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So I’ve written a handful of Local H reviews already and I feel like I can’t possibly be creative anymore in my reviews for them. Of course I’m going to say they killed it! They always do! Of course I’m going to say they left me with a “high” that will be with  me for weeks, they always do! Of course I’m going to tell you that if you’ve never seen them live that you have to…The only new thing about tonight’s show was it was the first time I got see/hear the new drummer, Ryan Harding. He’s a killer on the drum set and he fits right in with Scott. I was 100% satisfied with tonight’s show.

Scott Lucas

I don’t know if it was because of the new drummer or I was just jonesin’ for a Local H show since it had been 7 months since I’d seen them last, but tonight they sounded tight, alive, rich, pure, smooth and sweet, and very loud. My personal favorite for tonight was Buffalo Trace. It just sounded hardcore, clear, and groovy…I felt it deep within my soul…I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow night in Baltimore!!


I bet you want to know the set list? Well, see if you can figure it out in this little story that I put together:


When I was in middle school, I quit the soccer TEAM the same day that I got into a fight with my boyfriend. I told him to HIT THE SKIDS after I punched him in the face. I got kicked out of the BRYN MAWR school for fighting. It was just ANOTHER FEBRUARY for me.

As I got older, I discovered rock and roll. ALL RIGHT, OH YEAH! That’s what I had been missing in my life. I liked it loud but it seemed that my pussy cat didn’t. “CHA!” SAID THE KITTY! It then attacked me and clawed my arm all up. I had to go to the pharmacy on FRITZ CORNER to buy some Band-Aids. The owner of the pharmacy is a real MISANTHROPE. He trusts no one and hates everyone! Sometimes, he’ll talk about conspiracy theories. He told me one day that THEY SAVED REAGAN’S BRAIN!

I got home and bandaged up my arm and decided to go to the record store. I wanted to find some new tunes but all they were playing on the sound system were CALIFORNIA SONGS. I tried to find a bat to smash the speakers but all I could find was a BAG OF HAMMERS. As I was destroying the speakers, I stopped when I heard the Pretender’s playing. They played their album from start to finish, you know, THE ONE WITH KID.

As I left the record store, I was stopped by a priest who told me to put my HANDS ON THE BIBLE. I told him I didn’t have the time because I had to get to the BUFFALO TRACE distillery. He told me I should go to church instead but I told him he should give up and become ONE OF US. After leaving the distillery, drunk off my ass, I was BOUND FOR THE FLOOR. In my giving and drunken state, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE ME DO?

I went to work still drunk the next day so my co-worker raised his hand for me to slap. He is such a HIGH FIVING MOTHER FUCKER. I denied him my return, called him an idiot, and decided to go to church after all – just so I could hold a HEAVY METAL BAKE SALE and trade the halos for horns. All in the name of rock and roll!!


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Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at 8:55 pm.
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