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The Arkells Get Their Thrill At Blueberry Hill – 11/04/2017


To be honest here I really don’t know a lot about the Arkells and it’s too early and I’m too lazy to google stuff to add here. What I do know is this, they played Lollapalooza last year, they are getting some radio air time, and they were playing a 300 person capacity room. When you can find a band who is playing major festivals, getting air time, and playing a small venue do yourself a favor and GO! As I told someone else mid-set last night enjoy these shows, because more than likely it is the last time you will see the band this cheap and this close.

The day of the show I still hadn’t made up my mind to go. I checked around and found some reasonably priced tickets on the secondary market and bought them. There was a low ticket alert for the show so I didn’t want to chance it at the door with such a small venue.

I hadn’t sleep much the night before so I wisely took a brief power nap, woke up and had a late dinner before heading to the show. We got there at 9:50 just in time for the Arkells to take the stage. Then my lady needed to use the restroom and before making our way down to the basement for the show I stopped and waited for her. Lining the walls to the restrooms is 1000’s, yes, 1000’s of photo’s of the owner of Blueberry Hill with every single music act you could ever think of. From Red Hot Chili Peppers to Marylin Manson to a very young Kanye West and everyone in between. If you visit St. Louis it is worth a stop at Blueberry Hill and you must check out these photos of some of your favorite artist.

We got our wrist bands just as the Arkells we’re taking the stage. They opened with ” Making Due ” off of the album “Morning Report” that was released last August. You could hear/feel the bass through the floor as we came down the stairs and made our way into the crowd.

It was a fun time from the start as the Arkells frontman Max engaged both the crowd and his band mates between each song. One of my favorite moments mid-set was when they talked some shit on Jerry Lee Lewis and said their keyboardist was better than The Killer and launched into a cover of “Great Balls Of Fire”.

Another fun surprise was the story about the Uber driver who talked music with them on the way to the show and that they put on the guest list for the night. It was not on the set list, but they including a 6 minute jam of ” Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder before bringing back the opening act Irontom for a cover of Tom Petty’s “Running Down A Dream” before leaving the stage.

They came back out to the fired up crowd for a two song encore playing the song “My Hearts Always Yours” while remembering a time when they came to St. Louis and nobody showed up. They ended the hour and forty minute set with “Knocking At The Door” before sending us all headed for the door.


Overall this was an incredible evening of music. Wish I had shown up a bit sooner to catch some of Irontom‘s set, but I was starving/tired. Catch you guys next time. I really enjoyed the whole set of the Arkells, but the last minute Stevie cover sealed the deal on a very solid performance and evening out at a show. 10/10, do yourself a favor and go see these guys before they start playing much larger venues.


Limp Bizkit To Not Headline After Gas Station Fest 2016 Is Cancelled By Cops

Limp Bizkit 


Dayton, Ohio



Bro’s, let’s start with the shitty news, shows cancelled. The good news is Fred Durst might still drop by for a pack of smokes and a mountain dew, if he can make it over. Sounds like he really wanted to play, below is a text from obviously F. Durst himself.


People were doubting the show was real, then these showed up. They were gonna totally miss out.


The show was real, turns out the Sunoco couldn’t handle the awesomeness that was about to unfold. They couldn’t take it, losers. All they could do was post this lame sign, right next to that other lame sign.


Then the cops got involved, I know because they promoted the tweet on Twitter – @DaytonPolice is a solid follow, by the way.



Please note – The Cops Did Not Cancel This Show – We Used That Headline So You Would Click The Article – Sorry. 

Also Please Note: ” Don’t show up, or the cops will probably be pissed, and take your drugs. ”  – the cops 


Prof, Dem Atlas and DJ Fundo
The Blue Note, Columbia, MO 11/04/2014
words/photos by BeezNutz

The Blue Note in Columbia, MO is a gem of a concert venue. It is a old beautiful theater converted into a concert night club. For the past 40 years it has been owned by Richard King and he has done a wonderful job of running it. November 4th 2014 marked a new day in its illustrious history. It was sold to the new ownership who runs the note from here on out. I was somewhat nervous, what was and is going to happen to my favorite live music venue in Missouri? I often drive 100 miles each way to catch shows that are coming a lot closer to my native St. Louis. The reason is easy, the shows are great, the crowd is young and fun. The Blue Note is stunning for live music and that to me makes it worth the drive.


The week of the show my friend won a pair of tickets on Social Media. Which made this trip possible, not only for me but the other 2 people we brought along for the trip. We all four pitched in on gas and, without each other we wouldn’t of been able make it. We got to The Blue Note and it was PACKED! One of the largest crowds I have ever seen there for a show. They put a sign up in the window that read SOLD OUT in big bold letters as soon we walked up to the venue. One problem, one of the four of us did not have a ticket. No sooner did he start to lose faith of himself seeing the show, the ticket lady said a few more tickets were for sale.


We decided to sit in the front row of the packed balcony. My friends made good use of the upstairs bars and bought drink after drink. I stayed sober and made sure we had a safe ride back to St. Louis. The show opened with DJ Fundo spinning a great variety of music that got the crowd moving, buying drinks and feeling awesome. After a thirty minute set DJ Fundo handed the tables over to the Dj for Dem Atlas. Dem Atlas is a new artist on Rhymesayers Entertainment. He started his first song by simply talking into the mic before transforming the song into a full blown hip hop jam. The way he jumped around, made crazy faces while spitting his sharp lyrics reminded me of a young Busta Rhymes. Not so much of his voice or rhyme style but his in your face over the top performance that ensured all eyes were on him.


Dem Atlas made the most of his short time and rocked his set front to back. It was super fun to watch him completely blow away the audience. Before he left he told the crowd he recently completed a full length CD for sale now! It is worth checking out. Look into Dem Atlas online because you will be hearing a lot from him the coming years.


After Dem Atlas the party starting, DJ Fundo came back to get the crowd hype for one of my personal favorites PROF. He spun some great party records such as Biggie, Snoop and other hip hop staples between the set changes. He made sure the crowd was nice and warm for his partner in crime PROF.


Prof came on stage and right away got things moving. He is really fun to watch as he bounces back and forth across the stage. He got the people around us commenting on his crazy style almost as soon as he hit the stage.


He played a diverse set of old and new Prof material which was mixed in between the normal hilarious stage banter between him, DJ Fundo and of coarse the crowd. They really had a lot of fun with the Columbia crowd.


In late 2013 Prof signed a deal with Rhymesayers Entertainment and has been busy ever since. He played his new single ” Farout ” for which a new music video was released last month on the Rhymesayers youtube channel. I dig the new music and I am really looking forward to his next album.


After a 45 minute set mixed with jokes, hiphop, singing, dancing and all around madness from him and Fundo. Prof called it a night but not before someone in the crowd brought him a shirt threw it on stage and of coarse Prof put it on right then and there. It said Doap. on the black shirt and it was fitting because Prof was pretty damn Dope.


There was no DJ in between Prof and the headliner of the evening Atmosphere. Each second that passed the crowd packed in tighter on the floor. When the lights dropped the crowd erupted with a super loud cheer. Only to be met by Ant and Dj Plain Ole Bill on the turntables who started dropping these crazy sounds and beats through the house speakers.


Out of the darkness Slug appeared on stage with a hooded jacket and said whats up to the adoring Columbia, MO fans. The beat dropped, the crowd went nuts as Slug broke into the song ” January On Lake St. ” From the new album ” Southsiders “. Which was fitting since there was a custom Southsiders neon light hanging right above the DJ’s heads.


Together Atmosphere put on a classic set from the get go. The song ” God Loves Ugly ” was the 3rd song in the career spanning setlist that they brought to the table. Each song left you guessing of what would follow next.


Each Atmosphere performance is completely different from the next, Slug is often changing the words up just for extra fun. Ant does the same with the music by taking the beats you are used to and putting a fresh live spin on each one to make it live art right before your eyes.


Together the three of them absolutely KILLED this performance which made for easily one of the best shows I have seen all year, if not the best! People were hanging off the shaking balcony just losing their minds to the music.


After 60 minutes of pure hip hop Slug told the crowd thank you and left the stage. I noticed a couple of songs were notably missing from this setlist. After a few minutes Slug came back on stage to grab his jacket which he had said he forgot. Looking shocked at the crowd he asked ” What the fuck are you guys still doing here?” The crowd wasn’t ready to leave just yet so he gave us a few more classic Atmosphere tracks to send us on our way.


It has become a custom at Atmosphere shows that he and his tourmates freestyle before leaving the building. He brought Prof and Dem Atlas back to the stage for a freestyle session. It featured a really funky beat and each of the three emcees having a lot of fun spitting freestyle rhymes over it.


Before actually calling it a night he let Prof And Dem Atlas stay on stage and help him with the song ” Trying To Find A Balance ” which resulted in a killer performance of the popular song. The DJ’s each let loose with everything they had and it was like the grand finale of a fireworks display coming through the speakers.


This show was incredible, very thankful to be in the house for this one. When this comes to town, get to this show you will not be let down. They are on the second leg of this tour through November and it might be coming to a venue near you. Go out and support good live music this tour will not let you down.


For more information on all of the artist go check out



Easily one of the most hated touring acts around, The Insane Clown Posse has been on a cross country tour for the past month. Facebook has been filled with spiteful people saying comments such as ” They still tour” and more hateful comments. The majority of the people who post these kind of comments just can’t figure the whole Insane Clown Posse thing out. ICP as a group are some of the smartest business people in music period. It is a show and they give their audience that each and every tour. They succeed by bringing different setlist, different themes and new merch. You never know what you will see at a clown show and, with the crowd they attract its always something to see.

A lot of struggling bands could learn a lot from ICP if they weren’t ignorant and didn’t waste their time by posting comments such as ” Talentless Hacks ” on facebook. They handle their business very well and are superbly skilled in marketing their brand. Since the early 90s ICP has been solely employed by their music career. They absolutely kill every band in merch sales. I have been going to concerts for 20 years and I believe their only rivals as far as selling more merch would be KISS. You go to ICP shows you see Jersey after Jersey after Jersey, with the ICP Hatchet man charms, hats, bandanas and everything you could imagine piled on top. At some shows I have seen people spend as much as $1000 in front of me on merch alone on just a few jerseys and shirts.

I started seeing ICP 18 years ago and they were touring machines playing my city 4 times in one year. After that at least twice a year for several years thereafter. Each show grew in size the lines started forming earlier and earlier, the fans grew more obsessed with each tour that passed. I was always treated well by both the fans and the band. I remember ICP telling security guards ” fuck off, we pay you ” when the guards said I couldn’t take a picture with the group. Another time a local radio DJ bad mouthed them on air, ICP drove down to the live broadcast and assaulted the man right there. How they treat their fans is a big reflection on how the fans treat them, like a family.

Day of Shockfest I got to Pop’s 10 minutes prior to the 7 p.m show time. I was very excited this was a good bill front to back. I got my spot for one of the newest Psychopathic Records artist Big Hoodoo. Big Hoodoo is what you would expect, he came to the stage with a painted juggalo face addressing the crowd still coming in through the doors as his family. Family a big thing to the Juggalos which is what ICP fans refer to themselves as.


He didn’t have a very long set but, he really connected with the Juggalos in a short time. He had some good lyrics and started the evening nicely. The last song Hoodoo did featured a sample of the ICP track ” Voodoo ” which the Juggalos ate up and loved that track. He said he would be back soon for the Christmas Bash at Pop’s with Anybody Killa in a month. I have been a huge fan of the next act for many years so my excitement was growing more and more each minute.


