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Rob Zombie – 6/10 Milwaukee and 6/14 Indianapolis.


Rob Zombie, what can you say about a man that’s been rocking out since the early 90’s. The man is a rock legend, and a pretty good live performer as well. Besides making movies, he does put on a great live show and it’s worth every penny to go see him perform.

I had the chance to see Rob Zombie twice on this tour and decided I would do VIP for at least one of them, even though I’m a longtime fan of his brothers band Powerman 5000, I had never met Zombie before, seen him many years ago at a couple Ozzfest‘s, but never actually had the chance to met the man. The meet and greet went well, got a couple things signed, a photo which is on my Facebook, he was nice, even though I don’t think he heard who I was talking about, still they all were really sweet. Piggy D didn’t make the meet and greet, according to Rob he fell on stage in Ohio, and gave himself a concussion, not sure how much of that was true, but he did like a instagram photo I posted of him, so that made up for not getting his signature on the cell cover.



Milwaukee was the first stop on the Zombie train, VIP got me get dead center in front of Rob for the show. What a show it was, let me just say I had a “boot” print on the back of my shirt, that’s how rough of a show it was, it was brutal, body surfing, surge slamming fun. At one point I thought I might have cracked a couple ribs, but that wasn’t the case, my friend on the other hand is still dealing with the massive bruises she got on her arms, but despite the brutality of the “drop zone” it was worth it.


For Milwaukee Rob Zombie played a total of 19 songs, and killed every one of them. It was epic.

  1. Teenage Nosferatu Pussy
  2. Super-Charger Heaven
  3. Superbeast
  4. Get Up (I Feel like Being a) Sex Machine
  5. Living Dead Girl
  6. Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown
  7. Drum Solo
  8. More Human than Human
  9. Sick Bubble Gum
  10. Pussy Liquor
  11. Meet the Creeper
  12. Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
  13. Blitzkrieg Bop
  14. Thunder Kiss 65
  15. School’s Out
  16. We’re an American Band
  17. American Witch
  18. The Lords of Salem
  19. Dragula


For the Milwaukee show, and with each song set, Rob would change into a jacket, hat or different shirt, John 5 displayed his array of guitars from one that had water in it, to one that lite up, they were amazing, and Piggy D had a nice collection of bass guitars, I might have gotten a photo of him with the Frankenstein one that had glowing eyes, loved seeing all those.


Zombie and the guys put their heart and soul into every performance, you can tell they are having fun up there playing and interacting with the crowd, it’s a great show, and everyone should see Rob Zombie at least once in their life.



The Indianapolis show wasn’t as long as Milwaukee, this was at an outdoor venue on a lawn and storms had been on and off all day, so they did cut their set short due to the weather, but not without a little sarcastic drama from Rob himself. Rob leaves the stage at a certain point in the show, and goes to the ledge to sing to the crowd, as a person standing in front of him, don’t even HAND him your cell phone, as he’s not going to use it. Two women, I’m assuming,  handed him their cell phones, he basically just turned around and put them on stage. That spawned a cell phone rant, I feel bad as earlier in the day I had tweeted him asking if I could get a #selfie after the show, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen, I am realistic people, so I want to apologize to Rob for doing that, as last night made me feel bad. He sarcastically went and got Sherri’s phone and set down and video tapped himself.



I know where he is coming from, if your at a concert, don’t be on Twitter, or Facebook, I put mine on airplane mode, yes I take photos, but I’m also headbanging in the process. He asks if we all could just put our cell’s down and rock out to one song, which we did, and I kept mine at bay just because.

Overall the Indianapolis show was much more tamer then Milwaukee, no “drop zone” and we could actually move. Rob and the guys were somewhat rushed, but a storm was approaching and Rob said they were going to finish, “he was the one holding the lightening rod” the metal mic stand, they did however leave out a few songs, but overall another EPIC performance by the man.

The Gallery includes photos from both shows, and at both shows, there was an opening DJ who happened to be Ginger Fish, he played for thirty minutes a mix of songs, and basically had fun on stage. In Indianapolis his masked broke, and we all found out his identity, he did a great job and got the crowd all set.

The Rave was the venue in Milwaukee, always a good time there. The White River State Park Lawn was the setting for Indianapolis, first time Rob had played there, and overall great little place, small Lawn, but great acoustics, and really nice atmosphere.


Repeat Repeat, Milwaukee (4/19/15) and Chicago (4/20/15)




What a better way to spend a Sunday and Monday then to go to concert, especially when it’s one of you favorite bands and they are playing back to back shows.

Milwaukee was the first city on the stop for Repeat Repeat, the band from Nashville that plays a mean surf rock candy vibe, and totally kills it every time they perform. You can’t help but start moving and grooving, the husband and wife team of Jared and Kristyn Corder, with best friend Andy Herrin on the drums, you really shouldn’t miss a show. They are getting ready to release their second album, and embarked out on a Spring Tour to start it off.


Franks Power Plant was the setting for the Sunday night show, there was three other bands that opened up for them, The Bang Bangs, Mumble Mouth, and The Cave Wives, all which were really good local bands from the area. Repeat Repeat went on late, but that was alright I was planning on staying anyway, and glad I did.

They opened up with “Echo” a new song off of the forthcoming album, “Floral Canyon”, due here this summer.



They also did a few songs off of their current CD “Bad Latitude” “History”, “Chemical Reaction”, “12345678”, and “Your not the One”.

There is going to be two videos of the same songs, but one is from Milwaukee and the other from Chicago, as I love the new songs they play. “Hooks”, and “Mostly”.

Here is “Hooks” and “Mostly” from Franks Power Plant in Milwaukee:





Double Door in Chicago was the setting for Sunday nights show, and Repeat Repeat went on before the opening band “The Ivorys”, there was also “Sleepy Kitty” and “The Van Goghs” that opened up before Repeat Repeat took the stage.





Repeat Repeat and Sleepy Kitty just released a Record Store Day vinyl, with “Elenore” on one side and a song from Sleepy Kitty on the other. It was a big day for both bands.

Repeat Repeat’s set list for Chicago consisted of, “Echo”, “History”, “Animal”, “Elenore”, “Polina Beef Man”, “Hooks”, “Chemical Reaction”, “Not the One”, and “Mostly”.

Here is the video for “Hooks” at the Double Door in Chicago:


And “Mostly” at the Double Door in Chicago.



The acoustics at Franks Power Plant and the Double Door are amazing, there is that echo that comes across that makes it sound very clear when they perform.


It was a great Sunday, Monday of live music. I’m so glad I made the journey, I even got my hand at doing a little “roadie” work, and let me just say I think I’ll stick to concert promoting, as the muscles aren’t feeling it at the moment, but I do have a new found appreciation and admiration for bands that lug their own equipment around I don’t know how they do it, but bravo to them.

Repeat Repeat is continuing their “Spring Tour 2015” trek down south, and out east, you can find all their dates here:!/tour try to catch them if you can, you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure, you will leave plotting the next time you can see them.



The Wans – Birdy’s, Indianapolis, IN – 04/04/2015



I first heard of The Wans on Nashville radio, I listen to the Local Buzz every Sunday night on 102.9 the Buzz and they showcase Nashville artists of Rock, Indie, and Alternative music. Bands you wouldn’t normally hear since they are from Nashville. I have had the pleasure of seeing one of those bands live, and The Wans did not dissapoint. They are opening up for Dead Sara, which is going to get them plenty of recognition, but in Indianapolis Dead Sara had to cancel due to sickness, and The Wans stepped up to the plate. They put on a killer show, the crowd was sparse, but that didn’t matter they rocked out just as hard.

The Wans


The Wans consist of Simon Kerr (vocals/guitar), Thomas Bragg (vocals/bass), and Mark Petaccia (vocals/drums). They hail from Nashville, and Northern Ireland, as Simon has an Irish accent. They recently released their full length CD called “He Said, She Said” with 10 astounding rock tracks you will continually listen to over and over again.


They started off the night with “5 Spot” a song off of their first EP “The Wans”, all this music can be purchased here:

The Wans Music

This was the opening song, and it was awesome. The song that turned me onto them is called “Never Win” the official video for the song is hilarious, if you like what you hear, look up the official video, you will have a laugh, and love the song at the same time.


They are continually requested on 102.9 theBuzz on Sunday nights. They played “Never Win, and You’re Wasting” one right after the other at Birdy’s.

They also sang a couple songs off their first EP, one called “Want You”


And finally after an hour set they finished off the night with “The Holy One” from “He Said, She Said” CD. I love this song… it’s amazing live and on the CD.



It was fun night, I’m so glad I went, and if you are able to see The Wans go, they are finishing up the tour with Dead Sara, but are also playing a few off shows, the one I’m debating about is in Chicago at the Beat Kitchen, might have to try to do two shows in one night, as another Nashville band I love is in Milwaukee that night as well.

See The Wans, you won’t regret it.

SnoCore 2015 with Flyleaf, Adelita’s Way, Framing Hanley, Fit for Rivals – Joliet, Illinois – 02-22-2015


SnoCore rolled into Illinois Sunday night with a fury, and packed Mojoes of Joliet to the brim. This time I decided to do VIP for Flyleaf as they were the opening band on the SnoCore tour this year and they had the VIP option.


Adelita’s Way also had a VIP option as well, and they brought out more VIP’ers then Flyleaf, but the VIP for Adelita’s Way was filled with women, and rightfully so, the fellows are quite good looking. I even tweeted “I will say, Adelita’s Way, brings out the women” they re-tweeted me, they are a bunch of nice fellows for sure.

The Flyleaf VIP contained three acoustic songs, as well as photos and autographs, the acoustic songs were amazing, they did a cover of The Smashing Pumpkins “Tonight Tonight” which I did get on video below:

They sounded awesome doing acoustic songs, Kristen May’s voice sounds so good she has a unique voice. They did a couple more acoustic songs, “Thread” and “Blue Roses” from their latest CD that was released last September called “Between the Stars”.

There was three bands opening up for Flyleaf, the first band was Fit for Rivals a band from Jacksonville Florida, and wow is all I can say. They rocked the stage, the lead singer Renee Phoenix was awesome, she was sporting a Michael Jordan jersey and a voice that can sing with the best of them. This was my first time seeing them or even hearing of them to be honest. Fit for Rivals has their latest single out called “Freak Machine” which is off of their upcoming CD, everyone should check it out, it’s a catchy little tune that I’m addicted to. Thank you Fit for Rivals.




Framing Hanley was up next, and they are a band from Nashville. Their songs are played on the Local Buzz on 102.9 the Buzz the Rock station out of Nashville on Sunday nights. They are a great bunch of guys, they play a version of “Lollipop” from Little Wayne that is freaking epic, as well as songs from their recent release “The Sum of Who We Are” that came out last April. Their song “Criminal” is a staple on all the rock radio stations as well as Octane on Sirius Radio. I went to met them afterward and mentioned the Local Buzz and Kenneth Nixon the lead singer was like we know you, “you tag us on there and get our songs played” I’m like yep that’s me, he’s like it’s so nice to meet you. So, that was sweet, although I was taken back by being known from social media, but it shows that the bands do see my tweets, and know I’m supporting them for sure, as I don’t tweet bands often only when it’s needed.




Adelita’s Way was up next, now these fellows I’ve been a fan of since they started. I first saw them back in in 2009 at the Canopy Club in Champaign, Illinois, I can’t even remember who they opened up for to be honest, they had just released their debut album.  Adelita’s Way have been through a couple lineup changes, but they still manage to put out solid rock and roll music. Adelita’s Way is doing a PledgeMusic project for their next album, which will be their 4th album, and they are releasing more music to those that pledge, and come to the shows, I did hear a couple new songs last night so that was a pleasant surprise.  They played their hits, “Sick”, “Alive”, “Invincible” along with current singles off of their 2014 release “Stuck”. Overall a great performance by Adelita’s Way.




