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The End Times Tour: Jones Beach Edition

With the new jersey show already posted here. i’ ll just post my pictures…from second row at JBT. I do agree that this was a great show though it felt to me that Mr. Manson and his cohorts played like HEADLINERS. The Pumpkins kinda hurried into their set with out any smoke or mirrors or announcements. The Pumpkins might not need to resort to theatrics to win a crowd but some introduction would have been nice. i was standing right in front of TWIGGY RAMIREZ, Manson’s bassist. i have seen twiggy perform with NIN and Aperfectcircle. he is amazing to watch. so here it is my first confession for this year.























Mgmt @ Barclays Center 12/13/2013

Hello Everybody…this looks like my first and last confession for this 2013 season. here are a few pics from Mgmt. they are an amazing band from ny. check them out. I want to wish Justin and everyone here a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON and that next year we all get to rock out ever more than this. Peace.













311 08/03/12: Jones Beach Theater – Wantagh, NY

311 08/03/12

Jones Beach Theater – Wantagh, NY

Words/Photos by Melorocker

After missing the last 3 unity tours from 311 I was able to not just attend this event but to also get v.i.p. tickets and a meet and greet. It was one hot evening meeting and then listening from second row one of my favorite bands of the last 15 years. 311 is still going strong. I was impressed that the venue was close to a sell-out. the vibe was hot and intense. opening for this tour is Slightly Stoopid and Soja. I was impressed by both bands. I was listening to the Soja giveaway sampler and now I definitely will get their stuff on my ipod. The meet and greet was awesome…Tim Mahoney came away as my favorite and coolest of the 311 men. They were all cool under the hot Long Island sun. here are some 311 pictures…will post some Soja and Stoopid one later one. first confession of 2012…floored.

Incubus 09/03/11: Jones Beach Ampitheater – Wantagh, NY

Incubus 09/03/11

Jones Beach Amphitheater – Wantagh, NY

Words/Photos by Melorocker


I will keep this simple, I LOVE INCUBUS. There’s nothing that Brandon and company can’t do. Amazing musicians, amazing voice and overall a great live band. Do not miss them on this tour. These pictures were taken from second row, dead center. I appear on one of them…see if you guys can find me. This will be my last show at the Jones Beach this season which is a shame as I love this place. I can’t think of a better venue for my final summer Confession of 2011

Soundgarden 07/09/11: Jones Beach – Wantagh, NY

Soundgarden (w/ Coheed and Cambria) 07/09/11

Jones Beach – Wantagh, NY

Words/Photos by Melorocker

The big sound of SOUNDGARDEN is back. I was a witness to one amazing performance from this “grunge” relic from the 90’s. Singer Chris Cornell delivered like a metal god that he is…or a grunge god. Not only did he match note for note what appears on the records, (Badmotorfinger and Superunknown) he exceeded on some of those notes and took us to new vocal heights. Did it matter that this was the 6th show of the tour, time will only tell?

The band was awesome as well. I have seen drum giants like Joey Jordison and Neil Peart and realized how Matt Cameron using a very economical looking drum set carried a big beat that helped the songs aquire their thunderous pounding. Guitar player Kim Thayil might not be a sexy name like an Eddie Van Halen but he sure knows how to make his guitar give that bite that makes us smile. Overall the stage was kept to a minimum – 2 backdrops and moderate lightning. It was all about the performance of the band rather than some fancy hydraulics machinery. This evening the support act was Coheed & Cambria.

Click here for the complete list of dates.

…and now for the amazing story…I was in front row for all of the show and had a blast. I walked away with a Chris Penne drum stick, a Claudio Sanchez guitar pick, a Chris Cornell guitar pick and I got to touch Claudio’s double neck white Gibson SG guitar.