Nashville, TN native Jelly Roll is a big man and has a even bigger underground following. He is somewhat know for his Mixtapes, Youtube Videos and song features. Over the years he has put out some really great mixtapes, which is how I first started listening to him. I have a lot of love for Tennessee artist and discovered him pretty early on in his ever expanding career.


Jelly puts on a great show and since his appearances at a few of the Gathering Of The Juggalos he was shown a lot of love from the audience. He didn’t play all my favorites but the songs ” Break The Knob Off ” got the crowd moving and ” When I Get Rich ” was a personal favorite of the night for myself. No Hype man just Jelly and the DJ and he put it down. Much respect to Jelly Roll I will see you at your next show, I look forward to seeing a much longer set from him next time. After 30 minutes Jelly said goodnight which made it time for another favorite of mine to hit the stage.

Madchild from Swollen Members was next up on the bill. Words can’t fully described a Madchild show in a review like this. He is something truely to see, Madchild turns into almost a different person giving everything he has to each performance. He has a super cool style, tattoos on his face and razor blade sharp lyrics.


He put on a killer set with some of my favorite songs one after another, ” Monster “, ” Dickhead ” and ” Crazy ” were great to see live. He just kills each performance unlike no one else I have ever seen live his stage presence is just menacing. His music keeps getting better and better the new single ” Jackel ” on youtube is a dope track. Go search that video out and you will be a fan.


He has a new cd out now called ” Switched On ” which is a great album. After several years of not being allowed on U.S soil he recently had his ban from America lifted and is now living in L.A. He said he has stopped drinking and has been focused on creating more art and music. You will be hearing this name over and over so get used to it. I can’t wait to see him back in town.


At this point of the show I could of walked out the door and felt as if I had gotten my moneys worth after the first few openers. There are not many shows touring right now that you could say that about. The next group to the stage I had been a fan of since middle school. They had this crazy vibe about them, people compared them to Marilyn Manson and said they worshiped the devil since they called themselves Triple Six Mafia. Since then they have had a long incredibly successful career in music and in film. Since founding member Juicy J left the group they know are known as Da Mafia Six.


DJ Paul, Crunchy Black and Koopsta Knicca took the stage backed by a DJ with a gopro on a stick. Sadly this was far, far, FAR from the 3 6 that you and I grew up on. They left a lot to be desired with their live show which by saying it was disappointing would be being nice. I am a huge fan of all of their music, side projects and the other artist on their record label.


They played more than 30 minutes of classic Triple Six hits minus all the Juicy J verses. Which as a founding member that is featured on every song left a really huge hole in the whole music catalog. Each song was reduced to one chorus if that and lasted only 2 minutes or less. Every song was followed by the annoying air horn sound that is so heavily used in rap performances these days. What would of made it better would be to focus more on Da Mafia Six songs instead of Triple Six which they couldn’t pull off as well.


With Three Six its not like I do not know what I am talking about either. I have seen Three Six Mafia over 6 times live at festivals, clubs and various places in many different forms. Only once did I see the entire group on stage and that was 2001 opening for ICP in Ohio. After their set wasn’t any better I went to talk to them and they were the rudest group I have ever encountered. DJ Paul said to me I won’t talk to you unless you buy something, after buying gas and tickets I was broke. I kept thinking that throughout the years I have purchased over 10 CDs, 3 dvds and tickets to 6 other concerts and that counted for nothing. It was pretty easy to see why Juicy J has sought greener pastures in music.


Next up was the group Mushroomhead which hails from Cleveland, Ohio. They wear mask and kick a lot of ass with their awesome live show and crushing metal sound. Sadly I didn’t not get to enjoy this set as much as I would of like to of because I was told during this time a dear friend of mine had passed away recently. We normally bump into each other at shows like this and when I didn’t see him this time our mutual friend told me he had passed away in August. I was super bummed when I heard that, kind of put a damper on otherwise a stellar night.


They put on a great show and played the majority of it under blacklights. I enjoyed what I heard but I couldn’t pay attention as my friend who passed filled most of my thoughts. I had been going to see shows with him since 2000 and we shared a lot of great times together. Take time to value your friends and try to take a lot of pictures and create great memories. Sadly this life is not promised so make the most of every moment today R.I.P Big Matt Thomas I know you are rocking out somewhere.

Next up was the infamous Insane Clown Posse, I started going to their shows when I was 15 years old. The music was funny to my young mind, the merch was incredible cool and their shows were unlike anything I could imagine. Pure craziness ensued every time they came to town. When I was growing up I went to a lot of metal shows, the same crowd would turn out for ICP. I formed a lot of friendships that have lasted to this day from this shows and I always have had a great time. Lights went out and the creepy clown intro boomed at maximum volume from the house speakers. The most security I have ever seen at a show took their positions in front of the rail.


The Juggalos went crazy as Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J hit the stage. They kicked off the lengthy career spanning set with ” Night Of The Chainsaw ” almost right away the smell of Cola and Rootbeer filled the large venue that is Pops Concert and Nightclub.


Over 200 2-liters of the Detroit brand soda would fly into the crowd over the next 70 minutes and the crowd couldn’t get enough. They fought and clawed their way to the front of the stage to get closer to the Faygo shower. You could see the pushing and waving of the crowd from the back of the room through the first few songs.


They did a great job of mixing up their set with a little from each of their many albums. The song ” Chicken Hunting ” was performed pretty early on in the set and is always a fan favorite. The Juggalos were having a blast, I was too. Every 15 minutes or so several extra clowns would come out to the stage with buckets filled with Faygo just in case there was someone left dry in the first 10 rows or so.


People were soaked head to tow within the first 5 songs and ICP played a very lengthy setlist. The song ” Terrible ” off The Amazing Jeckel Bros. was a nice surprise addition to the setlist for me. It Reminded me of going to shows of theirs in 99′ or so.


If you thought I stood in the back the whole night you would be wrong, after 6 or 12 drinks my buddy Chris whom I has been my clown partner in crime since way back got me and we hit the crowd. Only took a song or so and we were feet from the barricade. Some girl that was four foot nothing followed us through the crowd and we did our best to make sure she wasn’t crushed or mauled.


We stayed up front till the end of the show which is known to Juggalos as Faygo armageddon. Which means whatever number of the 200 sodas they brought for the show gets tossed into the crowd. To help with this they enlisted Da Mafia Six to come back and help hose us down. Faygo after Faygo flew in every direction, off lights, off peoples heads, everywhere.


Overall front to back, this was a killer show I am super happy I went. This tour is winding down and ends on Halloween in their ICP’s hometown of Detroit, they impressed me once again with a great concert. Thank you to Pops Concert and Nightclub, Thank you to Psychopathic Records, all the Juggalos and fans in attendance and YOU!

Till next time’


Meat Puppets, Cass McCombs Start Tour in St. Louis, MO at Blueberry Hill 10/21/2014

Meat Puppets, Cass McCombs
The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill, St. Louis, MO
words/video/photo by Boombox Photo

I have been going to concerts since 1996 when I was 13, somehow I have missed seeing the Meat Puppets despite a few chances to do so. Sadly after this evening of blistering loud rock and roll I was kicking myself the entire 50 minute ride home. I was thankful to be able to go to this show, things have been a little tight as of late but I got a offer I couldn’t refuse. So off I went to the beautiful Delmar Loop, home of the famous Blueberry Hill.




The Duck Room is a midsize venue located in the Blueberry Hill’s basement, it host a monthly show by Chuck Berry that draws people from all over the world. The Duck Room has a great sound and a great feel to it, a bar in the back of the room and ducks that line the walls, hence the name. I got their about 10 minutes past showtime thanks to a last minute delay and a gas stop. Cass McComb was on stage when I got their playing their second song of the set. They sounded great and are from the Bay Area of California.

They are a four piece band and they had the crowd feeling the good vibes of their laid back rock style. Beers were drank and great times were had out in audience. Loud cheers and whistles filled the song breaks, safe to say the crowd enjoyed them.




I have a deep love for the slide guitar and I was super happy when I saw their guitar player Buddy switch it up and tore down the Duck electric slide style. It was incredible sounding and was a highlight of their set for me as I really love that instrument and Buddy rocked it.




After 40 Minutes of great tunes and rocking the Duck, Cass McComb said goodnight and left the stage for the band of the evening. The good humored sound engineer came out and exchange a few jokes and words with the fans up front. As most people found the bar I found my way up to the front of the stage for a show I was growing more excited for by the minute.




After a very brief intermission the legendary Meat Puppets came on stage, plugged in and got to work.



0484 0484084

This show was LOUD, I have heard people say that before but these guys were turned up to 12, one higher than 11.




After 3 or 4 songs they decided to give the crowd a few Acoustic jams the song ” Seven Spanish Angels ” sounded amazing and was well received by the appreciative crowd.

These guys were really connected to each other and kept looking back at the others as to say, should we keep this jam rolling. It was almost like they each were challenging each other to set the bar a bit higher which resulted in a incredible performances.




Curt Kirkwood is a god on the guitar, I had no clue. He made sounds come out of his guitar that I did not know were possible prior to this night.



The Meat Puppets spent over 70 minutes rocking the house, The Meat Puppets took the shortest intermission I have ever witnessed. A mere 2 minutes at most and they were back for more.


After rocking a 2 column set list it was time to cal it a night. It was past 1 in the morning when I ventured back outside in the cold St. Louis night to my car. My ears ringing with that wonderful feeling that only comes from seeing a kick ass show. I went home, ate pizza drank a few beers and crashed. Super thankful I did not pass this one up.

Meat Puppets are on tour right now through December go see them live at a show near you. P.s bring ear plugs.

2014 Tour Dates:

October 25 Pittsburgh, PA // Club Cafe

October 27 Philadelphia, PA//Underground Arts

October 28 Pawtucket, RI//The Met

October 29 Cambridge, MA//The Sinclair Cambridge, MA

October 30 South Burlington, VT//Showcase Lounge

October 31 Brooklyn, NY//Rough Trade NYC

November 1 Brooklyn, NY//Rough Trade NYC

November 2 Washington, DC//Black Cat

November 4 Chapel Hill, NC//Local 506

November 5 Atlanta, GA//Center Stage

November 7 Houston, TX//Fitzgerald’s

November 28 Phoenix, AZ // Crescent Ballroom

November 29 San Diego, CA//The Casbah

December 2 Los Angeles, CA//Troubadour

December 3 San Francisco, CA//The Independent

December 5 Seattle, WA//Neumos

December 6 Portland, OR//Doug Fir Lounge


Spose, MC Lars and mc chris bring The Ghost Hunter tour to The Firebird, St. Louis, MO 10/19/2014

The Ghost Hunters Tour 2014
The Firebird 10/19/2014 St. Louis, MO
Words/Photos 2014 Boombox Photo

Right now mc chris is on tour of our fine country and is bringing along a few other rappers I have a massive respect for. Spose, MC Lars and mc chris are midway through a cross country trek hitting almost every city with a zipcode in the continental United States. This tour is packed with talent from start to finish. So get there early, dress up in costume and be ready to nerd out! This past Sunday the tour stopped in St. Louis for a show at The Firebird.

One of my favorite artist of the past few years is my man, Spizzy Spose from Wells, ME. I first heard him on college radio around 2010 in the middle of night driving across state back from another show. The next day I looked him up on youtube and found a lot of tracks that I really liked. Spose has incredible style, down to earth rhymes that tell stories and make you think. He opened his set with ” Gee Willikers ” and went right to his best known song ” I’m Awesome ” which was the song I heard so many years ago on that fateful night in 2010.

