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The Offspring & Bad Religion @ Stone Pony Summerstage 08/01/14

The Offspring & Bad Religion – 08/01/2014

Stone Pony Summerstage – Asbury Park, New Jersey

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks


If the  ‘Summer Nationals’ Tour is doing anything correctly, it’s giving us to chance to catch The Offspring and Bad Religion on the same bill. Unfortunately, the only date of  this tour that I can make it to is the one at the Stone Pony Summerstage in Asbury Park down the shore of the Dirty Jerz. As mentioned in the past,  The small, indoor  actual Stone Pony  is glorious, their ‘Summerstage’ is atrocious. If it wasn’t bad enough this venue is basically a parking lot with a stage and terrible sightlines, it’s gotten worse. How you ask? Well, they’ve added bleachers that block the view of half of your standing room only crowd and you can sit there for a fee of $25. That’s 25 extra dollars on a 46 dollar ticket to endure the struggle of trying to see the band you paid to see. Sodomy is always a fun time, I’ll pass on your bleachers.


Bad Religion was on stage delving into their set at 7:55 the latest. It was pre-8 for sure. This is my 2nd time seeing Bad Religion and the 2nd time I saw them open for a band that hadn’t been around as long as they had (Rise Against headlined last time) and it was the 2nd time I found myself feeling the need for more Bad Religion when the night was over. They had a good mix of both old school and new school hits. Stranger Than Fiction, Sorrow and You Are The Government were huge crowd pleasers alongside a couple of my own personal favorites 21st Century Digital Boy and Infected, the latter of which I made attempts to get on video.

As fun as this is the picture is becoming more and more clear that we’re going to have to move up somehow. Pretend our friends are up front or something. When Bad Religion was closing up shop at what couldn’t have been too far passed 8:30( which is an insane thing to think about),  a couple of folks headed out of the pit and before we knew it, Pam and I found ourselves about 5-7 rows of people away from the front. Then the memories of the view of the pit last time I was here began to flush the the front of my head. I turned and said “You know we’re going to die, right?”

Offspring 7

A shade after 9, the intro played and the band came out to play Smash in it’s entirety, as it’s celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year. Smash can be used a few different ways here. It is indeed the record they’re playing. It’s also what’s happening to us as this set begins, endlessly. Tried to be tough and stick my camera into the air and just take the blows, but before the crowd went ‘all in’ on screaming the acapella  portion Bad Habit, I was being wildly flung back and forth like a rag doll in the mouth of a hungry pitbull. I stumbled back and found myself smack dab in the middle of this slam dance pit-circle thing and had to dodge some  200+ pound dude coming straight at me Lawrence Taylor style. Held my camera in both my hands for dear life and just took the hits for the most of the record, literally and musically. Got to have that “let loose and enjoy the show moment” (was forced to by savages) jumping around like a nutball,  but somehow before the record was over, I had made it arms length from the stage and avoiding any more moshing. The played Smash in order with the exception of skipping Self Esteem and saving it for the album finale. They took a short break where a juggler performed. Seriously.


Now, back in wannabe journalist mode I was able to capture most of the 2nd half of the set. All I Want kicked things off followed by You’re Gonna Go Far Kid. Besides some pain, this is the most fun I’ve had at a show in some time.

Offspring really bringing the good times even if it’s to such a swampy shitty place to be. Swampy or not, Noodles is killing it just like it’s the old days, and Dex is somehow appearing to look like a ghost in every single picture I have. Some light drizzle started to fall, which didn’t bother me as much as all the beer that was dumped on us.

If I ever write a novel about going to concerts I’ll title it “A Cold Beer Drips Down My Leg”.

Offspring 5

Staring at the Sun and Why Don’t You Get A Job, probably not in that order were thrown into our greatest hits portion of the evening. Can’t Get My Head Around You, Americana, and Pretty Fly For A White Guy preceded The Kids Aren’t Alright and  before you knew it- just like that the show was over before 10:30.

The band played tons of songs, I don’t feel cheated or anything but I just wonder if they realize it’s a Friday night. It’s probably the Stone Pony’s idea, as they had a late show happening inside after we headed out.


What a great night, fun times. Feels like I got gang raped in a prison yard but it was all in the sake of punk rock and nostalgia, and who doesn’t appreciate that in their lives from time and time again. For those interested in listening to me trash this venue some more, head over to JayPorks.Com to hear my weekly podcast.. or just check it out below.. I’m far from finished venting about this venue.


Summerland 2014 @ Irving Plaza NYC

Summerland 2014 – Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6 & Spacehog

Irving Plaza – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Summerland Marquee

On this day 20 years ago my hometown New York Knicks won Game 5 of the NBA Finals while O.J. Simpson was on TV, well at least his white bronco was.. being chased by police down the freeway. Those were good times. So it’s most certainly fitting to attend the only  throwback 90s concert tour worth seeing tonight: Summerland 2014. Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6 and Spacehog. Let nostalgia not be a dirty word tonight as we take a trip back two decades. Doors open at 6:30 and showtime is set for 7:30.

Art Alexakis

Art Alexakis was on stage at 7:27 to let us know how he believes this years Summerland is the best yet. This will be an ongoing theme as Art is a social guy, and will introduce every band that’s not his tonight. Seems to be trying to build on the Summerland thing, maybe keep this as a recurring tour year to year. I speak for tons of us when I say fuck yes that is exactly what I want.



Spacehog plowed through the opening slot well, playing songs like Candyman and Mongo to settle in the late comers still straggling in. Might be more people in VIP upstairs than in the standing room downstairs. Heaven for bid one of these juice bag guards let me snap a shot from anywhere that’s not the photo pit. This place is filling out as walking to the staircase is becoming a bitch. Played a song off their new record called Love Is a Curious is Thing (at least what I want to say the name is) and that had my head nodding swiftly as I scoped out some better spots. And to the guy surfing OkCupid during their set.. Come on man, seriously? Spacehog rocked In The Meantime to end the evening slightly before 8PM. The crowd more than thrilled and gave a resounding roar.

Eve 6

Eve 6 had tons of fans in the house here to just see them as I found out while outside smoking. When they jumped into their set, it was clear to me what was to like about this band besides Inside Out. These dudes can still kick it. At one point the lead singer screamed “everyone on your feet!” To the standing room only crowd. Habit I guess?  Here’s To The Night was a heavy hitter tonight, as I was reminded that I do in fact know and love this song.

At the end of their set, we let the filming commence on “Inside Out” which had to be one of the best moments inside that building this evening. They put my tender heart in a blender and were through by 8:45. Incredible energy.

Soul Asylum

While doing the pre band introduction,  Art says he’s “been trying to get Soul Asylum on this tour since the first year”. A few minutes after 9 Dave Pirner and Soul Asylum hit the stage for a quick set of hits to get Irving Plaza jumping. This band is so under appreciated. From their nutty 80s years to not getting eaten up by the 90s. Pirner is having so much fun, and so is the rest of this band. Made sure to let the bassist know it was a great set as he passed by me later on the evening. After the first couple songs you get booted from the photo pit, so I found a little corner for us antisocial folks. Myself and the non-socialites rocked out to Misery and Black Gold. The former of which Art came on stage to share some vocals duties towards the end.

Dave Pirner

 To sit here and try and pretend that Runaway Train wasn’t incredible to witness live, every time live for that matter, would just be absolute lunacy. Dave Pirner is often forgotten as one of the great songwriters of my generation, oddly that might be because he didn’t O.D. or kill himself.

Somebody To Shove and Just Like Anyone closes down a feisty set at about 9:40. What a band. I’m gonna see them every time they come to town if it’s gonna be this much fun and this rockin’ every time.  Also times flies when you’re having fun, very surprised how quickly this evening is moving along.


Max Collins of Eve 6 was tapped to introduce Everclear, who came out together instruments in hand side by side and played a cooled down Santa Monica for about a minute or so. I did notice on the setlist that Santa Monica was listed as both the set opener and closer. In the photo pit I got experience up close and person Heroin Girl and Father of Mine, the ladder of which I snuck video of because I’m just plain allergic to rules. I fucking love those songs. If I wasn’t busy snapping photos I’d be jumping around as if I was the one happy in hell with my heroin girl.


As I’ve been doing throughout the evening, I headed to the red couch in the back to stand on after the first couple songs of each band. Now we’re at the end of the night, so let’s do what I do best: roll film.

AM Radio, Everything To Everyone, I Will Buy You A New Life and the aforementioned Father of Mine are all being uploaded to Youtube as we speak. Hopefully we can remove this last sentence sooner rather than later.


But really what this is all about, the essence that Summerland is aiming for is just fun times with good bands playing music with guitars. This epiphany was had during Wonderful, because in all honesty every thing IS wonderful now. Maybe Art Alexakis and Douche McGrath had a disagreement on what this concert tour should be, but I’m #TeamArt on this one. Let’s keep this going.

The amped up version of Santa Monica closed the set, the only song I can kinda play on real guitar. Or so that’s what was believed but the band came back out to play some 70s covers superjam while introducing the members of the band. Heard bits of Queen, Judas Priest, Zeppelin.

They were kicking out the hard jams, this is the loudest they’ve been all night. And then, around 11PM it was over. Summerland 2014 was over. And it was back to normal life.. Sad face emoticon.

