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The date: Saturday, October 26, 2013.

The text from my best friend: “BTW just found out that Zakk Wylde is playing with Camp Freddy tonight at the 9:30 club.”

Me: HOLY SHIT?! I wasn’t sure who Camp Freddy was so I had to be schooled a little bit and I found out it was a band of rockers who get together every so often and do cover songs of other bands: Dave Navarro, Billy Morrison, Matt Sorum (but this night he wasn’t there, it was Josh Freese on the drums), Donovan Leitch, and Chris Chaney. For the rest of the day I contemplated going to the show. Working two jobs and taking two classes doesn’t leave me much free time and when I do have free time, I have to use it to do my homework. So, I could either stay home and do homework and regret not going to the show, OR, I could go to the show and regret not doing my homework. Then, I get a text from another friend who was looking for something to get into for the night…I guess the stars all aligned and I knew I’d much rather regret not getting my homework done.

A little after 7:30, we were in my car on the way to Washington DC to the great 9:30 Club. I hadn’t been to that club in a while. It used to be pretty much the only club in the area to feature rock bands, until Baltimore caught on and took over. The 9:30 Club is a great venue though so I was glad it was there.

As my friend and I are driving, I get another text from my best friend who is already at the show: “Dude! Scott Weiland is here tonight!

ARE YOU SHITTING ME??? Scott Weiland AND Zakk Wylde, two of my most favorite musicians….playing the same night….at the same show??? It seemed as if someone had me in mind when they put this line-up together. I pressed that gas pedal just a little bit harder knowing that I made the right decision!

We get to the club and bought our $50.00 tickets – not a big deal because it was a charity show! We got there just in time to see the last few songs of The Surreal McCoy’s. I didn’t really know who they were but they were decent enough. This was also a Halloween themed night so there were many costumes. I saw Michael Myers, Ms. Piggy, Elmo, Where’s Waldo, fucked up fairies, zombies, monsters, etc. I camed dressed up as a rock n’ roll fan!

Shortly after 10:30, Camp Freddy made their way out onto the stage. The first singer was Donovan Leitch, which is the singer for Camp Freddy. He sang two songs: “Are you gonna go my way” and “I ran.” It was a great start and I was getting more excited by the minute.


The next singer to take the stage was Franky Perez, singing two songs as well: “Hard to handle” and “The immigrant song.” I’m not too clear on who Franky Perez is so excuse my ignorance but he was pretty damn good – whoever he was!

The next singer up was…Mark McGrath! I have mixed feelings about him. When he first came out with Sugar Ray, I liked him because he was more on the metal side of things, but he softened up over the years. What I will say about him is he is a very sexy man! His three songs were: “Killing in the name of,” “Pretty vacant,” and “Rock and Roll all night.” I have to go off on a bitch here. I filmed some of “killing in the name of” because I really like that song. I can’t tell you how well Mark sang it because the fat fuck standing next to me was singing the song so freakin’ loud that I couldn’t even hear Mark over him. Even in my video, all you hear is the fat fuck next to me. What was really bad about this fat fuck was that he was off beat and signing the lyrics either too early or too late….douche bag! The other songs, though, Mark killed and he commented that he didn’t really belong there among all those other rockers. I do love how he shoves the microphone down his pants, though!


Next up, Billy Morrison, Camp Freddy’s guitarist, sang “Wonder wall.” It was kind of a snooze but was played and sang very well.

After Billy was done, the big stars were finally starting to hit the stage. Next up, was Sebastian Bach! He did, “The Mountain Song,” “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” and “Highway to Hell.” In my opinion, this is when things really started to rock and the energy really started to pick up…or maybe that was just me because I knew next was going to be the two guys I really wanted to see. Sebastian did okay. He’s hard to take seriously sometimes and my friend pointed out to me that he had the lyrics of the songs taped to the stage…maybe that could be from all the weed smoking he does…he lit up on the side of the stage when he was done his set…

IMG_20131026_231012740 IMG_20131026_230953207 IMG_20131026_230958481 IMG_20131026_231001991

And it was now finally time…for Zakk mother fuckin’ Wylde to hit the stage. I love this man. He is what I would consider to be a “god” if there ever was one. The way he whales on his guitar, all his heavy chains swaying about, his hair flying…he IS god! He came out to do his three songs and they all three sounded great…he took over that stage….he OWNED that stage! He did: “Voodoo Child,” “War Pigs,” and “N.I.B.” I have to say, the sound was phenomenal!

IMG_20131026_232815798 IMG_20131026_232824144 IMG_20131026_232827396 IMG_20131026_232833653

When Zakk was done, I could have left happy by that point, but it was now time for Scott Weiland. With Weiland, you never know if you are going to get a sober Weiland or a fucked up Weiland. On this night, he seemed to be pretty straight and clear headed and he put on a killer set. I always enjoy watching him perform because of the way he slithers around on the stage like a snake. You can tell he’s in his own little world but it’s a world that is so fascinating to watch from the outside. Whenever I watch him perform, the song that comes to my mind is “Sexy mother fucker” by Prince…Scott Weiland IS a sexy motherfucker. Although the microphone crapped out on him for a couple of minutes during his set, he still put on a great performance and he sounded great! He got to do four songs: “Vasoline,” “Jean Genie,” “Surrender,” and “Roadhouse Blues.” His set was the only one I filmed from start to finish. Someday I will get around to putting up the videos…but not today…

I got some great pictures though….

IMG_20131026_235800974 IMG_20131027_240207541 IMG_20131027_240209792 IMG_20131027_240211650

After Scott finished, all the musicians gathered on the stage and I was waiting for a line-up bow but they never got their act together to really do one, so it didn’t happen. Scott was busy shaking hands with the people in the front and I put my hand out. Scott, grabbed my hand and I grabbed his and I DID NOT want to let go! I held onto it until he finally pulled away a few seconds later. I couldn’t get Zakk’s attention so I got no handshake from him.

Overall, the show was excellent, it ran smoothly, and there was no bullshit talking in between. Straight rock, straight through…I couldn’t have asked for a better show! This is easily the best show I’ve seen all year and could very well be one of the top shows I’ll ever see my entire life! I left there feeling satisfied but still wanting more and I know how lucky I am to have been able to see this one of a kind show. I feel bad for anyone who missed it!


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Sunday, October 27th, 2013 at 4:03 pm.
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