Flyleaf was the last band of the night as they were headlining the SnoCore Tour for 2015 and they did not disappoint. Kristen May’s voice is amazing, she has a unique voice and it works well with Flyleaf, they opened up their set with “Set me on Fire” from their current CD “Between the Stars” that was released last September. They played several songs off of that album including one of my favorites, “Platonic”

Along with “Thread”, “City Kids”, “Sober Serenade” and “Magnetic” where fans that purchased a scarf at the merchandise table could get on stage and dance during that song. Kristen left the stage several times last night, she even managed to body surf and body surf all the way back up to the stage. She also went out into the middle of the crowd which was filmed and posted on their FB page. Overall Flyleaf had an amazing performance, this is my second time seeing them and I was impressed. They closed the set with “Sick” one of the most popular Flyleaf tracks that rocks the house every single time. Overall great show, they played 16 songs total, and did an excellent job.


They are continuing the SnoCore tour before heading out on the Revolver Magazine Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour, which will be touring near me, and I’m thinking another show might be in order to catch Fit for Rivals, as they two will be on that bill as well.


SnoCore was just big enough to fit into Mojoes in Joliet, it’s located right downtown a couple blocks away from a casino, has great acoustics, and I’ve seen several shows there, plan on going back next month for two more. ScoCore 2015 was a success can’t wait to see who they bring out next year for it, overall great tour, check it out if it comes near you, there is several dates left.



Powerman 5000, Hed P.E. and Knee High Fox – Des Moines Iowa – 2-5-15


Rain, Sleet, Hail or Snow… I would at least attempt to travel through it to see Powerman 5000, and thankfully the roads were clear for me to do that. I wasn’t going to be crazy this time, Iowa was a six hour drive give or take, so a hotel was needed and I’m glad I made the trek to Iowa.

There were two local opening bands as usual, Apathy Syndrome, which was a Slipknot like band, and I believe the other band was called Slyde, they were both from the area and did fairly well, but I wasn’t there to see local bands.

I drove to see Knee High Fox, now if you aren’t sure who Knee High Fox is, you need to do some research. They are epic. Knee High Fox is a band from California that consists of Christine Connolly (lead singer), Simon Nagel (bassist), Neal Teimann (guitar) and Oscar Silva (drummer). They have played many clubs in Los Angeles, the Roxy, Whiskey-A-Go-Go to name a few. They are an alternative rock band with a bad ass chick fronting them, seriously Christine can sing with the best of them. They have an EP out called “Unknown Skeleton” and several songs, and videos directed by Spider One. They were on tour with Powerman 5000 earlier last year, but never made it near me, this time I wasn’t missing out, regardless of the drive.



They could have played an hour and I would have been happy, the set list consisted of songs that need to be on a CD hopefully this year a CD will appear..

  1. One that Got Away
  2. Kiss me Kill me
  3. Valentine
  4. Legend
  5. Faultline
  6. Deadly
  7. Coming for You (w/Intro)
  8. Black Widow





These songs weren’t enough really.. I’ve heard “My Boyfriend”,  “Nightmare Land” and others,  I’m thinking in the future it will just be the Powerman 5000/Knee High Fox tour, please and thank you. They only have a few more dates left with Powerman 5000 and then they are headed back home to California for a much needed rest.




hed P.E. was next and honestly they are amazing live. I’ve been a fan of hed for years, and remember the days ago when the dreads were flying high literally. Things might have changed now, but overall hed pe puts on an awesome show each and every time. They played older songs, and new songs off of their current album, that came out last year. Hed had mentioned that their tour bus broke down in South Dakota the night before, so they all piled in the vans and made the trek to Iowa, glad they did.


Powerman 5000 was the last band of the night and they always save the best for last, it’s true. Spider and the fellows never disappoint. They have switched up the wardrobe for this trek, and went back to the future with the old school songs, that always get the crowd moving. They do however, sing a few from their latest CD “Builders of the Future” which people need to purchase seriously. Someone was screaming “Neckbone” if that’s the only song that relates you to the band, you need to get out more, but that’s beside the point.


The set list consisted of all listed below, but not in that order and I believe a couple were omitted as well, but I’m not sure on that. I just know the songs, and sing them when they start playing, as the set list does get switched up from time to time.

  1.  Super Villian
  2. Invade, Destroy, Repeat
  3. Nobody’s Real
  4. Hey, that’s right
  5. How to be a Human
  6. Your going to love it, if you like it or not
  7. Horror Show
  8. Bombshell
  9. We Want it all
  10. An Eye is upon you
  11. Supernova Goes Pop
  12. Tokyo Vigilante #1
  13. When Worlds Collide

I believe “Hey, that’s right” and “Your going to love it, if you like it or not” was omitted, but I’m not 100%, but either way they sounded amazing and despite Spider having some throat issues on stage, he was on point.

Toward the end of the tour, sleep deprivation kicks in, vocal strain and climate changes can cause various issues, but if you can power thru them, and get drugs to prevent the onset of germs, you are a true rock star. Love them so, they sounded awesome the crowd was really into it, and just made it for a great night.

The venue they played in Des Moines was called the Val Air Ballroom, which was basically a big warehouse that had two stages in it, one for a bigger crowd and then they could cut that in half for the smaller shows. The acoustics were great, and I would make the drive back to Iowa if the bands came back for sure.

Overall a great trip to Des Moines, Iowa, might be seeing more shows there in the future. Road Trip!!

Papa Roach, Seether – Milwaukee and Chicago – 01/24/2015 – 01/25/2015


Nothing like a good concert weekend to make your life complete, especially when you have VIP for one band that you have been wanting to meet for over ten years, it was a Papa Roach weekend for sure.

Saturday started out cold, to be exact it was freezing in Milwaukee, but having VIP for both shows we were suppose to arrive at the venue at 3:15pm, which we did and around 3:15 or so they came out to get us for the Papa Roach VIP, which was taking place first before Seether’s VIP. I’ve been a fan of the band for over ten years, and this was the first time I’ve done VIP for Papa Roach, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able not too, as you get in early, you get the rail, you meet the band, you chat with Jacoby, what more could you ask for.

I was instructed by our fearless leader Reverend Justito, to give Jacoby a message, “tell him Stikmon requests he plays Orange Drive Palms“, so I did. Jacoby and Jerry’s reaction was what was anticipated jaw dropping, “how do you know stikmon” so I told him how I knew Justin, and he’s like “oh my gosh, the Cactus Club, I remember we played their and I found a bunch of drink tickets their like a roll of drink tickets and was like what do I do with these” and Jerry was like “oh yeah I remember that, you found them and we tried to use them”. It was a fun conversation, and Jacoby and Jerry told me to tell Justin Hi as well.  I’m glad Justin told me to ask him that, as it brought back memories for them I’m sure. After the hugs, and asking him to draw a “crack head” on my cell phone which he did, and said it was the “worst crackhead he done” I said no worries, it will fade.. ha, he’s like “yeah it will fade” and laughed. The photo was taken, and good byes were said, enjoy the show.


In all honesty I could have stood their and talked to Jacoby for an hour and a half, even the band as a whole, just about anything, they are that personable. It was a fun meet and greet, I’m glad I did it. Off to the rail we went.

Chicago’s VIP for Papa Roach was a little bit more rushed, as Seether had more VIP for them then they did for Milwaukee. The VIP for Papa Roach in Chicago was up the stairs, say your hello’s and get a photo. Which was alright, it was an early show, and hugs all around Jacoby’s like “she’s back” yep, I survived Milwaukee I’m coming back for more.

Papa Roach headlined this tour with Seether, and openers Kyng and Islander.

Islander was up first in Milwaukee and I fell in love with them, they have the “Deftones” stage presence, and the lead singer gets out into the crowd, they performed a small set that got the crowd going and ready for more, with the lead singer body surfing to get things started.

In Chicago, Islander put on another great performance, with Mikey Carvajal the lead singer going out into the crowd and doing his thing. I loved both of their set’s so much I got the CD afterward and have been listening to it on repeat, any band that can cause me to buy the CD and do that, is a band I’m going to see again. Mikey the lead singer is also a member of the non-profit outreach organization known as The Whosoevers. They are a band to be reckoned with, they are heading out on tour with “Red” this summer.

Next up, was Kyng one of my favorite bands from California, they rocked the house, with songs off of their two albums, “Trampled Sun” & “Burn the Serum”, with their epic version of “Hot for Teacher” which I did manage to get on video in Chicago. Kyng had played in Milwaukee several times, but this was the first time for Eddie and the band to be up in the huge ballroom, it’s a completely different setting up there. Kyng brought it though, with Eddie doing his usual faces of awesomeness from stage. He does get the crowd involved, in more ways then one.

In Chicago, Kyng put on another good set, and their rendition of “Hot for Teacher” was caught on video.

Afterward in Milwaukee Eddie the lead singer didn’t draw on my cell phone cover and give me a selfie, he refused as in his words “you’ve got to many” lol, and “do you want a bad drawing or a good drawing” but despite dissing me there, he was only joking. He made up for in Chicago, just love him. He’s such a sweetheart and they bring it every time they perform, can’t wait to see them more this year.


Seether was up next in Milwaukee with Christmas lights in full effect around each of their mic stands, and they had a touring guitarists with them, this time. He did backup guitars, and did a little singing, wasn’t to bad actually. I’ve been a fan of Seether since they came out, and seen them many, many times. Shaun has changed over the years, but he can still belt out the hits. Chicago was no different, they did however sing “Change” by the Deftones, which sounded amazing, even Jacoby was on the side of the stage singing it. Seether did an excellent job on both of their sets. They played several new songs from their latest release “Isolate and Medicate” .

Papa Roach was up next and you never really know what to expect from Jacoby, he could leave the stage at any time. They started their set off with “Face Everything and Rise” off of their new release F.E.A.R. that just dropped today the 27th of January. The crowd just gets into Papa Roach’s set, bodies start surfing, songs are being sung, it’s a massive mosh pit and it was epic.

Chicago was no different for Papa Roach, although Jacoby and the fellows did perform a new song off of the album called “Warriors” and it was awesome. Jacoby this time, decided to leave the stage and do a little crowd surfing himself, he walked on the crowd and surfed right up in front of me, you can see by the photo I got, that if the person’s arm wasn’t in the way, he would be looking right at me.


It was hard enough for me to get that shot, let alone others.. it was a great show in Chicago, he was on point and just basically having fun, perhaps the fact that they had two days off in the city, might have helped some. They rocked both days, and both days I was crushed and slammed up against a rail with 4000 people in Milwaukee behind me, and roughly 2000 some in Chicago.. EPIC weekend. Would do it all over again, if given the chance.

Papa Roach’s new CD F.E.A.R. Face Everything and Rise, dropped today January 27th, it’s awesome, Jacoby never fails on lyrics, and always writes from the heart, he may have been through hell and back, but he’s came through it 100% real. Love this band.. can’t wait for the summer tours.

The Gallery below, contains one or two photos from Milwaukee and Chicago.




Powerman 5000 with American Head Charge – Piere’s – Fort Wayne, IN 11-9-2014



The weekend before this show took place, their was a tragedy in the rock world. Wayne Static passed away in his sleep. The news broke on Facebook as usual by another friend of mine that is in a band, and for a good two hours speculation swirled whether he was dead or not, but the person that posted the information new him well, and after a couple hours, official word got out that yes, Wayne Static had passed away, November 1, 2014 he was found by his wife in his bed.