Eve 6 Soul Asylum








Soul Asylum




Dave and Art

Everclear trio shot




Foxy Shazam @ Bowery Ballroom – New York City 05/30/14

Foxy Shazam – 05/30/2014

Bowery Ballroom – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks


The day had finally come. Foxy Shazam have returned to New York City. You know that we here at Concert Confessions are devout members of the Church of Rock & Roll, myself being baptized three times in 2012. One of the best shows I saw in 2012 was Foxy Shazam at the Bowery Ballroom, so when a show was announced happening in May at the very same Bowery Ballroom it was my duty to make sure I was there. We’ve got doors at 8PM with Foxy due on at 10 with openers Larry And His Flask filling the inbetween time. Me? I’m arrived on line about 6:45 ready to party.

Upon entry to the a Bowery Ballroom there was one thing on my mind besides the awesome tunes ahead: hope none of these people in front of me dart upstairs to the table I’m eyeing as a spot for this evening endeavors. I made it up to the balcony and landed the 3rd table down, as the first two were “reserved”.

Larry And His Flask

Larry and His Flask rolled out at 9 on the dot packing some mother plucking twangery! I mean that literally as they got a dude on banjo (doubling on trombone), a big stand up bass, acoustic guitar to the far right next to their electric guitar player with their drummer in the middle. Vocal melodies that sound like they could be inserted into any 50s song and work, almost sounded like some sort of heavy Barber shop quartette power country music. We sure got weird. Larry and His Flask had no trouble gaining momentum from the already seemingly won over crowd. Things uttered like “This is a song about a suicide cult so dance your asses off” is what truly makes this a good ol’ fashioned hoe down! Solid for a band you look at with a reaction of “what the hell?”. They went off at 9:45.

Foxy Shazam

With a 10PM listed set time, the chants of “FOXY!” were growing and growing in the crowd, the sold out crowd here packed to the gills at the Bowery getting ready to go completely GONZO. And that’s what happened at 10:15 in more ways than one when the boys hit the stage, looking a bit over dressed for the occasion, here to showcase their latest effort for us (‘Gonzo’) here in the first portion of their set. The title track and ‘Poem Pathetic’ set the tone for “Brutal Truth” which was a brutally magnificent song to experience live from these guys. When “Tragic Thrill” and “Have The Fun” followed it was clear that we were going to exclusively explore all of these newer cuts live early in the set and you could not have found one person in the building who would have been unhappy with that. Have The Fun was like having the entire crowd eating out of this bands hand.


Foxy Shazam has become a well oiled live act these days. Just straight burning down stages across the country. After they played the entire new record front to back Eric says to us “We’re gonna go change real quick and come right back”. I knew something was up. They seemed dressed too much like normal folks tonight and one might interrupt that as Foxy Shazam in fact going Gonzo.. Gonzo to them is normal to us.

Then around 11 when they came back out to more “Foxy!” chants peppered with some “We want the cup!” chants in regards this writers favorite hockey team advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals the previous evening. Gotta love this town, right? Now we’ve got ourselves a whole new ballgame on our hands. They kinda played two sets, but these guys aren’t pretentious enough to tell folks they’re playing two sets. They didn’t play the new record with a handful of well known tunes thrown between. Here’s the new for you to rock to, now here’s the greatest hits portion of the night. And what better way to intro into some classics than with “Bombs Away”.

Then we begin to head towards a  Church of Rock & Roll atmosphere here at Bowery when some “Oh Lord”, although not off that record  it has Lord in the title (which included a jump into the crowd by Eric), and “Holy Touch” action began to ensue.

Man do these guys slay or what? I feel like this is my first time seeing them again. Alex on the horns and co-vocals really showing some range tonight. Felt like a band with two front men. And there’s a different stage set up here as we got my man on keyboards in the back. Guess no crowd surfing for Schuyler tonight, although a later image of him playing the keyboard while lifting it on his shoulder happens during “Killin’ It” after they performed a building rocking “Yes Yes Yes”.

Foxy 04

The place has their second wind now as Eric is telling us that he’s from Ohio and he’s happy to be in New York because: “I feel all people from Ohio are very thankful to be in New York”.. followed by a drum beat and Eric saying “This next one is about my favorite flavor”and that’s when shit got real and the place exploded when “I Like It” went down.

I tried so hard to muddle my screams, because I’m taping this entire set but this is just incredible! “Evil Thoughts” kept things moving into a main staple at the end of their gigs: The Only Way To My Heart. An awesome adventure into what Foxy Shazam is and what they represent.

“Keep your flowers I’ll just give ’em back”. Four times seeing these dudes and they have made one thing clear to me, they give not a zero fuck about what I or anyone else thinks of them. They don’t need anything from us, they’re here to kick ass with guitars and horns and keys.

Eric Nally

Well, Eric Nally does need one thing at the end of this song, he needs a cigarette. So as I took my Newport short out of my ear and flung it no where near the stage not by design (I used to throw like a dude, don’t know what happened there) this dude is picking up cigs on stage as the band is gearing up for “Unstoppable”, before which a little 30 seconds or so of Longview, which was different.

Unstoppable would be the show closer as the band tore through that last one as Eric waited til the song ended to eat the lit cigs. Then before the house music came on he goes “We’re all pregnant..”, drops the mic and walks off. It’s about 11:30 as I stand and bow towards the stage repeatedly. I am not worthy of what just happened there, hell, none of us were.


I’m Jay Porks, and I’ve gone Gonzo. Late.

rsz_foxy_cropp_this_1Foxy Eric NallyFoxy Money Money MoneyFoxy 3Foxy Shazamrsz_foxy_crop_02

Riot Fest 2014’s Mega Lineup Unleashed


The plan here was to post the pic of all the bands and just name a handful of ones that us here at Concert Confessions are fans of and stuff like that. Then, as I kept reading into the poster containing the lineup for the 2014 Riot Fest in Chicago, this thing just has so much one would want to check out. Your top billing is The Cure, Jane’s Addiction, The National, Rise Against and Weezer while The Flaming Lips, Social Distortion, Slayer, The Offspring and Staten Island’s very own Wu-Tang Clan rounding out your ten highest billed performers. Dig deeper into the lineup and you’ll find Pussy Riot, Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile. You’ll also run into Failure and The Dandy Warhols. The Afghan Whigs are back, and you guessed it, they’re here too. My new favorite heroes(i.e. Dave Grohl/Safe Music) Mastodon is at this party as well. Feel free to have some fun too, throw a little Cheap Trick in your day. Things you don’t see here: Outkast, Lorde, Kanye West, Vampire Weekend, Skrillex and all those other garbage festival junkies you see on every card. Lots of music with guitars here.

Highlighted acts below, check out RiotFest.ORG for ticketing details and all that jazz.


Jane’s Addiction

The National

Pussy Riot

The Flaming Lips


Rise Against

The Cure


Wu-Tang Clan

The Afghan Whigs

The Offspring


Thurston Moore

Kurt Vile & The Violators

The Dandy Warhols

Dropkick Murphys



Social Distortion



Tegan And Sara

Patti Smith

Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas

Of Mice & Men

Cheap Trick



Local H @ Mercury Lounge – New York City 04/21/2014

Local H w/ Crook and Pony – 04/21/2014

Mercury Lounge – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Local H

I have an idea: Why don’t you just enjoy the show” says Scott Lucas to one of his biggest fans who happened to be wielding a camera in the front row on Monday night. That lucky fan was this very writer. It’s not surprising at all to spot a dude named Porks sporting a gigantic smile out front Mercury Lounge an hour before doors open for the early show tonight. Sixth time catching Local H, first since 2012. One of those bands that you always see the same folks at the shows. Those people you make friends with eventually and you find each other every time to preach the gospel that is this amazing duo. Parked my spine against the pine a part of the front of the building at roughly 5:15, forty five minutes before doors. Hell you know this guy’s excited, especially after the band dropped a Lorde cover on us earlier this week in video form. Hope we get that tonight. The opening act was doing soundcheck, and tonight’s headliners, Scott and Ryan, walked by me into Mercury Lounge around 5:30. I mumbled “woot woot”, as I’m very awkward in situation involving people I’ve come to idolize. Before you knew it we had ourselves a line and we were on our way in. Same spot as always at Mercury, front row right side. In front of Scott.

Crook And Pony

Opening up tonight’s show is another duo, they’re called Crook and Pony. They’ve got the male/female dynamic going with a tall drink of water on guitar and a dude rocking the drums on the same side of the stage Local H new drummer Ryan Harding will be slamming later. Not sure which one’s Crook and who’s Pony, but they’re 7-8 song set rocked the house for the first half hour of our night. There’s was open skepticism about the band when the first song was slow and low with no drums involved, but right after that the set grew in intensity. I recall a song that had lyrics to the affect of “take my hand / like a drug” and from that point forward we got grittier and grittier til it came to it’s climax, a song called “Silent Twins” Damn, where was this girl when they decided to ruin my favorite band with Lorde at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? I made sure to get a photo of the setlist. Good tunes, good times.

crook and Pony setlist

Tons of people don’t grow up with the gift of being able to perform live music but love live music so much so that they find themselves trying to find ways to be around bands in general; whether that happens to be hitting as many shows as humanly possible, working for one or some capacity, or one might even fancy themselves a writer at a website or two that covers music. I happen to be all of the above, plus the aforementioned huge fan. So when Buffalo Trace kicked off the night, a song I don’t recall ever seeing played live personally, I was beyond aflutter at what this night can bring to the table.

