Even though no one is topping the charts, some of these bands are at the top of my music stack. Because is because. Sound check timing at the prop of the door, interestingly enough to be one of the few first fans to catch a glimpse at The Meat Puppets warm up sessions, encountered at the Rochester stop. With house sounds leveled to the root of the birds eye to “the point of distraction”. Wondering answers of bands being together since 1979. Talking the same dreams. Folk Tell- Tales come real, in the myths of persona. Is less more? Is more, less artistic? Is this a keystone to alternative?
The swelling tornadic feedbacks, swelling harmonic harmonies and overtones, and exciter sustain. Alternative overdrive, driven to the gates of original rock. It was a definitive welcoming show, as warming as the tonality of the guitars cleanly fuzz. This being a first time a Meat Puppets show, I convey it as legendary as it is historic to the early nineties spring of new-wave sounds channelled into rustic garages, bursting new flavors of alternative music. Have you heard this sound before? Good! That’s because there are still followings for fully natural music! It’s not nostalgia as it is preference to the what’s easier on the ears. It’s more apart of music history, more attuned to music history, and more affluent in the banding culture, where musicians of the band, separately, can put forth arrangements and song ideas, that everyone can build from. The band has direct connection to what is being written, recorded and produced. Leaving great imprints through the feedback. Can two paragraphs really sum up such an amazing show here in Rochester, New York? In the minimalism of sayings, “less is more”, I believe it can. And I think the band and it’s live production, proved it.

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Friday, April 12th, 2013 at 1:21 pm.
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