Dizzy Wright, Fubar St. Louis, MO 08/02/12
Words/Photos/Videos by BeezNutz

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to go check out a up and coming rapper Hopsin. Had I missed that show, I would of almost certainly missed this one. I feel blessed I caught both of them. Funk Volume is shaping up to be a independent force to be reckoned with. They are already boasting a strong roster, and are some of the best promoters in the game. After hearing so much and seeing so much progress from a young rapper on their label named Dizzy Wright. I decided to go see for myself.

The 21 year old rapper, hails from Las Vegas, NV and now calls LA home. He has just released his solo debut album ” Smoke Out Conversations ” on Funk Volume Records. The day of the show, I had to put in some hours at the gig. Came home, drank a beer in the shower and hit the road. I rolled up to the Fubar around 9 p.m and made it just in time for the acts I had come to see.

The first one on my list was Stogie La Russa who is from St. Louis, MO and has spent a lot of time perfecting his craft. I dig Stogie and his shows are always a good time, he puts its down on stage.

Stogie put a lot of effort into his set, complete with funny songs, costume changes and overall tons of energy. He stood out at this show in a good way.

Up next was was one of my personal favorite acts in St. Louis. Kold Kace makes our city proud, and they keep getting better. They recently played a sold out show with Snoop Dogg. They took the stage and took shit over.

Kold Kace is J-Killa and Grace rhyming while Tactics does his job as hype man extraordinaire. They were great as they always are. You will never find them slipping and keep getting better and better each show.

Kold Kace runs with the F.T.I Army which is a local record label that is growing bigger everyday. They really stick together and at every show there are more and more F.T.I shirts in the crowd. J-Killa is one of my favorite hometown rappers and it is always dope to see him kill it live.

I have watched Kold Kace come from the open mic crowd to playing packed out, sold out, national level concerts. It feels great, and I know for a fact they have earned every bit of their success.

Next up from 250 miles to our west, Irv Da Phenom took the stage. Coming from Kansas City, MO. I had just heard of Irv the day before while cruising youtube watching videos. Crazy how you hear of someone one day and the very next he is rocking a show in your city.

D.j. Hi Eye’q supplied the beats and put everyone at ease with his music, while also serving as Irv’s hypeman. They made a good team together and really got the crowd going. Irv puts a lot of feeling and energy into his show. You can feel what he is talking about when he raps it.

He was quick to make a fan of me, and many others with his fast raps and witty rhymes. He displayed a lot confidence during his take over of the stage. Remember that name, you will most certainly be hearing of him later.

Around 11:20 greated by cheers, Dizzy entered the Fubar, and DJ Hoppa followed behind. DJ Hoppa took his place behind the turntables, Dizzy stepped on stage. The lights went black and Funk Volume’s newest member stood there in apprecaition of the crowd before him.

This was Dizzy’s first solo tour, and with St. Louis crowds always being hit or miss. This show was a hit, some acts that had been on the grind for years don’t get this kind of love. What can I say, Funk Volume keeps it turned up, WAY UP.

Dizzy’s new album is great and the crowd obviously had it prior to the show as they were on point backing up Dizzy’s rhymes. One of my favorite cuts ” Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork ” was dope live. They really live this song too, they all work hard together and good things are happening for them.

Dizzy blazed through a 40 minute set and even inquired about our ” Local Weed Man ” which is another favorite track of mine off the new album.

Finishing up the show by jumping in the crowd for a minute, Dizzy made sure everyone who paid had a great time. And it was, I feel lucky to catch Dizzy on the come up. He is going places and next time the venue and crowd is gonna double in size.

After the show, Dizzy hung with fans, I went to the merch booth picked up Dizzy’s and Irv’s Cds and hung out with the crowd. Everyone was in such a good mood from such a dope show.

I can’t wait for Dizzy to come back, and hopefully bring the rest of Funk Volume with him. Go check them out online.

You can find all of the acts online here:

Stogie La Russa

Kold Kace


Irv Da Phenom


DJ Hi-eyEQ


Dizzy Wright


DJ Hoppa


Till next time……. bzntz

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