Local H

After that song, everyone in attendance tonight got to hear (and laugh at) Scott Lucas calling out a fan who had a camera in hand, who seems to have not shut his flash off. The person being looked dead in the eyes by Mr. Lucas is yours truly. He goes on to say “We look good in these lights.. you know what I even have an idea, why don’t you enjoy the show?” much to the delight of everyone judging by the roaring cheers from the crowd. And there I was glaring up at him, feeling like someone just told me my cat died or something. What’s the kicker to that you ask? Well, I don’t take pictures at concerts. Ever.

Scott Pissed

This photo above, it is the photo that set off Scott. As clearly seen here, this is NOT taken by me. I’m more off the right. You can guarantee that a flash did not come from me. I record video and obtain the pictures with screen shots. If it ever appears as if it’s a good picture I have taken than it came from sitting up all night going frame by frame through vids until a shot containing some light from another cameras flash happens. If I let off one single flash from my iPhone when they first walked on stage it was accidental. The flash that set him off, the flash that hit him in the face that put him over the edge, happened two dudes down from me, but blinded by the light and annoyed, Scott looked down and took it out on the dude with the camera hanging from his neck.

Local H

The career spanning set that Local H usually delivers took a few delightful detours along the way. The aforementioned Buffalo Trace along with Chicago Phanfair ’93 early in the set really got the crowd wired up for some new set list blood. Mixed in They Saved Reagan’s Brain

one of the standout tracks from the band’s latest effort Hallelujah I’m A Bum between those two cuts and an early set appearance of Eddie Vedder-the man I loathe and the song that I love. You can see in the video that the lighting is spectacular. The One With Kid is a raunchy tune to hear live. It just makes you want all that shit from your ex girlfriends back you left behind. Hands On The Bible and California Songs were strong with the force tonight,

and Taxi Cabs into Another February was a great transition. Then I made a huge mistake.

Local H

As you see scattered though this review, videos of complete darkness. Literally, this place gets darker every time, but at least the sound is very, very good for what it looks like. So I decided beforehand that at least for one song I’m recording with the iPhone camera. Well, the song I decided to do that one was the Lorde cover of Team, which not only doesn’t provide a brighter video, but destroys the sound completely. It’s a disaster on film, but being in the room experiencing it live was epic none the less, but I’m a guy who has a habit of making bad choices.

photo (3)

After a harrowing Fritz’s Corner, Scott mentioned that Local H has a new single coming out (possibly Tues 4/22) but they didn’t play it. They played another new rocking track for us called “One Of Us”. Fitting to play the newbie before you go blow the roof off with your trademark fan favorites

closing the show out with Bound For The Floor straight into What Would You Have Me Do and High Fiving MF. Surprisingly at 8:57 the boys had one more for us, Heavy Metal Bake Sale before we hit the streets of the Lower East Side of Manhattan a tad after 9, walking up to Broadway.

It’s NEVER too early to Rock & Roll.

Partial Setlist(two songs missing):

Buffalo trace

Eddie Vedder

They Saved Reagan’s Brain

Chicago Phanfair 93

The One with kid

Hands On The Bible

California Songs

Taxi Cabs

Another February

Team (Lorde)

Alright, Oh Yeah

Cha! Said The Kitty

Fritz Corner

One Of Us (New song)

Bound For The Floor

What would have me do

High Fivin’ MF

Heavy Metal Bake Sale

Jack White Touring North America


During times that legendary musicians aren’t stopping by Third Man Records to record things in every way besides typical, Jack White does indeed fancy himself a live musician. Besides a handful of Festival dates, the pale faced guitar beast has scheduled a bakers dozen of dates across North America, kicking off in Tulsa on May 29th. Fox Theater in St. Louis AND Detroit are happening, as well as two nights in Chicago before the tour “closer” at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto (before Osheaga festival in Montreal). Kelley Stoltz and Benjamin Booker will serve as openers the shows where listed below.

Jack White North America 2014 Tour Dates:

04/19 – Nashville, TN // Third Man Records
05/29 – Tulsa, OK // Cain’s Ballroom %
05/30 – Lubbock, TX // Wild West %
05/31-06/01 – Houston, TX // Free Press Summer Festival
06/02 – Shreveport, LA // Municipal Auditorium %
06/03 – New Orleans, LA // Saenger Theatre %
06/05 – Charlotte, NC // The Fillmore Charlotte %
06/07 – New York, NY // Governors Ball Music Festival
06/12-15 – Manchester, TN // Bonaroo Music and Arts Festival
07/19 – Louisville, KY // Forecastle Festival
07/20 – St. Louis, MO // Fox Theatre #
07/21 – Milwaukee, WI // Eagles Ballroom #
07/23 – Chicago, IL // Chicago Theatre #
07/24 – Chicago, IL // Auditorium Theatre #
07/27 – Pittsburgh, PA // Stage AE Outdoors #
07/28 – Detroit, MI // Fox Theatre #
07/30 – Detroit, MI // Masonic Temple Theatre #
07/31 – Toronto, ON //  Air Canada Centre #
08/01-03 – Montreal, QC //  Osheaga Music & Arts Festival

% indicate shows  w/ Kelley Stoltz
# indicate shows w/ Benjamin Booker

Meat Puppets and The Moistboyz @ Fox Theater – Boulder, CO 04/02/14

Fox Theater

Hanging with folks this week who have fond memories of the Meat Puppets opening for Ween at Red Rocks some years back. So of course the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheater was part of the day’s sight seeing tour, along with a walk on campus at University of Colorado where I sat in on a Psych class for no reason whatsoever. Tonight we’re in Boulder at The Fox Theater, and it’s a tad later show. Doors at 8:30.

Moistboyz at 9 and the Meat Puppets at 11 tonight. This co-headlining bill makes it easy to see a show on back to back nights, see what songs which band feels don’t make the cut for their longer sets. Last night felt like the bands split time, and both sets were almost equal in length. Seems that it will be the case again tonight. Doors opened at 8:30 and show started promptly at 9.

Moistboyz 04/02/14

Guy, Micky and the gang take the stage at 9 and kick tonight off with “U Blow”. Loud as ever. Second night in Colorado, second straight packed out house for both bands. Usually takes a few minutes for the stragglers to head inside, but 8:30 doors had a cluster under the marquee regardless. Several fans walking up to merch asking for Moistboyz vinyl pre “V”.

moistboyz boulder

No second floor tonight, but side balconys galore here in the Rocky Mountains. As mentioned yesterday, everyone in this crowd knows all these songs. Guy let’s a little country twang fly on “Down on the Farm”, which with ” The Tweaker”  are now  up there in Moistboyz tracks that I’ll be humming for days. Plus tonight we got “1.0 (Fuck No)” which is another hard rocking head nodder. I couldn’t figure out what the crowd was chanting during the chorus but the building was sizzling at this point and it’s currently snowing outside. Guy mentioned they had to throw a song called “My War” off the record “when we realized Black Flag had a song by that name”.

More talkative tonight as Mickey tells the crowd that they’re are “great looking” tonight. Never retire Mick, never retire. Speaking of Micky, he’s back at again shredding with the sheer grittiness that only the Deaner can provide. Damn did I wish they threw a Ween song or two in here. I know they’re not trying to be that, but it could have been cool. How bout an impromptu jam session between the Kirkwoods and Deaner? Another time I’m in the same room with these dudes and they don’t blow minds with a jam. Maybe they’ll save something special for the show closer in Minneapolis. I bet no one will record it. Sad face emoticon.

Learn the songs by heart or don’t know a damn note and you’re still gonna have a good time at this live show. I wish I could move to a town where everyone is into good music, I can get very used to this. Moistboyz were off the stage a tad after 10PM.

Moistboyz partial probably not correctly ordered setlist: U Blow, The Fury, The Spike,Captain America, My War, 1.0 (Fuck No), Down on the Farm, The Tweaker Black train, Paperboy, I am The Reaper, Valley of the Sun, Keep the Fire Alive, Good Morning America.

Curt Kirkwood 04/02/14

Not due on stage until 11PM, color me impressed when the boys came out at 10:40 to start slaying tonight’s headlining set. Interested to see what songs we get tonight that we didn’t have the privilege of experiencing last night. Also get the extended jams tonight on Plateau and Touchdown King, with a curfew of 1:30 they could pretty much play every song in the damn catalog.

Meat Puppets 4/2/14

Our first non repeat of the two nights came “Sometimes Blue” which followed it’s Rat Farm partner track “Waiting”. Also good to mix in “Lost” because I was across the street earlier in the day in a record store and Lost had gotten in my head from over the stores PA. It was almost perfect that it happened.

Also, last night we didn’t get a “Backwater”, which I did not even realized happened until it was heard tonight.

photo (3)

Towards midnight “Open Wide” was busted out. I always think Open Wide is Attacked By Monsters with its first riff or so.