I went and saw his headlining tour in 2011 and got to meet the rest of the very talent people that make up Pdank. Pdank is Spose’s record label and features a strong roster of up and coming artist. One of my favorite producer/rappers on Pdank LLC, Jay Caron backed Spose up on hype man and DJ duty. Jay is ultra talented, on the mic, the turntables and his production is killer. Much respect to the whole PDank crew, I wore my Pdank hoodie and a Bullmoose shirt to show some Maine love out here in the midwest.


Spose had about a 30-40 minute set and made the most out of his time. Easily one of the more energetic opening sets I have seen in a long time. Before starting the song ” I’m Starving ” he made everyone get down low telling them ” If you don’t its just gonna be weird for you if you are the only person left standing “.


Before he left the stage he played one of my favorite songs ever ” 03 Altima ” off the Peter Sparker mixtape which you can find in the links below. It is a song about awesome shitty cars that are over a decade old and the daily grind of working dead end jobs. It features a insanely contagious beat and rhymes that easily relate to almost everyone who has drove a beater in their lifetime.

Next act of the evening was MC Lars, the Oakland rapper who is the most positive person on the planet. I first met and saw MC Lars in 2011 while roaming around Warped Tour, I knew nothing about him. I liked his set, bought a CD and poster and been a fan since. He makes addictive, funny, feel good music that is well produced and written. He opened his set with ” Space Game ” and ” True Playa For Real ” which are both fan favorites.


MC Lars is a very creative person I really dig everything about his music and art. His merch is super cool, his CDs sound good and he makes it really hard not to like him. It was very clear a lot of the 300+ people in attendance came out to see Lars. A lot of his shirts, hats and merch were in the crowd. I even wore my Oakland A’s hat to show appreciation for Lars and my love of Bay Area rap.


Midway through his set MC Lars showed off his freestyle skill as he asked the crowd to hold up any random object and proceeded to spit some spontaneous rhymes about the things that were held in front of him. The best part of this was he chose to use the beat for Iggy Azelea’s ” Fancy ” as the beat.


Before ending his set mc chris came out for one of MC Lars last songs. Together they told a few jokes and played ” Roomate From Hell ” from the album ” 21 Concepts But A Hit Aint One “. After Lars set was over I went outside to cool off and catch some air with my lady. We heard a intro for what we thought was mc chris over the PA and headed back inside. The set change time was magically short. Well it was magic because I walked in to see Ethan The Great on stage in mc chris place. He killed it onstage, he did 12 minutes of comedy/magic that had the crowd shouting YOU ARE A WIZARD at him. Ethan is from Columbia, MO and said on social media later that this was one of his first real performances, he could of fooled me. He had a very special stage presence that captured and commanded attention.

e(Photo from mc chris Facebook)

Shortly after lights went low again ” The Ghostbusters ” theme song blared through the speakers as mc chris took the stage. He opened the set with ” mc chris is dead ” from the album by the same name. He followed that by telling the crowd about the newly released album ” mc chris Forevrrr” which features 5 songs about The Ghostbusters. From that album he played ” Where The Ghost At? ” which is about Peter Venkman the Bill Murray character from Ghostbusters.


The song ” Luigi ” which is also from the new album went over awesome, I loved it. ” Luigi ” is all about the video game Luigi’s Mansion. Midshow for some reason about 3 girls chose to go side stage to talk very loudly amongst themselves. mc chris was not feeling it and, that would be a tremendous understatement to say the least. He threatened to have them kicked out and ordered them to the back of the room before he would continue the show. The crowd loved it, mc doesn’t not play that shit at all with his crowd.


mc commanded the stage with nerdcore hit after hit. Before the end of the show it was time for the costume contest. Their were many entries and it was a fierce competition. Characters from movies, comics and video games were all very well represented with both mainstream and obscure characters alike. My favorite from the start was Lady Ash from the Evil Dead series. My lady chose Mr. Sailor Moon for her choice and it was down to the wire between the two.


In the end Lady Ash emerged victorious out of about 15 contestants. Just down the street from this show was Weezer playing a very small club for a charity event. mc chris voiced his opinion on Weezer which was pretty funny and said that he dislikes the new music but still loves their album ” Pinkerton “. After that he lead the crowd on a ” FUCK WEEZER ” chant and told us all he was happy we came out to see him instead. I had the chance and wanted to go see Weezer but, I wanted to go see this show way more. I am glad I did, front to back this was a great show, great bands and a really fun night out for my girl and I. Thanks to everyone that made this night happen.


Update: Spose was robbed the next day in St. Louis, you can find out more and help here:

Check The Rest of the tour dates below:


Find these acts online here:


MC Lars

MC Chris

Boombox Photo

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Swollen Members, Madchild, Sozay
Pop’s Concert Venue, St. Louis, MO
Words/Photo/Video @beeznutzstl

I remember around 2002, I ran with a bunch of skateboarders who also did graffiti. All of us were all big into the underground rap and hip hop music that inspired our lifestyles. We would ride around St. Louis and get into all types of shit listening to music. It was good times and, that style of music marks a era of my life that I wouldn’t trade for anything. There were far too many great, unbelievable times that I will remember forever. Just like the first time I heard Swollen Members.

Years past and I slowly got to see all the groups we had listened to back then, with one exception: Swollen Members. They toured a lot but, either I missed it or my city would get skipped. Then Madchild went and got banned from the US for a few years and that was that. So you could say I was pretty excited when Pops announced they were hosting a show for Swollen Members. Now I could finally see the group I had eagerly awaited to see live for well over a decade. They would not let me down.

I enlisted the help of 2 friends, we met up and piled in one car for the trip across state lines to the beautiful city of Sauget, IL home of Pops Nightclub. After we got inside, and secured some tasty refreshments from the bar, my friends and I went to check out the merch. I chatted with the Swollen Members merch guy Johnny, while they bought up a bunch of stuff. He was a super cool guy and, was the son of the touring support Sozay.


My friends and I stepped outside into the chilly night to the Pop’s patio for a moment. While we caught up on bull shit and, they caught some nicotine refreshment from the from the air inside. They stayed outside while I went in to catch Sozay, he was fun to watch. He had some really great tracks, a lot of them featuring some really fun word play. My first impression was man this guy is intense. He had this killer, crazy look in his eye. The same look that is in a really driven, pumped up, fighter right before a match. That look. He rapped with that same intensity and together with his hypeman got the crowd ready to party.


I enjoyed Sozay. About 2/3 the way through the show, he invited his son to join him for a song. It was a very catchy track and turned out to be one of my favorites from the set. It was great to see father and son rap together and, to me was a highlight of the show.


Between Sozay and Swollen the intermission was very short because I remember running to the patio to pull in my chain smoking counterparts inside just as DJ Rob The Viking bought out Prevail, and the notorious, Madchild to the frenzied St. Louis stage.


BAM. BOOM, They walked onto Pop’s stage from then on, it was as if bomb exploded and the place went nuts. This shit was crazy, all these people wearing BattleAxe Gear flooded the stage. Madchild is something you need to see live, he had this look about him. Big sunglasses, and tattoos covering his face and smiling this crazy ” I just robbed a bank and got away ” smile while rapping these venomous lyrics that prior to this I had only heard on a CD.


One of my first thoughts watching them was, they should write a damn book so these broke ass, broke down rappers can read it. Title it ” How To Do A Live Rap Performance “, because these guys were schooling the game. Working both sides of the stage, slapping more hands than that of WWF stars of the 80s on the way down to the ring. It was a good feeling seeing the show I had waited so long for. Prevail, was doper than I could of every imagined, his rhyme game is so sharp. He was spitting razor flows effortlessly all night while working the stage with blinding speed.


This show was pedal to the metal, in your face, for the entire show. For a few songs Prevail took a breather, while Madchild treated St. Louis to some solo material. The crowd ate it up, almost as much as the Swollen stuff if not more so. During the song ” Dickhead ” everyone in the audience sang every word. It was pretty incredible to see the love STL has for Madchild and Swollen.


This crowd was not the largest one of the tour but, Swollen Members as a group blew the place apart like it was a capacity show. Madchild remarked how happy he was with the crowd and, to be on tour in St. Louis. He seemed to be in very good spirits and projected this good energy on the crowd. Its a great feeling to watch people do what they love, Madchild puts passion into his raps and performance.


They finished the blazing set with a solo Madchild song ” Monster ” and all I can think about is how this performance is burned in my memory forever now. Madchild killed this performance from start to finish, in every way. Its just a raw, very captivating performance and let the show end on a very high note. I was completely impressed with this show.

Swollen Members have new album ” Brand New Day, out next month, featuring the single ” Power ” check it out online. If you are anyway on the fence about going to see Madchild, Swollen Members, or Sozay go! Spend some money on this show because this guys will tear the stage down and put on a memorable show. I am already counting the days until they come even close to my city. I can’t wait to see this again. Thanks to Pop’s, Thanks Swollen Members for putting St. Louis on your tour, thanks to Sozay for coming out and rocking. Respect to everyone who came and spent some money on some real underground hip hop on a Sunday night in St. Louis.

Till Next Time.









Danny Brown Stops in Columbia, MO at The Blue Note 04/27/2014

Danny Brown
The Blue Note
Words/Photos/Videos – BeezNutzSTL

Last Sunday, the one and certainly only Danny Brown brought his ” The Old Danny Brown Tour ” through The Blue Note in Columbia, MO. Once again I made a short road trip from the suburbs of St. Louis to the college town of Columbia, Mo. Round Trip its a little under 3 hours. The Blue Note, is one of my favorite venues. I have been going here for a long time. It never disappoints me.


We got inside watched a few openers, had a few beers. Danny Brown hit the stage and the place went crazy. One of the most hyped crowds I have seen in a while.

The crowd feed off the music and gave security plenty of people to chase throughout the night, such as the guy in the basketball jersey that climbed on stage, dodged security and jumped into the crowd. That was at the end of the night, they kicked him out but that was the mood throughout the evening. People we going insane, shouting back lyrics, jumping and just having a good ass time. Danny Brown brings out the party, and Columbia came to party on a Sunday night.

Snapshot 6 (4-29-2014 12-01 PM)

Snapshot 4 (4-29-2014 11-59 AM)

Danny Brown rocked it for more than a hour. A healthy mix of old and new songs that the crowd ate up.

Snapshot 9 (4-29-2014 12-03 PM)

Snapshot 3 (4-29-2014 11-58 AM)

This tour has a bunch of dates booked worldwide through August, he very well could be smoking ” Blunt After Blunt ” in a city near you. Check Danny Brown’s tour dates here:

The show was well worth the drive, Danny Brown is something you just have to see live to appreciate and, if you go see a show you will. Hip hop when its good, is the best drug on the earth. Right now Danny Brown is dealing some serious crack music because he had these fans were hooked in Columbia. He left everyone wanting another hit, he will be back and so will we.

Till next time.


Drive-By Truckers Rocks Columbia, MO – The Blue Note – 04-17-14

Drive-By Truckers
04/17/2014 The Blue Note, Columbia, MO
Words/Video/Photos by BeezNutzSTL

First and foremost I want to say Thank you to The Blue Note for always running fun promotional contests via social media. Which is how I won these tickets to attend this awesome show. Do yourself a favor and go follow them, like them and LOVE them now and you can be the next winner.


I found out I won these about 6:30 day of show. Its a 90 mile drive to Columbia, well worth it. Columbia rocks.


We grabbed some beers at the upstairs bar and sat up in the balcony.


The Blue Note is awesome you can see the stage perfect from anywhere. Its a older style theather so the acoustics sound amazing too.


Something just makes you feel good when I listen to Drive By Truckers and its very contagious. Everyone was feeling pretty good from what I could see.

They rocked through song after song, with a few patron breaks in between. Only stopping for a brief intermission before coming back for a lengthy encore.


