A Night to Remember
By: Jen Bonfiglio

Thursday, March 19, I was so excited to head down to one of my favorite venues, BackBooth. In my opinion, it is one of the best places to see a show. My friends and I have been looking forward to this night for more than a month. The lineup was awesome: In Violent Times, Hydrosonic, Awestruck, and The Rise of Defiance. These are some of the best local bands around right now. I couldn’t wait for it all to start.

First up was The Rise of Defiance. Their show was pretty damn good. The lead singer, Ryan Miller, has to have one of the most interesting voices I have ever heard. I’m kind of jealous that he can hit higher notes than I can. I would have to say their music isn’t for everyone and normally it’s not my style but they definitely play an entertaining show and that’s what matters most. But they did do a cover of a Journey song, so how can you hate them? The sound is quite impressive and I love any band that breaks out the keyboards. All in all, they opened up the night well and left you excited for what’s to come.

Next up was Awestruck. I love this band. Their vibe is so fun and happy. Watching them play made you want to dance and just have fun. I have to say when a drummer, Gavin, also sings I’m impressed. The band as a whole was very talented. Interacting with the crowd is so important and they didn’t disappoint. They had me laughing more than once.

Hydrosonic was getting ready to play next and I was so excited. This is the band I came here to see. Their shows never fail to entertain you and you can’t help but be sad when they’re over. Thanks to Jesse Saraceno (guitar), Matt Movens (lead guitar), Scott Maccarone (drums), and Ian Paul (bass) the sound is incredible and the vocals are amazing. Anthony Furtney has one of the most talented voices you will ever hear. His voice reminds me of Cladio from Coheed and Cambria. These guys have to be five of the sweetest people I have ever met and every show is different. This show, Peter from In Violent Times got on stage with Jesse to sing Picture Frame as Anthony pretends to play a guitar that isn’t even plugged in. And who can forget their cover of Katy Perry’s” I Kissed a Girl”? As always, this band left me in awe. Each song brings different emotions and are so relatable. They are so fun to watch and you can really tell they care about their fans. If you haven’t seen them yet, go to their next show. You will not be disappointed.

Last but definitely not least was In Violent Times. Peter is another one with vocals that are amazing. He always interacts with the crowd and if you’re in the front expect him to hold your hand while singing. This band is fun and they play an awesome show. You can dance to their music and you can hear the emotion in each song. Their song “Smile” was dedicated to a friend dying of cancer and everyone in the room could feel that song. I’ve seen them so many times and I have to say this band is incredible. They were the perfect band to close up one of the best shows I’ve been to.

So needless to say I had an amazing time tonight. Orlando has one of the best local music scenes. I had so much fun and my ears are still ringing. If you’re ever in the area come out to a show and listen to some amazing music.