Five Finger Death Punch’s Got Your Six tour is one of the biggest rock/metal tours of the summer. This tour featured and impressive lineup consisting of the up and coming rock band From Ashes to New, the female-fronted metal band In This Moment, rock veterans Papa Roach, and of course headlined by Five Finger Death Punch. One of their tour stops was at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. I was given the opportunity to photograph some of the bands and was looking forward to covering them.


In This Moment has been around for several years now and have drastically changed their sound throughout their career. The released their newest album Black Widow on November 2014 and are actively on tour supporting the album. They are known for their theatrics and frontwoman Maria Brink’s flashy outfits and alternating between clean vocals and screaming. I was very looking forward to covering this band. Unfortunately, due to extremely bad traffic, I missed most of their set and made it in time to catch 2 1/2 songs. The band was performing Sex Metal Barbie, one of their new songs that Brink wrote to all the trash-talkers about her and her band’s style of music. Brink was positioned in the middle of the stage standing on a pink judge stand that had their Black Widow band logo. When that song finished, the stage went dark as the next stage prop was being set up. A big cage was set on stage and the band’s two female dancers known as the Blood Girls were on opposite ends of the cage in werewolf masks and lit up bracelets. Brink made her way inside the cage as they started performing the second single from the new album, Big Bad Wolf. Brink would dance and headbang inside the cage alongside the Blood Girls while strobe lights and fog machines would give the stage a dark feeling. Before starting the final song of their set, Brink sat on a stool wearing a dunce hat with the word WHORE written on it. Brink began to tell the crowd her story of how when she was growing up in high school; people would talk her down, call her a bitch, and call her a whore. The band started the song and the Blood Girls came out in cheerleader outfits as Brink used her hat like a megaphone as she screamed and sang while balloons dropped from the ceiling and fog cannons shot fog straight up into the air giving the song more feeling to it. The band finished up the song and all came together to wave goodbye to the crowd and left the stage.



Papa Roach have been around for just over 20 years and I’m sure everyone in the venue has at least heard of them. Papa Roach released their ninth studio album F.E.A.R. on January 27, 2015 and were now actively touring in support of it. Papa Roach came on stage and the crowd roared with excitement as the veteran rockers started the show with the first track from the new album, Face Everything and Rise. Fans were jumping and screaming as this is one of the bands they were waiting for. Papa Roach continued the show with Between Angels and Insects from their second and best-selling album, Infest. Papa Roach has a very energetic stage presence and along with Shaddix’s rock and rap-metal singing, will make anyone get up and dance and/or rock out to the music. Halfway through their set, Shaddix asks the crowd, “are you ready for more Papa Roach!?” and the crowd couldn’t help themselves but scream in excitement as the band started playing Falling Apart which is another song from the new album. For the next song, Shaddix asked the crowd if there were any old school Papa Roach fans in the audience. Surely enough, lots of people screamed as the band prepared to start Blood Brothers. Before so, Shaddix asked the audience on the floor to split in two. A nice-sized hole was made in the pit and on Shaddix’s signal, the audience gave the band a wall of death which turned into a mosh pit for the whole song. The stage seemed to go completely dark and after a few minutes, the lights came back on and Shaddix and guitarist Jerry Horton were in the middle of the floor with Horton equipped with an acoustic guitar. Shaddix told the crowd that this next song he wrote changed and saved his life after a horrible night in Las Vegas. Shaddix and Horton played an acoustic version of Scars as fans watched in awe. The band went back on stage to a huge disco ball and lots of strobe lights. The band was set to play Gravity from the new album. This song features In This Moment’s Maria Brink and since the band just happened to be on tour with Papa Roach, Brink came out as a guest singer to perform this song the proper way. Papa Roach continued with Where Did the Angels Go? and Still Swingin’ and fans were still energized as they jumped, screamed, and crowd surfers were making appearances. The show was almost coming to an end as Papa Roach played their most famous song, Last Resort. Shaddix had the crowd sing the chorus as he jumped into the crowd to shake hands with fans. Sadly, it was time for the show to come to an end. Papa Roach finished with …To Be Loved and Shaddix told the crowd he wanted an old school mosh pit to which the crowd complied. As the band finished the show, Shaddix yelled out, “Papa Roach! Papa Roach! Papa Roach!” and the crowd quickly followed the chant for a while before Papa Roach went off stage.



Additional Photos:

In This Moment

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Papa Roach

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Sunday, September 20th, 2015 at 8:30 pm.
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