Free concert? Why yes I shall travel the miles to see “The Offspring” for free as they were one of the bands on the concert series at the St. Louis Fair at Soldiers Memorial Park this past weekend. Getting there was easy, considering there was tons of events going on in St. Louis and surrounding areas, but thankfully my friend has an uncle who works at the hotel that is adjacent to the House of Blues and he hooked us up with free valet parking which was only four blocks away from the fair. That was a nice surprise and Thank you to Beth’s uncle for doing that for us.

After dropping the truck off we made our way to the entrance of the fair as the second band of the night was already on stage. A huge crowd had started gathering, but that didn’t matter to us as the Offspring didn’t go on until 9pm giving us plenty of time to get a spot on the rail.

The Offspring had two openers, Fivefold and Building Rome, again we just caught the last part of Building Rome and they were a good little band, played some cover songs to get the crowd going and got everyone worked up for the Offspring.

We walked right up to the right side of the stage and stood behind some girls that I knew were short enough for me to see over, and low and behold they left after the second band finished. I’m thankful I did bring tissues with me as we were right in front of the speaker and they worked out great for ear plugs. Oh and hey, the Offspring rocked!

The Offspring promptly took the stage at 9pm and started right away into “You’re Gonna go Far Kid”, and also continued with “All I want”. They have just released a brand new album called “Days Go By” and they did sing several new songs off of that album, the set list is listed below:

  1. Your Gonna go Far Kid
  2. All I want
  3. Come out and Play
  4. Days go By
  5. Have you ever
  6. Staring at the Sun
  7. Hammerhead
  8. Gone Away (dedicated to the victims in Aurora Colorado)
  9. Bad Habit
  10. The Future is now
  11. Walla Walla
  12. Hit that
  13. Kristy, are you doing okay
  14. Why don’t you get a job
  15. Americana
  16. Want you bad
  17. Pretty Fly (for a white guy)
  18. The Kids aren’t alright
  19. (Can’t get my) Head around you
  20. Self Esteem

As you can see they played an array of songs from older albums, and the brand new one, this was my first time seeing them in concert and they did not disappoint, I would love to go see them again. They sounded just like they do on the album, Dexter’s voice was good, and Noodles guitar playing was right on point, he stated that this was the best crowd they had in St. Louis.

Even though there was “no moshing” signs posted all over the venue, those got torn down once The Offspring hit the stage. You can’t really stop a crowd from moshing to a punk band I don’t think, it’s what is suppose to happen and the Offspring made it happen. It was a great concert in a great location (you can see the Arch behind the stage) and just a great day. Thank you St. Louis Fair for a great experience.

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Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 7:37 am.
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