They came back refreshed and ready for round two. So was the crowd, gave us all time to hit the bar for one last drink.


They are on tour promoting ” English Oceans ” which came out March 04 2014 on ATO Records. Great record, you should check it out at your local independent music shop!


I am really happy I got to see this show, Thanks again Blue Note for picking me.


Thank you to Drive By Truckers for showing Columbia, MO love and playing The Blue Note on The English Oceans Tour 2014. It was a pleasure to come out and rock with you for a evening. Lets do this again next tour.


Till Next Time………

Drive By Truckers

The Blue Note


Beez Nutz

Leverage Models Invade Vintage Vinyl, 03/18/14

Leverage Models
Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO

I just can’t stay away from Vintage Vinyl and, its for good reason too. The special events/instores they frequently host are just too good to pass up. On a nice, chilly Tuesday night in St. Louis, the Leverage Models from New York stopped by the give everyone reason to funk it up. Earlier in the week I won a Twitter contest put on by Vintage Vinyl for ZZ Ward concert tickets. I had first heard of ZZ at a Vintage Vinyl performance a few years prior. So I decided to check out Leverage Models on our way down to the ZZ Ward show.


After a nice dinner my lady and I arrived on the historic Delmar Ave. right at Sunset. It is a beautiful diverse street filled with concert venues, food, and a amazing array of shops to suit just about everyone. We got in Vintage about 10 minutes late and I made a bee line to the beer table. Once again my friends and, unofficial sponser Schlafly Beer was on hand to provide adult refreshments to the 21 plus crowd. Black Lager tasted outstanding, Thank You very much Schlafly, keep up the great work.


The first thing anyone noticed about this performance was LOUD. Incredibly LOUD, even for this large size record store, the sound was in your face from the moment you stepped inside. After securing my refreshment I took a spot up front and watched the insane antics of frontman Shannon Fields.


They used a lot of funky futuristic sounds, auto-tune and various other instruments including a maraca and megaphone. They were very amusing to watch, I surely enjoyed it. After 20 minutes and a full sweat soaked shirt Leverage Models thanked the crowd and reminded everyone to check out the new self titled release which just came out last fall. Check the links below.


They put on a amazing show, afterwords we chatted for a few minutes they were very nice talking to. You should go check them out online, or even better when they come to a town near you. Many gracious thanks to everyone making this possible.

Thank you Vintage Vinyl, Thank you Leverage Models (safe travels) and a much love, very special thank you shout out to my unofficial (for now) sponser Schlafly Beer Saint Louis, MO (p.s SPONSER ME )



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The Lonely Wild Live From Vintage Vinyl 03.06.14

The Lonely Wild
Vintage Vinyl 03.06.14
by bzntzstl

Before thier show later that evening at The Old Rock House, The Lonely Wild came to Vintage Vinyl in The Delmar Loop for a intimiate performance. I was lucky enough to of caught the instore put on by Royal Teeth earlier that day so I hung around the famous loop and grabbed a bite to eat. It was a bright, very sunny day in St. Louis the perfect weather for getting out of the house for some new music.


After lunch I made it back to Vintage Vinyl about a half hour before the 4 p.m start time. If you ever get time to check out Vintage give yourself extra browsing time as they have a amazing collection no matter your taste. It is truely a gem, you should see it first hand.


The five piece band ran through a fast soundcheck, grabbed some beers and started up. Schlafly Beer was on hand once again to those of us 21 and up. It is always a nice treat to have a ice cold locally brewed beer.


The Lonely Wild are based in California, they are on tour promoting their newest release ” The Sun As It Comes ” on Thirty Tigers records. It is out now and you can buy it on Itunes here:


The band played for about 20 minutes and reminded everyone to check them out later that night. I thought they had a great performance had not for having plans I would of loved to attend their full live gig that night.


Before leaving most people got their second Schlafly sample (who could resist?) and stay to chat with the ever friendly members of the band. I am very lucky to have caught this show I feel very blessed.

Thank you Vintage Vinyl, Thank You The Lonely Wild, and Thank you Schlafly for supporting both music and St. Louis in general.

Till next time’



Royal Teeth Brings Their ” Glow ” to Vintage Vinyl 03.06.2014

Royal Teeth
by bzntzstl

On a beautiful, bright day in the Delmar loop in Saint Louis, MO. Royal Teeth, a five piece band from New Orleans, LA stopped by Vintage Vinyl for a stripped down acoustic performance before their show at the Demo later that evening. They are on the road promoting their latest release ” Glow ” which is on Dangerbird Records and features the single ” Wild “.

It is always a wonderful feeling being at Vintage Vinyl, good times and a great staff that loves music as much as you! As a bonus treat, Schlafly Beer was free to those attending that were 21 and up. Schlafly has been brewing quality beer here in St. Louis since 1991 and they always have supported local music.


The band had been on a 30 plus day tour and was this was the second from last date on the trip. Still they looked, and sounded great as it was the first day out on the road.


They played songs from ” Glow ” as well as a few from their ” Act Naturally e.p “. Mixing in a few new songs and a cover the band played a diverse 30 minute set that lasted well into my second Schlafly.


The most undeniable thing about this group that I loved is they made it look fun. Which translated into everyone else enjoying the music that much more.


Last year they were featured on Last Call with Carson Daly as musical guest. Rumor has it they are booked for another national Tv spot on the 20th of this month on a prime time hit show.


Afterwords the band, the crowd and empolyees of the store all sat around chatting as if old friends. Some of us drank, others did not. Yet, everyone left feeling good and glowing with a smile.


Thank you Royal Teeth, Thank You Vintage Vinyl St. Louis, and Thank You Schlafly Beer.


Be sure to check out ” Glow ” on Itunes.



till next time’

Dizzy Wright Is Blazing Trails Across America On The Fight To Unite Tour 2013


Dizzy Wright has been grinding and paying these dues for years and he is about to come and set YOUR TOWN on fire!! The Funk Volume artist is on the Kottonmouth Kings tour along side Deuce, Snow The Product and Eskimo Callboy. Judging from the post on Dizzy’s facebook, these shows have been going off.


Dizzy has recently released a new E.P ” The First Agreement ” on Funk Volume Records. You can find it right here, and be sure to check out the new video ” The First Agreement” Ft. Manuel Scott and Nikkiya which was just released as well!


Check out Dizzy’s new video right here:

You can catch the Fight To Unite Tour in the following cities through May 5th:

Tue 04/16/13 Atlanta, GA Heaven At The Masquerade

Wed 04/17/13 Louisville, KY Headliners Music Hall

Thu 04/18/13 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live!

Fri 04/19/13 Reading, PA Reverb

Sat 04/20/13 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance Entertainment Complex

Sun 04/21/13 Clifton Park, NY Upstate Concert Hall

Tue 04/23/13 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s Concert Club

Wed 04/24/13 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall

Thu 04/25/13 Joliet, IL Mojoes

Fri 04/26/13 Columbia, MO The Blue Note

Sat 04/27/13 Denver, CO Summit Music Hall

Mon 04/29/13 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue

Tue 04/30/13 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre

Wed 05/01/13 Seattle, WA Studio Seven

Fri 05/03/13 Las Vegas, NV Hard Rock Cafe On The Strip

Sat 05/04/13 Santa Ana, CA Yost Theater

Sun 05/05/13 West Hollywood, CA Troubadour


Check out Dizzy Wright and the rest of Funk Volume online :

Dessa Gives St. Louis Their 14 Dollars Worth At The Firebird, St. Louis, MO

Dessa, A. Wolf and Her Claws, Farout and Dj Mahf
Words/Photo’s by BeezNutzSTL

Each year thousands of artist converge on Austin, Tx for the annual South By Southwest Music Festival. Many of them book shows throughout the midwest en route to the Music Fest each year. This year Dessa announced a show at The Firebird in St. Louis, and I made sure I had that night off. The day started off rainy, and very gloomy, a normal wet and cold St. Louis afternoon. My day got better as the night went on, by 9 p.m I was parked outside The Firebird. I got inside in time to check out Farout and DJ Mahf, whom are two of my favorite local acts. There was a rather nice sized crowd on a Monday night. I found a good spot and rocked out upfront with Farout. I have been privileged to have see him and the rest of the Indy Ground Crew on numerous occasions. They always come to rock and put on great shows,
Farout has a new project ” Brett Gretzsky ” with another artist, ” J. Bomb ” which drops next week. You should download it at the link provided below. (It’s Free). They rocked the stage for 30 minutes, DJ Mahf was extra funky backing up Farout with scratches and cuts. Each time I see the
m they impress me. Farout is constantly improving, I am very excited to hear this Brett Gretzsky album when it drops, make sure you check it out.


Next to the stage was Aby Wolf, also know as A.Wolf And Her Claws, I was very excited to see her. After a very brief soundcheck, she launched into what would turn out to be a shining, impressive set from the Minneapolis, Minnesota native. She had a very unique, powerful voice, and blended it beautifully with the music. She played tracks from her two releases that can be find at the links below.The crowd grew as her set progressed, by the time she finished her 30 minute set, the crowd had doubled in size and sent her off stage with a loud applause.


Dessa took the stage dressed in a super dope red leather jacket, and rocking a fierce hip hop attitude that can not be put into words. She started the night off with ” Alibi ” from the 2010 release ” A Badly Broken Code ” and had everyone packing closer and closer in to the stage. Dessa hails from Minneapolis, MN and has the kind of stage prescence that only comes after countless performances. Between songs she would often talk to the crowd, and made sure to reconize the dedication of one loyal fan who came to the show on crutches.


The four piece band backing her really made the show special, live music is always better. It was a Monday night, and Dessa promised the crowd a $14 dollar show for the low price of their $12 dollar admissions. By playing a great mix of old and new songs Dessa kept the set fresh, and it was great to see her talent focused in the spotlight. The song ” Into The Spin ” from the 2011 release ” Castor, The Twin ” was another highlight of the night for me. She shows such beauty, depth, range and just inspiring creativity when she performs, it is something to see live.


For the majority of the show I occupied the front row, and enjoyed every second of that spot. However, about midway through the show, some guy pushed his way up front and stood right in front of this girl whom had been standing there the whole time. Being nice, I gave the girl my spot and watched the rest of the show from a few feet back. It made me feel good, and she got to continue to watch the rest of the show from a good spot. The show was just as great from the back of the crowd as it was from right up front. Dessa and her band put forth amazing effort to make sure everyone indeed, did get there 12 dollars worth, and that we did.


Aby Wolf helped out on back up vocals, and sounded just perfect alongside Dessa. Between songs, Dessa remarked the two had been singing together for a very long time, and it showed on stage they had awesome stage chemistry. I was very surprised when Dessa covered ” Going Down ” by Bruce Springsteen, the cover was nothing short of amazing. She ended the night on a high note closing the set with ” Chaconne ” with her and Aby performing from the crowd. The crowd loved it and it ended the show on a very high note. She told the crowd she would be racing us all to the bar after the song ended, such a great all around performance, Dessa and her band were incredible. Go see this show, or else you will be missing out.


I stuck around afterwords and chatted a bit for a bit, and rumor has it DoomTree just might be in your town this summer. So be sure to keep up with them online, you don’t want to miss that. Dessa took time for each fan and was super friendly signing T-shirts, Cds and Vinyl with stopping to pose for photo’s. For those of you that didn’t get your Dessa fix on Monday, this upcoming Friday (3/21) she will be in Columbia, MO so fuel up that car. Its road tripping time. Thanks to everyone who made this night so great, go support these great artist by clicking on some of the links below.

Dessa’s Upcoming Shows

Houston, TX

New Orleans, LA

Atlanta, GA

Nashville, TN

Columbia, MO

Thanks for reading, until next time…..

