Folk metal is a style of metal that’s always a fun and enjoyable to see and get involved with. Eluveitie, Týr, and Metsatöll stopped by the legendary House of Blues in Hollywood, California on October 2nd for a night filled with classic folk metal, old friends, new friends, weird-looking instruments, beer, beer, and more beer!





Metsatöll is a folk metal band from Estonia. I had never heard of them before this tour so I took this chance to check them out. Luckily I made it just in time to catch them not too long into their set. The first thing I noticed is that their lyrics aren’t in English. Instead, their songs are written and sung in Estonian. What I did like was that the singer has a rather deep voice when singing so the singing and music itself sounded nice. Like classic folk metal. For instruments, they used regular band instruments, but the singer also used flutes taking turns singing and using the flutes. They made for a cool opening band and were fun to watch and listen to.

Týr is another folk metal band from the Faroe Islands (Denmark). I had seen them earlier this year so I knew how they were and what they would do. They didn’t use any other instruments other than regular band instruments. They’re a great band live, they sound spot on to the albums. All the members were lively during the performance showing that they love their fans. Even the bassist was moving around and letting his presence be known that just because he’s the bassist, doesn’t mean he gets the least attention. They had a very friendly vibe going on for them, they love their fans and their fans love them back.  For their setlist, they played a lot of good stuff including some of my favorites like Blood of Heroes, Mare of My Night, and Hold the Heathen Hammer High. They’re an all-around fun band to watch and even if you’re not a fan of folk metal or familiar with the style, they still have that metal sound to their music.




Eluveitie was the final folk metal band of the night and they hail from Switzerland. Eluveitie is the type of folk metal band that has a variety of instruments in their music which means they also have quite a few members on stage and they played their perspective instruments or switched to a different instrument in between songs. I think the most interesting instrument they had was Anna Murphy’s. While she also sings and does backup clean/harsh vocals, she plays this instrument called a hurdy gurdy. It’s almost like an accordion, but you turn a crank on the side like a Jack-in-the-box and it produces the music to which you press the buttons on the instruments and it makes the desired sound. The only sad part about their performance was that their violin player, Nicole, had to leave the tour due to a family emergency. Nonetheless, the band carried on and delivered a stellar performance. They used every instrument at their disposal: Multiple flutes, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, fiddles, pipes, whistles, and a mandola. All were used to create their beautiful music. For their music, Eluveitie sings in English, but a lot of their songs are sung in Gaulish, an ancient and extinct Celtic language. I thought it was really cool hearing songs being sung in a language that’s been dead since the 6th century AD. Being that they were out o support of their new Origins album, they played multiple songs from that album, but they also mixed it up with songs from their other albums. Songs such as: King, Vianna, Call of the Mountains, Helvetios, Inis Mona, A Rose for Epona, and Carry the Torch all sounded beautiful live as if you were part of a tale. My favorite song from them had to be Call of the Mountains. Eluveitie recorded that song in English as well as Swiss-German. Anna Murphy gave the audience the option of which language to sing it in and of course, folk metal fans will always pick the non-English version, but it still sounded beautiful. Overall, all 3 bands did a fantastic job and I hope to see any of them again real soon.




Photos of Metsatöll:

DSC00589 DSC00590

Photos and videos of Týr:

DSC00610 DSC00607 DSC00606 DSC00605 DSC00604 DSC00603 DSC00597 DSC00612 DSC00615 DSC00616 DSC00619

Photos and videos of Eluevetie:

DSC00622 DSC00623 DSC00625 DSC00631 DSC00632 DSC00635 DSC00639 DSC00644 DSC00646 DSC00650 DSC00652 DSC00654 DSC00657 DSC00660 DSC00662 DSC00663 DSC00664 DSC00666 DSC00667 DSC00669 DSC00670 DSC00671 DSC00672 DSC00676 DSC00679

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Saturday, October 11th, 2014 at 11:08 pm.
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