RIP: Wayne Static:


This tour was suppose to be Wayne Static with Powerman 5000 co-headlining along with American Head Charge, and Wolfborne, it was to be a reunion of sort for both Wayne and Spider as they hadn’t seen each other on tour since the earlier years of their careers, so the fact that his passing happened the day before they were to leave, the tour was up in the air. The weekend was meant by mixed emotions, I didn’t know whether to feel sad or angry at the fact that, because of a death, this tour might not happen. I am a huge Powerman 5000 fan and felt selfish wanting him to continue the tour, but wouldn’t any fan feel that way.

It was announced Monday by Spider that the tour would indeed go on, in memory of Wayne as he would want it that way, and so the trek across the states started, and the trip to Fort Wayne was made.


In appreciation for Spider doing the tour and for the holiday’s I took them a couple pumpkin pies, and to my surprise got played my favorite song off of their current CD “Builders of the Future”. “I can’t fucking hear you” I was so stoked, my night was made, even told it was for me from stage, Spider is like a big brother to me, he always has been. I’ve aged with his music as he continues to just keep going, band members come and go, but Spider stays consistent, perhaps that’s why I love him so, he just keeps doing what he loves, regardless of the outcome, he rocks every night, and I rock out every time I see them, there is never a bad show in my book.


Powerman took the stage and opened up with “SuperVillian” and went right on into “Invade, Destroy, Repeat”, personally they could play every song off of every CD and I would be happy, I think the fans need to BUY the new CD and then they would be prepared for what they play. The Set list consisted of:

  • Super Villian
  • Invade Destroy Repeat
  • Nobody’s Real
  • Hey That’s Right
  • How to be a Human
  • You’re Gonna Love it
  • Horror Show
  • I can’t fucking hear you
  • Bombshell
  • We Want it All
  • Supernova
  • Worlds Collide

Spider likes to talk, I like to hear him talk, he tells little stories and relayed how the tour was up in the air with Wayne’s passing, and he just get’s personal. The crowd really wasn’t into it, so he decided to have a chat with himself, as he had asked the other bands how the crowd was, I think that worked. Although I was next to, two people that didn’t MOVE, still I believe most where their for Static X, but Powerman might have won them over.



American Head Charge was also on this tour and what a performance they had. This was my first time seeing them live, and they were awesome, seriously. Despite the lead singer just waking up, he commanded the stage and several shots of jager being bought by folks in the crowd, they did a great job. I’m glad I got to see them again in Joliet, a fan I became. American Head Charge did a moment of silence for Wayne, right before singing one of my new favorite songs, “Writhe”, it’s beautiful was able to get a video of it in Joliet.


Wolfborne which was on their first US tour and are from Canada, eh! They opened, along with a local band, overall I’m glad the tour continued, and the tribute to Wayne was made, he would have wanted it that way. The turn out might not have been a lot in certain cities, the way I look at it, if there isn’t a sold out crown when I go, it’s my own personal show really, as I’m such a traveler for Powerman 5000 I always feel like they are just playing for me anyway, and I’m still in post concert depression from it.

RIP. Wayne Static.

In this Moment – Black Widow Tour – Peoria, IL 11-8-2014




Theatrical performances, costume changes, heavy guitar riffs, and a beautiful lead singer that can scream with the best of them, what more could you ask for, for an amazing night of music.

In This Moment brought their Black Widow Tour to Peoria Illinois last Saturday and what a tour it was. This was my seventh or eighth time seeing these folks, and they never disappoint when it comes to putting on an amazing rock show.

The stage set up has changed for this tour with the drummer and guitarist having their own sections on the stage, with Maria the lead being front and center to do what she does best. For folks that don’t know In This Moment, they have been around for quite some time, they are releasing their fifth studio album, entitled “Black Widow” their fourth album “Blood” was what set them apart from other rock bands and confirmed their status in the rock world as a heavy rock band to be reckoned with. In This Moment consist of “Maria Brink” the lead singer, “Chris Howorth” guitarist, “Travis Johnson” bass, “Randy Weitzel” guitarist and “Tom Hane” drums, all five of them make up one hell of a rock band.

The set list for the Peoria show, contained several off of their upcoming Cd along with some old favorites and some remakes.

  1. Sick Like Me
  2. Black Widow
  3. Adrenalize
  4. Sex Metal Barbie
  5. Burn
  6. Into the Light
  7. Beautiful Tragedy
  8. Metallica Medley
  9. Drum Solo/Guitar Solos
  10. Big Bad Wolf
  11. Dirty Pretty
  12. Whore
  13. Closer
  14. Blood









Maria does a solo performance of “Into the Light” off of their second CD entitled “The Dream” it’s a very beautiful song, and I did tear up during her performance. I was able to capture a video of the song, along with one of my favorite photos from the whole night, she just looks breathtaking.






It was one of the best performances of the night in my book. In This Moment did sang “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails, they remade that last year and had started singing it on recent tours. Before they get into the song, Maria pulls someone up on stage to “infect” them, my friend Cortney was one of the lucky ones.. the video is basically for her.


Of course that was the major highlight of the night, overall an amazing performance by In This Moment, I was blown away. They were amazing in every song they played.

They did bring along a few bands for this tour, “3 Pill Morning”, “Starset” and “12 Foot Ninja” all great bands in their own right, but the evening belonged to “In This Moment”






It was an amazing show and I’m thankful I got to meet them twice so far, and I got one more Black Widow date to go to.. overall best show yet by them.

Weezer – Plush St. Louis, MO – 10-19-2014

Weezer Full

What can you say about a personal concert for 750 people in a small venue downtown St. Louis. Weezer who seemed to just fly in right before the show, put on an amazing concert. The acoustics where fabulous in fact Rivers said it didn’t sound like 750 people it sounded like 20,000 and he was right, what a night for a Weezer fans that attended.

This wasn’t a scheduled tour date by know means, it was a charity event, put on by Rungevity – The Quinn Family Foundation and all the proceeds from the ticket sales went to several charities, so overall it was a sold out successful charity event.

Sleeper Agent was the opening act for Weezer and they took the stage at 7pm, they are a band from Kentucky and this was my first time hearing them, they were pretty good, fast pace punk music, but overall put on a good forty minute performance.

Weezer 33

Weezer took the stage around 8:30 or so, as they must have just flown in for the show. Rivers literally had to tweek his entire set up, from making sure the mics were correct, to placing song lyrics and sheets on the trunk directly in front of him, he made sure everything was meticulously in place, before they took the stage.



Weezer opened with “Ain’t got nobody” off of their recently released CD “Everything will be alright in the end” which was released October 7th, of this year. They quickly transitioned to “Hash Pipe” and “Perfect Situation”, with the crowd singing along word for word.


Weezer decided to do a few songs of off the new CD, and Rivers announced they were going to do two “I’ve had it up to here” and “The British are coming” which I gladly video tapped.

 forgot dudes name


Then they went into “Island’s in the Sun”, “Beverly Hills” and “Dope Nose” which Scott Shriner sang, and Rivers made his way over to me, so I could grab this amazing yet stunning so close it could be a selfie shot.

 Rivers 2

 They continued on with “Say it ain’t so” and “Back to the Shack” which I managed to catch on video:

After their first single off of the new album, “Back to the Shack” they sang the old favorite “Undone – The Sweater Song”, “If You’re Wondering if I want you to, I want you to”, “Eulogy for a Rock Band”, which by the way Rivers said that was the first time they had performed that live, I should have video taped it, but wasn’t able too. But for the first time performing it live, they did an amazing job.


Next was “Pork and Beans”, “The Waste Land” and then a musical set of two songs off of the new album. Rivers said to just listen to their musical playings of those two songs, as I don’t think they had really played them that much live yet. Of course an encore that consisted of “Buddy Holly” and that was videotaped.


Overall and AMAZING performance by Weezer, I’m so glad I was able to get a ticket, the only downside was they had a section right in front of the stage roped off for “VIP” people, which in all honestly looked like high school kids, but being right at the edge of that red rope which was where I parked was well worth it, regardless of the extra money. Everything went to charity, so it was for a good cause.


Plush is a venue located just off of the St. Louis University Campus, and is in a pretty good neighborhood, it’s a two story building that has a stage and huge balcony, in fact Rivers half way through the show just realized their were people up in the balcony. Seriously he’s like “I just realized their is more people up there” so, that showed they just flew in, and got there right before the show started. It’s a great venue and I will go back to it in the future for sure, awesome acoustics all around.


Weezer you are amazing, glad I had the opportunity, the chance and the time to make this special performance, no I didn’t get a selfie with Rivers, but one day, can’t wait until next time.

Rivers 17

Walls Come Down Tour, Miggs with Terry McDermott at the Rathskeller, Indianapolis, IN 9-27-2014




I love it when I go to see other bands and walk away being a fan of the opening band, and that’s just what happened with Miggs. I first heard Miggs when they opened up for Scott Weiland a couple years ago, and was hooked. They have since opened up for Candlebox, and done several headlining tours across the Midwest, I’m glad I was able to catch them in Indianapolis for the second time this year, even though this was my fourth time seeing them play it was an awesome show.

Miggs are a band from California, and consists of (lead singer) Don Miggs, (guitarist) John Luzzi, (bassists) Mike Lombardo, and (drummer) Walker Adams. They have released five albums total and are in the process of releasing their sixth studio album here in 2015. The Miggs are a great live band, they put on an amazing show, and I’m glad I was able to get some videos, photos, and listen to live music.

They had brought along Terry McDermott for this run, who was a contestant on the Voice and is from Scotland. He was the runner up in the third season of the show the Voice. I had never heard nor seen this man sing, but he can sing and Miggs did an amazing job backing him up, it was two hours full of non stop music.

Terry was up first with John from Miggs serving as acoustic guitar duties, they sang a couple acoustic songs, before Don joined in to lend another guitar to the mix. Terry did an acoustic cover of Foreigners – I wanna know what love is, it was amazing. I managed to get a video of that, pay no mind to me saying (I hate women) as you can see why in the video, but that’s beside the point, I did manage to capture it just fine. Terry played fifteen or twenty minutes of music before Miggs joined him on stage to start their set.

Here is the video of Terry McDermott singing Foreigner – I wanna know what love is:


Terry did an amazing job, with Miggs singing his set and helping them open up theirs, he truly does have a great voice, with a hint of Scottish accent, overall great performance by Terry, I don’t watch the Voice so this was my first time seeing him live.

Miggs was up next.




They played a mixture of old and new songs, from Home which I have on video, to The Drifter, Wayward Son, Passing Through (which is on video), Pretty, Be Good to Yourself, Let the Games Begin and Walls Come down their new single that was released a few weeks ago. Their new CD will be out next year sometime.


Miggs – Be Good to Yourself.


Miggs – Home with a little Unchained Melody thrown in, and I want to say Purple Rain guitar solo from John.

Miggs – Passing Through, one of my favorites off the new CD coming out.

Miggs – Let the Games Begin, with a little Led Zepplin at the end, and help from Terry McDermott added in, this song jump started Lindsey Lohan’s career.


Miggs closed with Walls Come Down, as it’s their new single, and I honestly can’t wait for this CD to come out. I love all the songs that they have sang off of it, and they just put on an amazing performance at the Rathskeller Saturday night, it was in the Beirgartan and the acoustics are amazing, they sounded fabulous. BEST show I’ve seen at the Rathskeller, besides, my other two bands that sound fabulous there as well. Miggs and Terry did an outstanding job, if you get a chance go see both, they will not disappoint.

Miggs are taking a little break from touring and heading home to family, hopefully they will hit the road again after their album release or before, either way I’ll make the trip to watch them live again for sure.



Repeat Repeat – Wildey Theater – Edwardsville, IL 09-04-2014



Music comes into my life for a reason, when a band sings a song that I can relate to at a time were I need that song to get me through whatever it is I’m dealing with, I’m instantly a fan. Any band that can do that, is a pretty good band and Repeat Repeat is just that.

