Andrew W.K. Gets Wet On Conan

I mean, what’s the one thing we know about Andrew W.K. ( besides the fact that we had a give away here at Concert Confessions a while back to see him) Well, it’s that he parties freaking hard. And the dude brought his whole entourage to Burbank (not Hollywood as I referred to it yesterday)… A line of guitars, and a freaking party. And a girl on stage who I’d be happy having as the mother of my children doesn’t hurt either. Check out the video below of a song called, what else, “It’s Time To Party”

Andrew W.K. “It’s Time To Party”

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 at 10:30 pm.
Categories: Reviews.
  • The Sound Chaser

    Conan O’Brien Show Aug 28,2012
    Andrew WK gave the worst Live show of anyone in the history of TV. I was embarrassed for him.
    It was worst than a 5th grade garage band who forgot to take their medication.
    His poor parents must be humiliated.

  • Slurry Baron

    Proof you can ride the party-album train for at least 10 years. Your move, LMFAO.