Thank You to : Mary T, Dessa, The Firebird and their awesome staff, Aby Wolf, Farout, DJ Mahf (that Steddy P, is jamming in my stereo), Adam, Jessica, and everyone else that made this night special, thank you. Oh yeah, thanks to the girl on crutches, you rock!!!!


A. WOLF and Her Claws

Official Site –
Twitter –
Facebook –
Instagram –


Road To Paid Dues, The Gramophone, 03/05/13
Photo’s/Words : BeezNutzSTL


Paid Dues is a independent hip hop festival held annually in Pomona, California. This week some of my favorite artist came out to rock The Gramophone in St. Louis on The Road To Paid Dues tour. Thanks to my good friends Kathy and Curtis, I have known about and been a fan of Prof for years now.


My friends Kathy, Curtis and I all decided to meet up and ride downtown together. That way we would save that gas money for better things, such as drinks and merch. We got to The Gramophone around 9:30, went inside and headed straight to the bar. Which was where I met my new friend Anna. We had both came to the show to see Prof and we ended up hanging out most of the night. A beer later I found my spot just in time for Black Cloud Music who was taking the stage.


Black Cloud Music is a indepedent record label based in Island Empire, California founded in 2006. They were represented by two of the members Noa James ” The Intelligent, Elegant, Elephant ” and Curtiss King who made a reference to himself looking like Sinbad which was funny. They both were dope, had great lyrics and played well off each other. I watched the entire set and was very impressed. Noa commanded everyone’s attention and respect when he rapped acapella and his words boomed off the back brick walls.


They rocked for 30 plus minutes and got the crowd hyped up. It was a nice sized crowd packed into the smaller venue. We headed outside for a minute to cool off between acts. Fashawn was the next man to the stage. As soon as Fashawn touched the mic he got right to work. My friends and I all liked him, and you could hear people around us remarking how dope he was between songs. He rapped about life, California, weed and girls. Fashawn started ” G’s Up ” by asking ” By a show of hands who knows where the good weed is in St. Louis? ”


Fashawn made a lot of fans, my friends and I included. After Fashawn left the stage I held down our spots while everyone went for merch and drinks. Anna came back with beers, and shots. While Curtis and Kathy went and got some merch including a fresh Dj Fundo T-shirt. As soon as Dj Fundo walked out and started scratching records the party was on. Prof has a unmatched energy level on stage and his shows are just crazy start to finish. He opened with ” Gampo ” off his newest official release ” King Gampo ” which had the people that knew him rapping along, while everyone else was bouncing.


Prof has so much fun with his music and it spread like fire through the small venue. One of my favorite songs ” President ” was in the midway through the set and was a highlight of the show for me. During a song break Anna got Prof’s attention and told him she bought him Jameson. He was super excited and said she looked like a mob daugther. She promised him that her mob father wouldn’t put a hit on him, if he hit on her. In exchange for the shots Prof personally thanked her and then serenaded her with some R. Kelly. Then they both slammed down the shots, made for a very memorable part of the show. As always Dj Fundo, kept it fun on the Turntables chiming in with funny stage banter throughout the night.


Everytime Prof comes back around the crowd is bigger, and he has stepped it up. Two of my favorite Prof tracks closed out the set ” On My Way ” which was on the first Prof cd I ever got. He followed that up with my favorite track off King Gampo ” Yeah Buddy ” which got a great crowd response each chorus. This show made me feel great, and it wasn’t even over yet. I looked over and Anna was glowing, her night was made. The look of amazement was spread evenly across the room. Just wait till he comes back through he will have a lot more St. Louis fans and be in a bigger venue.

My fans are like pyros spreadin’ fires you already heard about him ” – PROF – AMAZING


Coming into this show, my knowledge was extremely limited on the headliner of the evening Murs. The Los Angeles based rapper has been making music since 1995 and has a long track record of appearances, and features. He walked on stage backed by Dj Foundation and won me over immediately, he has a awesome stage presence and his music was dope. The song ” Better Than The Best ” featured some awesome word play and a catchy beat. I also really enjoyed the ” O.J ” song which was about breakups. During one point he slowed down the song to talk to the crowd about relationships before bouncing back into the rest of the song remixed with a outkast beat. He also paid respect to the legend Nate Dogg by doing a brief piano backed cover of ” Regulators “. The crowd sang every word and we all stopped for a second to remember Nate Dogg, R.I.P.


He brought back out Fashawn again, which was cool. Fashawn really impressed me so it was a welcome sight to have him back on stage. Together Murs and Fashawn teamed up for some really great live hiphop. Everyone in my group with the exception of myself had to work the next morning. Which meant for me that we had to leave before Murs finished his set. I wanted to stay, but it was time to roll. We said our goodbyes and hit the door.


The show front to back was solid, the definition of live hip hop at its very best. You owe it to yourself to check this tour out when it rolls through your town. Be sure to check out the links below and show these artist some love. The Gramophone did a great job with this show, the lights, sound and staff were all on top of their game. This easily was one of my favorite shows of the year.

Till Next Time…..


Thank you!!!: Stophouse, Black Cloud Music, Fashawn, Murs, The Gramophone, Curtis, Kathy, Devon, Thank you Anna for the Beer! Thank you to everyone who read and shared this.







Bonnaroo Lineup Announcement Megathon B.L.A.M Does Not Disappoint.

Bonnaroo 2013 June 13-16th in beautiful Manchester, TN.
Words/Video/Pictures : BeezNutzStl

Bonarroo 2013

Today is a day that myself, and thousands of other music fans across the world have been waiting for. Which of coarse is Bonnaroo Announcement Day. It is almost a holiday to some like me. I personally worked 3 extra shifts at my job just to have this day off. And, was it worth it? Yes it was. Here is the complete Lineup that we all have been waiting on and below are a few reasons I think that you should venture to the farm this summer.

I tried on both my ipod and my computer to open the live video feed on Bonnaroo’s Youtube Channel with no luck. So many people were trying to watch at the same time. During one point the view counter was at 18,000 people watching live. I kept having the video freeze and stop working. After refreshing for the first 10 minutes the video wouldn’t work for me at all. That had a lot of people had posting some negative comments. It is supposed to be fun, and to me it was.


I worked out the problems and got the video going again. As I tuned in they were reading some of the first announcements live : Passion Pit, Of Monsters, Of Men were read off by Weird AL. Then a personal Bonnaroo favorite of mine Trombone Shorty came on the screen live to announce that he would be at Bonnaroo 2013.


After some various random Bonnaroo footage, a lady named Amy and her adorable son announced Billy Idol and another band I didn’t reconize the name for. Weird Al came back on screen to announce Mumford and Sons, which was a solid add. Next to be announced was Grizzly Bear, Foals, Walk The Moon, Wild Nothing, Deap Vally, Killer Mike and Japandroids were on a list that came out of a colorful donkey pinatas ass. Portugal. The Man, made a guest appearance and played ” So American ” which sounded great. I have yet to get to see them live this was a cool surprise for me.

Portugal. The Man was a awesome addition to this party, and I made it a party. This is one of the best days of the year for me. I learn so much about music, myself and just life in general from being away from normal life for a few days in the summer. Bonnaroo gives me that and that means the world to me. If you have never been, you really should consider going it is nothing short of AMAZING. My favorite thing about Bonnaroo is all the artist and people I am grateful to have seen and met that other than here, I never would of had to the chance to. It’s priceless.


So I was having a lot of fun watching this whole thing, to me anticipation makes things better sometimes. Goofy skits ensued and more artist were announced Beach House, Gaslight Anthem, Local Natives, Dirty Projectors, Baroness, The Vaccines, Dwight Yokam, and Death Grips rounded out that set. R.Kelly was the next big announcement. I’m not sure on this one, the topic is being widely debated. I know R. Kelly takes a lot of heat in the media. His last tour got great reviews and he is a talented writer and performer. Should be interesting to say the least. It is either gonna be really good, or really bad which do you think?

Paul Mccartney, was a major addition to the lineup. Some of the others were Purity Ring, Cat Power, The Wu Tang Clan, Björk and ZZ Top which were all big names to be added. I have never got to see Wu Tang and they will be a set I won’t miss. Next to be announced on the show were Matt and Kim, Tame Impala, Action Bronson, Kendrick Lamar, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, and Pretty Lights were some of the bigger artist that were announced to close out the show. But there was one more major artist for 2013…. Weird AL Yankovich, which was felt across the world. One word Major.

They closed out the show with Weird Al playing a song with Portugal. The Man. The show was fun I will see everyone at the farm this summer. Until then here are some of my personal favorite 2013 Bonnaroo Artist picks, all videos shot by me over the years.

5. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers they are going to play a great set because thats what Tom Petty does. They are known for their live shows, go see this one.

4. Baroness, these guys blew me away last time I saw them live. They are what a good rock show is about. They are going to tear shit up at Bonnaroo. If you go don’t miss them.

3. NAS is incredible live, Nas does not disappoint he stays sharp.It will be just him, a mic, you and The DJ. What true Rap is all about, come out and see Nas. One of the best rappers of all time.

2. St. Vincent and David Bryne, I owe finding out about St. Vincent to Bonnaroo. I saw her back in 09 and she was incredible. I have been hooked since. Last year was one of my favorite performances of the weekend, I can’t wait for this year.

1. Killer Mike is tremendously underrated, I went to his show a while back. Dude Kills it, hence the name. I really like his lyrics, songs, and how can you not like a song about Wrestling Star Ric Flair? Go Check out Killer Mike this summer.

You can find me online, thanks for reading this. Follow me I will be at Bonnaroo, and various other shows this summer. Till Next Time. BeezNutzSTL

I am Beez Nutz and I love concerts.

The Rouge Pays St. Louis A Visit 02/10/2013

The Rouge The Firebird 02/10/2013
Words/Photos/Video By BeezNutzStl

There is a funny story about how I discovered this band. I work at a famous restaurant in St. Louis, and back during the Myspace days I met this band traveling to and from Nashville to record. They all were very nice and I added them on myspace. Over the years I had served them about 3-4 times and they were always cool. Fast forward to the Facebook era, I saw they had booked a show in St. Louis. I jumped on the chance to come out and support.

They booked a show at The Firebird, which is a great venue for music. I invited my awesome sister, and bought her ticket. Pulling into the parking lot I was pleasantly surprised at the crowd. Sundays are not the best for concerts in St. Louis, because sometimes the crowd is a no show. Not this night however, about 50 cars were already parked in the lot by the time we arrived around 8:30. When we got there the first band was walking off stage, so I didn’t get to catch them.

The next band Without Hazard started and my sister and I stayed at our table during the first few songs chatting it up. They played this song which they called ” Track 4 ” because they hadn’t named it yet. It got both of us out of our seats and in front of the stage. I really dug everything about the song especially the bass line which was very catchy and funky.


We stayed upfront for the rest of their set and enjoyed the music. My sister loved their sound, I dug it too. They played a great set and did a great job of warming up the show. They had a Cd for sale and download ” Amateur Astronomer ” which I will provide a link for at the bottom.

They wrapped up the set, and let The Rouge run through a brief soundcheck. Then something happened that I have never seen in all my years of concert going. The singer Josh jumped on stage and told the crowd his batteries to his guitar were dead. He said the show would start when the new batteries arrived. Minutes later his dad came in the door with some fresh double a’s. He brought his father Dan to the stage and had the crowd give him a hand.


