Van Halen (Shockingly) Cancels The Dates They Postponed  

Upon mentioning Van Halen’s tour the other day during a cab ride home, the driver said something to the effect of “Yea they’re not playing those dates”.  I’m thinking in my head “What the hell does this guy know? He drives a cab, I’m the JOURNALIST here!” .

Well, as a non-fan of this band in any carnation, family style or however, I’m not saddened to report that Van Halen has cancelled the tour dates that they had already postponed.  You can find the original list of tour dates here.

In May the band  “postponed” all the dates after June 26th to dates that were TBA.  Now  Roth and Co. have officially cancelled all of their dates. No statement has been released but all of those dates are listed as ‘Cancelled’ at Ticketmaster.

Rolling Stone says the band hates each other and are fighting. We here at Concert Confessions do not obtain any of that insider knowledge, so all we’re here to tell you is that the dates are cancelled. Here’s a video released a few weeks ago in an article  where the title began reading: “The band is still winning”. Yeah, not exactly guys.

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Monday, July 2nd, 2012 at 8:47 am.
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