I discovered Repeat Repeat last year, as I’m friends with the drummer Andy Herrin who also drums for another band “Cavo” from the St. Louis area. I’ve seen Cavo several times, and seen he was drumming for this Nashville based band, so I decided to give them a listen, and I’m glad I did. Repeat Repeat consist of Jared and Kristyn Corder a husband and wife team that can harmonize with the best of them, along with Andy as their drummer this band makes up a pretty powerful threesome. They put out two singles last year, released the single that got me hooked “Chemical Reaction” in Feb, their album “Bad Lattitude” debut in March, and currently released a video entirely made from emoji’s. It’s been a busy year.


Repeat Repeat have a “surfer pop” “surfer rock” sound and have been described on the Nashville music scene as “Dick Dales snot nosed grand kids” but regardless of the name calling, they can put on a great little show, and make you move. Repeat Repeat started out the night singing songs from their current cd along with a few new ones that will be making there way onto their second CD due out next year.

The set lists consisted of the following:

  • History
  • Not the One
  • 12345678
  • Mostly
  • Echo
  • Love that never ages
  • Girlfriend
  • Animal
  • Polina
  • Ghost
  • Chemical Reaction
  • Hooks
  • Stop the World
  • Hang it Low

The acoustics in the Wildey Theater were amazing, so I did manage to get a few videos. “Mostly” is a new song, and is coming out on their next CD.

Another new one that will be on the new CD coming next year is “Animal”

And finally the song that got me hooked on them as a band “Chemical Reaction” love this song, seriously it came along at a time I needed it and I appreciate that as it turned me onto a great little band.

There was two local bands that opened up for Repeat Repeat, “Equal Squeeze” and “Search Parties”, both great little bands in their own right, and both from the St. Louis area. I had seen Search Parties before and they sounded awesome with the acoustics, and Equal Squeeze really needs to be on the Warped Tour, they had that “warped” vibe and were also a great little opening band, overall a great night to hang out and listen to some live bands.


The Wildey Theater in Edwardsville, Illinois is a small quaint theater, it doesn’t hold many, but it packs a powerful acoustic sound. It’s old and worn in, but I would go back for sure if Repeat Repeat played, or any other band that I’m a fan of, great theater.



Theory of a Deadman – The Pageant St. Louis, MO – 9/03/2014



Being a fan of a band since they first came onto the scene is usually how I roll, especially if it’s a band that keeps making albums and writing killer songs, Theory of a Deadman is just that band.

It’s been a few years since I seen them live, and like the other bands that I follow, Theory has proved that they can keep up with the changing times, in the rock music world.  They just released their fifth studio album entitled “Savages” and what an album it is. This was the only date they were coming near me, so I couldn’t miss an opportunity to see them and do VIP in the process it has been 10 years since we last had a photo opportunity, so why not.



Theory had two openers for this tour, 3 Pill Morning, and Black Stone Cherry. 3 Pill Morning is a little band from Minneapolis they have been on the scene since 2011 and put on a great little show. I will admit, I had never seen them before, they did play several songs off of their CD that was released in 2012 entitled “Black Tie Love Affair”. They did sing, “Rain”, “Loser” and “I want that for You”, for their set, I do need to get their CD, as they were hanging out afterward, but I wasn’t losing my “seated” spot for the opening act.



Black Stone Cherry was up next and I have to say their guitarist looks just exactly like Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters, he is a little maniac on that guitar. Ben Wells is his name, and he’s non-stop head banging, moving, shaking, rocking, he totally wore me out just watching him on stage, they put on a great set as well and got the crowd singing along.



I had never seen Black Stone Cherry until now, been to a show of theirs but left before they took the stage as I was there to see the opening acts. Black Stone Cherry, just recently released their 4th studio album, which is entitled “Magic Mountain”. They remind me of Seether a lot, as they have that guitar based songs, with a hint of redneck rock and roll. They put on a great set and sang several of their hits, that included: “Magic Mountain”, Me, and Mary Jane” “White Trash Millionaire” “Lonely Train”, and “Blame it on the Boom Boom”. Overall Black Stone Cherry did really well, and got the crowd involved as most of the crowd was their to see them, they do have a following in St. Louis for sure.



Theory of a Deadman was next, and they promptly took the stage at 10pm, with an hour and half set, that included new songs, and old favorites. This is the first time I’ve seen Theory do several acoustic songs in the middle of their show, and I loved it. I was able to get a couple on video. Theory opened with “So Happy”  off of their third CD entitled “Scars and Souvenirs” with five albums under their belt, it’s hard to decide what to put on the set list. They did play their very first single, that got me hooked on them twelve years ago. “Nothing can Come Between us” that was the first song I heard and had me hooked from the get go. Tyler writes songs about relationships, struggles, and every day life. When I first heard them I thought, wow this dude hates women, but he really doesn’t, I feel like he’s been through those relationships, struggles and came out a better person, he writes what he knows and it works.


The Set list consisted of songs listed below, but not in that specific order, they did change it up a bit.

  • So Happy
  • Bitch Came Back
  • Low life
  • Savages
  • Nothing can Come between us
  • All or Nothing
  • Hurricane
  • Interstate Love Song (STP cover acoustic)
  • Angel
  • No Surprise
  • Santa Monica
  • Not Meant to be
  • Drown
  • Hate my Life
  • Bad Girlfriend

I was able to get “Angel” and “Santa Monica” on video, the acoustics in the Pageant are amazing, and they videos sound spot on.

I did VIP for this show, so I gave up my front row spot which was fine. Getting to see Tyler and the guys again was worth it, shows how much we have changed in 10 years..


Dean Back is the Bassist, and after seeing this photo last night, I found the one that was taken ten years ago, it seemed only fitting that we reflect on the memories. Oh I know they don’t remember that night, heck I can barely remember it myself, I’ve been to so many shows over the years. It was a little bar in Wisconsin, and they hung out afterward, shows how times have changed.

Theory of a Deadman has proved that they can hang with the rock bands of today, and still come out on top, they have put out great music over the years, and with five albums under their belt, I’m sure Tyler and the guys will continue to do what they love.


It was a great show, I’m glad I made the drive and got to hang for a bit, and listen to some great music. The Pageant in St. Louis is an awesome venue, it’s one of my go to venues in St. Louis. The acoustics are great, and they just raised the curfew this year to 11:30pm, so that allowed for a good hour and half of live music from a great band.


Theory is on tour with 3 Pill Morning and Black Stone Cherry for the rest of September and the first part of October, then they are headed overseas for a trek. Hopefully they will be back around near me again either later in the year or next year, as I would love to hit up another show. Thanks again for the memories.


Mockingbird Sun – Rathskeller Biergarten – Indianapolis, IN – 8/28/2014



I’m a rock and roll girl by heart, but if you have amazing harmonies and can rock a guitar you have probably won me over regardless of the genre of your music, country or rock.

Mockingbird Sun has done just that. I was first introduced to this band a year ago when they opened up for Natalie Stovall at the exact same place in Indianapolis. I will be honest I was eating at the time and didn’t pay that much attention to them, but their harmonies caught my ear, and after seeing them, decided to download a few songs and check them out. Instantly I was hooked, as it’s more of a country rock vibe, and me being the “rocker” girl I could get into the “country” vibe.


This was actually my fifth time seeing them, and they put on a great little set at the Rathskeller in Indianapolis.

They are coming out with a CD in three months I believe, and were giving away demo’s that they had for recently recorded songs, for those that don’t know, the band has been around for quite some time. They do have a few EP’s out, and have been touring colleges and other areas for a few years. They are based out of Nashville, but a couple of them are originally from Texas. The band consist of Charlie Berry, (no relation to Chuck Berry), Brett Taylor, and Truck Roley. Harmonies they got, and if you don’t like harmonies in your music, well, sorry if they offend you.

They sang a few songs off of there past EP’s, such as “Lucky Guy”, which by the way is a video on CMT, “That girl tonight”, and “My Hometown”. They did however, play quite a few new songs that they have recently recorded. “Carolina Summer”, “Echo”, “Everybody needs a Sign”, and “Hey Mary”, which was just released on Itunes the 22nd of August. It’s an amazing little song, and I was able to get a perfect video of it.

They did play a few cover songs, Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” which was epic, and Brett sang Travis Tritts “It’s a Great Day to be alive”, which I was able to get a video of as well.

They also sang another new one called “Smoke”, I have seen a video for this one out there, and I’m not sure if they debuted it earlier in the year or on a little tour they went on, but regardless it’s one of my favorites.

The band is going on a college tour for the month of September and October, doing local colleges and a few shows in other venues as well, I’m planning on seeing them again, in a couple weeks at Joes Bar in Chicago, they are opening up for Craig Campbell should be a fun time.


There was an opening act, Sara Beth who was also from Nashville, she did an amazing job with her band, they have the same “country rock” vibe, and put on a great little set before Mockingbird Sun took the stage. Overall a fun time, the Rathskeller has great acoustics, and it was a beautiful night for some country music.






Powerman 5000 and Sunflower Dead, Alrosa Villa – Columbus, OH – 8/23/2014

What can I say, a show to end my vacation and birthday week made complete. One of my favorite bands in the whole world, Powerman 5000 playing a show in the exact same venue that Dimebag Darrell was shot at years ago. I remember that time back in 2004, as I was working at night and was active on Facebook and of course in the concert scene at the time, and just remember being in shock, and knowing that going to a concert would change from there on out.

So, it seems fitting to start my review, with a photo.. as this was on the door of the Alrosa Villa last night before entering.



Although the sign was sort of generic, the tribute was there. Even though it’s been ten years, things have changed some, and bigger security guards and a patio was added it seems, but still it was an interesting venue for sure.


There were five bands again on a three band bill. Filter dealt with this issue as well, but I wasn’t there to see the first two local opening acts, granted one of them was good, the other was not. Ohio has “interesting” people that attend concerts, and for the second opening band, they seemed to bring out the crazies. Let’s just say, “troll doll hair” and “boobs” were making an appearance, seriously… if you can picture the troll doll, and a set of tits, you know what I’m talking about. UN-freaking real.


Needless to say, I was ready for Sunflower Dead to take the stage, these guys put on a great performance. They sound awesome live, they rock, get the crowd going and provide the “weirdness” as Micheal the lead singer says, every night. They are from California, and this is the second time I’ve seen them, and hopefully not the last. I was lucky enough to talk to Micheal a little bit, and meet the bassist who was as sweet as he could be, he wondered why I didn’t keep the bubble blowing gun he gave me from stage, I didn’t need a bubble blowing gun, please. I returned it. We chatted a bit, and I got a photo, they really do put on a great show. And, I’m glad I  got to see them and become a fan of their music, they do, do an amazing remake of the “Police’s” song “Every Breath you Take”, it’s extremely awesome, along with their new single and video that is out for “Wasted”. Micheal plays an accordion at the beginning and during their set, and I think they need to play on a bigger stage to get the full effect of their show. Amazing performance from these guys, even though it was hot as hell, they managed to keep the “weirdness” cool as can be.


Powerman 5000 had decided to go on before hed(pe) and I was so thankful as it was so hot in the place, and didn’t know if we, my friend Halleigh and I were going to make it, and I’m glad Spider made the decision as he told me afterward, “he was hurting”. They stared promptly at 9:45pm. And let me just say, this was by FAR the most epic show. The Alrosa Villa had hired a new sound guy from what I heard before the show, and he made them sound AWESOME. In fact the guy at the door said, he could make anything sound better, that’s how good he was. Spider sounded amazing, the guitars from Nick and Richard were spot on, Gustavo’s bass and Rattan on the drums all worked together perfectly. They opened up with “Invade, Destroy, Repeat”, which is one of my favorites, off of their new CD, “Builders of the Future” people you should really purchase this CD I’m just saying. He also played “Show me what you got” and “Super Villian”  from their last CD, “Somewhere on the other side of nowhere” that was released in 2009, if you don’t have that CD, go purchase it as well.  Seriously if you haven’t realized this by now, I love these guys. I’ve been a fan for well over 14 years, and every time Spider does an album, it’s one of their best albums ever in my eyes, they put on a action packed show, granted the heat took it’s toll on Spider a few times, but he has so much energy, you can’t help but move along with him, and I usually do. This was the next to last show, and he said he was going to pretend “this was the last show”, as it would probably be better then the last one, personally I think it’s because I was there, but every show is a good show when I’m there, regardless if it’s 150 people or 1000.