A few minutes later the 4 piece band from Nashville took the stage. The Rouge fronted by Joshua Vaught on acoustic guitar/vocals, Jack Egan on Bass, Nick Edler on the drums, and Steve Voss doing back up vocals, Guitar, and keyboard took their positions on stage. The first song ” Steel Town ” captured everyones attention. Joshua has such a strong voice and the rest of the band compliments each other so well. They had won me over before the first song even finished. They said they had a new video coming out for the song ” Cocaine Hero ” which the guitar palyer Steve had shot and edited. It is a very catchy song, and can see this single becoming a big hit.


My sister and I keep looking at each other saying to each other how good they were. There was so many great songs ” Medication ” was a personal favorite of the night. Such great lyrics, and feeling behind each song. Joshua has a great showman quality about him, at one point he left the stage to check the poster out so he could mention the opening bands. Which was funny, most bands just say thanks to the great openers. Someone in the crowd named Troy I believe bought the guys a sixer of Schlafly Beer. Schlafly is a great local beer company and was great to see that on stage with them.


Recently they have been signed to Atlantic Records, and released a single ” Pressure ” which has been getting spins nationwide. Joshua told the crowd all his friend had been calling him about hearing them on the radio. It is a great song about Rock and Roll, and really sounds great.


They played for 60 minutes finishing their set with ” We The Free ” which was a great song to close the night. It was such a good show, the kind that leaves you feeling great at the end. My sister and I stuck around to chat with the guys. I am happy we took the time to come out, it was a great show. The new E.P ” Blurry ” is out now at major retailers, and online at Amazon, and Itunes. You really should consider buying a copy. Be on the look out for The Rouge when they play your area. You will be glad you did.


Be sure to check out Without Hazard and their E.P which you can find at the link below.


The Rouge – The Firebird – 02/10/13

1. Steel Town
2. Absinthe
3. Cocaine Hero
4. Medication
5. Pressure
6. Sleepwalking
7. Six Shooter
8. Bashful Branches
9. Sinners
10. Handcuffs
11. We The Free

Soul Asylum Kicks Off 2013 Tour With a Party In St. Louis!!!

Soul Asylum The Old Rock House 1/30/13
Words/Photos By BeezNutzStl

I have always liked Soul Asylum, they remind me of good times in my childhood. I never got to see them during the 90’s and missed them every time since. They had just came out with a new album last year. When I heard they were coming to one of my favorite places in St. Louis, I jumped on the chance to go. The Old Rock House is the perfect place for a band like them, big enough to sell a bunch of tickets. Yet small enough so its a big party, it’s a awesome venue for music. Featuring 3 Levels, 2 Bars, and 2 Bathrooms makes it comfortable to see a show. They have always been extra nice to me, and its always a good time there.


Soul Asylum fronted by founding member Dave Pirner took to the stage a little before 10 p.m while a lot of the crowd was finding the way inside. They started the set with ” Somebody To Shove ” off of the mutli-platinum album ” Grave Dancers Union ” which came out in 1992. It was hard to believe it had been that long, they played a diverse set list and had the crowd feeling the music. I saw so many smiles it was unbelievable. Prior to the show I had bought and listened to the new album and they did a few of my favorite songs from it. The new album is called ” Delayed Reaction ” and it is instores now if you would like to hear it.


Up next they tried a new song on us ” Gravity ” which is from the new album ” Delayed Reaction . They really sound good together on this new stuff and the band plays off each other well. Dave was rocking some thrashed up jeans that looked as if they must of came from the 90’s and drummer Michael Bland was rocking a sick mo-hawk. They all looked really cool, and just as you would expect them to.


Dave’s voice sounded great live, just like you remembered it on the radio. They played the songs ” Pipe Dream ” and ” Into The Light ” which are both new songs. It was cool to hear the difference in the old and new material. I would recommend getting the new album. I am glad I did, made the show more enjoyable to me.


Dave is quite the joker on stage, he has a lot of fun with the crowd. Which should make for a interesting rest of these exhausting tour dates. They followed the new stuff up with some classics ” Black Gold ” was up next and had everyone singing along, dancing and it felt amazing to be part of. Next he said they just came up with a new song on the bus that day, and played ” Runaway Train ” the crowd ate it up. It was so great to be in that room at that moment, so many people just had this euphoric look on their faces. It was priceless, nowhere else I would rather be.


After a few more song they left the stage briefly, they came back up and Dave started talking about how he wrote the next song about our state. The crowd laughed and we knew that ” Misery ” was up next. That song is from the album ” Let Your Dim Light Shine ” which came out in 95. They chose to end the set with another song from that album ” Just Like Anyone ” which closed out the night and sent people paying their bar tabs.


After the show I was feeling incredible. Soul Asylum really made it into a party and played a great show. Everyone left happy, I waited around after the show and talked to Dave. We talked about his ripped up jeans, music, and just a bunch of fun things. He was really easy to talk to and enjoyed being around his fans. He posed for pictures and signed autographs for as many people that wanted one. He went out of his way to be cool to everyone he met. I hope I see them back here soon, I can’t wait to see them again.


Make sure you go check out the new album ” Delayed Reaction ” you will be glad you did. You can find it online, instores or at one of the many, many shows they have booked across America this year. For a list of tour dates you can find Soul Asylum here:

Go check out the new album ” Delayed Reaction ” You will be glad you did.


Soul Asylum 01/30/13 The Old Rock House, St. Louis, MO.

1. Somebody To Shove
2. I Will Still Be Laughing
3. Can’t Even Tell
4. Lately
5. Whatcha Need
6. Oxygen
7. Leave This Town
8. Gravity
9. Pipe Dream
10. Into The Light
11. The Streets
12. Without A Trace
13. Black Gold
14. Runaway Train
15. Closer To The Stars
16. Made To Be Broken
17. Stand Up And Be Strong
18. Misery
19. Just Like Home.

Till next time.



Thank You to : Wes, The Old Rock House, Dave, Soul Asylum, Airika, Bradley and everyone that came out. Thanks.

Reel Big Fish Heats Up St. Louis 01/15/2012 The Pageant.

Reel Big Fish, The Pageant 01/15/13 St. Louis, Mo
Photo’s and Words By BeezNutzSTL

I have been lucky enough to call myself a Reel Big Fish fan for many years. They always make me laugh, their shows are high energy and most of all they are FUN. So with a show announced for the first month of 2013 in my hometown. I had no choice in the matter. During the weeks leading up, I kept suggesting that my girlfriend come out and see the show with me. She wasn’t that hard to convince. It had been a year since I had seen The Fish so there was no way I could miss this show.

Reel Big Fish released ” Candy Coated Fury ” on July 31st 2012 on Rock Ridge Records. They have been very busy since embarking on a world tour that had already included a St. Louis date. Well that didn’t stop the fans from showing up again. Arriving at The Pageant a bit after 8:30 my girlfriend and I parked and hustled through the cold to the venue. After a brief search we were in and Dan P and MU330 were finishing their reunion set which I sadly missed.

Up next was a band that I was at the time unfamiliar with The Pilfers from New York City. I was unprepared for the level of energy, and the show they brought with them. They got the crowd moving as soon as they hit the stage, and the floor soon reached capacity.


The Pilfers took the stage as the loyal fans none as ” Pilfer Crew ” filled the pit area. The fusion of the different styles of music melted into a crazy stream of energy felt throughout the venue. The band lead by ex-Toasters singer Coolie Ranx on vocals, Billy Kottage on Trombone, Nick Bacon played Guitar and did back up vocals, Ben Basile on Bass and James Blanck behind the kit. They all sounded great together, and had my lady and I dancing to the beats.


My girlfriend told me after their set how compelled she felt to dance during the whole set. Before leaving the stage Coolie came and paid the crowd a visit. First he did a entire song from the pit, then he walked the length of the crowd on the counters of the venue. Very cool and made for a highlight of the show for myself.


After a brief sound check and set change, the crowd grew louder in anticipation. The lights fell black, and a epic sounding intro song blasted through the speakers. The Orange County Ska Legends took the stage. Notable missing Little Johnny Christmas (congratulations on fatherhood) and Matt Appleton (whom is sick). The band led by Aaron Barrett on Vocals/Guitar, Dan Regan on Trombone, Derek Gibbs on Bass, and Ryland Steen on the Drums took their places. A few of the Pilfers helped fill in the void of the 2 missing members. They chose to open the set with the opening song from ” Candy Coated Fury “. The song ” Everyone Else Is A Asshole ” started the crowd on a nonstop skankin’, dance marathon that was this entire show. Next were the fan favorites ” Trendy ” and ” Everything Sucks ” which are always great live.


Reel Big Fish is a great live show, for one the jokes are different every time. And two the setlist will be different every time no matter what. So every show is fresh and new, which I love most about this band.


Midway through the set, Aaron told everyone about how cool the 90’s were. Before jumping into the song ” Sell Out ” he told everyone that the next song was written before Instragram. Which made for a great intro to popular hit song.


The highlight of the show for me was them breaking out the 2002 classic song ” Where Have You Been “. It had been far, far too long since I heard that live. Last time I saw that song was 2008 on the Warped Tour. They dropped many gems throughout the show.


Before breaking into everyone’s favorite drinking song the band had a identity crisis on stage. First they played ” Tequila ” before they realized they don’t know that song. Then they tried “ Red Red Wine ” but sadly didn’t know that one either. Finally they gave ” Margaritaville ” a try but that didn’t fare any better. Before giving up they played a awesome version of ” Beer “.


They left the stage for 5 minutes with chants of Reel Big Fish filling the dark room. Getting the crowd charged up again with ” Don’t Stop Skanking ” Reel Big Fish got the crowd moving again. Which was followed up by one of my favorite ” The Many Faces Of Suburban Rhythm ” which is where they play a quick song followed by different musical versions of the same song (Country, Death Metal, Disco). Before ending the bit, Aaron remarked that was the first time for that joke. Funny guy.


They sent everyone home with a classic cover of the 80’s song ” Take On Me ” which was a fitting way to end a great night. This show was awesome, Reel Big Fish never lets me down and I always feel great when I leave.

Reel Big Fish are on tour NOW! Through April 2013 and BEYOND!!!! Check the dates here:

The Album ” Candy Coated Fury ” is in stores/online now. Go support locally owned record stores. Or shop online by clicking here

Thank You to : Reel Big Fish, The Pageant, Dan P and MU330, The Pilfers, Mike at Ear Shot Media, Nick Bacon and everyone else who made this night so great.

Reel Big Fish, The Pageant 01/15/13

1. Everyone Else Is A Asshole.
2. Trendy
3. Everything Sucks.
4. She’s Famous Now.
5. Your Girlfriend Sucks
6. All I Want Is More
7. Everybody’s Drunk
8. Sell Out
9. Your Guts ( I Hate Em’)
10. Good Thing
11. I Hate You, Fuck You, Leave Me Alone.
12.Where Have You Been
13. Candy Coated Fury
14. She Has A Girlfriend Now
15. Another F-U Song.
16. In The Pit
17. I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore.
18. Tequila, Red Red Wine, Margrataville – BEER.
19. Don’t Stop Skankin’
20. Suburban Rhythm (Many Faces Of)
21. Take on Me.

ZZ Ward Stops In Vintage Vinyl For Instore Performance 12/02/12


Before Vintage Vinyl posted a event called ” ZZ Ward Instore Performance ” on Facebook. I had never heard of this young rising star. I had the night off work because, I was going to see Coheed and Cambria later in the evening. So my girlfriend and I decided to hit the local record store for some free tunes first.

So coming into this show, my knowledge of ZZ was extremely limited. I knew she had a new record out which was being well received, and that she recently appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Other than that, I knew next to nothing.

We got to the wonderful Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis, a few minutes early and found a good spot up front. About 20-30 people filled the aisles of cds and waited patiently for the show to start. About 6:05 the band came out from the back and took the small stage. They all looked very cool, and ZZ came out rocking a Notorious B.I.G shirt (Which made her even cooler!). She looked very excited to say the least!