Billboard Mag and Me

BillBoard Mag and Me

Written by Melorocker


I believe that it was late last year that a survey was e-mail to me from BB mag. I was very much surprised, it seemed that one of my concert ticket purchase through ticketmaster came with this survey. I was more surprised when I actualy filled the form…it took me about 10 minutes. Billboard Mag was looking for a “street team” of sorts,
that on a regional basis will act as the eyes and ears for the mag in the hopes that it might yield them an up and coming music scene or artist. If chosen for this task the only renumeration would be in the form of a one year sub of BBmags. I tottaly forgot this until the mags started arriving around early may. For those who might not know BB mag is a trade publication and as such does not have adverstisement outside of music/instruments/concerts related. I was having a blast reading most of the articles and checking out the statistics of the record/concert business. In any event I was waiting for information regarding what excatly I was supposed to do but never received any email or letter from them. In the meantine I started to enjoy my subcription. Checking the charts is fun but my favorite section is the boxscore. I found out that for this year 2010, BON JOVI was well on his way to be the biggest summer concert draw and could well be for the entire year. BON JOVI average take was close to 2 million dollars for each arena concert performed. For the inaguration of the new Meadowlands Stadium Bon Jovi played four nights in late May early June. Those four shows yielded around 21 million dollars…talking about “seeing a million faces and rockin them all”. I also just discover that the Warped Tour that I previoulsy review here back in July and stated that was poorly attended was a mistake on my part. I though that Nassau Coliseum only seated 10,000 thousand seats to my surprised it hold 18,000. Warped Tour was played in the parking lot and the capacity was set at 25,000 thousand with only 17,000 thousand tickets sold. Now thats a huge number. I know that in years past it must have been close to the projected 25,000 but with 17,000 attending warped tour it was crowded indeed. I dont know what my next show will be…but stay tuned.

Stone Temple Pilots @ Jones Beach Theater 9/4/10.

Stone Temple Pilots 09/04/10

Jones Beach Amphitheatre: Wantagh, NY

Words/Photos/Videos by Melorocker

Can someone please stop those rumors?!?!?!.  With the recent fall from a stage by Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland during a show and his “ability” to continue to sing on “cue” when he should have been hurtin’, it is no wonder that the internet has been rampant with those rumors of STP using lip syncing backing tapes during their shows.  This incident has also led to the chants of Scott Weiland getting back to his drugs/alcohol ways. Flash forward to last night show at Jones Beach and the first sight that we all saw was that of Weiland being carried in by guitarist Dean DeLeo on stage like a drunken fool.  Weiland then proceeded to drunkenly walk to his mic. what a way to start this show, kill then with humor. everyone got the joke.

The pilot boys were in full attack mode, the first few songs were all the freakin’ rockers. “Crackerman”, “Vasoline” and the first single of the new album “Between the Lines” were the highlights. The songs rocked with such force that it kept pace with the windy conditions courtesy of the remnants of what used to be Hurricane Earl.

I can attest, at least during this show that Scott was singin’ with full valor and grace.  The band was smokin’ hot. the stage was kept clean of clutter, catwalks/ramps be damn.  The groups sound was awesome and every instrument could be heard clearly.  Other highlights include the songs “Big Empty” and “Sex Type Thing.”

If I had to point out a sour note, it would be the steep price of $137.00 for the seats up front.  There were a few empty seats to be seen in not only this section, but the entire venue. For the record there were 3 sell-out at Jones Beach this year.  Phish sold out not one, but two high flying shows and a gig by Jimmy Buffett. STP did manage to bring more fans in then Cinderella and the Scorpions did earlier this summer. With this show the Jones Beach season comes to an end…  Despite some brutal heat, summer really flew by quickly this year.  I have confess once more…