The set list consisted of:

  • Invade, Destroy, Repeat
  • Super Villian
  • Nobody’s Real
  • Show me what you’ve got
  • Hey, that’s right
  • How to be a Human
  • We want it all
  • Your gonna love it if you like it or not
  • Horror Show
  • An Eye is upon you
  • Bombshell
  • When Worlds Collide

I can’t remember if he did “Supernova goes Pop”, I think he might have cut that one out, but epic show, none the less. I did manage to get a video of “Bombshell” as he invited the drummer from hed(pe) on stage with them, he said “Trauma” has been giving me a hard time all tour, so he invited him up on stage to perform Bombshell and what a performance it was.

Spider and the band put on an awesome show at the Alrosa Villa, despite the heat it was by far one of the best this year. Spider and the band, were heading home after one more show, which they had in Ohio again on Sunday and getting a much needed rest from the whirlwind month of August touring on the road with hed(pe). They rest up for a couple months, and I believe they are playing Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare a few times, and then head back out with Wayne Static for a co-headlining tour for the 15th Anniversary of Wisconsin Death Trip in November, and bringing America Head Charge along. I have already purchased tickets for two dates, Joliet, IL, and Fort Wayne, IN so I’m ready for November to get here.

The Alrosa Villa in Columbus Ohio, was basically a tin building, not very big, small stage. It’s hard to picture someone coming in there and shooting someone, but they did 10 years ago, there was no memories of it except what was on the door, which I posted at the beginning. I would go back to the place, they do need more air circulation, but overall amazing acoustics and a good little venue none the less. I left right after Powerman 5000 finished, as I had seen hed(pe) and the crowd was ready for them. Glad I made the trek, as I will always make the trek for Powerman whenever they come near me, love em so.



FILTER – H.O.M.E Bar, Arlington Heights, Illinois – 8/21/2014


What more could a Filter fan ask for then a two hour non-stop rocking set. Oh, I know, have it happen on your Birthday of all things.

It was by far the best birthday ever, and I should have known something was up, when Richard tweets that “special” things are going to go down at this show, and everyone should come, well those that didn’t, missed an epic night of live music.

It was only Filter a the H.O.M.E Bar, which stands for House of Music and Entertainment in Arlington Heights Illinois, which is located probably thirty or so miles from downtown Chicago, so technically in Chicago, it’s a bar/venue place with great acoustics, and plenty of room, I will go back there to see a show for sure.

There were suppose to be three opening acts, but according to reports Stars in Stereo pulled out around 1:30pm that day, not sure on the reasons, but that was alright. There were two local acts that opened up before Filter, I can’t remember who they are to be honest, one played some cover songs and was really good, and the other sounded good as well, so overall not bad.

Filter took the stage right at 10pm, to a smoke filled room. The smoke machines were in full affect at this show, and it made it awesome, it gave the stage an eerie vibe, which made for some great photos. Filter is such an awesome live band, if the sound isn’t the way they think it should, they won’t play. It’s artist integrity that prevails with them, and rightfully so, as if you go to play a show and the sound isn’t up to par in the venue, why perform, yes, bands do, and they make the best of it, but for Filter the sound has to be perfect for them to take the stage.

They opened with “Trip like I do” which always requires smoke, and a lot of electronics, the set list consisted of several songs that weren’t listed, “The Best Things”, “American Cliche” they even brought out “Dose” and “No Love”, I stole a set list from the side stage while waiting for VIP, but it doesn’t have all the songs on it that were on the current one. Which is listed below:

  • Trip like I do
  • Captain Bligh
  • The Take
  • Jurassitol
  • We Hate it
  • What do you say
  • Take a Picture
  • Surprise
  • Self Inflicted
  • Dose
  • Soldiers of Misfortune
  • No Love
  • American Cliche
  • Hey Man Nice Shot
  • Welcome to the Fold

Overall 16 songs, for almost two hours of awesomeness. I seriously felt like he was playing for me, although there was a slight issue during American Cliche. Jonny’s guitar wasn’t working, and Richard went over to try to get the cord into the guitar and it just wasn’t happening, so, he stopped the show. Yes, their are those dick heads that yell, “oh continue on” or “don’t be a drama queen” and to those idiots I quote Richard “hey, we aren’t going to play if it doesn’t sound right” and I believe he might have said a few other choice words in there somewhere, but I could be wrong. I mean really, don’t yell at them if they stop the show, let them have their right to vent about equipment, sound, whatever they feel the need to vent about, YOU are there for them, take it all in.

 20140821_230816(0) - Copy

Richard sings with such passion, he really gets a work out each and every night, he sings from his heart. You can tell, in the photos,  one of my favorite photos from the night, shows just how much passion the man has.  The photo above, is one of my favorites and I’m glad I captured it.


In the photo above, Richard is relaying the story of his friends the Deftones, and I’m not sure, if it was Chino’s mom or Chi’s mom that had gave him that sticker, that says “one love for Chi”, and she wanted Richard to put that sticker on his guitar to remember Chi by, he told the story before playing “Surprise” which is a song he wrote for his wife, and all the women in the world really, mom’s, daughters, it’s one of my favorite songs. It was a great moment, as the whole night was by far one of the best concerts of the year.

 20140821_222402 - Copy

I did have VIP again for this show, and honestly I hope and pray they never stop doing that, it’s been the best time of my life. Richard has a unique personality, perhaps that’s why we get along so well, I can take his sarcastic sick sense of humor and run with it, he’s himself, and he’s not afraid to show you himself. Their were four of us, two ladies that had met them already before, but I don’t think they ever went on the bus, and then another lady, whom thought he was weird. She just didn’t know how to take him, and overall he did nothing wrong, he was just himself. He said, “this is my time to goof off”, and it is, heck after working hard for two hours, playing everything you wrote, by dang it you deserve some good old fashion fun. I had fun, it was my Birthday after all.

Filter is headed home, with one last show out in North Dakota, and a stop in September. Then they are on a much needed break and I believe headed overseas to see the troops. Afghanistan from what Richard said on stage, I love that they do that, they support the men and women that serve our country and give them a taste of good old rock and roll, no folk stuff, just guitars, drums, and a singer that knows how to rock.

Until next year Filter, love you.. I really do, I feel like Richard is the brother I don’t have. With my mom passing away this year, he and the band have helped me more then they know, and I’ll always be grateful and appreciative of everything they have done. Until next time, hugs!!



Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D – Filter, Helmet, Local H – Newport, Kentucky – 8/13/2014


If a show is within driving distance from my home, it’s more then likely I’m going to make the trip. I usually map quest it to see how far it is, and then decide from there. So, four hours for a band I love is no problem whatsoever. Newport Kentucky is just over the river (literally) and through the woods to the Thompson House I went.

The Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D was hitting up Newport Kentucky and I made the journey, of course I needed to replenish the cookie supply, so Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans, made the trip as well. I got there after noon, to find that the Thompson House is exactly what it says it is, a house a huge house at that. Managed to see Filters merchandise girl Sarah,  and give her the cookies, she took them to the bus, and I made my way to the front door to wait until doors open.

There were two local bands opening, but I’m only there to see three not two,  but that’s beside the point. I again had VIP for this show, and that was going to take place afterward, as the doors opened at 6pm, with the concert area opening thirty minutes later and I made my way to the front of the stage which wasn’t hard since there wasn’t a rail, and the stage was just the right height to lean on.


Local H took the stage just after 8:15pm, they were running a little late, but with all the other gear from the two local bands to clear off the stage, they did a great job getting all their gear on stage and ready to go. I must say, this is my second time seeing Local H and I’m in love. I need to make it my mission in life to see them more often, we are from the same state, and I did have the honor of meeting Scott Lucas afterward, he’s a sweet heart. They are amazing live, seriously I know I have one of there cd’s, from several years ago, and I feel like I have seen them years ago, but can’t remember where or when. Their set list consisted of fan faves like “All right, Oh Yeah”, “Another February” , “Bound For The Floor“, “Misanthrope” and my personal favorite “High Fiving MF“, along with a few others that I’m not sure no as they don’t put down a set list, but regardless they rock every time.


Helmet was up next and I have to say the lead singer is awesome, he rocks out every night. He always seems to mention that he’s in his fifties, and that is why I love these guys, they are doing what they love and will continue to do what they love regardless of their age or whatever. Yes, it’s a sacrifice, but if you love what you do every night and getting up on stage and playing some great kick ass music, do it. Helmet, I believe had to cut their set list short one song, as the time was getting away from them, but it consisted of the songs listed below.

  • Role Model
  • So Long
  • Renovation
  • Welcome to the Algiers
  • Better
  • See you Dead
  • Ironhead
  • Enemies
  • Blacktop
  • Turned out
  • Unsung
  •  The Silver Hawaiian, and
  • Milquetoast

I could be wrong on a few of those, because they did play a request that someone asked them to play, overall Helmet rocks each and every time they take the stage, I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to see them twice on this tour.


Filter was up next and they were a little late, but again that’s not their fault. The venue decides to put on the local bands, when the other bands are ready to take the stage as they should be, but that’s a bus story. Either way, Richard and crew put on a great show, they have been switching it up a bit, and singing some old, along with the new songs off of their current album “The Sun Comes out Tonight”. The only song that didn’t get played at this show, was “Soldiers of Misfortune” but that was alright. I would love for them to play “It’s my time” maybe they will at the next one. The set list is as follows, but not necessarily in that order.

  • (Can’t you) Trip like I do
  • Captain Bligh
  • Jurassitol
  • The Take
  • American Cliche
  • We Hate it when you get what you wanted
  • What do you Say
  • Take a Picture
  • Surprise
  • Self Inflicted
  • The Best Things
  • Skinny
  • Hey Man Nice Shot
  • Welcome to the Fold

In all the times I’ve seen them, he always closes with “Welcome to the Fold”, sort of like Trent Reznor in away, always closing with “Hurt”, perhaps there is a reason for that, and one that know one knows, but it’s attributes to, too great artists, and two amazing songs, that you know will always stand the test of time and come out the favorites each show.


Filter never disappoints, I find myself standing there not singing, but just listening to the show and taking it all in, sometimes a lyric or a song will make me just reflect why I’m here or why I love their music. It’s dedication to drive the hours I drive to see the bands I love, but friendship comes with the dedication, and the feeling of belonging, I guess. People think your crazy, or nuts for driving four or six hours to see a band, but that band did the same thing, they left families, and drove four, six or even twelve hours to be there, so why not return the favor. I did have VIP for this show, and honestly if there wasn’t another person with me, I would have headed out, but I stayed and we got to hang on the bus for a bit, it was the other kids moment. He was the future really, he reminded me of myself twelve years ago, all excited and just freaking out, he was getting Richard Patrick’s autograph tattooed on his arm, had the appointment and everything, that’s what it’s really all about, the memories and that moment you realize you belong.

The Thompson House in Newport Kentucky is just over the river from Cincinnati, it’s literally a house, haunted at that. Although I didn’t see any ghost, it was a pretty cool venue, the main concert hall was down in the basement, with the upstairs having a bar and other rooms, with access to a balcony, so overall a good venue to play at. I would go back for sure if other bands came there that I wanted to see, it would be worth the four hour drive for sure.