ZZ is originally from Oregon, but is now based out of L.A . She played songs from her new album ” Till The Casket Drops ” which came out in October. One of my favorites was the title track ” Till The Casket Drops ” which is a great song about loving someone till the end. In this case, till the casket drops. She rocked this song, her voice was incredibly powerful and capturing.

There was a very diverse crowd in attendance all types of people, young and old filled the area around the stage. My girlfriend really enjoyed her lead single ” Put The Gun Down “. ZZ is a very good performer and she steals the show. Her lyrics are very catchy, her band was on point, and that made her show all the better.

ZZ really connects with the crowd, her band really compliments her well and they sound great together. Last time they were in town they opened for Blues legend Buddy Guy. If only I had known about them then, I would of went to that show.

Before playing the song ” Charlie Ain’t Home ” ZZ credited legendary Etta James for inspiring her to write the song. It was another highlight of her 25 minute, 5 song set-list. I enjoyed hearing the story and inspiration behind the song.

Before leaving she made sure to introduce her band and play a song about hooking up with a nerd called ” Move It Like You Stole It ” which was another great song. Everyone was in a good mood by the time they left the stage.

After the show, ZZ hung out to sign autographs and meet with fans. When it was our turn she was really nice to us, down to earth, and cool. Then Papa Ray from Vintage Vinyl came over and gave her a rare Etta James Cd that made her smile ear to ear. She was great to talk with and I am very happy I came out to see this show. They played a show here the day after at The Firebird which I was unable to attend sadly. However, next time I will be there, she blew me away. Go check her out if she comes to your town, you won’t regret it.

Till Next Time.



Blueprint, Mad Dukes, Mathias and The Pirates
The Firebird 11/29/12
Words/Photos/Videos : BzNtz

I must admit, I feel bad for sleeping on Blueprint for as long as I did. With some many choices in music these days, its easy for great artist be over looked. A few years back I saw a show he did with Atmosphere and he stole the show for me. He has so much depth, passion and great lyrics in his music. His beats are alive with his pulse, because he puts heart and soul into his music.

The holidays are fast approaching, which meant I could not afford to ask off work anymore. I decided if fate gave me a night off, I would go to this show. Well it didn’t give me a night off, but I did manage to get off work sooner than expected. So I made a late dash to The Firebird in St. Louis, MO to catch a great hip hop show.

As I was pulling up to the brick building that houses The Firebird. It was easy to hear deep bass vibrating the walls. I was somewhat worried I had show up too late. It was difficult to tell through the thick walls if this was Blueprint on stage, or not. I was a bit late as it was 10:15 when I showed up. Just my luck however, I had made it in perfect time. One of my local favorites Mathias and The Pirates were on stage and I got to catch the last few songs.

They were great to watch and were a good way to start my evening. Mathias has been rapping in St. Louis for a very long time, he was part of the award winning hip hop group The Earthworms. Lately he has been on a lot of shows doing his solo projects which are equally as dope.

Up next from New York was Mad Dukez. He has a new video for a very entertaining song called ” Animal “. Mad Dukez is from Buffalo, NY and represents DTR45 records. He was very bouncy, and hype on stage.

I really enjoyed his set closing song ” Stupid Hard “. I thought his show was dope, and I can’t wait till he comes back to the Midwest. I enjoyed the downtime between sets and caught up with old friends in the crowd.

That brought up the main act of the evening Blueprint and DJ Rare Groove. He took about 5 minutes to hook up effect pedals, and a keyboard and beat machine. Then he told the crowd ” I am gonna work hard to make you guys feel good about coming out on a Thursday night, Thank you “. He would not disappoint the small, but fun crowd in attendance.

Coming out of Columbus, OH and representing Rhymesayers Ent. Blueprint got right to work, he spits his lyrics in a raw, easy to understand tone. His subjects are real, they can be a story, they can just be fun, but he has a unmistakable confindance when he raps that draws people in. For the next hour the stage was Blueprint’s. Early in the set, he played one of my favorites ” The Clouds “. The song is very personal and very unconventional because it has no hook or chorus.

He dropped great track, after great track, spanning all of his albums. Since 2003 Blueprint has released album after album. Also he has appeared on various hip hop projects. Neeless to say Blueprint carries quite the body of work with him when he tours. During some songs Blueprint picked up his keyboard and used it like a guitar. DJ Rare Groove made sure everything was fresh, and added dope cuts throughout the night.

He rocked some of my favorite songs this tour, like the one about selling weed. The song is called ” Neighborhood Weed Man ” he started the song off by talking about how many songs are about smoking weed while hardly any are wrote about selling weed. The song features what sounds like Method Man saying ” Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it ” and it is easily a great baking jam.

He also played the timeless classic ” Big Girls Need Love Too ” which before he started joked that is the number one song in South America. ” I can’t walk the streets of Hondurus because of this song “. It is a great song, filled with great lines. Just listen.

Blueprint got off stage and headed to the merch booth, where he sold T-shirts and copies of his new cd ” The Deleted Scenes ” which is a b-side record of all the cuts that didn’t make the ” Adventures in Counter Culture ” release. What is remarkable about Blueprint is that he has a amazing memory. Right way he remembered me, and he started a conversation about the last show I was at of his. I made sure to buy the new cd, and thanked him from coming back to St. Louis. He thanked me.

That doesn’t happen a lot anymore, he cares about his fans and it shows. This was a great hip hop show, Blueprint brings it everytime. If he stops in your hood, hand over that 10 dollars and go see this show. You wont regret it.

Thanks to : Blueprint, DJ Rare Groove, Mad Dukez, Mathias and The Pirates, The Firebird and everyone who was there.

Till next time.


Twiztid Destroys East St. Louis With Help From Hed Pe and Lil Wyte 11/29/12


Strangely I had not heard much of this tour until a few days before the show. Fate had giving both my girl and I the night off so we set out to make the most of it. After talking to my friend Steve, he invited us out to show and talked both of us into going. In exchage we talked Steve into giving us a ride out to Pop’s in Sauget, IL. Pop’s is one minute across the river in beautiful East Saint Louis. I have been coming to Pop’s since 1998. Great place, good staff, and awesome times.

We got inside as the California duo Potluck was midway through there set. They seemed like a fun band, and a great fit for this crowd. The crowd was a very good sized one, and had both the balcony and floor close to full.

After a few minutes of walking around we settled into a spot as Potluck played a remake of Tyga’s ” Rack City ” and turned it into ” Pot City ” talking about there hometown of Humboult County, CA. They closed out the set by asking fans to come smoke and talk with them at the merch booth.

During the intermission my buddy asked me? ” Is Lil Wyte here, he has no merch here? ” That was a good point too, as it was close to 8 p.m and they still hadn’t set up their merch. Well the lights went black and out came the southern legend that is Lil Wyte.

Hailing from Memphis, TN and reppin’ both Hypnotize Minds and Wyte Music. Lil Wyte has released 6 studio albums since 2000, the latest being ” Still Doubted ” which dropped in June of this year. The crowd really was into seeing Lil Wyte and his shows are always fun. As to be expected he closed his 30 set with ” Oxycottin “. The last few verses he did accapella with the crowd and was a great ending.

That brought up (Həd) p.e. they are from Huntington Beach, Ca. I have been seeing them live since 1999. Since then I have been to countless shows. They have a very loyal following now, and they had a lot of t-shirts with their logo in the crowd.

As soon as that first song ” Let’s Ride ” hit, all hell broke loose. The crowd went into a frenzy and a huge pit formed. The crazy thing is normally the pit stays away from the metal beams way off to the side, this pit sent people hurling into it. Girls were left scattering as the crowd grew more vicious with the song.

Lead Singer Jahred talked in between songs about a lot of things: Freedom, America, fucking, smoking, being lied to and just overall living a good life. He still can get down on stage too, during some songs bouncing 3-4 feet off the stage. The crowd matched his intensity and gave it right back.

My favorite part of the show was when Strata-G came out and rocked the stage. Strata-G is part of the F.T.I Army, which is a St. Louis label. They rock a lot of shows out here, and they are constantly on the grind. Strata-G has spent years promoting F.T.I outside of Pop’s chasing his dream, and has released multiple full length cds.

Hed rocked the stage for a good 45 minutes, and it was obvious the crowd wanted more. There just wasn’t enough time though and it was time for the Detroit horror duo, TWIZTID.

We left the crowd for some fresh air, soon enough some random girl came outside screaming TWWWWWWWIZTIDs on. We left and went inside as the murderous tag team that is Monoxide Child, and Jamie Madrox took the stage for the first song. Onstage Madrox sported a fancy mo-hawk, while Monoxide Child rocked some toxic lime green hair. Many juggalos in the crowd sported bloody clothing, painted faces, and psychopathic merch.

I first heard of Twiztid back in 1998 when I got a flyer featuring a dead siamise baby. They have went on to release 9 full length and 6 e.p albums since then and have developed a extremely devote fan base. This year they released ” Abominationz ” in October on Psychopathic Records.

Twiztid pieced together a impressive career spanning setlist that made both new and old fans happy. During the show a omenious ” Old School ” sound bite would drop everytime Twiztid played a older song.

Twiztid played for a hour, and the packed house loved every second of it. My girl had fun, I had fun. After the show the bands stuck around to sell merch, sign autographs and take photos with fans. Jahred from Hed was helping fans cut the sleeves off their newly purchased shirts.

It was a great night, and I can’t wait to do it all again. Thanks to: Pop’s, Twiztid, Hed Pe, Lil Wyte, Potluck, F.T.I Army, Straga-G and everyone else who came out and made this night awesome.

Till next time…..

BeezNutz Races Through St. Louis To Catch 3oh!3 11/02/12

3oh!3 St. Louis, MO
Rock N’ Roll Marathon, 11/02/12
Words/Photos/Video: BzNtZ

I can remember back to the 08′ warped tour, and how 3oh!3 was on that tour. They had a new CD that was supposed to drop on that tour, it had leaked before the release date. Instead of bitching, 3oh!3 burnt copies of the new CD on CDR signed them and sold them for 5 bucks. My friend Steve has one of these, he was the one to introduce me to the band that day. The performances I saw in 08′ were great and I was instantly a fan.

I had not heard much from them since the release of the latest album ” Streets Of Gold “. Although they toured extensively for the album they did not include St. Louis on the dates. Then one day out of the blue, my friend Chris called to tell me 3oh!3 would be playing a free show for the Rock And Roll Marathon series. They would be playing the finish line party and I was pretty excited.

The morning of the show, my girlfriend and I set out with just enough time to make the 11 a.m show. Between highway construction, and road closures for the marathon we cut it extremely close. I parked as close as I could and we had to walk the 10 city blocks to the park. A steady stream of runners and joggers filed passed the line seemed to be never ending. We picked up the pace and set out on our own marathon.

We finally found the mainstage as 3oh!3 was playing ” Starstruck ” from the first album ” Want “. We quickly made our way to the front of the stage, just in time for the beach balls. As we got to our spots about 10-20 huge beach balls were thrown into the crowd and made for a fun party like atmosphere.

The crowd enjoyed them, as well as the band. In between songs they joked they were opening the show for ” The Beach Balls “. Made for a humorous part of the show. They played ” My First Kiss ” off of there 2nd cd ” Streets Of Gold ” next.

They kept the energy high and the morning crowd ate it up, the only bad thing about this set was it was censored. There were a lot of young kids in the crowd and it was a family event so they didn’t cuss during the hour long set. It was very obvious on one of my favorite tracks ” Richman ” that they were playing a clean set.

