival of Madness tour starting at the end of the month, overall a great live performance from Lzzy, Joe, Josh, and AreJay. They are a great little band, that get better and better with each performance.

Overall the Twisted Spoke Saloon wasn’t to shabby, it roughly looked like it held 300 people although there was many people standing outside the door where the stage was, as again it was extremely hot in there, they could have used more fans, and a different stage set up, but for a bar in the middle of a field.. it served it’s purpose well.

Photos below:

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Monday, July 9th, 2012 at 9:31 am.
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