Set seemed to move along so fast, here we were coming up to the finish line with “Sloop John B”. It’s easy to get lost in time when witnessing the Meat Puppets live, sometimes they delve deep into a jammy part of a song that makes you feel like you’ve been taken off the earth and taken to outer space for the duration of songs.  It’s part of the magic that is this band. Part of the magic that makes people like me come back for the 15th time. 16 can’t come soon enough.


photo (3)

Meat Puppets setlist:

I’m a Mindless Idiot*
Coming down
Up On The Sun
The monkey and the snake
Oh,  Me
Sometimes Blue
Hey baby Que Paso
Wasted days and Wasted nights
Seal Whales*
Sloop john B
Lake of fire
Open Wide
Cathy’s Clown

*I’m notorious for mixing up these instrumental jams seeing them performed live so these two might be flip flopped.

Moistboyz and The Meat Puppets @ The Gothic Theater – Denver, CO 04/01/14


Exactly one year after taking a road trip down to Pennsylvania to catch The Meat Puppets in Ween Country for two nights, tonight we kick off another double dip of the Meat Puppets, this time with The Moistboyz in the great state of Colorado. Always a good time when you could get me off the east coast. Last time I crossed time zones was Soundgraden at The Gorge Amphitheater  in Washington in 2011. Now it’s Denver’s turn to have me inside of them tonight. Good thing about the back to back shows is the Meat Puppets are opening up Denver and Moistboyz open up tomorrow night in Boulder as it is a “co-headlining” bill.

Cris Kirkwood

Before hitting the Gothic Theater for the 7PM doors it was about time we explored this “Weed is for sale in stores thing”. It’s the most surreal thing in the world. On South Broadway in Englewood where the Gothic is, there’s a 10 mile stretch that must have at least 30 recreational weed stores, all named with lame marijuana puns. So with Deathstar in tow we were off to the theater. Inside is real nice with these sort of levels on the floor section allowed different sight lines for those of us who struggle with height. And a balcony wrapping around the 2nd floor. Before I knew it showtime was upon us. 


The Meat Puppets graced the stage at 8PM with the token instrumental jam “I’m a Mindless idiot” opener followed by a thunderous “Touchdown King”.

“Plateau” and “Coming Down” (you know, mountain themes ) preceded a nine minute version of “Up on the Sun” that truly meant business. I guess they’re not mailing it in just because they’re opening.


Other highlights from the hour and 15 minutes the kings of the desert include “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” while Elmo Kirkwood, not uncommon to his live show experiences, lights up pot on stage and proceeds to blow clouds of smoke in the air. “Waiting” was the only Rat Farm track played tonight as things closed with the two headed monster of “Sloop John B” and “Lake of Fire”

followed by “Cathy’s Clown”, which is now two straight gigs where I’ve seen them close with it. They played up until 9:15.

Set List: Mindless, Touchdown King, Plateau, Coming Down, Up on the Sun , Monkey and the Snake, Oh me, Hey Baby Que Paso, Wasted Days And Wasted Nights, Sam,Waiting,Seal Whales, Sloop john B, Lake of Fire, Cathy’s Clown

Moistboyz 4/1/14

Tons of beer on stage for Moistboyz who are due up at 9:30. It’s a pretty Moistboyz heavy crowd for tonight’s split bill, tons of Ween shirts. Those fans travel. After smoking a cigarette I walked back to my spot down front to hear the Moistboyz tuning slightly before 10. If you’ve never seen these guys live, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: Guy Heller is insane.

Literally. The best kind of insane. Screaming the lyrics to tonight’s first track, I Am The Reaper, these guys spent the next hour or so lighting up the crowd with a career spanning set that set off slam dances, moshing and just plain fun from a handful of dudes who know what it is to have a sense of humor.

Moistboyz Gothic

Oh shit, that’s Nick Oliveri from Queens of the Stone Age on bass. Sick.  Rocking the Scott Ian beard standing between Guy and Deaner, I slid my way in front of the guard rail to take some awesome shots. These guys rock HARD. With every passing song seeming more pleasing than the last according to roars, by the time they were halfway through Captain America I looked around almost in disbelief. There’s this many die hard Moistboyz fans ?

Full disclosure: the dude writing this loved Ween and still thinks it was a dick move in how the band was broken up. That said, this isn’t Ween. And that’s not at all a bad thing. It’s a completely different animal. A wild, loud beast.

Deaner is just flat out torturing his guitar. He is a guy who can’t just not be in a band, one of those special kind of guitar players who can’t be wasted sitting on a shelf at home. I mentioned Guy. He’s shirtless, he’s playing air guitar next to Dean and Steve, he’s singing to the drummer at one point, actually sang one song sitting down. Steve Hass is killing it too, the guitar player not named Dean in tonight’s equation.

As much as I tried to brush up on these tracks, a lot of them didn’t stick til tonight when I got to witness them live. And now, days later jotting this down, lots of those songs are still in my head. I knew Paperboy from the Record Store Day single a year ago, Nick sang the lyrics to that one. In The Valley Of The Sun just has this bad ass riff continuously through it. They even jam hard.

What an evening for the ages. And good thing is I get to do this again tomorrow night. Moistboyz setlist below (I took a picture of it)

Moistboyz Setlist:

I Am The Reaper
U Blow
The Fury
High and Mighty
The Spike
Captain America
That’s What Rock and Roll Can Do
Black Train
Down on the Farm
My War
The Tweaker
Crisis and Vices
Valley Of The Sun
Good Morning America
Keep The Fire Alive

Local H Add Spring Tour Dates For The East Coast

Local H 09/24/12: Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA

Local H is currently on the inaugural tour with new drummer Ryan Harding, and by all indications things seem to be moving along smoother than a friction-less surface.  So after endless nights awake looking for shooting stars to pass along the sky it turns out the band has added more gigs to this trek. With a handful of shows left for March ending with a Scott Lucas solo spot in Forest Park, IL, the boys will head further east hitting towns Local H fan filled towns such as Indianapolis, Richmond,VA,  New York City, DC, Baltimore, Portland, ME and Detroit just to name a few. The newer dates come courtesy of Hellhound Music, who also have a neat list of Scott Lucas’ top Rock & Roll films

Local H Spring Tour:

3/4    St. Petersburg, FL        The Local 662

3/5    Orlando, FL                   Will’s Pub

3/6    Atlanta, GA                   The Earl

3/7    Knoxville, TN                The Well

3/8    Lexington, KY               Cosmic Charlie’s

3/29   Forest Park, IL             Chalk (Scott Lucas solo show)

——–Newly Added——

4/16    Indianapolis, IN    Radio Radio

4/18    Richmond, VA    Canal Club

4/19    Washington, DC    DC9

4/20    Baltimore, MD    Metro Gallery

4/21    New York, NY    Mercury Lounge

4/23    Hamden, CT        The Ballroom at The Outer

4/24    Allston, MA        Great Scott

4/25    Portland, ME        Asylum

4/26    Burlington, VT    Signal Kitchen

4/28    Buffalo, NY        Waiting Room

4/29    Cleveland, OH    Grog Shop

4/30    Detroit, MI        Magic Stick

5/3    Bolingbrook, IL    Tailgaters

Linkin Park Touring North America w/ 30 Seconds To Mars and AFI

LP Tour

So with all that Stone Temple Pilots stuff on the back burner for now, it looks as if Linkin Park will dust off their gear and hit the road once again. Joined by a band fronted by a movie star 30 Seconds To Mars and special guests AFI, the trek will hit loads of outdoor venues and arenas beginning this August in Florida. They’ll take things up the east coast and back across the country through Texas and wrapping up in California on September 19th. The glorious Gorge Amphitheater in Quincy rocks a show along the way in addition to PNC Bank Arts Center and Susquehanna Bank Arts Center, both of which reside  in dirty Jersey. For more information, read the flyer above and it tells you where you can find more info. For now, map out where you’ll be seeing this gig by scrolling the tour dates below.

Linkin Park w/ 30 Seconds To Mars & AFI Tour Dates:

08.08 West Palm Beach, FL, Cruzan Amphitheatre
08.09 Tampa, FL, George M. Steinbrenner Field
08.12 Charlotte, NC, PNC Music Pavilion
08.13 Bristow, VA, Jiffy Lube Live
08.15 Camden, NJ, Susquehanna Bank Center
08.16 Mansfield, MA, Xfinity Center
08.18 Holmdel, NJ, PNC Banks Art Center
08.19 Wantagh, NY, Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
08.21 Darien Lake, NY, Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
08.23 Montreal, QC, Park Jean Drapeau
08.24 Toronto, ON, Air Canada Centre
08.26 St. Paul, MN, Minnesota State Fair
08.27 Winnipeg, MB, MTS Centre
08.29 Tinley Park, IL, First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
08.30 Clarkston, MI, DTE Energy Theatre
09.05 The Woodlands, TX, The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
09.06 Dallas, TX, Gexa Energy Pavilion
09.08 Englewood, CO, Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre
09.10 Phoenix, AZ, US Airways Center
09.11 Irvine, CA, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
09.13 Quincy, WA, The Gorge Amphitheatre
09.15 Los Angeles, CA, Hollywood Bowl
09.16 Chula Vista, CA, Sleep Train Amphitheatre
09.18 Wheatland, CA, Sleep Train Amphitheatre
09.19 Concord, CA, Concord Pavilion

Primus Hitting The Road w/ Dean Ween Group This May/June

Primus20121028 (2)

Let’s break it down for you. Les Claypool recently released a new record with  Duo De Twang titled Four Foot Shack. Also, the man known as Dean Ween is currently touring with the Moistboyz. Now forget the last two sentences, because if you’re looking at this post you’re here to find out tour dates for Primus and The Dean Ween Group (not to be confused with the Moistboyz), which kicks off May 1st through the 3rd at the Brooklyn Bowl’s  Las Vegas location. The Deaner and Mr. Claypool have been rumored to be in talks about a reality show based around their fishing endeavors. Be on the look out for that, and for the dates just check below. Beats Antique will be opening a handful of shows as well which is noted below.