2010 Vans Warped Tour: 07/17/10 – Nassau Coliseum Parking Lot – Long Island, NY

The 2010 Vans Warped Tour

07/17/10 – Nassau Coliseum Parking Lot – Long Island, NY

Words/Photos/Videos by melorocker

This 2010 edition of the traveling Warped tour seems scaled back from previous years. i have been to 2 other warped shows that were at near or at full capacity. Nassau Coliseum holds up to seven thousand people when a concert is held indoors, but at the parking lot it could be trickier to come up with a figure. i felt that it was not the usual numbers that they are acustome to, but it was crowded nevertheless. still a great time was to be had for those attending. This years line-up was not a heavy draw like in past shows. i like The All American Rejects so i knew i would be going to the show. there were many bands that i never knew of such as The Summer Set, Am Taxi and others. i went to the main stage and was standing next to the soundboard in order to get a reprive from the scorching sun and saw a partial set from Alkaline Trio and full sets from We Are Kings, Face to Face, The Dillinger Escape Plan and The All American Rejects. We Are Kings drew a heavy crowd i understand that some members are from long island new york so they had a lot of family backstage with them. i was laughing when the guys from Face To Face called themselve the “Geriatrics” band on warped tour this year. The Dillinger Escape Plan played such an out of control set it was lucky for them to not have suffered an injury on stage from all the jumping and dashing.. Next my faves The All American Rejects played one amazing set comprise of all the hit songs that they are known for. singer tyson ritter was energetic and crazy in his delivery of the songs to the delight of all involved. i was able to get a guitar pick from guitarist nick wheeler who was lookin’ so cool with his shades and american flag guitar. after the rejects set ended i decided to leave. it was too hot and from the remaining bands just not worth it for me. i got there at around 1:40 pm and left at 6:10 pm just the right amout of warped for me. here are a few pics and a video. this is my fourth confession for this year.

The Scorpions “Get your Sting and Blackout World Tour 2010”


06/22/10 Jones Beach Theater, Long Island N.Y.
Words/Photos/Video by melorocker

The Scorpions “Get your Sting and Blackout World Tour 2010” is not to be missed for it is the Scorpions farewell tour thus ending one of the most enduring and succesful career any hard rock band would dream of. i dont agree with the scorpions retiring. they delivered a high energy affair last night at jones beach theater. drumer James Kottak (formerly of kingdom come) seems to have a huge personality just like his drum riser seems to be rising up to the heavens. mr. kottak eminated so much energy it was hard to contain it. At the floor level Rudolf Schenker was a musical juggernaut if you will showing how to entertain, engaging and acknowledging the fans while at the same time delivering his guitar work to perfection. Vocalist Klaus Meine still commands the stage with his presence and amazing voice. he rocked like nobody’s business and when he sang “wings of change” the house was brought to tears, and a sense of brotherhood that is only reserve for those few songs that can comand such emotions. the show went very well. a lot of the familiar songs a few of the new classics. the lighting and visuals were in top form. i would like to state that, this last tour by the scorpions should not be missed. i was disappointed for the low turnout for this show. jones beach theater holds up to 15,000. thousand fans. only about 8,000 thousands showed up. dont be like the other 7,000 who either could not attend but wanted or just chose to stay home. while i was waiting at the box office i did notice that fans were asking for the “cheapest” tickets available. i know the country is hurting but for 25 dollars you could have seen this show and have a good time. here are a few pics and the only video i could record. enjoy. for more pics go to my Myspace page. 

For photos/review of the opening set by Cinderella, please click here:

June, 18th Holmdel, NJ USA PNC Bank Arts Center Ticketmaster Support: Cinderella
June, 19th Columbia, MD USA Merriweather Post Pavilion Ticketmaster Support: Cinderella
June, 22nd Wantagh, NY USA Nikon at Jones Beach Theater Ticketmaster Support: Cinderella
June, 23rd Gilford, NH USA Meadowbrook Amphitheatre Support: Vince Neil
June, 25th Quebec City, QC Canada Pavillion de la Juenesse Ticketmaster Support: Cinderella
June, 26th Montreal, QC Canada Bell Centre Ticketmaster Support: Cinderella
June, 27th Toronto, ON Canada Molson Amphitheatre Ticketmaster Support: Cinderella
June, 30th Columbus, OH USA LC Outdoor Amphitheatre Ticketmaster Support: Cinderella
July, 1st Detroit, MI USA DTE Energy Music Theatre Ticketmaster Support: Cinderella
July, 2nd Milwaukee, WI USA Summerfest Ticketmaster
July, 5th Pittsburgh, PA USA Amphitheatre at Station Square Ticketmaster Support: Cinderella
July, 6th Cleveland, OH USA Time Warner Cable Amphitheatre at Tower Ticketmaster Support: Warrant
July, 8th Sarnia, ONT Canada Sarnia Bayfest Festival Support: Cinderella
July, 10th Nashville, TN USA Bridgestone Arena Ticketmaster Support: Ratt
July, 11th Memphis, TN USA Mud Island Ticketmaster Support: Ratt

