For the first time in years, Dutch symphonic rock/metallers Within Temptation made their way to a full USA tour. They brought with them Amaranthe, a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Ever since I first listened to Within Temptation, I had been impatiently waiting for a US tour. The day the tour announced, I could’ve dropped down to my knees and cry like a baby. On September 26, 2014 at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles, the anticipation was getting to see of finally seeing Within Temptation.



The opening band was Amaranthe. They’re a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They’re not like your traditional metal band. They fuse metal with pop melodies, electronic, and melodic death metal sometimes being referred to as “dance metal”. They put on a great performance. I had seen some live videos of them from YouTube and I wasn’t too impressed by them so I was a bit wary of how they would be when I saw for myself. Luckily they exceeded my expectations and they entertained me and the crowd. One thing that bothered me, is that they have 3 singers. Elize handles the female vocals, 1 of the male singers has the clean vocals, and the second male singer has the harsh vocals. It was hard keeping an eye on who was doing what, especially when one of the male singers seemed to be doing more singing than the other and a lot of times was just hanging around wondering what to do. Overall, they put on a good show and the crowd was welcoming to the band.



The Los Angeles crowd eagerly waited for the appearance of Within Temptation. When they finally appeared, the crowd went insane and a huge roar of excitement was heard. Unless it was just me, hahaha. Within Temptation is on tour for the release of their sixth album, Hydra. What better way to start the show than with the first single from album called, Paradise (What About Us?) featuring Tarja Turunen formerly of Nightwish. It was clear that the new album was dominant in their setlist with several tracks on the album being played. Other songs included: Dangerous feat. Howard Jones (ex-Killstwitch Engage), And We Run feat. Xzibit, Our Solemn Hour, Let Us Burn, Stand My Ground, See Who I Am, Mother Earth, and Ice Queen. This was a beautiful concert. There was never a dull moment. Frontwoman Sharon Den Adel has such a beautiful voice and she sounded perfect. Female singers like her are the reason why I always prefer European female singers over American female singers. The crowd never stopped going crazy. They were probably just as excited as I was. Within Temptation has been long overdue for a full US tour and I cannot wait for them to return.




Photos and Videos of Within Temptation



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Photos and videos of Amaranthe:

DSC00492 DSC00494 DSC00496 DSC00499 DSC00500 DSC00501 DSC00502 DSC00503 DSC00504 DSC00507 DSC00510


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Monday, October 6th, 2014 at 10:01 pm.
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