May 1-3 Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl
May 13 Kansas City, MO @ Starlight Theatre w/ Queens of the Stone Age
May 14 Little Rock, AR @ Riverfest Amphitheatre
May 16 Birmingham, AL@ Iron City
May 17 Wilmington, NC @ Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre
May 18 Asheville, NC @ Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
May 20 Knoxville, TN @ Tennessee Theatre
May 21 Portsmouth, VA -@ nTELOS Wireless Pavilion w/ Beats Antique
May 22 Cleveland, OH @ Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica – w/ Beats Antique
May 23 Chillicothe, IL @ Summer Camp Music Festival
June 24 Port Chester, NY @ Capitol Theatre
June 25 Portland, ME @ State Theatre
June 27 Big Flats, NY @ The Summer State at Tags w/ The Deen Ween Group
June 28 Asbury Park, NJ @ Stone Pony Summerstage w/ The Deen Ween Group
June 29 Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore

Here’s a sweet version of ECHOES by The Dean Ween Group from John And Peter’s the other night in New Hope. The full 37 minute version.

Hangout Music Festival 2014: The Black Keys, The Killers, Outkast, QOTSA and More


If at any point you were under the impression that this festival fever is a game, then you were sadly mistaken. Next up on a big week for festival announcements is the Hangout Music Festival, which takes place on a beach in Alabama.  The headliners are solid and include The Black Keys coming out of hiding alongside The Killers and Outkast.

Other notables include Queens Of The Stone Age (who should be headlining ALL these festivals with their stellar work in 2013),Modest Mouse, The Avett Brothers, Tagan and Sara Pretty Lights, Childish  Gambino, The Flaming Lips, STS9,  Jack Johnson (wouldn’t be a beach if Jack Johnson wasn’t there), Reignwolf, Andrew W.K. and many many more.

For ticketing information head over to Start planning your mid May trips to the deep south now.

Governors Ball 2014: Jack White, Outkast, The Strokes and More


Randall’s Island in New York City rocks it with the Governors Ball annually. This year is no different. Outkast, Jack White, Vampire Weekend and The Strokes top the first tier of acts. Festival staples in 2014 Childish Gambino, Sleigh Bells. Chance The Rapper, The Naked And Famous and Foster The People can be seen along the likes of TV On The Radio, Skrillex, Interpol, Phoenix, Disclosure, Diarrhea Planet, Kurt Vile, Damon Albarn, Neko Case, along with the rap duo Run The Jewels (Big Mike/El-P).

It all goes down June 6th-8th in the greatest city in the world. Grab tickets when they’re on sale at www.GovBall.Com.

Firefly Music Festival Reveals Massive 2014 Lineup


For the third year in a row, Firefly Music Festival in Delaware is delivering another stellar lineup. Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and Outkast lead the big names while Cage the Elephant, Weezer, Childish Gambino, Jack Johnson, Sleigh Bells, Young The Giant, Girl Talk, Chance The Rapper, Local Natives, Portugal. The Man, The Lumineers, Kaiser Chiefs, Grouplove and Pretty Lights round out the list of acts you may have heard of off the top of our heads looking at the list of over 100 acts.

Firefly throws a curve ball  in it’s forth year by adding a fourth-day to it. The new format leaves our Homer Simpson four day weekend taking place June 19th – 22nd at Dover International Speedway in Dover, Delaware. Tickets will be available through the festival’s website.

Below, check out the festival lineup unveiling video, because that seems to be the new way to announce festivals not named Coachella.

Anyone have a couch in Delaware?


As Seen On TV: Sleigh Bells Dash Through Letterman

(Letterman 01/13/14)

Last time the guy typing this recalls checking out Sleigh Bells, this two were jumping around like nuts making all sorts of unmitigated noise. This morning, I decide to check out their Letterman performance from last night, and congrats Sleigh Bells because this “Young Legends” will be in my head for the rest of the day. Acoustic guitar and Sleigh Bells in the same sentence. Cool.

Like half the artists in the artists in the world, they’ll be appearing at this years Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA. If you like to plan trips to the desert based on one song, then check out the video below. If you’re a believer of faith, then join me in prayer that this chick eventually tweets out a pic of boobs by “mistake”. Nice jacket.


Sleigh Bells ‘Young Legends’ Letterman 01/13/14

Watch Television Perform at Rough Trade in New York City


So New York City has itself a brand new venue to check out live music. It’s the newly opened Rough Trade records. Located in the heart of hipsterville (or Williamsburg) the well placed record shop comes equipped with a 300 person capacity room in the back for live acts, as well as a liquor license and actual stuff on the shelves coming soon. The opening brought artsy hometown act Television out of hiding and into their first area gigs in six years. Below, we’ve found some video of the band performing their never ending seminal track “Marquee Moon” and we encourage you to check it out, critique the performance space, comment about how mad you were that they didn’t have booze yet and name some acts you’d like to see hit London’s new Brooklyn extension.

Meat Puppets @ Brooklyn Bowl 10/12/13

Meat Puppets – Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn,NY – 10/12/13

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Meat Puppets Brooklyn Bowl 2013

You know what they say, 13th time is a charm right? This is going to be a great one, The Meat Puppets are back in New York tonight! At the Brooklyn Bowl no less, in the hipster capital of the world known as Williamsburg. How could you not love the Brooklyn Bowl? If I had any money I’d have dinner, the menu looks amazing. It’s a bowling alley, and people do bowl during the duration of the show. It’s kinda neat, like  between your turns you can rock out to awesome music.  Spent a good portion of my 6 o clock hour lost in this town, because even if you give me the smartest phone in the world I can still find ways not to follow directions and follow my own wrong instincts. Didn’t get to the Brooklyn Bowl til about 645, 45 minutes after doors opened, and settled in on a couch.. near an outlet. On the lookout for any Meat Puppets walking by.

Enemy Planes

Enemy Planes hit the stage at 8:35. Would you call this “groovy”? These guys got into jams I can’t even explain which way is up. It appears as if my iPhone isn’t the only apple product in use here tonight at the Brooklyn Bowl, as there are MacBooks all over the stage. A dude playing slide guitar, just because. I kept thinking that I’ve seen this lead singer before, where have I seen him. Then I figured it out. This is where Jesse Pinkman drove his car off to in the Breaking Bad series finale! He does look like Pinkman. They captured the room, had a bunch of people up front extremely interested in the goings on. I was checking out the rest of the room make sure it filled out, which it did to an extent. Enemy Planes went off at 9:09.

Meat Puppets pushing it close to 10, and there’s another show on after this with doors to that opening  at 11:30. About 10 to 10 it was time to party.  Kirkwood, Kirkwood, Kirkwood and Sahm.. The Meat Puppets.

Meat Puppets Brooklyn Bowl 2013

In April, I remember mixing up the names of I’m A Mindless Idiot and Seal Whales. They’re both extended instrumental jams, and there was no confusion tonight as this mindless idiot was rolling film. The thing about this tour is the lack of video appearing on YouTube from it. I’ve made a conscience decision to change that.

Monkey and the Snake and Touchdown King brought the fierceness before jumping into a Plateau/Coming Down back to backer.

That Plateau was nothing short of fucking majestic and Coming Down seemed, if it could be, a little extra twangy tonight. Went for the shortened version of Up On The Sun tonight, it was ONLY TEN MINUTES long!

Curt pulled out the slide early tonight, early and often.

Curt Slide

First Rat Farm tracks tonight: Sometimes Blue and Waiting rocked the Bowling Alley into nothing but a sea of bobbing heads. Waiting is so Byrds-y, then you just sing the lyrics along to yourself and realize how far a songwriter the man to the far left of our room,

Curt Kirkwood, has evolved to over the course of the last 30 years. Then it was time for Sam, a song that I recall Marc Maron asking Curt about on his WTF podcast last week. How is Shandon not busting open his drum kit back there? He’s killin’ it as usual.

Sam was speedy as ever, serving as a great prelude to the Lost that would follow.

Curtin' It Close


Time for some Oh, Me action. I knew it was coming after Lost, didn’t need to see Curt mouth it to the band to have the feel of the set.

Speaking of feels of the set, I set myself up right in front of the stage to the far right anticipating Curt to be there but he and Cris switched sides! They’re usually on opposite sides, the 12 other times I’ve seen them anyway. I’m standing right in front of Cris, who is a master of jumping around stage hitting the bass like a beast. And Elmo is sandwiched between Father and Uncle, front and center. Destroying it. Broke a string or two by night’s end. This kid shreds harder and better every time I see these dudes. Especially on Seal Whales, which came right after

Time and Money, another solid Rat Farm track.

photo (17)

Now we’re diving right into a groovy Backwater as it seems we are creeping to the end of this evening. During Sloop John B next I wrote it down along with writing down Lake of Fire.. Because Lake of Fire always comes next, right? Thirteenth time seeing these guys and they still can throw curve balls- Open Wide came next. A very surprised reaction not unlike the one I felt in April at Mercury Lounge, I let off a loud “oh shit!!” As I focused in with my new toy on the video, my iPhone 5C. Awesome amphibious times.