this is my 3rd confession for 2010.

Cinderella @ Jones Beach Theater – Scorpions Tour 2010


06/22/10 Jones Beach Theater, Long Island N.Y.
Words/Photos by melorocker

My first statement on this concert review of Cinderella is that i have fallen in love all over again with this band.  Cinderella STILL got mojo to spare. love the fact that it is the original band, tom, jeff, eric and fred on stage. Tom still have his voice and then some. he delivered the songs like they appear on record, though a couple of high pitch screams were missing. i notice that guitarist Jeff Labar seems to be the musical director on stage as the band was always wating for his cue to begin delivering their musical attack. jeff was like a human hurricane on stage moving about, always smilling and posing for the cameras. Drumer Fred Coury and Bassist Eric Brittinham provided a solid rhythm section for the lead guitars and voice to shine through. i wished eric would move about the stage, you know people on the right side of the stage kinda want to say hello to him. the band is schedule to play the east coast portion of the scorpions farewell tour. more on the scorps later. for more pics go to

For coverage of the set by Scorpions, please click here:

2010 The Year of The RATT

RATT 05/10/10

The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza – New York, NY

Words/photos by melorocker

RATT is BACK! Amazing show last night in NYC. Stephen, Warren, Carlos, Bobby and Robbie were in top musical shape. warren is such a guitar god, he was incredible. carlos also provided some guitar mastery as well. tight rythym section with bobby and robby. what can i say about mr. pearcy, his voice and stage prescense was great tonight. the sound of the p.a. was in top form. i did heard someone in the back of the room complain about the bass sounds but i did not experience that. a lot of energy on the stage. i was standing at the barrier right between warren and stephen stage spots and warren kept creeping closer to the edge many times over to show us his finger pickin goodness. the stage was a little bit away from “arms reach” and hence not once did any of the RATT men gave high fives to anyone. no guitar picks were thrown that i can remenber. i did get one of “blotz” drum stick simply cause i made eye contact with bobby and did my “air drum stick finger twistin” trick and bobby threw one my way…thanks blotz.

i got to meet the legendary photographer MARK WEISS.  after the show, the meet and greet was held and it went very well. i got my drum stick signed by bobby. got two concert tickets signed by stephen and warren as well as my 1987 tour programme. i shook hands with all of them. i think that Ratt was pleased to see the tried and true fans along with the new recruits. last night it was trully a RATT N ROLL night. where ever that you find yourself to be try not to missed this opportunity to see RATT in concert.

Decimation of the Nation Tour 2009: Nokia Theater – New York, NY

Decimation of the Nation 2 Tour  12/18/09

Nokia Theater – New York, NY

Words/Photos by Melorocker

First, many thanks and gratitude to Justin and Mr. Robertson for getting me that “precious” photo pass (and may this not be the last time I get it lol). I am a huge fan of Hatebreed but I am not that big on the “deathcore” scene, still I had a blast at this show, and after all i’m becoming a fan of Born of Osiris and Unearth. I used 2 digital cameras plus an old but trusty 35mm cam. I was the only one at the photo pit during Hate Eternal, Born of Osiris, Unearth and Cannibal Corpse then 4 other photogs showed up for the Hatebreed set. I met Erik (Hate Eternal) after his set on the lobby, also I saw a few of the guys from osiris going in and out of the venue early in the day. I had a greet and meet with Hatebreed after the show. there were 20 of us “die-hards” for the M&G. Hatebreed signed anything that you wanted, pictures albums, posters, at one point I asked Waynne if he had a guitar pick on him and to my surprise he did and I got it, YEAH! this was a great show for me to finish this 2009 concert season in style thanks again to Justin. this is my last confession for 2009. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all.




