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The legendary shockstar, Alice Cooper, and The Antichrist Superstar, Marilyn Manson both set out for the inevitable opportunity for the two of them to tour together for the Masters of Madness Shock Therapy tour. I had just seen Marilyn Manson in February and I had an urge soon after to see him again but I didn’t think he’d come around again for a while so when I heard he was coming back so soon, I jumped at the opportunity. This was my first time seeing Alice Cooper and I had only heard about his shows and seen pictures/videos of his shows so  knew more or less what to expect, but I wasn’t prepared to the madness that I was exposed to seeing him live. This was a night of pure madness and horror!

 Marilyn Manson 2

Up first was Marilyn Manson. Personally, I think he was better this time around than when I saw him in February. He just seemed more energized probably because it was early on in the tour instead of near the end of it. He opened with “Angel With The Scabbed Wings” which was nice to see him play that song and he changed his setlist from his previous tour. His songs included the grammy-nominated “No Reflection”, “The Dope Show”, “Sweet Dreams(Are Made of This)”, “Disposable Teens”, “This Is the New Shit”, “Irresponsible Hate Anthem”, and his most popular song, “The Beautiful People”. Manson had his usual stage props like walking on stilts, a giant wooden chair, a judge stand, and flashy lights.

Lately Marilyn Manson has been on the news lately due to an attempted suicide by Paris Jackson(Michael Jackson’s daughter) because she was unable to attend this show. Manson dedicated “Disposable Teens” to her as seen on my video:

For me, Alice Cooper was the highlight of the night. The guy is absolutely insane. I’ve read about his use of props which included 1 of his pet large snakes, a guillotine, electric chair, and put in a straitjacket.

Alice Cooper 4

I was very surprised at how well he performed for a 65-year-old man. He performed and sounded much better than bands I’ve seen that are 20-30 years younger than him. I haven’t seen someone’s live performance shock me the way he did in a while.  He opened up and started with “classicks” such as “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “Billion Dollar Babies”, “Under My Wheels”, and “Poison”. Later on the show he did the more spooky sounding songs like “Welcome to My Nightmare”, “Ballad of Dwight Fry”, and “Feed My Frankenstein”.

His live show was similar to that of a horror movie, you felt like you were in an insane asylum. Some of the highlights were: 1. During “Is It My Body” he brings out his pet Red-Tail Boa. 2: in “Feed My Frankenstein he dresses up as a mad scientist that gets setup into an electric chair and is electrocuted to which after, a giant Frankenstein monster comes out singing which was awesome. 3: Following his electrocution, he is put into a straitjacket and performs “Ballad of Dwight Fry” where he lets out the psychotic mental patient in him and goes berserk and even chokes his nurse. 4: After being restrained, Alice Cooper is placed in a guillotine where he is beheaded in front of everyone! How he did it? I have no idea but it was gruesome to watch and after that the band proceeded to play “I Love The Dead” on their own. They finished with one of his anthems, “School’s Out”, or so we thought before coming out for an encore.

The night ended with his classic, “I’m Eighteen” and he was joined on stage by Marilyn Manson for a duet to end this awesome night. Seeing  these two shockstars in one night made for one unforgettable night.

Marilyn Manson live – The Dope Show 6-6-13

Marilyn Manson live – Sweet Dreams(Are Made of This) 6-6-13

Marilyn Manson live – Irresponsible Hate Anthem 6-6-13

Marilyn Manson live – The Beautiful People 6-6-13

Alice Cooper live – Billion Dollar Babies 6-6-13

Alice Cooper live – Feed My Frankenstein 6-6-13

Alice Cooper live – Ballad of Dwight Fry 6-6-13

Alice Cooper live – School’s Out 6-6-13

Alice Cooper live – I’m Eighteen(w/ Marilyn Manson) 6-6-13

Marilyn Manson 1 Marilyn Manson 3


Alice Cooper 2 Alice Cooper 3  Alice Cooper 1

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Sunday, June 9th, 2013 at 12:00 am.
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