Now the opening chords of Cathy’s Clown begin, as the band is being told that that’s it. Elmo, who doesn’t look thrilled about having to compromise the Everly Brothers classic, makes sure to extend a jam in the middle of it,

making sure the thing clocked in over seven minutes.  There was some serious headiness here, Curt and Elmo just bounced riffs off of one another for what seemed like forever. You’d have to keep reminding yourself “Holy shit this is still Cathy’s Clown!”. Then, assuming we’re just here to piss off the people who make the rules, Shandon slams the skins not once, not twice, but four knocks right into Lake of Fire. The phrase ‘crowd goes wild’ couldn’t be more appropriate here. And all puns that involve Lake Of Fire and the song ‘burned’ down the house (you know, because of the fire) cannot be brushed aside as usual cliche.

The Meat Puppets bowl a 300 at Brooklyn Bowl. That set was just perfect.


I’m A Mindless Idiot

Monkey and the Snake

Touchdown King


Coming Down

Up on the Sun

Sometimes blue




Oh, Me

Time and Money

Seal Whales


Sloop John B (Beach Boys)

Open Wide

Cathy’s Clown (Everly Brothers)

Lake of Fire

We’ll delve more into this on the weekly installment of The Jay Porks Experience Podcast, which you can find here.

photo (12)

Fountains of Wayne, Soul Asylum & Evan Dando – Webster Hall, New York City 10/05/13

Fountains Of Wayne, Soul Asylum and Evan Dando – 10/05/2013

Webster Hall – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos- Jay Porks


Sometimes I write these things feeling the need to put H.G. Wells in the byline because I really have a knack for taking folks through a time machine from time to time. And that happens again tonight. What goes on people? Welcome back to another Jay Porks Experience. Big night for shows in New York City that this guy would attend, as we have Local H up a Santos Party House while Fountains of Wayne and Soul Asylum split a bill at Webster Hall with Evan Dando opening up. Tough decisions had to be made (to be discussed more in detail at the bottom), and we’re on our way to Webster Hall tonight for the triple bill. Doors opening at 6PM with a 7PM showtime, my thoughts are similar to all the other times I’ve head to Webster Hall: What time does “club night” start? This venue is notorious for hosting multiple shows on their multiple floors at simultaneous times  full of Djs, glow sticks, Molly and EDM. The only time I want to see glow sticks and Molly is at Phish, but that’s another story for another day. Tonight we head way back to a time where my life was simple. Early-mid 90’s. A young Porks, enjoying the sounds of Runaway Train, Come On Feel The Lemonheads, and a really cool Radiation Vibe video. Beats today’s world of leaving the job I hate heading directly into the city to see an awesome show followed by coming home to do a job I love before heading directly back to that same job I hate. So, let’s get started with that job I love, shall we?


Made my way inside Webster Hall slightly before 7PM. Grabbed the photo pass I scored and headed upstairs to the VIP section. Grabbed a table, ordered a drink, took a seat. Evan Dando walks out 7 sharp with his Telecaster and began to play his solo set. I think it was a telecaster anyway, I’m no guitar tech I just like them. When Dando was announced opening solo it was assumed (by this guy anyway) that he’s be acoustic, or have a no name band behind him. Not the case, Dando and a lyric sheet on a stand.

Played tuned down versions of a lot of fan favorites. Confetti, Into Your Arms, My Drug Buddy and All My Life drew the biggest cheers throughout the half hour. And no messiness ensued. Not like the It’s A Shame About Ray tour from two years ago. This was solid, this was beautiful. And with Dando alone on stage and me upstairs, the acoustics in the room sounded great. Even on the videos, the sound sounds a lot better before Dando went off at 7:30 and I made my way downstairs to get a tee shirt.

Why waste the VIP section? Might as well head downstairs and grab a tee shirt before the end of the night when it’s a madhouse down there. And I don’t have clothes that fit me anymore, so now at every show I have to be sure to grab a medium  because my wardrobe consists of band tee shirts (not exactly a shopper). So I grabbed myself a blue Fountains Of Wayne shirt for 20 bucks because it had a boombox on it and I thought it was cool. Can’t argue with 20 bucks. Heading back upstairs and I’m met by security. “Photo pass not upstairs only VIP”. That’s some real deal fuckery right there. You have an upstairs level THAT I WAS JUST ON containing a maximum of 15 people up there, 7 of them being model type woman that I’m sure are all Evan Dando +1’s. I’m one person. There’s not even a pit here if memory recalls. I was upstairs for Toadies/Helmet/Ume with a photo pass. I was upstairs at the Melvins with a regular ticket. Webster Hall: You make it extremely hard to enjoy a concert experience.

Dave Pirner

Soul Asylum is poised for a 7:45 start time according to a sheet of paper taped on a wall. So making my way down front, I do notice about a foot or two of space between the stage and the barricade. So like the annoying guy I am, I slide through some folks and make it in there. I notice two girls are there, so I join them and try and take some of those cool shots from down low like all my cool “professional” photographer friends do, working with the light show and stuff. Not exactly Mick Rock, but I actually got some decent shots. Pirner and the boys kicked things off with an energetic “Stand Up And Be Strong”.


Was in the pit for “Misery”, so recording wasn’t an option 3rd song in. With each line, each chord  of the song my appreciation becomes deeper it was cool to snap pictures while screaming the lyrics out. Not only am I having a blast but there’s a room full of people behind the barricade wondering what the hell this hack is doing sitting at the cool kids table.

Funny thing about Soul Asylum, they have all these songs about tons of different topics, some of them darker than others. Yet, these dudes look like they’re having the time of their lives. Pirner is jumping around the stage with the hair blocking his face making you swear this was 1993 all over again.


Their drummer looks like King Mabel from old school WWF. That’s not a “because he’s black” joke or a “because he’s a bigger dude” joke. That’s a “This guy looks like if the kit doesn’t sound perfect he’s gonna stare it down until it does Chuck Norris style”. It was pretty flawless. Whole band was tight. “Black Gold” and “Leave This Town” were intense. Dave Pirner states before they jump into “Can’t Even Tell”: “This song is dedicated to… Jay and Silent Bob”. Hell yeah. Of course you know by sets end we got our “Runaway Train” and “Somebody To Shove”, which were awesome to experience live but at the same time the sound downstairs in the front is low on the vocals. Several of us looking at each other pointing to our ears. After the set I reached for the set list, and some dude behind me wanted it, I could tell in his voice he needed that set list. I figured since it wasn’t handwritten or anything, then all I needed of it was a picture. I gave it to dude. He’s like “Thanks man you rock! I gotta go I’m off to another show!”

Me: Local H at Santos?


Him: Yeah!!


Me: Tell Scott I said Hi and tell Brian I love the shit out of him.

Fountains Of Wayne / Chris Collingwood

Life’s funny isn’t it? Between sets, I notice the girl hanging in the photo pit, so I go over to find out whose payroll she’s on. She with Brooklyn Vegan? Spin? Maybe Pitchfork, I’d so badly love to make fun of one of those people in real life. But no, she’s homegrown. Doing her own thing for a few different things (which links will be provided for shortly), Jay Porks style. I like that. So we may or may not have had a moment which mimicked the Sonic Youth ‘Dirty Boots’ music video in the photo pit. Maybe. Some of us have class and would never kiss and tell.


Fountains of Wayne hit the stage at 9:15 just as a random piece of paper taped on the wall indicated earlier. “I’ve Got A Flair”, “Dip In The Ocean” and “Joe Rey”. These dudes have power. They’re like if Weezer took LSD. Feedback flying everywhere, jammy portions at times then dance-y sections at times. This whole bill is like, the REAL Summerland. I turn to my new buddy and mention how miserable they look. She agrees. I mean, here we just had Soul Asylum up there entertaining the shit out of themselves. Chris Collingwood has this dead stare on, this being the first time I’m ever seeing this band, maybe that’s how dude is. Didn’t effect their performance or anything, I just like when people are happy. Moods heightened increasingly throughout the set.

Only thing wrong with anything that went down on stage tonight is due to low vocals down in the front area. If the reply to that inquisition is “Well you’re too close to the speakers” then that barricade needs to be moved further back so people don’t end up hating the place they attend shows. And Webster Hall, if you would have allowed me reentry to the upstairs section you’d avoid getting abused in this review, and in depth on episode five of my weekly podcast.

Anyway, in the pit snapping shots. Not sure how many songs we’re allowed in here but we’re up to song four and no one has booted us. Time to sin. I’m taking video in the photo pit. Yes folks, I did it. I violated the holy grail of the photo pass. It was “Mexican Wine”, I HAD to do it. But I kept the camera low, and tapped the top pretending to snap shots until right after that song security came and booted me from somewhere for the 2nd time tonight. Another crowd favorite, ‘Red Dragon Tattoo‘ followed by a more recent offering ‘Summer Place” put everyone in the building right where they needed to be mentally.