…And they came from the 90’s

90'S TOUR 2
The 90’s are back! did they ever left?
who would have though that in 2009 musical groups that began their carrers in the 90’s were going to be crashing the party in the new millenia?
With the return of bands like BLINK 182, LIMP BIZKIT (touring in europe), JANE’S ADDICTION, CREED, NO DOUBT, PHISH (justin’s hippi-fave), THE CRANBERRIES, THE PIXIES, SUGAR RAY and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS (2008 tour)
it certainly made this a bonafide year for 90’s acts. Am i missing anybody?
If you were to take these artist off the menu, even in this economy it would have make for a lousy touring season. I saw 6 of these artists this year. one of my all time faves the pixies were one, love kim deal. i believe she is one of the best bassist ever! how about jane’s addiction comeback, perry showing grace and style as a great frontman.
311 continues to entertain their audience with their craftmanship and style and in turn brings out our intensity in the mosh pit which to me was the hardest this year.
Lastly theres that little band from lemrick, ireland who told us in 1994 that there was “NO NEED TO ARGUE”. the cranberries were the biggest surprise for me. i had forgotten about them until i received an e-mail from the nokia theater, ( i have email alerts from all the venues in the city and you should too whereever you live) with the announcement of the tour and the actual concert date here in new york. i was so high, naturaly! cause i love them and having seen them back in 96 i felt this was an event not top be missed.
2009 is coming to a close. i had a great musical year and i’m hoping that you did as well. the survival of these bands is a testimony that when true musicanship and originality exists, bands can set themselves up for a long time, outliving the genre in which they started and bringing us more amazing concert memories. this is my confession.

The Cranberries Reunion Tour 2009

the cranberries – linger live from new york

If you blink, you’ll miss it. The Cranberries are back after a long seven year absent. The group was one of the most successful rock acts of the ’90s and sold over 14.5 million albums in the United States alone. On this new york city show at the Nokia Theater Dolores and the boys played for an hour and a half of mostly hits, a couple of dolores’ solo songs plus a brand new, very haunting ballad that will appear on the next record. the energy of this show was high. the fans were waiting patiently for this grand moment. Sometimes great bands once they achieved a certain level of successs need some time away. this period of innactivity will re-energized the band and the fans for that “reunion” tour that everybody waits for. this was evident in the energy of the cranberries show. Dolores was like a cage tiger, “roaming” the stage side to side to everybody’s approval and pleasure. the boys, brothers Noel and Mike Hogan (guitar and bass) and drummer Fergal Lawler along with touring member Denny DeMarchi (Keyboards,vocals and guitars) provided a strong musicianship to backed Dolores’ amazing voice. it’s been 13 years since i last saw the cranberries on stage so i was very happy that this tour saw the light of day.
here are the remaining shows on the usa tour please dont miss them.

November 20 Toronto, ON Queen Elizabeth Theatre
November 21 Toronto, ON Queen Elizabeth Theatre
November 22 Montreal, QC Olympia Theatre
November 25 Chicago, IL Riviera
November 27 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theatre
November 28 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
November 29 Kansas City, MO Midland Theatre
December 1 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre
December 3 Las Vegas, NV The Pearl
December 4 Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia
December 5 San Francisco, CA Regency Ballroom
December 7 Seattle, WA Moore Theater

My Concert Pics

It is no accident that i love taking pictures. in fact i graduated with a Graphics Arts Degree and worked in the advertising field for a time. though i make my living as a state employee my love for picture taking has never waivered. To “compose” a concert photograph and be given a few seconds to do it, is a challenge that i want in order to get that ultimate shot that is so rewarding. Now! i am not a professional photographer (i wish). i just have some knowledge and do have ideas as to what i want to capture. thank god for these digital cameras for they are so tiny but powerfull and that most venues and artists gave up the fight to banned them from concerts. Here are some of my faves.