Image (1)

Filter only has a few more dates left on the Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D, with Helmet and Local H. I’m catching them one last time in a week on my birthday, and I can’t think of any other way to spend my birthday then with a band I love, will be a great one for sure.






Powerman 5000 w/ Hed P.E. – Centerstage Bar & Grill – 8/8/14 Kokomo, IN



It’s know surprise that going to see Powerman 5000 is a tradition, if they are within three or four hours of my house I’m making the drive, and I’m glad I did. It was by far the most interesting show I have ever been too, and the word appreciation comes up again in this review, appreciation for bands that make that effort, make that drive, deal with the shitty venue and as Spider said and I quote “this is a real horror show”, and that it was.

I got there way early as usual, I don’t know how I continually do that, but it’s my style. Powerman wasn’t even there yet, they were running a little late, but made it in plenty of time to get things unloaded and do a sound check. I met up with Spider and Christine Connolly, (who is the lead singer of Knee High Fox, check them out people #bandpromote) who invited me in for the Sound Check. The venue had two of there own sound guys, and Powerman had there sound guy, an hour goes by and they haven’t started the sound check. Spider’s ready to get this started as they had not eaten yet. Finally the sound check starts as they had realized they didn’t have a couple monitors plugged in, so they got it just right, Spider sang a song, and it sounded awesome, until the first local band decided to take the stage.

There were five bands on the bill, two local bands that I can’t remember there names, Sunflower Dead, Hed P.E. & Powerman 5000. According to Spider they would go on at 10:40 which would be 9:40 my time. Let’s just say that didn’t happen. Doors open, and the first local band gets there equipment set up, and we wait. Almost two hours later they finally decide that the “sound” is sufficient and they let them play four songs, because of the time factor. I’m tweeting  to let Powerman know this show hasn’t started yet, it’s almost 10pm and it hasn’t started. The second band got through there set alright, but was also cut short due to time.



Sunflower Dead was up next, and I’m a new fan, they were awesome. We could have not had the two opening bands and went straight to Sunflower Dead, they are a metal band from California, that have an accordion, and stage presence, but by dang it they can play music. The lead singer did yell at the sound guy, rightfully so as he wanted his microphone turned up and they did manage to get that taken care of. Overall Sunflower Dead did a good job, they played their version of “Every Breath You Take”, along with several songs from there album entitled “Sunflower Dead” great set by them.



(hed).pe was next and it’s been a good ten years since I seen them, and they took little time to get the crowd going. Continuing in the theme of this entire evening, their sound also has several issues. It was at the point where their sound guy told the venues sound guy to NOT touch anything.  As the feedback in the monitors was just perfect, trust me it took it a while to get there, but they did play new songs and old favorites, from “Killing Time”, “Let’s Ride” to a few new songs off of their new album Evolution that dropped July 22nd of this year.



Finally, Powerman 5000 was next and by the time they took the stage, the crowd had cleared out some, as it was almost midnight Indiana time, and bless his heart, Spider started “Invade, Destroy, Repeat” only to stop the show half way thru the first verse, to voice his opinion and I don’t blame him. He was upset, as the night had turned into one disaster after another with the sound system, they were told to leave it alone and they didn’t, the late start just put the band farther behind in traveling, and he just blew a gasket, which rightfully so, he had a right to. He apologized to the crowd, who had gotten smaller, it wasn’t the bands fault, and I think they knew that, the disaster started well before the opening band. I felt for him as I had seen how the sound check went, they have no control and Spider wanted to make that clear for everyone, and he did. The ones that stayed got an epic rock show, regardless of the fucking sound, Spider and the band put on an kick ass show.



There set list consisted of the favorites, “Bombshell”When Worlds Collide” “Supernova Goes Pop”, “Horror Show” which was fitting,  along with a few news ones off of there NEW album, “Builders of the Future” . Powerman 5000 do indeed have a new CD out, didn’t you know. Builders of the Future is by far one of there best CD’s ever. Spiders thinking of switching up the set list and including more from this CD it is amazing. They sang “Invade, Destroy, Repeat”,We Want it all“, “Your gonna love it, if you like it or not“,  and the single “How to be a Human“. IF you have NOT gotten this CD go get it, it is one of the best records out there.


Centerstage Bar and Grill in Kokomo Indiana is an “ok” venue, the size is worth a sell out, the sound sucks. As a venue, they should have a professional sound guy, if they are going to bring rock bands in there, they should also do more promoting of the show, it was a Friday night,  Kokomo Indiana is only 45 miles away from Indianapolis, if I can drive 4 hours,  folks can drive 45 minutes to see some great bands, just saying.

It was a great show, any Powerman 5000 show is a great show in my book, regardless of “the horror show” that was the sound and, the late start, I go because I love the band, and been a fan for years. Couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing on a Friday night.



Anti-Folk Revival Tour in Drop D with Filter, Helmet and Local H – 7/29/2014 St. Louis, MO.


When a band appreciates their fans as much as Filter does, you tend to want to return that appreciation, in the form of Chocolate Chip Cookies. That’s just what I did, I baked Filter some home made chocolate chip cookies, and in the process feel like I’ve made friends for life, Richard is like my big brother who happens to sing in a band.

I’ve been a fan of Filter since the beginning, but there current album “The Sun Comes Out Tonight” is by far one of there best. I had gotten VIP for this show, but I still think I was the only one, as I didn’t see any other “vip-er’s” there. Getting to go on the bus, and chat with Richard Patrick for a bit was well worth the price paid and more. The conversation ranged from touring, as I said “you should all tour with Powerman 5000”.  Richard says: “No, us, Powerman and Cold”.  I would be the first to purchase tickets for that, please make that happen, to family life, arch nemesis, and stuff I didn’t hear from him, on top of that I got front row for a kick ass show.

There were five bands that played at the Mad Magician in St. Louis, but I was only there two see three. The first two bands were local bands from St. Louis, Hustler and Divine Sorrow, they both took the stage for roughly thirty minutes or more, keeping with the schedule as Filter was going on at 10:40pm so it was a rushed show, the stage was not very big and accommodating every bands gear was a challenge in itself.


Local H took the stage around 8:15 and honestly I don’t know why I haven’t seen Local H in concert, I’m just going to say it, they rocked. I really should go to one of there shows when they come back around here, as we’re both from the same state.  . Even though Scott Lucas always looks like he’s in a bad mood, he’s a great guy and gladly accepted the beer that the fellow next to me bought him, they rocked the house. They got the crowd going, there was moshing, it was by far a great performance, and I will have to see them live again for sure. Local H’s set list consisted of a mix mash of several songs, there wasn’t an actual set list laid down, but from what I can gather:

  • Taxi Cabs
  • Another February
  • Fritz Corner
  • Misanthrope
  • Bound for the Floor
  • Team
  • That’s what they all say
  • High Fiving MF

I could be wrong on a few of them, as this was my first time seeing Local H and won’t be my last for sure. Excellent performance by a great band.


Helmet was up next, and it’s been years since I seen Helmet. The last time was with Chevelle and Disturbed back in 1999 or something to that effect, they opened up for Chevelle on a couple tours, but I couldn’t tell you which ones. They put on a good performance as well, although the sound was muttled, but the heavy guitar riffs were loud and clear, there set list consisted of 14 songs.

  1. Bored
  2. So Long
  3. Renovation
  4. Algiers
  5. Birth Defect
  6. Broadcast Emo
  7. Blacktop
  8. Crashing
  9. Smart
  10. Driving
  11. Miserable
  12. Like I Care
  13. Impressionable
  14. Bury Me

After there set the lead singer was asked how old he was, he was 55.. To be playing music and touring at that age, is fucking amazing, seriously. I said “I’m ten years younger then you and we look fabulous for our age”. I mean really, that is the reason I love these bands, they are all in my age bracket and they keep on going, because it keeps them young, and they love what they do.


Filter was on deck next and around 10:50 they hit the stage, with an opening performance of “Trip like I do” with abundance and lots of colorful lights. This is the third time I’ve seen Filter and they always put on a great show, Richard gets the crowd involved, you sing, listen, and you can’t help but smile through the whole thing, as they are just that good live.

I did get a video of “Take my Picture”

There set list consisted of songs off of the current CD as well as the old favorites, and one that Richard loves to play live “Welcome to the Fold”. I was hoping they would play “It’s my time”, but I’m sort of glad they didn’t as I would have started crying for sure. They ended up playing 12 songs total, as time was about to end, but they could have played ten more and I would have made it regardless of the heat.

  1. Trip like I do
  2. Captain Bligh
  3. American Cliche
  4. Jurassitol
  5. We Hate it
  6. What do you Say
  7. Take a Picture
  8. Surprise
  9. Self Inflicted
  10. Soldiers of Misfortune
  11. Best Things – didn’t get played
  12. Hey Man Nice Shot
  13. Welcome to the Fold


They ran out of time and weren’t able to play Best Things, but that was alright, they had already played there hearts out. Filter is such a sweet band, I don’t know if it’s the way Richard approaches things, but they go on stage each night and bring it, there is never a disappointing moment, yes it might be tough touring and leaving the family, but if you get to do something you love doing each night and appreciating the folks that come out to see you, what more could you ask for.

photo (19)

The Mad Magician in St. Louis is a little night club joint, no bigger then a house really, it was my first time there and I got to say, for not having a rail and being right next to the stage it was alright. They could have turned up the air conditioner it was hot as hell in there, I was soaked, bands were soaked and I almost didn’t make it, but overall I would go back to the Mad Magician they need to bring Powerman 5000 next.

In Drop DD

Filter, Helmet and Local H are on the Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D they still have several more dates left, according to Richard it’s pure rock and roll, “no banjo crap like Mumford and Sons” seriously true words. I’m planning on seeing them again in Kentucky here in two weeks before they go back overseas to play for the troops, that’s one thing I love about him, they support the men and women, even though they may not support the wars being fought, the troops need all the support they can get and bands like Filter and others do just that.


Hard Drive Live Tour – Kyng, We as Human – 07/15/2014 Castle Theater, Bloomington, IL



When you know the bands, and the bands know you, it’s always going to be a fun concert. This is my fifth time seeing We as Human and my fourth time seeing Kyng.  Black Stone Cherry was also on the bill, but I only went for Kyng and We as Human as my friend from Alabama, made the journey to join the show. It’s always a good time, when your friend is one of the bands BFF’s.

Kyng was the opener in Bloomington with We as Human playing the second spot, and they did not disappoint. Eddie Veliz is the lead singer and guitar master for the band, along with Pepe Clark (drums) and Tony Castaneda (bass/backup vocals). They are from Los Angeles hair swinging, heavy guitar playing rock and roll is their thing.


They recently released there second album entitled “Burn the Serum” with the single “Electric Halo” getting plenty of air time on the rock radios. I first met Eddie two years ago when they opened up for Seether and he’s a character, he will call you out from the stage if you aren’t at least moving to the music, do something.. it’s rock and roll for crying out loud.

There Set list for last night consisted of songs from there first album: “Trampled Sun” which was released back in 2011, and songs off of this current CD as well.

  • Burn the Serum
  • Lost Ones
  • Pushing and Pulling
  • Electric Halo
  • Trails
  •  I Don’t Believe
  • Hot for Teacher
  • Falling Down

I managed to get “Hot for Teacher” on video, the sound quality isn’t the greatest, but you can hear them guitars.

What can I say, they did a great job even though I still say Eddie looks like Rob Zombie, he is a sweetheart and we get our “selfie’s” after the show, this makes the third time.  I even managed to get him to make a normal face for once, it took two photos, but I’ll take it.


Kyng is on the road for quite sometime this summer, they are opening for “Black Label Society” and hitting the road with “Chevelle” for a few dates, be sure to check them out at any of those shows, you won’t be disappointed.