Fountains Of Wayne

A few songs later, it’s “Hey Julie” time. The bass player tells us this is where participants from the crowd come up on stage to assist, playing cymbals and rattles along to the song. A bunch of hot girls hit the stage and started a freaking party. So much love for that song already, but now it’s just even more fun. Set up the rest of theevenings proceedings featuring “I-95” into “It Must Be Summer” followed by another Porks favorite: “Someone To Love”. Great place to squeeze in “Traffic and Weather” here, but unfortunately they didn’t bust it out. Sad face emoticon. “No Better Place” preceded  a really heady “Sink To The Bottom”.. which was epic before they ended with some spine tingly feedback bursts. They ducked off stage before coming out for the song that is the reason America (outside of the people in this venue) knows who this band is, “Stacy’s Mom”.

I’ll say it, and believe me or not I don’t care. I’m a “Radiation Vibe” Fountains of Wayne fan. I go back to the beginning. I loved that song, visited the store they named the band after as a child. When “Stacy’s Mom” came out, to me it was just “Awesome, they have themselves another hit. This band rocks”. Being in the building for it was just so freaking cool, and then to jump right into the aforementioned “Radiation Vibe” to close down the show was the only way that show could have ended, and it did. 10:33 and we’re done here.

Walking out of Webster Hall in a great mood, what a night. Like to thank Wes Kidd and the people at Red Light Management who were involved with helping to hook me up with the photo pass. That was awesome to be on the other side of the barricade for once. Also, before the show we had a little meeting of Concert Confessions family members as I got to meet our friend SluggerA in Times Square during her first trip to New York City in for the night to see Local H. Funny how everyone I’ve met on the internet are cool as hell and most of the people I run into in real life are complete douchenozzles. Good times!


Meat Puppets Brooklyn Bowl October 12th… do I even need to mention where to find that review on the the morning of the 13th? Catch you then!


Violent Femmes @ Central Park in New York City 09/12/13

Violent Femmes – Central Park Summerstage

New York City – 09/12/2013

Words/Photos/Videos: Jay Porks

Violent Femmes

A day before Friday the 13th, something out of sorts happened in Central Park. It was the Violent Femmes returning to the city that never sleeps for the first time in nine years, 2/3’s fully reunited, for a one night only (excluding Riot Fest appearances)event presented by Livenation and Josh Wood Productions. Who ever thought these dudes would tour again? Even if it’s only two of the originals. The band has an extensive back catalog that this writer had on his iPod before that and the other 4,000 songs were lost when it died. So what will they play? What will the set list look like? Well, let’s remove all the spontaneity out of that because Rolling Stone reported on Wednesday that the Violent Femmes will be playing their self titled debut album. Not that anyone should dislike this album, but unless there’s a reissue being prepped, what’s the deal with that? And it’s not like the article said “Debut album + other hits” or anything like that. Plus, another spice to tonight, the forecast. Alleged thunderstorms to hit around show time. Not worried about getting wet as much as the concern for people to bring obnoxiously large umbrellas and ruin camera angles. Screw those people. As for this guy, I intend on grabbing a garbage bag from work to use as a poncho, and once the clock hit 3PM we were en route to yet another Jay Porks Expernience… come, walk with me.

Doors are 6 and show is at 7. I’m as shocked as anyone else when I’m allowed in at 5:15. I’m upset that it took me til my 3rd or 4th time seeing a show here before I realized that the back bleachers top step are an awesome spot. I walk around for a living all day, and I walked 12 blocks to get here-why stand when you could sit? I notice a tweet from LivenationNYC, and it goes as follows:


Wow. That’s why I was let in I guess, me being early has allowed me to be on time. Maybe they see a window where they can get this show in with no rain, which seems to have passed right on by us.

The Bogmen

The Bogmen, an “indie” rock band from Upstate New York, hit the stage at 6PM sharp. I mean like, after song number two it was 6:08. First thing I notice about them is that they have every instrument you can think of on stage. Besides your basic band set up they had a Bongo section, a keyboard/sound effects guy, the whole nine yards. Or should I say ten yards? Because at all points during the set there was at least 10 people on stage playing instruments, at one point 14 may have been counted. And I don’t even know how to describe this. I found their scarce Wikipedia page and they’re labeled the aforementioned “indie”. I don’t know why folks continue to use words like indie and alternative when describing sounds, but another beef for another day. These guys were like if lyrically nicer Frank Black was fronting a high school glee club that have been brought up on strictly Violet Femmes farm type free range rock and roll. And that sounds like a dig, it’s not. Roll out all those terrible opening acts I’ve seen, they’re not gonna make the list. I’ve hung my garbage bag on the railing behind me, and headed to spot where I noticed they were letting folks smoke cigarettes as we finished out the remainder of The Bogmen’s set, which ended at 6:50.


Just as they finished up their set, a few drops of rain hit me. That’s when I made the dart back towards my garbage bag, which some kid was grabbing a hold of. I was like “I brought that all the way from Staten Island” and he relinquished it. He believed me? I wasn’t lying, but what if I was? I poked a hole in it and now my head pokes out of this ridiculous looking thing as the rain has held off. It’s become a tad after 7 and as “New York, New York” plays over the PA, it seems as if the main event is about to hit the stage.

Violent Femmes 4

It’s time for the Violent Femmes!

Out on stage come the boys to play their debut album for us and they kicked the night off with “Hallowed Ground”. Cool, so we’re not only getting that album tonight. We’ll sprinkle in some hits. “All I Want” came next, and it’s a wave back and forth type of mood right now. “Nightmare” followed, and afterward bassist Brian Richie addressed the crowd: “We’re about to take you on trip through time, space and psychology”.

Violent Femmes 2


“Blister In The Sun” is the first track off their self titled debut, and the crowd went bananas when that bass line dropped. Not even two minutes into everyone enjoying the nostalgia that is this band, not even two minutes into this album-the rain begins to fall. And it falls hard. In the Blister In The Sun video I have, you can hear people scampering around and shrieking as water pours on them.

Umbrellas start coming out (as predicted), and I’m poking another hole in this garbage bag for my camera’s lens to stick out of just in time to hit record for “Kiss Off”. I love this song, the counting portion reminds me of my life. I’m inside the garbage bag as I hear people screaming. It’s the security guards telling us to leave the bleachers because there’s lightning. Not for nothing, but is there a waiver I could sign that says I won’t blame Central Park if I die, because I have a killer spot right now. So after letting out a loud “fuck” and stopping video, I run towards the front to enjoy the rest of the song. After the song, the band tells us they’re being told to leave the stage due to lightning, and “we’ll be coming back out… this is out of our control”. And I wish I could have been the guy screaming this but I wasn’t: Someone shouts out “I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record!”. That dude is my hero.

Violent Femmes 5

Damn. Now we’re in a rain delay. I head back over to the smoking spot, and the rain gets heavier and heavier. Not only that, but they tarp they have placed over the lawn. So with added moisture, we have brown puddles forming everywhere. The Muddy Banks of Central Park. My sneakers feel like I have jumped inside a pool. We’re 20 minutes into the delay collecting water. I don’t mind water, but I start walking in the direction of the exit just in case they call this thing. I notice a slew of people leaving and I start heading with them. Two people conversing at the gate. One guy is like “Let’s just wait til they announce something” and the other dude says “Announce what, we can’t even see the fucking stage!”. I turn back and he’s right, they can’t possibly come back out. By the time I walked 5 blocks in the steadiest of steady downpours and made it to the train station I saw some people in the subway I noticed were also at the show. I said “So, how long did you guys end up staying?” and the kid goes “Until they postponed it.. there’s gonna be some sort of make up show”. And the four of us just shook our heads, what an abrupt end to what was on the way to be a magical night.


So the Violent Femmes at Central Park to allegedly be made up at a later date that is yet to be announced. The problem with that is for us who have jobs we need to pray that this show is on a day where said employed person could get to this show. I wish there was someone to blame for this because this was gonna be awesome and ended up being the pits. But it’s no ones fault. They did all they could. If Central Park didn’t have the 10PM curfew, maybe there would have been more of a chance of waiting it out. Who knows. I just know that last year if you told me I’d actually get to see the Violent Femmes live in any capacity I would have called you insane.




Check out my podcast, in which I talk more about the rain out, and other things. I do it weekly, my buddy Andy Derer (host of the Andy Derer Show) hooked me up with my own. so check it out!

Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction & Coheed @ Uproar Festival – PNC Bank Arts Center 08/17/13

Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction & Coheed And Cambria @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival

PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ 08/17/2013

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Alice In Chains 08/13

It’s been way too long folks, way too long. But your favorite self absorbed snob of an author is back to bring you the trials and tribulations of yet another Jay Porks Experience. Life kicks your ass sometimes, and at times it can keep you away from awesome shows for a four month span. But today that all ends as the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival hits PNC Bank Arts Center (one of my personal favorite venues) with Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction and Coheed and Cambria slotting one, two and three in our headlining spots. Other acts high on the list to check out, Duff McKagen’s Walking Papers and Middle Class Rut, a band that killed opening for the Meat Puppets at the Track 16 Gallery closing in Santa Monica not too long ago. So with tailgating permitted for today’s festivities, we headed out to Holmdel out in Dirty Jerz.

Interesting sidebar, the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival’s website has set times listed, and the set times included different stages. One might find this puzzling, because PNC Bank Arts Center has only one stage, and is not built in a way where other stages could be added. Wonder what their move here is, are we going to be walking through the parking lot and find a cheap, makeshift stage built outside the venue or something? Well, it didn’t matter because in the typical style that is this guy we didn’t roll into the parking lot until a little after 4PM, a parking lot that I thought would be a lot more packed out with cars than it was. We cracked the brews, along with the whiskey and cantaloupe and began the party that would be the rest of the day/evening. Note to the guy selling the bootleg tee shirts in the parking lot before the show: I really got you down from $20 to $5 BEFORE the show?? What kind of business man are you? Maybe I should grab one after the show from you for $1.50 or something. Idiot.


