BoomBox & Ishi 09/19/12

Diamond Ballroom – Oklahoma City, OK

Words/Photos by Steven Anthony

Ishi’s John Mudd

I very rarely, if ever, check out a band live before hearing them on record. I’ve been burned far too many times before, and as any concert goer knows there is nothing worse than being bored to tears at a show.

Regardless, I took the chance and hit up Oklahoma City’s Diamond Ballroom on Wednesday night (my birthday!) for a show headlined by techno/house/jamband BoomBox with support by Dallas-natives Ishi.

Ishi kicked things off around 8:45, immediately jumping into some fairly 80s-esque, synthtastic material that won over the small but enthusiastic crowd. Vocalist John Mudd and his drummer brother JJ Mudd were both wearing neon-glow shutter shades, which highlighted some tribalish facepaint on their cheeks. Musically, the band held their own, filling the venue with a mixture of sexy synth lines and some of the best pop hooks I’ve heard from a band not already on the radio. DiscoQueen was perhaps the most 80s-y track of their set, seeming to get pretty much everyone in the crowd to dance along.

BoomBox’s Zion Rock Godchaux

Shortly after Ishi’s set ended, BoomBox hit the stage. For the entirety of their two hour set, the duo (Russ Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux) provided a decent mixture of techno, house and yes, even jamband-lite music. The crowd ate it up, spending a solid two hours dancing to the groove laid out by the band. Mr. Concert Confessions himself (Reverend Justito) told me today he felt the band was “techno for hippies,” and after seeing the band tonight I can confirm that is the case. And that’s not a bad thing.

Illuminated by the band’s great light show and inspired by music blasting from the speakers, most in the crowd seemed to greatly enjoy dancing for two hours straight. Many seemed unfamiliar with the band, but if you had to choose between a solid funk/house/jam band and a DJ spinning radio hits — which would you rather break a sweat to?

BoomBox’s Zion Rock Godchaux

Ishi’s music certainly seemed more structured, providing for the more standard verse-chorus-verse style songwriting while BoomBox’s focus was on performing extended jams before and after most of their songs. Overall, both bands put on solid performances that warrant me recommending them to you.

If you have any interest in live house/techno/80s-tastic music, don’t hesitate to either of these bands up. To check on upcoming dates for either band, head to or

Check out the rest of the images from the show below:

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