We as Human was up next and how can I describe a rocking, crowd singing good time. These boys are from Nashville and they bring it every time they hit the stage. Justin Cordle, is the lead singer of this crew, along with Justin Forshaw, Jake Jones (guitarist), Adam Osborne (drums) and Dave Draggoo (bass), they get the crowd going every time.

They have a self entitled CD named “We as Human” and it’s chocked full of heavy guitar riffs, pounding beats, and songs with a message that everyone can relate to, there current single “Take the Bullet’s away” is #17 on the Mainstream Rock Songs Billboard Chart, and with “Lacy Mosley” former lead singer of the band “Flyleaf” on it, you can see why.  We as Human’s set lists consisted of:

  • Sever
  • Zombie
  • Double Life
  • Bring to Life
  • Take the Bullets
  • Away
  • I Stand
  • Dead Man
  • Strike Back


They are a Christian Rock inspired band, and all the songs have a message behind them, though heavy in the music, exceptional in the lyrics, my favorite song off of there CD is “We Fall Apart”, the lyrics are beautiful, it’s worth a listen. We as Human are touring the Hard Drive Tour, and then hitting up a few festivals, this summer, check them out if you get the chance.

I did manage to get a video of “Double Life”, but again the sound quality isn’t the greatest, that’s what happens when you video tape from the front of the stage.

Overall a great night of music and friends, I didn’t stay for Black Stone Cherry, as I really wasn’t there to see them, but if the chance comes up again, I will definitely give them a shot.






Natalie Stovall and the Drive – 7/11/2014 Rathskeller Beirgarten, Indianapolis IN

Natilie Stovell

When you see a band ten times, every show becomes starts to becoming a party. Most definitely the case tonight with Natalie Stovall and the Drive. I love this band  (even though their country rock elements) and just last year signed a record deal with Hit Shop Records from Nashville, TN. They never, ever disappoint, it’s always a good time.


Natalie has been on the road for nine years, touring and playing every where. They just recently got back like two days ago from Japan, after going over there to play for the troops, they have a hit single on CMT radio called “Baby Come on with it” , they were at the ACM awards this year, at the Grand Ole Opry, CMA Fest, and have played countless shows across the nation.


The Rathskeller just loves them, they play there at least once or twice a year and last night was the first time this year. They always play a two set show, as that gives you a break in between, they played new ones off of there current EP

and several covers, which always proves to get the crowd moving. Came on around 8:30.


One of Natalie’s songs off of their current EP, entitled “Natalie Stovall and the Drive” is “Bones”, this is one of my friend and I’s favorite song, and yes she dedicates it to both of us. :)

Natalie’s next single that will be coming out, is “Mason Jar”, they plan to turn the EP that has six songs on it, into a full length CD when they find time to get into the studio during there continuous touring. Here is taste of Mason Jar, which is there next single. It’s a short teaser video

She did however skip some songs in the set list, as they can only play until 11pm at the Rathskeller, so there is a few missing from the photo, but here is a picture of the set list.


The Rathskeller is a Restaurant with a Beirgarten attached to it, it’s basically an historic 19th century building, that’s been turned into an really cool restaurant, event rooms, and Beirgarten  (or Beer Garden). It’s huge, and they have a fenced in area that has  a stage, as you see in the photos and videos, and tons of picnic tables, and different levels, it’s such a cool place, it was in fact voted the number one Beirgarten by Thrillist here just this year, so it’s worth checking out, and they are getting some amazing shows there this summer.  The Rathskeller in Indianapolis







Three Days Grace – Old National Center – Indianapolis, IN – 08-10-2013

Three Days Grace has had their fair share of ups and downs over the course of the last year, but they have risen above it all and came out on top to put together a solid performance.

If you are a die-hard fan of the band, you know the whole story and how it unfolded over social media (in the event you are not a fan, vocalist Adam Gontier left the band), it was a knock down drag out affair, but in the end I think all that were involved are happy with the decisions made for the future of the band, and individuals.

Three Days Grace rolled into Indianapolis Saturday night to a sold out crowd, they promptly took the stage around 9:15pm and opened up with “Chalk Outline” from there 2013 release “Transit of Venus”. Matt Walst has taken over the lead singer role in the band, his brother Brad Walst is the bassist, and I’ve seen Matt several times in concert, performing with his prior band My Darkest Days, he is a good singer, and has a good presence, overall he did an amazing job singing the hits, and new song from the current album. They had a good size stage set up, with a huge sign that read:


This was in the corner of their stage, I’m thinking we just wipe off the “Indiana” and put in the different cities that they go to, which makes it more personable, and was a fun touch to the set for sure.


The Set list was:

  1. Chalk Outline
  2. Just Like You
  3. Pain
  4. The High Road
  5. Home
  6. Get Out Alive
  7. Break
  8. The Good Life
  9. Piano/Drum Solo
  10. Misery Loves My Company
  11. World So Cold
  12. I Hate Everything About You
  13. Break Stuff (Limp Bizkit Cover)
  14. Animal I Have Become
  15. Never too Late
  16. Riot

Overall a good set list of the hits, and a few extras, they did flow on stage very well. I have seen Three Days Grace once before a decade ago, and honestly they are better now then they were back then. The guys looked comfortable on stage and comfortable with each other, it did make for an excellent performance.

Otherwise the band from Las Vegas opened up for Three Days Grace, they are a very energetic band and got the crowd into the whole set. This was my second time seeing them, with Adrian Patrick (lead singer) and his brother Ryan Patrick (guitarist) they are good at what they do, along with the other band members, they clearly got the party started and the crowd ready for Three Days Grace.

The Egyptian Room at the Old National Center is one of the bigger concert halls, it holds 2,000 people and has a bigger stage then the Deluxe room, it’s got good acoustics, and a bigger rail and pit area, overall a great place to have a concert.

Natalie Stovall and the Drive – Three shows – 8/8, 8/11, 8/15/2013

If anyone knows me they know I’m not much of a “country” music fan, but if you play a fiddle and can rock out with the best rock bands out there, I’m probably going to like you. Natalie Stovall is a fiddle playing genius, she ranks right up there with the great Charlie Daniels, and even does a mean remake of “Devil went down to Georgia” on the fiddle.

Natalie has toured tons of college campuses, and in 2012 was named the 2012 Entertainer of the Year by the voters of Campus Activities Magazine.

Natalie Stovall and the Drive just got signed to a record deal here last month with HitShop Records, and they are currently in the studio recording songs for their next EP. That doesn’t mean Natalie doesn’t have CD’s already out, she has made a few in her day, and toured all over the country, as well as overseas to the soldiers of the armed forces, which she performed a song that she wrote for the soldiers entitled “Missed you the Most”.  Natalie got her band together back in 2007 and hasn’t looked back ever since, with Miguel Cancino – Guitar, Joel Dormer – Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin, Zach Morse – Bass and James Bavendam – Drums, (who also happens to be Natalies husband) they make up one fiddle shredding good time. This review spans over a few days, we traveled to see Natalie, in Indianapolis, Springfield, Ill, and Chicago.


Natalie and the Drive took the stage at the Rathskeller around 9pm and opened up with a song from her current EP “Standing my Ground” which contains the title track along with “Even Alaska” which she did perform, as well as “Sound of Goodbye”, “Whatever it Takes” and “Step by Step”. She finished off the first half of her set with a “Fiddle Palozza” sort of speak, where she plays random rock songs with a fiddle twist, she did sing a couple covers, a beautiful acoustic version of Adele’s, “Someone like You”, and Reba McEntire’s “Fancy”, she also fiddled out Charlie Daniels “Devil went down to Georgia” . A few new songs were also played that are coming out on her upcoming EP,  “Bones” is one that is especially awesome, according to her the first single will drop January of 2014, so hopefully there will be physical copies of it before then, but not sure how that will work. She closed out her two hour set with “Without You” which was the perfect ending to a great night of live music.

The opening band for Natalie at the Rathskeller was another country rock band from Nashville called Mockingbirdsun, they were really good, got to met the guitarist afterward, overall they put on a great show as well, and we will be seeing them again in November at Bub City.

Show number two for Natalie Stovall and the Drive was at the Illinois State Fair, they were playing in the Happy Hollow area of the Illinois State Fair, they took the stage at 5:30pm after a Magic Show performance, they were the last band on that stage, and the only band that I went to see.  It was a hot day Sunday August 11th, for that one, again there wasn’t many folks that showed up, but Natalie and the band put on one rocking performance.  There was some technical issues that involved losing power for a good twenty minutes, I guess you can’t have a ton of stuff hooked up on a hot day. After the first power outage, Natalie didn’t miss a beat and decided to treat everyone to an acoustic set.


Also got an acoustic video of a new song off of the upcoming EP. The song is called “Bones”

Natalie Stovall and the Drive – Bones Acoustic

There was another short power outage, but it didn’t last long, they just started back up where they left off. Overall there wasn’t more than thirty people at the state fair for there show, but it didn’t matter it was an intimate performance that won’t be forgotten, overall they do an amazing job every time they step on stage. The set list remained the same for the State Fair, as it did for the Rathskeller, it was switched up in Chicago, which was the next show on our list of the Natalie Stovall and the Drive tour.

Next up, was Chicago and Bub City. I’ve never been to Bub City, but did ask Natalie what it was like at the State Fair, she said the food was fabulous and it was, the BBQ Bacon to die for. Bub City is located on Clark Street in downtown Chicago, it’s easy to get to, just take your Ohio Street exit to Clark Street and turn right, two blocks down is Bub City, and a convenient parking garage is a block away. They are knows for BBQ in Chicago, and country music as well. Natalie and the band took the stage around 9:30pm. The stage set up was extremely small for her and the band, but they managed to make the best of it and put on another amazing performance.


Was also able to get a live version of Bones although it doesn’t sound the greatest, it’s worth viewing. Overall it was a great evening of good food and great music, the band is always so friendly and hugs were given all around. They did have folks there from there record label since they did recently get signed, they mentioned to us that they seen us singing over there, of course we were singing. The Set list did get switched up, as there was two sets, in the second set Joel, and Zach did some singing on a few songs, “Copperhead Road”, “Friends in Low Places”, and “No Huggy, No Kissy” which of course made folks get up and dance, there was a small dance floor which got used, but everyone was singing and having a good time.

Natalie Stovall and the Drive – Bones live at Bub City

Overall a great concert trek by Natalie Stovall and the Drive, they are a great little band and will go far in the future. I can’t wait for the new EP to be released, and for them to be played all over the world, and of course more shows to be announced, and more journey’s to be taken.

Halestorm – Deluxe Room at Old National Center – Indianapolis, IN – 08-06-2013

As many times as I’ve seen Halestorm over the past three years, they never disappoint, they always put on an amazing show. Lzzy Hale continues to defy the rock greats with vocal abilities that stand out time after time.

Halestorm was doing a solo tour this time around, made a stop at the Deluxe Room at the Old National Center in Indianapolis Indiana, to a sold out show. Halestorm started back in 2009 and I think I’ve been seeing them live since 2011, I know I’ve been to many shows, just never had the opportunity to met them, well last night I finally got to met Lzzy Hale, her brother Arejay Hale which is the drummer, Joe Hottinger the guitarist, and Josh Smith the bassist. Together they make up one kick ass band.



Halestorm took the stage at 9pm sharp and opened up with “Love Bites (So do I)” from their current album “The Strange Case of” that was released last year, their first full length album to date, I’m sure more will follow. They sang several cover songs and even a solo song by Lzzy herself that I have never heard before, I do believe it’s on an extended version of there cd somewhere. They did “Slave to the Grind” by “Skid Row” which is awesome, Lzzy’s voice can sing that slightly better than Sebastian Bach, I do know they have sung it together at some point and time. They also did “All I wanna do is Make Love to you” by “Heart” and that’s off of there “Reanimate: The Covers EP” that was released in 2011, it has both those songs, along with a wicked remake of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, totally better than the original by far.