U2 09/23/09: Giants Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ

u2 – 360 tour

U2 360 tour 2009 is the best stadium tour that i have seen. mind you i have only been to 5 stadium gigs over the years, but the staging is very fan-friendly and awesome to look at.  the proximity of the stage from the audience was the first thing i noticed.  the stage, in the round just a bit off center gave not a bad seat/spot in the house. the speakers were hanging from this “spider-like” claws that held everything in place, including the video-persons filming the show. throughout the first half of the show the light show was kept to a  minimum, a few color lights here and spotlights over there. when the  time came to maximize this “claw”.  the stage grew from what seems  one gigantic screen to many small screens.  it was during  “The Unforgettable Fire” that the magnitude of this structure began to showcase it’s beauty and sublime state.  Bono disappeared, in and out  from a stack of orange/gold smoke while singing this song standing next to what look like a mushroom-like garden from Alice in wonderland. this was my favorite moment of the show along with the many wonderful basses the adam kept bringing on stage. though this tour is sold-out there are tickets out there to be had. if at all do not miss this show. i dont think you have to be a huge U2 fan to enjoy this. opening the east coasts show is Muse, more on them later. i believe the Black Eye Peas will close out the west coast shows.  U2 will bring back this stage for next year summer tour in europe, i hope they can also bring it back to the u.s.a. one more time.

The Offspring/Sum 41 Live in NYC

Shit is Fucked Up Tour” 2009.  What a way for the Offspring to embark on a north american Sojourn.  Yes the economy stinks, people are unemployed…kids are way beyond bored! and this tour came at the right FUCKIN’ time.  The show started with a punk/folk guitarist by the name of TURNER.  Ok music, not my cup of tea. he should have employ a band cause he really scream every word of every song.  Next up SUM 41.    i remember these guys a few years back were an MTVsensation.  To my surprised this band packed a punch.  Frontman Deryck “Bizzy D” Whibley worked the crowd from left to right, even bringing some fans to see the show from the stage. totally awesome. i understand that they lost their original guitar player but the “new” guy TOM played and sang very well.  SUM 41 is all fun on stage, not to be missed. The Offspring took the stage at 9:30 at night and deliver a great set.  the hits that we all come to love were played (well a few were ommited ) but it was truly a hit after hit attack by the band.  Noodles was awesome but he never looked at me though i was standing right in front of him…go figure! Dexter is a great vocalist and his rendition of Gone Away in piano was awesome. the band was truly in top form. it was a sold out show. close to 3,500 fans.  i’m ready for another show from the offspring. i met a couple from San Fransico that were on a small tour of their own, seeing the band in california, new jersey and new york. what a life. here are my pictures from the show and some videos from other fans.Offspring Genocide Live




hello earthlings here melo writing to you  about an observation i made and keep making if you will. maybe you all know about it? have you notice that LIVENATION is offering a “free fee wednesday” for many LN shows?  also warped tour was selling sans convenience fee or that jones beach arena box office was offering $20.00 upper seats to the upcomming JUDAS PRIEST show without the extra fee when buying at their box office?  yes folks the economy is hitting the concert business.  Up until a year ago it didn’t matter if an artist sells a million records, with all the downloading who sells albums these days?, but as long as you came to the show prepare to leave your hard earned cash at the gates it was all right.  Not this time attendance is down at most concerts. the price has gotten out of control and now even belonging to an artists club is very expensive. i used to be in the NIN club, U2, red hot chilli pepers and a few others and those tickets were not as good for the money that i spend and thats on top of  those extra convenience fees.  as i was waiting in the jones beach box office i saw a whole bunch of people buying their tickets on “day of show” just like i did thus eliminating TICKETBASTARD’s fee. This could be the way to destroyed them, lol. if you dont mind where you get a seat just wait after the foolish pre-sells are over and then go to the venue’s box office and get your ducats. this might not work if your traveling to other states for a show and evidently it is all up to you.  thanks

here are some links for your knowledge

NIN/Jane’s Addiction 06/07/09: Jones Beach – Wantagh, NY

Street Sweeper Social Club/Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction 06/07/09

