This particular journey to see Hoobastank began on Twitter. I’ve become friends with two awesome ladies from overseas who are huge fans of the band, Hazel Cooksley from the United Kingdom and Lotta Djerf from Sweden. They both love their music and love the band dearly, so me going and seeing the band became a top priority. Needless to say, they both went with me via Twitter and what a journey it was.

We began our trip by tweeting pretty much the whole afternoon, and when we tweeted about Hoobastank or their lead singer Doug Robb we included them in our tweets. I was documenting this for my European friends, tour bus photo, venue photos, Hazel even called from the United Kingdom to hear a bit of the band’s sound check as we got close to the venues front door. That was unreal I thought as I had never received a call from London before.

Pop’s is a good little venue on the east side of St. Louis (Sauget Illinois to be exact). It has two stages, a balcony and a bar with a great atmosphere for music. Even though it’s located between two strip clubs, it still serves its purpose very well and is a venue I would recommend anyone go to that loves live rock music. The night started off with local openers From Skies of Fire. They got the crowd moving and one guy even crowd surfed. With the lack of guard rail, he got pushed right back down.


Hoobastank took the stage around 9:15pm and opened with “Pieces” off of their 2001 self-titled album. It had been a good ten or twelve years since they had taken the stage in St. Louis and Doug mentioned last time they were there he accidently called St. Louis, Cincinnati. Oops but hey he apologized and the band sounded amazing especially Dan Estrin on the guitar. Seriously I have never heard such sounds coming from a guitar before. Perhaps that is because this was my first time seeing the band? Regardless it won’t be the last time that is for sure.

Hoobastank has a new album called Fight or Flight coming out next month, and we were treated to several new songs from the album as well as some classic jams. The set list is as follows (I may have missed a song and it may be slightly out of order):

  1. Pieces
  2. Out of Control
  3. This is Gonna Hurt
  4. You Before Me
  5. 1st of Me
  6. Same Direction
  7. Running Away
  8. The Fallen
  9. Slow Down
  10. Unaffected
  11. Incomplete
  12. The Reason
  13. No Win Situation
  14. Fight or Flight
  15. Remember Me
  16. 1000 Words
  17. Born to Lead
  18. Crawling in the Dark

The band played their song with a ton of passion. They also decided an encore was not needed, instead Doug stated that we should just clap after this one song and after they took a little drink they would continue on with the music.  Ha that was funny and much easier if you ask me. The crowd was roughly 200 maybe 300 at the most, a small intimate setting and during “The Reason” you could hear it, I don’t think anyone wasn’t singing. Overall an amazing performance, but what made the night even more amazing was after the show, Doug bent down and shook my hand and said “you drove what two hours to be here” and I’m like “yes, and I said Hazel and Lotta say Hello” he’s like “I know, Hazel from the UK.. I know that chick.” I just smiled and said thank you as I was grateful he had been reading our tweets that day.

Afterward Doug and the rest of the band, Dan Estrin (guitarist), Chris Hesse (drummer), and Jesse Charland (bassist) all came out to greet fans and sign autographs. Doug was really sweet, he took the time to write on my set list Hi Hazel & Lotta, love Doug(me) and we took a photo with it. I told you it was an amazing night.

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 at 6:53 am.
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