As the Summer’s last month came upon us, August 1st just happened to land on what should be excluded as a weekday altogether. The Friday night’s moon, a waxing crescent if you’re looking for technicality (a big ass yellow quarter slice is what I’d say) was fitting for the anticipated occasion. The local Thrash metal band that I grew so found of immediately after watching a single live performance were getting into full balls-out mode at Hollywood’s Loaded bar in celebration of their EP release.

Enrot were set to gracefully rip the stage 2nd to last for the night’s 4 band lineup…my apologies, but I did not witness any other bands play and I suppose ya can’t miss sound you’ve never heard, in this case. I hadn’t been to that Loaded bar in years before the evening set in and after realizing I had been spotting the same door guy since my illegal Hollywood Blvd. bouncing days, I began to feel old-ish. Perfect time for a Rum and Coke. Which lead up to a quick glance around the joint followed by a “Holy-shit-I didn’t-know-there-was-a stage-next door!” reality check.

The intermission playlist had to have been after my own heart with a song by Puscifer topped with a tasty slab of A Perfect Circle; but there was an antsy dude standing behind me that most likely would have withheld from shouting if the band had taken the stage 5 mins prior. After seeing the guys in what looked like their Sunday’s best, on top of an energy that promised to deliver exactly what the crowd came for, it was safe to say that the crowd would have no complains beyond that point.

The excitement of Enrot’s S/T EP release show started to pour from the band’s presence the moment they took the stage, quickly turning into the 4 members playing as if they were musically inclined primitive men that somehow discovered a sound of hard but melodic anger. Watching the guys pick string also left no wonder as to why the gals prefer their men to be good with their hands. Lead vocalist Quentin Neace took a breath from his metal-perfect pitch screaming to let the crowd know that he was happy to be at his favorite bar for such a shindig; and in my eyes that would explain the extra touch of show off he carried while displaying raw talent. Some may hear it through the grapevine that there was a blue Mexican wrestling mask worn by the guy with the cool looking mic, yet I have no photo proof of this! But more importantly, there was moshing…during a well done cover of Pantera’s Primal Concrete Sledge and continued during the last song. Most definitely hardcore enough to cause a girl like myself to nearly lose a boob.

That Friday brought on yet another wish for an ever long set from the locally embraced Enrot, and if the non-stop head swirling dirty blonde guy was any indication of such embrace, buying a CD and truly listing to it will have to tide me over until next time.

Enrot @ Loaded Bar 8/1/2014> Photo by Charlette Gibbs

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 at 5:58 pm.
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