Steel Panther has been making themselves widely known these past couple of years. The release of their third album All You Can Eat has raised them in popularity to where you’ve heard their name, but may not be familiar with their music. Steel Panther is a glam metal band whom are known for their profane and humorous lyrics involving drugs, sex, women, celebrities, and hookers. All in true 1980’s lifestyle. It might sound a bit odd to have lyrical things like that, but if you have a sense of humor and enjoy comedic music, this is a band to listen to for plenty of laugh out loud moments. Steel Panther has been making the world-famous House of Blues on the Sunset Strip their home for the past few years and since recently the venue was closed down, the band was forced to find a new home. For now, they settled on the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. To start things off, they announced one of their Having A Threesome tours at the Fonda for three dates and another three-date stay in Las Vegas. I was there for their debut show at the Fonda and couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out.



The curtains raised from the stage to reveal Steel Panther and fans cheered as they started the show with Eyes of a Panther, a song about having sex with a cougar. Quite the interesting choice to start the show with considering the variety of women in attendance. The second song played was Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) and is one of their best and most hilarious songs with lyrics like, “I know you’re hungry, I can see it in your eyes. ‘Cause you’re lookin’ at me, like I’m a side of fries”.  Fans loved singing along to the chorus, “whoa, whoa, Thar She Blows”. This song is an instant fan-favorite. After that, the band took a break to not only introduce themselves, but also start the first of many of their shenanigans their known for. From talking trash to each other to glorifying each other. While vocalist Michael Starr and guitarist Satchel were going off on each other, bassist Lexxi Foxx took the opportunity to get into his vanity mirror and check himself out and applying more hairspray. Then he came out to the crowd holding his personalized glamoured mirror and looked into it while applying lip gloss. Satchel then turned his attention to Foxx and mentioned that Foxx had just landed a movie role titled 50 Shades of Gay. Jokes like that always have the crowd laughing. The third song was one of their songs about celebrities. This one was called, Just Like Tiger Woods. As you can imagine, it’s a song about the golfer and has lyrics like, “If you wanna be like Tiger Woods, fertilizin’ ladies in the neighborhood”. The next song is another fan-favorite song and that song was Asian Hooker. Just by the name alone, you already know what this song is about. After the song ended, Satchel turned his attention to Foxx to perform his hair solo and grabbed a leaf blower and used it on Foxx like an oversized hair dryer. Party Like It’s the End of the World was the next song and has a dancing and partying feel to it and you could see the crowd dancing, especially the female in attendance that were dancing amongst friends like if they were in a club. The band took a quick break afterwards so Satchel could perform his guitar solo. He made his way to the drum kit and played the bass drum with his foot while he played the guitar parts to songs like: Metallica‘s Master of Puppets, Judas Priest‘s Breaking the Law, Deep Purple‘s Smoke on the Water, and Ozzy Osbourne‘s Crazy Train. 10 Strikes You’re Out was next and is one of the songs on the new album.



One of the band’s favorite things to do and is the best part of the show is to bring up girls to the stage. Starr eyed a woman and based on how large her breasts were, you could see why. Starr and Satchel had her flash her breasts at the crowd which she did and revealed them to already be signed by the band. A stool was brought on stage for her to sit while the band started to play Girl From Oklahoma. Starr encouraged the crowd to sing along to this acoustic song and the fans loved singing the line, “so come on baby pretty baby, suck my balls all night”. Steel Panther let the woman go back down to the crowd while they continued the show. They asked the crowd if any of them remember them when they were just a cover band playing at the Key Club and the Viper Room when they were first starting out and when their popularity started to rise once they started playing the House of Blues. They made note that now they have three albums out, they are no longer a cover band, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play covers. They picked a cover to play and that cover was Whitesnake‘s Here I Go Again. Everyone in the venue was familiar with the song and they could be seen singing along. Now that the show was coming close to a finish, Steel Panther did their favorite thing to do on their shows. They started inviting girls on stage and after a few minutes, the stage was covered from left to right with girls. They played Gloryhole from the new album and is one of the best and funniest songs they have with the lyrics: “I don’t wanna know who’s sucking my dick today. I’m going to the Gloryhole, gonna spend my weekly pay. I’m gonna blow my load at the Gloryhole!”.


For the second to last song, Steel Panther picked another one of their best songs called Community Property and it’s just as awesome being that it has a ballad sound to it. This song is about your heart belonging to your girl and your love being pure and true, but your cock is Community Property. For the grand finale of the show, Steel Panther played their heavy metal anthem, Death to All But Metal! This song talk trash about artists like The Goo Goo Dolls, Britney Spears, and Madonna. They also talk trash in their lyrics saying, “Eminem can suck it, so can Dr. Dre. They can suck each other just because they’re gay”. The song ended as Starr let out a loud yell for the final lyric, “Death to All But Metaaaall!!”. The crowd cheered as Steel Panther left the stage thanking everyone for coming out on a Thursday night and Satchel advised that if anyone had work Friday morning, to not show up. Steel Panther is a fun band to see live and is a guaranteed fun experience. If you see them coming to your town, you should definitely go and see them.


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Sunday, January 10th, 2016 at 11:52 pm.
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