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Warped Tour 2009 Rolls Through St. Louis

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – St. Louis, MO – 8/3/09

Words/Photos by iheartmoshing

This is the 15th year for Warped Tour but for me, it was only my third year attending. Out of the three I’ve been to, this ranks as the best, not only because of the awesome bands on the tour, but of the great experiences I had while I was there.

My day at Warped Tour included seeing: I Set My Friends On Fire, Underoath, Black Tide, NeverShoutNever, Breathe Carolina, A Day to Remember & 3oh!3. I also saw a few other bands like We The Kings, Forever the Sickest Kids & and Brokencyde, but I did not see the full sets for these bands.

I Set My Friends On Fire: The first band I saw and also the first time I’ve seen them live. There wasn’t a huge crowd, but those watching their set, really got into the music. I like this band because they combine two genres; electronic and hardcore.

Matt from I Set My Friends On Fire.

Matt from I Set My Friends On Fire.

Underoath: The second time I’ve seen them live. They played a variety of music from their older cds to their newer cds so their set was enjoyable.



Black Tide: My third time seeing them. After seeing them for the first time last year at Mayhem Festival, I have been a fan ever since. While they were playing I noticed a couple people crowd surfing so on a whim, I decided to crowd surf also. It was actually my first time, but I ended up surfing twice to my favorite song by them, Warriors of Time.

Guitarist of Black Tide.

Guitarist of Black Tide.

NeverShoutNever: I had actually just seen him the thursday before Warped Tour at six flags. I love his music because it’s upbeat and catchy. The whole crowd was dancing to his music so that was fun.



Breathe Carolina: One of the bands I was most looking forward to seeing. They came on right after NeverShoutNever, so I was able to make my way up to the front and center of the pit. I probably had the best view out of anyone. During their fourth song Kyle, one of the vocalists of the band, gets off the stage and onto the railing right in front of me. While he’s singing the rest of the song, he’s holding my hand. Then after the set, I talked to Kyle for a bit and got a picture with him. Probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a concert.

Kyle from Breathe Carolina.

Kyle from Breathe Carolina.

David & Luis from Breathe Carolina.

David & Josh from Breathe Carolina.

A Day To Remember: My first time seeing them. I got to the stage they were performing at a little early so another band, Gallows, was still performing. A Wall of Death forms during this band, so I was able to get to the front of the stage. Right as A Day to Remember starts playing, the whole crowd starts moving back and forth. I got crushed by a crowd surfer, but it was still a good show.

A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember

3Oh!3: My second time seeing them. Since it was the end of Warped Tour, my friends and I just decided to stand behind the big crowd, but this gave us room to dance since their music is so danceable. 3oh!3 put a great end to my day at Warped Tour.



I will be going to every Warped Tour after this until the day i die.

King Thief Hits the Local Scene of Saint Louis

7/24/09 King Thief, a local band from Saint Louis and two other bands, Makeshift Gentlemen and Sybris played at Cicero’s tonight on the famous Delmar Loop.

I am a huge supporter of a King Thief. Actually I’ve been a fan of them for over two years now. I first saw them at a Music Spotlight show at The Pageant back in March 2007 with Cavo and a couple of other bands. They definitely stood out to me. A few months later, I saw them play a set at Vintage Vinyl down on The Loop. After this show and countless others, I have become a die-hard fan of King Thief.

They never seem to let me down at any of their shows and tonight was no exception. Their cd, called The Inferno, is unbelievable in my opinion. Their music has this somewhat dark feeling, but that’s what makes it so good. It’s always so much better going to a show knowing the lyrics to every song and I can proudly say that I know all of their lyrics. Well except the five new songs that they played tonight, but I enjoyed them all the same. After going to so many King Thief shows, I was very surprised when a mosh pit formed. It just added to the fun of the show.

I also need to give props to the other two bands. Sybris, a band from Chicago and Makeshift Gentlemen, another local band from Saint Louis. I had never heard of either of the bands before this show, but both put on great shows.

If you’re interested in finding a new band, you should definitely check out King Thief.

Pointfest in the STL- 5/23/09

 Pointfest at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. The first summer concert of 2009. Here was the the lineup: The New Translation, Street Dogs, Inimical Drive, Greek Fire, Parlor Mob, Framing Hanley, Hed P.E., Shiny Toy Guns, Cavo, Hurt, Anberlin, Blue October, Ludo, The Used, Sick Puppies, Taking Back Sunday, Chevelle, The Offspring and 11 local bands.


Here are the bands I watched:

Killer Me Killer You: Local band. The funny thing was my brother had given me their cd a couple of weeks ago, but i hadn’t gotten the chance to listen to them. I was surprised by how good they were. They play a cover of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” that is as good as the original.

Sunday But Summer: Also a local band. I enjoyed their music and was impressed to find out that the band members are still in high school. It’s cool that they got the chance to play at a show like Pointfest.


Lead singer of Sunday But Summer

Lead singer of Sunday But Summer

Framing Hanley: I didn’t really know much of their music, but they were pretty good.

Hed P.E.: They put on a great show. They really got the crowd into it.

Shiny Toy Guns: My third time seeing them live. They were okay.

Anberlin: Very good live.

Blue October: My third time seeing them too. One of my favorite bands. They played a short set, but still amazing.

The Used: Only saw part of the set, but very good.

Sick Puppies: My fourth time seeing them. Great as always.

Taking Back Sunday: This was were the fun really began. About halfway through the set, a pit formed on the lawn and I had to join in on that. I must say, moshing on the lawn is more fun, it hurts less when you fall.


The pit during Taking Back Sunday

The pit during Taking Back Sunday

Chevelle: Very good live. Another pit formed. Me and my friend joined in on this one too, we were the only girls. We took down three 13-year old boys in the pit haha.

The Offspring: Didn’t stay for their whole set, but they were pretty good live.


This Pointfest ended up being better than I expected.


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