They are a humble band, Lzzy thanked the fans for putting her on the stage, and all the support and love from social media that they receive, the fans really did jump-start their career. So much so, they won a Grammy for the song “Love Bites (So do I) for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance, although a lot of people thought they shouldn’t have, they did ironically enough, which hasn’t changed them to much that I could tell, still down to earth and very appreciative for what they have and how they got there.


The set list is as follows:

  1. Love Bites (So Do I)
  2. Mz. Hyde
  3. You call me a bitch like its a bad thing
  4. Freak Like Me
  5. Dirty Work
  6. Innocence
  7. Daughters of Darkness
  8. Straight Through the Heart (Ronnie James Dio cover)
  9. Rock Show
  10. Break in
  11. In your room
  12. All I wanna do is make love to you (Heart Cover)
  13. Familiar Taste of Poison
  14. Drum Solo (by Arejay)
  15. Slave to the Grind (Skid Row Cover)
  16. It’s Not you
  17. I Get off
  18. Hate it when you see me cry (Lzzy solo)
  19. Gold Dust Women (Fleetwood Mac cover)
  20. I Miss the Misery
  21. Here’s to Us

Overall an amazing night of music by Halestorm, they did have an opening act a band named Whitener from Kentucky they were alright nothing special, they did however sing “Little Red Corvette” by “Prince” which made my friend cringe, but overall a good thirty minute set by them was all that was needed.

The Deluxe Room at the Old National Center in Indianapolis only holds 800 people, it’s a small basement room that has a stage and main floor area that works really well for smaller concerts, it’s one of many event rooms in the Center, the Egyptian Room being the largest for concerts of general admission. It’s one of my go-to venues for concerts over the summer, great place for live music.

After the show we ventured out by the bus, and was able to met Joe, Lzzy and Arejay, they signed things, took photos.. I’m glad I got to met them, been wanting for quite some time.

20130806_223406 20130806_223630

Thank you Halestorm for yet again, putting on an epic rock show.. can’t wait to do it again in the future.

One Republic – Peabody Opera House, St. Louis, MO – 7-20-2013



This was my first time seeing One Republic live, I’ve heard all their songs, got all the albums, but still hadn’t had a chance to see them perform. They were amazing to say the least.

One Republic is a pop rock band that comes from Colorado Springs. They’re composed of Ryan Tedder (lead singer), Zach Filkins (guitar) , Drew Brown, Eddie Fisher and Brent Kutzie all of which make up one awesome live performance. They have two sets of drums on stage alongside a piano, cello, and a couple guitars, so there range of sounds and music can go along way when played live.

I remember hearing them when they released their first single “Apologize” it was a catchy song that got remixed by Timberland, and was all over the air waves in it’s first week of being released.

One Republic took the stage at the Peabody Opera house around 9:30pm and put on an explosive two hour set. They opened their set behind a curtain playing “Light it up” from there current CD “Native” . It was really cool as you could see them playing, and it created a mysterious affect, made them look larger then life.


One Republic has three albums out, so a variety of songs were played from those three albums, there was several acoustic songs, and several stories. One story that stood out, was Ryan talking about the time him and Zach were in London trying to finish their second album and they still needed one song. Ryan said, “he is a huge Tim Burton fan, and loved the music in the Tim Burton movies, that Danny Elfman created” then continued, “wanted something on their album to do with Tim Burton, so he’s like you know all the songs that Danny Elfman creates always have some sort of kids singing in the background, so he said if we can’t get Danny Elfman to help us, can we have the “creepy ass kids” from the Tim Burton movies?”. So that is where the choir kids singing before “All the rights Moves” comes in, according to Ryan,they are the “creepy ass kids from Tim Burton’s movies”. It was a great, hilarious little story. Felt like something out of  “Storytellers” from VH1. Made for an interesting part in the show.


The set list is listed below, I’m not sure if all of it’s correct or not, but from what I remember, this was the set list.

  1. Light it up
  2. Don’t Look Down
  3. Secrets
  4. All the Right Moves
  5. What you Wanted
  6. Stop and Stare
  7. Counting Stars
  8. Aplogize
  9. Come Home
  10. I’ve Got a Women (Ray Charles Cover)
  11. Gold Digger (Kayne West Cover)
  12. Marchin On
  13. Good Life
  14. Feel Again
  15. Life in Color
  16. If I lose myself

Overall it was a magical night, and I’m thinking I might have to see these guys perform again, they truly were amazing live. Ryan’s voice is spectacular, and he can sing high, low, you name it he can sing it. I loved the whole cello aspect in there songs, and they even had a Spanish guitar solo, that was pretty cool as well.

There was two opening acts for One Republic, one was a singer/songwriter from Canada, named Serena Ryder and she was pretty good, had her guitar and a drummer. They also had Mayer Hawthrone he was more of a soul singer from recently bankrupt Detroit that had a full band, but couldn’t get the crowd into it. I didn’t care to much for him nor did the crowd, but he did do a good job during his set.

The Peabody Opera house is located downtown St. Louis, about a block away from Union Station, and just attached to the Scottrade Center, so it’s centrally located and has a beautiful setting for concerts. Great acoustics, high ceilings (that even include a bear that reflects on the ceiling), it’s a very good concert hall. It was my first time going to the Peabody Opera house and I’m sure it won’t be my last, it was odd going to a show with seats, even the small pit had seats, but we all stood during One Republic.

Overall great concert, One Republic does not disappoint they put on a spectacular show, with lights and screens, and just sounded amazing. If they come back near my area again, I think I might do the VIP, it helps that they are a good looking bunch of guys who can play music with the best of them.

Sevendust – Deluxe – Old National Center – Indianapolis, IN – 07-12-13

Sevendust has arrived, what can I say they never ever disappoint when it comes to a show. They rocked the Deluxe room in Indianapolis last night so hard, Clint’s guitar was sweating, it was an amazing performance.

As usual I was the first in line, which I was slightly sad about as their was no one there, but they did have VIP and a signing at a record store before the show, so people did start to filter in. In going to these shows I always make new friends, and it’s good to know that you aren’t alone in driving by yourself to a concert. I met a girl from Alabama she drove six hours to see Otherwise one of the opening bands, and she was awesome, close to my age, talkative, really nice, loved Otherwise, and they loved her. I did catch up with her after the show, and met the guitarist of Otherwise whose name was Ryan, she had already met the lead singer and got a hug and photo.

Sevendust took the stage around 10:15 Indianapolis time, and wow is pretty much it. The adrenaline that you feel when they take the stage and start banging out the hits is enough to get you through the whole show, regardless of whether you are starved, on the verge of passing out. I think each time LaJon the lead singer starts a show, he’s so overwhelmed at the crowd and all the love that they feel on the stage, it’s an experience, they bring you on the stage with them.


They opened up with “Pieces” from there 2005 album entitled “Next” they also sang “Black” and “Bitch” from there first album in 1997 entitled “Sevendust”. They sang a variety for sure, and several songs from their latest offering “Black out the Sun”. One called “Got a Feeling” its beautiful, according to LaJon it’s about finding out someone is gone, and moving on. I almost started crying it was that emotional, Clint sings the majority of it, and LaJon joins in, he was emotional singing it, epic performance, and of course after that was “Angel Son” in honor of Lynn Strait, it’s a regular at a Sevendust performance.

The set list is below:

  1. Pieces
  2. Till Death
  3. Denial
  4. Praise
  5. Waffle
  6. Got a Feeling
  7. Angel Son
  8. Black
  9. Strong Arm
  10. Decay
  11. Alpha
  12. Bitch
  13. Splinter
  14. Face to Face

Sevendust have nine albums out, they have been doing this since 1997, I do believe they will make it ten before deciding it’s time, they aren’t getting younger, but they can rock out just as hard as the young ones, if not more. The crowd reflects them, there fans are middle-aged in a sense, there was a couple young ones, but the majority were in there early thirties, and older it’s an experience, one I love having.


There was two opening bands, “Otherwise” a band from Las Vegas was one of them, and they were amazing. These guys rock, and I believe I will have to see them live again.  To the point I’m debating on getting a ticket, because they are opening up for Three Days Grace in four weeks, ha. We see, there was also “Devour the Day” a band from Memphis TN, they were awesome as well, had a bit of bass trouble, but played a decent set despite the issues.

The concert was in the Deluxe room at the Old National Center, basically in the basement, but it was a great room for an up close and personal concert. The sound was awesome, and the room was filled, I think they said it held 1000 or so, not really sure, but it felt like there was at least 500 people behind me, regardless I wasn’t moved. Love the Old National Center, it’s a great place, they have several venues, the folks are super sweet, and it’s always a good time to be had.

Flyleaf – Pops Nightclub – Sauget, IL – 07-11-13

This was the first time that I have seen Flyleaf, so I can’t judge on who is the better singer Lacey or Kristen, but I do know that Kirsten can fill Lacey’s shoes and did an amazing job singing old songs, and brand new ones.



Anyone that is a fan of Flyleaf knows the story, although I think several at the show last night did not. One girl made the statement, “that’s not flyleaf, you are some chick” well that “chick” is “Kristen May” and she does have a voice that resembles “Lacey Sturms” who did hand-pick her to replace her while she took a different route in her life to raise her son.  And Lacey should be proud, Kristen did an excellent job filling her shoes, and fans old and new shouldn’t judge based on the voice or who the person is, they sounded the same to me and they sounded good which is all the matters at a rock show.




Flyleaf took the stage at Pops at exactly 9:30pm, and opened up with “Again” from their 2009 release, “Memento Mori” and they did sing several new songs such as “Something Better” off of their current EP.  Kristen said they were singing a brand new song, never been done live before, and honestly I’m not sure what the name of it was, but it was quite good. The set list below is a rough draft of some of the songs, it might not be exactly accurate, but the majority of the songs were song.  They did close with the two songs that put them on the map, “All around me” and “I’m so sick”, you could tell that Kirsten couldn’t get as high as Lacey on the verses in “I’m so sick” but she did an amazing job, and her voice sounded awesome, it fit in nicely.

  1. Again
  2. Call you out
  3. New Horizons
  4. Cassie
  5. Perfect
  6. Great Love
  7. Fire Fire
  8. Swept Away
  9. Bury Your Heart
  10. I’m sorry
  11. Sorrow
  12. Broken Wings
  13. Fully Alive
  14. Freedom
  15. Cage on the Ground
  16. Arise
  17. All Around Me
  18. I’m so Sick

During “Broken Wings” Kristen came out along the rail and sang with everyone, I did get to shake her hand which was nice. Overall Flyleaf did an amazing job, they are a “Christian Rock Band” if that’s what you want to call them, there songs are related to “Christian themes” and they do put on a good rock show. Flyleaf consists of : Kirsten May (vocals) Sameer Bhattacharya (lead guitar), Jared Hartmann (rhythm guitar), Pat Seals (bass and backing vocals), and James Culpepper (drums).  Pat the bassist was all over the stage, jumping off of the platforms, and really getting into the performance, which made the crowd get into it as well.

There was a couple of opening bands for Flyleaf, one was a band from Cape Girardeau Mo, they were called “Isabella” not a fan. Basically they were like every other “screamo” band on the Warped Tour. The lead singer mentioned that we needed to go vote for them on the “Battle of the Bands” to get to the Warped Tour and that he had never been, well, I wanted to say you need to go, so you can learn how to scream.

The other band was “Killer Me, Killer You” they are a local band from St. Louis whose lead singer is engaged to the Lux, the radio personality from 1057 the Point in St. Louis. They did a great job, at least you could understand what they were saying, and this is my second time seeing them live.

And of course Pops, the venue between two strip clubs never disappoints, love the place.

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