King Diamond made his triumphant return to the USA after an 11 year absence. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to spend it with The King himself. With the Wiltern in Los Angeles sold out months advance, fans showed up in costumes and waited for the beloved falsetto-singing Danish heavy metal legend.




At 10:30pm, the lights turned off, the crowd roared with excitement, and an eerie intro came upon us as the curtains lifted up and revealed the stage to have 2 upside crosses, a satanic symbol of some kind, and a fence in front of the stage to give it a look as if the band was in a graveyard. King Diamond was of course wearing his traditional corpse paint that everyone recognizes. King Diamond opened with The Candle and it sounded perfect as King Diamond used his signature high-pitch falsetto singing which is unmistakable. Welcome Home was the highlight song for me as it is one of my favorite King Diamond songs and the first song I ever heard by him. After performing a few songs, King Diamond let us know that he was sick due to severe food poisoning. You wouldn’t even think he was sick since he sounded perfect to all of us, but after a while you could see him putting his hand to his stomach indicating he was in pain yet he came out to perform for us and do what he loves. If that’s not metal, I don’t know what is! Kind Diamond continued to bless us with haunting music with songs like Tea, The Puppet Master, and even 2 Mercyful Fate songs from his original band which were Evil and Come to the Sabbath. Since it was Halloween, King Diamond made it appropriate to play the song Halloween which fit right in.



Just when we thought the show was over, the band comes back out to play The Family Ghost. Unfortunately, King Diamond was in too much pain to continue the show and ended it there instead of finishing the last song which would have been The Black Horsemen. Regardless, everyone was satisfied that King Diamond came out and performed for us even in his condition and everyone left with a huge smile knowing they got to see one of the greatest metal singers of all time.


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Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 2:01 am.
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