When any band says they are gonna play a new song, that instantly means I hit record on the camera. They broke out a new song for this show, and it went over great. After the song was over they invited a fan on stage to dance it out with them. One word : Amazing. Just watch this starting at 3:50.

Then it was time for the beach balls second coming, and it turned out to be a funny moment. The crowd would hit the balls on stage and Nat, and Sean would kick, punch or throw them back to the crowd. I was trying to get a good shot of them hitting the balls back, so I told my girlfriend Danielle to hit one to Sean so I could get the shot. Well she did and bounced one right off his chest, he wasn’t looking and got GOT! Made me laugh and was a highlight of the show for me.

Before starting the last song ” Don’t Trust Me ” Sean asked the crowd to ” Please, don’t hit me”. Which made me turn to my girlfriend and laugh.

They rocked the last song with a lot of help from the crowd. After the performance they jumped down to the barricade to sign autographs and take photos with fans.

It was a great show, and was a lot of fun. The Rock and Roll Marathon seemed very well organized, and well planned. I can’t wait for next years. Go check out 3oh!3 next time they come around, they still are a lot of fun.


Till Next Time…..



Earlier in June of this year, I was cruising facebook when my favorite rapper (Mac Lethal ) posted he would be joining 311, Slightly Stoopid, The Urge and Soja for the Summerdaze Festival 2012 in his hometown of Kansas City. Had I not seen that post, I would of never drove across the state lines for this show. In hind sight I am very glad I did. After seeing Mac Lethal in the spring and rocking his ” Irish Goodbye ” Cd all summer. I knew I had to go see this.

My girlfriend and I joined up with my friends Chris and Lindsay and made this road trip official. However the week of the show we were told we were going to have to leave late, which had me worried I would miss the one person I had wanted to see most this day. We ended up leaving St. Louis around 1 p.m for a 4 hour drive to Kansas City. Mac Lethal posted he would go on at 4:45, thanks to Chris’s gangster driving skills, and avoiding the extra state trooper presence on the highway. We showed up cold drinks in hand at 4:40.

While walking through the parking lot, it was obvious we were going to miss some of the party. In St. Louis the police ride around on golf carts and issue citations for open containers in the parking lot. In Kansas City, the police stood off to the side as a full fledged party was well under way, complete with beer pong tables, loud music and copious amounts of empty beer cans and liquor bottles littering the ground.

We walked in as soon as Mac Lethal stepped on stage, we missed one song as we walked to the front of the stage. There was a light mist in the air and many came in early to see the hometown rapper make KC proud once again.

When I think of Mac Lethal, I think of two things: Fun, and Progress. His shows are constantly more fun than the last, and he is constantly stepping it up and making every show his best show. He was joined on stage by his hype man extraordinaire Alvie, and they made the best of the 40 minute set time.

Rocking songs from the older albums and his new album ” Irish Goodbye “. The set was very enjoyable. Before leaving he did a live version of the youtube viral hit ” Pancake Rap ” which boast over 20 million views on youtube. He closed his set off the same way I started it, by pounding a beer. ” Pound That Beer ” was a great way to end the set and made me wish he got another 20 minutes.

The rain picked up in between sets, and my girlfriend and I sought out some refreshments and drier pastures. Soja rocked it though as if it was a beautiful, sunny, summer day and the crowd loved it. We came back for the end of their set and it was very enjoyable they had a lot of good energy. I would go see them again in a instant and they were a great addition to a already solid lineup.

That made it time for our hometown boys made good, The Urge. Hailing from St. Louis and recently reunited from a long hiatus as a band they are back and in a big way. Lot’s of STL hats and The Urge shirts filled the crowd. They came on stage and showed everyone else who was not in the know what time it was.

They were very tight as band and had the crowd eating it up. It was awesome to see our hometown band rock a out of state show to such a great reception. It was like they never broke up, the vocals, the guitars, the drums, everything was on point.

I had one question in my mind the whole ride down to Kansas City. One of the biggest Urge songs boast Nick Hexum on the chorus and seeing how both 311 and The Urge were on the bill, would we get a live version of ” Jump Right In”? Well, lets just say they didn’t disappoint, aside from some minor feedback, they rocked a flawless version of ” Jump Right In “. That in itself made the trip worth the 500 + miles of driving.

After The Urge the sky grew dark and large lingering clouds of potent marijuana filled the skies as California’s Slightly Stoopid took the stage. I have been going to see Slightly Stoopid way before their success in 2003, after 10 years of exhaustive touring and nonstop albums. They have finally made it on a very large scale, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

They were the reason quite a few of the people in the crowd were there, and have become quite the popular act. They played a very diverse set which is expected from them. Mixing up the old and new, classics, and covers.

After 60 minutes of stoney jams, and lit spliffs the set came to a end. I sought out a tasty cold beverage and retreated to the seats for some rest before 311 took the stage.

After a 30 minute intermission, the lights went black for the last time, and the crowd grew loud. 311 came out to ” Beautiful Disaster ” to start off their 21 song set. My friend Chris was hoping for ” Count Me In ” which he was lucky enough to get. He remarked they haven’t played that song much this tour, but KC got it.

They are notorious for having great career spanning set lists, and KC got a great one. Midway through they pulled out a Bad Brains cover and rocked ” Leaving Babylon “.

After 19 songs, they left the stage only to come back for two more. Omaha Stylee, and Creatures ended the 90+ minute set. It was a great time, and I couldn’t of enjoyed this show anymore than I did. Kansas City is a great time, always.

I can’t wait to be back, next summer I am sure to return, hopefully this festival does as well.

Till next time.



Reverend Peyton, 08/09/12 Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO
Words/Photo’s/Video by Beez Nutz

I have said over and over how I LOVE Vintage Vinyl, they do everything right for a record store. They are a real independent store, which is more and more rare in todays world. I always buy my new cds from there, but what sweetens the deal is when the band shows up to throw a record store party, and what better band to do this than the Big Damn Band.

With their new album ” Between The Ditches ” being released on 08/07/12 and debuting on the Itunes at #1. To help promote the new release The Big Damn Band was doing a week of free shows and festivals. We were blessed enough that they picked Vintage Vinyl for the venue for their St. Louis show. Local brewer Schlafly Beer provided a few cases of cold hometown beer for the music fans of age in attendance.

Day of the show, I took my girlfriend to famous Blueberry Hill which is a block down the street. Once a month Chuck Berry still plays shows in the 300 capacity venue in its basement. After some Chicken Fingers, and famous Cheeseburgers, we strolled down Delmar and arrived at Vintage Vinyl.

There was already a good crowd there watching the sound check. A wide variety of people filled the aisles enjoying their cold, tasty beverages while browsing the cd racks.

Reverend Peyton came out and stole everyone’s attention, he is a true master of the guitar. He can talk with his guitar, he can sing with his guitar and everytime I see him, he is better than the last time. He is something to watch, thats why so many bands jump at the chance to play and work with him.

Washboard Breezy was rocking the washboard and cracking jokes between songs. In between songs a fan yelled out for a older song. In which Breezy replied “feel free to get a refund, only new songs today”.

Aaron ” Cuz ” Persinger was on the drums, helping sing back up for some songs. Cuz plays with a lot of passion, and makes each show fun to watch. The 30 minute performance was just enough to leave you wanting more. Good news for Big Damn fans is they are coming back to the Firebird in Sept.

Full Show Part 1:

Full Show Part II:

Thank You to : Vintage Vinyl St. Louis, Schlafly Beer, The Big Damn Band, and everyone who came out to support!

Find The Big Damn Band here :


Check Out Vintage Vinyl here :

Schlafly Beer can beer can be found at :

Schlafly Beer Homepage

and the grocery store.

Till next time, Bzntz…..


Dizzy Wright, Fubar St. Louis, MO 08/02/12
Words/Photos/Videos by BeezNutz

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to go check out a up and coming rapper Hopsin. Had I missed that show, I would of almost certainly missed this one. I feel blessed I caught both of them. Funk Volume is shaping up to be a independent force to be reckoned with. They are already boasting a strong roster, and are some of the best promoters in the game. After hearing so much and seeing so much progress from a young rapper on their label named Dizzy Wright. I decided to go see for myself.

The 21 year old rapper, hails from Las Vegas, NV and now calls LA home. He has just released his solo debut album ” Smoke Out Conversations ” on Funk Volume Records. The day of the show, I had to put in some hours at the gig. Came home, drank a beer in the shower and hit the road. I rolled up to the Fubar around 9 p.m and made it just in time for the acts I had come to see.

The first one on my list was Stogie La Russa who is from St. Louis, MO and has spent a lot of time perfecting his craft. I dig Stogie and his shows are always a good time, he puts its down on stage.

Stogie put a lot of effort into his set, complete with funny songs, costume changes and overall tons of energy. He stood out at this show in a good way.

Up next was was one of my personal favorite acts in St. Louis. Kold Kace makes our city proud, and they keep getting better. They recently played a sold out show with Snoop Dogg. They took the stage and took shit over.

Kold Kace is J-Killa and Grace rhyming while Tactics does his job as hype man extraordinaire. They were great as they always are. You will never find them slipping and keep getting better and better each show.

Kold Kace runs with the F.T.I Army which is a local record label that is growing bigger everyday. They really stick together and at every show there are more and more F.T.I shirts in the crowd. J-Killa is one of my favorite hometown rappers and it is always dope to see him kill it live.

I have watched Kold Kace come from the open mic crowd to playing packed out, sold out, national level concerts. It feels great, and I know for a fact they have earned every bit of their success.

Next up from 250 miles to our west, Irv Da Phenom took the stage. Coming from Kansas City, MO. I had just heard of Irv the day before while cruising youtube watching videos. Crazy how you hear of someone one day and the very next he is rocking a show in your city.

D.j. Hi Eye’q supplied the beats and put everyone at ease with his music, while also serving as Irv’s hypeman. They made a good team together and really got the crowd going. Irv puts a lot of feeling and energy into his show. You can feel what he is talking about when he raps it.

He was quick to make a fan of me, and many others with his fast raps and witty rhymes. He displayed a lot confidence during his take over of the stage. Remember that name, you will most certainly be hearing of him later.

Around 11:20 greated by cheers, Dizzy entered the Fubar, and DJ Hoppa followed behind. DJ Hoppa took his place behind the turntables, Dizzy stepped on stage. The lights went black and Funk Volume’s newest member stood there in apprecaition of the crowd before him.

This was Dizzy’s first solo tour, and with St. Louis crowds always being hit or miss. This show was a hit, some acts that had been on the grind for years don’t get this kind of love. What can I say, Funk Volume keeps it turned up, WAY UP.

Dizzy’s new album is great and the crowd obviously had it prior to the show as they were on point backing up Dizzy’s rhymes. One of my favorite cuts ” Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork ” was dope live. They really live this song too, they all work hard together and good things are happening for them.

Dizzy blazed through a 40 minute set and even inquired about our ” Local Weed Man ” which is another favorite track of mine off the new album.

Finishing up the show by jumping in the crowd for a minute, Dizzy made sure everyone who paid had a great time. And it was, I feel lucky to catch Dizzy on the come up. He is going places and next time the venue and crowd is gonna double in size.

After the show, Dizzy hung with fans, I went to the merch booth picked up Dizzy’s and Irv’s Cds and hung out with the crowd. Everyone was in such a good mood from such a dope show.

I can’t wait for Dizzy to come back, and hopefully bring the rest of Funk Volume with him. Go check them out online.

You can find all of the acts online here:

Stogie La Russa

Kold Kace


Irv Da Phenom

DJ Hi-eyEQ

Dizzy Wright

DJ Hoppa

Till next time……. bzntz

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