Jones Beach Amphitheatre – Wantagh, NY

Words/Photos By Melorocker

When the announcement of a reunited jane’s addiction, to tour this summer along with nine inch nails was made it  gave me chills and  brought back some old memories of my first jane concert back in 1990 at the garden in n.y.c.  this was a great show from start to finish.  opening the gig was tom morello and boots riley’s  Side Street Social Club.  SSSC is a very hard and groovey outfit.  nice songs and a bit of social comment/message along for the ride.  NIN was next in line. though it was listed as a co-headline bill, many people thought that nin was headlining the event not providing support to jane.  this was a lost point on many concert goers that began pouring in late as nin was playing during the early gigs in the tour.  No matter who trent brings to play with him, his band always deliver the precision it needs to play nin songs on stage.

  It has been 15 years since the original  jane’s addiction took any stage. the wait was evidently worth it for jane played one of the most amazing concerts i have ever witness. the stage look amazing ,the lights were dark and intimate at times (which if you didn’t use a flash your pictures would be dark), the sound was blasting and even the wine bottle that perry was drinking from seemed  elegant to say the least. jones beach is next to the atlantinc ocean and on this evening it was windy and a bit cool but the heat eminating from the stage was sufficient to warm everybody in the crowd. i did notice that some people left before jane took the stage i gues those were hard core nin fans and didn’t care much for the addiction. both bands played same amount of time though jane roamed the stage while nin stayed within a space alloted.  the reason this tour happened is that trent reznor is producing the comeback album by jane due later this year or early next.  I have to add that with all the celebrity happenings regarding david navarro (carmen electra, rock star supernova et all) i felt that he was happy to be playing in j.a. personally, he is one of the best guitar players i have ever seen or hear. here are some pics from the show.



Music As A Weapon IV @ Izod Center 4/22/09

How can you go wrong with a line-up consisting of Headliners DISTURBED with support from KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, LACUNA COIL and CHIMAIRA? well the economy ofcourse.  It was evident to see that at this venue all the mid to top level section were curtained off.  out of the possibilitiy of 15,000 thousand fans only 6,000 thousand attended this event.  in the grand scheme of things i dont care, i had a blast. everyband was in an above average top form. Chimaira seems to be another core metal outfit undistinguishable from the many others but still manage to give a good performance. LACUNA COIL was a different animal. fronted by what could be the hottest female in metal today, cristina scabbia along with her band of brothers roam and took control of the stage.  using her voice as another instrument, cristina’s vocal range is well above many other singers. people should check this band out.  Next up KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. kse came on like gangbusters. A healthy Adam Dutkiewicz (back problems ) was unstoppable for the entire set.  singer howard jones delivered the same powerful performance KSE fans expect.  It was during KSE set that the mosh pit became a monster, hitting it’s highest points during the song The End of Heartache as howard invited the fans to “come and say hi” .  a mass exodus or pilgrimage of bodies floated to the front of the stage. if you survived this you can survive anything. Finaly Disturbed. the headliners of this, their creation M.A.A.W.  this year marks the fourth trekk for this musical juggernaut of music and tattoo arts. DISTURBED won me over back during their first album THE SICKNESS was released.  4 albums deep in their history the chicago band continues to deliver great guitar driven music with one of the most amazing vocalist in metal today, david draiman.  the show went off without a glitch. great times was had by all and made a bunch of new friends. Music As A Weapon IV will continue to travel all along the U.S.A. be sure to catch this event.  I did not partake in the second stage since i was doing the G.A. line in order to be infront of the stage which i did. here are some pics of the event.



R.E.M. @ Madison Square Garden 6/19/08

R.E.M. – Leaving New York

This is in responce to the post on Modest Mouse.

Having been an R.E.M. fan for a long time, this Madion Square Garden show   was my first time seeing R.E.M. in concert. Modest Mouse gave direct support to R.E.M. and they were ok.  I was more into watching (daydreaming) guitarist Johnny Marr, the former SMITH legend, wishing that it was them on stage.  

R.E.M. has stood the test of time, their music played so well going from the early 80’s jangly “(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville” sung by bassist Mike Mills to the more experimental and gloomy “Leaving New York”. The two-part harmony of mike and michael is the trademark sound of this band. they kept me singing all night. other songs performed were

Living Well Is The Best Revenge

The One I Love

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

and Let Me In, from the MONSTER album which i thought  was

amazingly sung by michael stipe. here are pictures of the show. i was able to

 get a center section, isle seat

5th row from the stage…magical night.

Interpol @ Madison Square Garden 9/14/07

One of my favorite bands Interpol, hails from New York City and are seen as

the Dark Princes of Pop. Comprise of Paul Banks, Carlos D., Daniel Kessler and

Sam Fogarino.  Interpol has attained an immediate level of success thanks in part

to their song craft and to the visual appeal of the band,  greatly manifested in

bassist  Carlos D.  The cult of Carlos D. has been covered by many magazines

and T.V. channels over  the years.  Carlos does oozes city cool, but it is his

playing ability that personaly separates him from everybody else.

On this night at M.S.G. the band took the stage like home comming heroes

and began an amazing night of music.

i was standing for five hours in line in the hopes to be at the barrier

for this show…and i did. Here are some pictures


The Slipknot/Coheed and Cambria/Trivium Madison Square Garden Show 2/5/09.

taken from my response in the slipknot forum.

“well i’m back from the concert and it was a real blast.

i wished slipknot would have played more songs from AHIG.

first things first. that emai about early entry for ot9 that was not being used at

madison square garden was done in error.

there was a ot9 yellow section for early entry and meet and greets.

would you guys believe that i was the only one being escorted by ot9 for early entry.

everybody was looking at me as if i’m with the band. there were a lot of people

including 2 guys from mexico that were waiting in line since 10:00 am this morning

and here i go before all of them and warm and toasty since i was waiting inside

the venue and it was a really cold day in n.y.c.

it really pays to be an outsidethenine member. btw there were some hardcore

knot fans that did not know what ot9 was or is.

so i have plenty of pics really upclose and videos on the way. trivium were ok.

coheed and cambria were good but the set list wasn’t the best that they could have

done. thanks. oh! i forgot…i got a jim root guitar pick sweet.”


In retrospect everything went well that day.

Slipknot deliver the goods and got to see  Coheed and Cambria again. 

Trivium is not my cup of tea.

Papa Roach N.Y.C. Anniversary Show 3/10/09

Papa Roach delivered the goods on this anniversary show,  the second of two

(california being the first show).  It was also guitarist JERRY HORTON’ s birthday,

though  the fans got all the presents in the form of 15 delectable papa songs.

the show started with Days of War/Change or Die from their forthcomming

METAMORPHOSIS and after that an-onslaght of classic,

great papa songs made their way. Getting away, …To be loved, Broken Home

and many more.  I was happy that they played Time is running out and

that Scars, a great song to begin with is getting better with every performance

by the band.

Papa Roach’s energy was amazing for this was a headlined show

amist their current role as oppeners for buckcherry and later nickelback.

Jacoby did his routine of going to the fans as close as possible. he went all

the way to the back rows of seats at The Blender at The Gramercy, sorry for the

actual venue name. some got a bit of Jacoby that night and everybody else

got a lot from the band.

i have seen Papa Roach twice before and have located myself in front of

jerry’ side of the stage that for this show i made a beeline to tobin’ side.

 i was  listening to tobin’s bass work all night. it was a pure joy.

no videos from this show but lot’s of great pics. enjoy.

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