Coheed and Cambria 08/2013

The plan was to get inside for Coheed and Cambria and take it from there. We’ve turned this “festival” into like a regular night at PNC with Coheed, Jane’s Addiction and Alice In Chains. I was with friends and got a ride and stuff, so I didn’t have to do my usual “show up 5 hours early to a show’ thing. As we were walking in Coheed was in the midst of their set, so I had to quickly dart to the seats (I bought one additional ticket down in the seated area for video/picture purposes. Why take chances on the lawn?) to record a song or two of theirs. This writer and Claudio have two things in common. One being the overly fluffed out hair and the other is being around bitchin’ music, and bitchin’ music is what Coheed and Cambria are all about. This is my first time seeing them live, coming in I honestly couldn’t name one of their songs. Gravity’s Union was the song I got to record most of and see up close. Taking it all in, with the wicked licks the drummer is shelling out and the shredding going on out in front of him, it’s safe to say this is a band I’m going to have to see again. Even if I was in a seat the entire time, a nine song set at a festival that’s not even really a festival while the sun is still up is a tough way to judge a band you’ve never seen. But I digged those guys for sure.

Jane's Addiction 08/2013


While I head back to the lawn and we’re groovin’ to Coheed and taking pictures (because the guy writing this lost 92 pounds over the last 14 months), we see a sea of empty seats and start game planning how we’re sneaking down. Not enough time to do it for Jane’s Addiction, because the lights have dimmed for them already, and here they come circa 8:20 kicking things off with a thundering “Underground”. I don’t know what it is but the darker it gets at this place the better it always seems to sound. During our drunken parking lot adventures earlier I kept saying “It’s all fun and games til we’re ‘COMING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN’!!”. Love that freaking song, and guess what came second.. you got it: Mountain Song. And during this I look over to enjoy the fatal riffs of one Dave Navarro. I follow him on Twitter, and I know he’s on some Tattoo show and hosts a radio show and stuff. Sideline reporting at the Adult Video Awards and all that, I almost forgot how awesome this guy was at his day job. Just Because followed, and later on the crowd pleasing Been Caught Stealing made an appearance before Ocean Size and Stop. In typical Jane’s Addiction fashion, there was almost naked models dancing along the stage at some point. Also, to keep things light hearted and cheery, Perry says at one point (anyone please correct me if I’m wrong) “My mom is buried in New Jersey”. Interesting factoid I guess.

Jane's WIDE

Set closer, of course, Jane Says, which is being played in steady rotation at the restaurant I work because I control the tunes nowadays. Jane’s never disappoints, second time I’ve seen them all the way from the lawn and the second time I’ve enjoyed myself. Sometimes people like me get lost in the “trying to remember stuff to write about” aspect of a concert… it was good to find a happy medium tonight between that and having fun.

Before Alice In Chains, we need to get down to those seats while folks are fitting in bathroom breaks. So we spot some stairs where they let you exit the seated section, but you can’t enter. There’s two sides. These assholes actually are standing on the same side just shooting the breeze. I turned around to check if Pam was still with me, and she wasn’t. Text came in that she’s in. Okay, now only my other pals Nay and Meggo left to sneak in. So I pull out my ticket and show it to these two idiots working here. I ask if they can let me in through this entrance and 15 feet to my right I’m like waving my arms for them to skate through the fence. And they did. Now to find Pam, the boldest of bold. She’s not only sneaking down, she made sure to walk down to the front row of this section. Fuck yeah. Now we’re high fiving and stuff and gloating when the lights turn off.. it’s Alice In Chains time 3 seconds after we acquire the new digs.

Alice In Chains 08/2013

The Hollow they opened up with hit me with so much more power tonight than I expected. As soon as they started banging the opening chords it was clear we were in for a memorable set. Them Bones followed by Dam That River and Again. I thought I was recording Again but I looked at the screen and saw no numbers moving on the ticker.

Damn. This no longer is a festival that isn’t really a festival, now this is Alice In Chains demolishing PNC Bank Arts Center and making everyone in the building forget about every other band that played here today.

Alice In Chains 08/2013


Check My Brain followed, and by this time we’re packed down here in the seats, as compared to the absence of people down there earlier in the day. This feels like a packed house and not a show they’ve been trying to give tickets away to for 3 weeks. “Tears to fill my bong”, how cool is that lyric? Man In The Box up next. I look over at the rhythm section and recall that one time I scalped fake tickets to an Alice In Chains show and couldn’t get in, and Mike Inez and Sean Kinney signed my fake ticket after the show and expressed remorse for my predicament. These are not only guys that rock, but nice guys that rock. Everyone screaming the lyrics to Man In The Box, what a scene.


Tonight we got ourselves a Got Me Wrong. I saw video of them playing it on this tour and hoped we’d get the same treatment. Unbelievable. This set is amazing, it’s as if I made my own Alice In Chains mixtape or something! Well, almost. We haven’t heard Junkhead, and that’s probably my favorite song of theirs for several reasons.

Next up, Junkhead. Seriously?? Get the hell out of my head Mr. Cantrell, stop reading my thoughts.

You may or may not here me screaming the “Well what have you got” lyric on the video. Mike Inez’s bass work on this song is so crude and punishing, Jerry’s making his 6 string his absolute bitch over there. I don’t think he used the same guitar twice tonight.

Stone followed, to give us a taste of at least one other newer track before we broke into Grind followed by Nutshell (one of Pam’s favorites). Everyone stood for that one. Would and a harrowing Rooster would end the evenings festivities. Great times at the PNC Bank Arts Center stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, let’s do this again sometime.

Jerry Cantrell Me Nothing

Hey Jerry, why’d you have to go and cut the hair for? The brotherhood of long locked folks shrinks by the day. Sad to see you leave, you’re welcomed back anytime.



Fountains Of Wayne Hitting The Road w/ Soul Asylum and Evan Dando


Summerland, part three?

Not exactly, but your chances to find out if Stacy’s Mom still has it going on just got a bit better as Fountains of Wayne will be hitting the road with Soul Asylum and Evan Dando this fall.  As of right now this tour seems to focus East Coast heavy, but we are told that future dates and without a doubt in the works. So prepare yourself for one more night of 90s nostalgia and check out the dates below to see if this tour is coming to your town.

Evan Dando

To check out our coverage of The Lemonheads (we’ve got some pretty words, photos and videos with good sound), just click here.

Fountains Of Wayne/Soul Asylum/Evan Dando Tour Dates:
09/26 Northampton, MA Iron Horse(Fountains of Wayne solo gig)
09/27 Portland, ME Asylum (sans Evan Dando)
09/28 Burlington, VT Higher Ground(Fountains of Wayne solo gig)
09/30 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
 10/1 New Brunswick, NJ State Theatre
10/2 Port Chester, NY Capitol Theatre
10/5 New York, NY Webster Hall
10/6 Ardmore, PA Ardmore Music Hall
10/8 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar
10/9 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
10/11 Bethlehem, PA Sands Bethlehem Event Center
10/12 Derry, NH Stockbridge Theater
10/14 Buffalo, NY The Tralf
10/15 Rochester, NY Water Street Music Hall
10/17 Indianapolis, IN The Vogue
10/18 Chicago, IL The Vic
10/19 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue

Avenged Sevenfold, Ghost and Deftones Hitting the Road Together


Avenged Sevenfold is hitting the road in support of their new record, Hail To The King, due out August 27th. Fans of the band are more than thrilled. You know who else is thrilled? Fans of Deftones as well as fans of Ghost, both bands who will be on tour with A7X this fall, hitting arena’s in major markets not named New York or California. To check out where to catch this gig, take a look at the dates below.  Head over to the band’s website for more information by clicking here.

Avenged Sevenfold/Deftones/Ghost Tour Dates:

10/03 Chicago, IL // Allstate Arena
10/05 Indianapolis, IN // Klipsch Music Center
10/06 Cincinnati, OH // US Bank Arena
10/08 Baltimore, MD // 1st Mariner Arena
10/09 Boston, MA // TD Garden
10/12 Bloomington, IL // US Cellular Coliseum
10/13 Detroit, MI // Joe Louis Arena
10/15 Atlanta, GA // Phillips Arena
10/16 Orlando, FL // Amway Center
10/18 Houston, TX // Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
10/19 Dallas, TX // American Airlines Center
10/20 San Antonio, TX // AT&T Center
10/22 Omaha, NE // CenturyLink Center
10/23 Oklahoma City, OK // Chesapeake Energy Arena
10/26 Las Vegas, NV // Mandalay Bay Events Center

Phish Lay Out Fall Tour Dates


Coming to an end of another summer tour that contained no shortage of weather surprises and set stoppages, the Phish from Vermont have announced east coast shows for this upcoming fall.  Multi-night stints planned for Hampton, Worchester  and the finale begins on  Halloween in Atlantic City at Boardwalk Hall.  Phans invading casinos, I’m sure the high rollers at the blackjack tables can’t wait.

Always a lottery of some sort, because too many of you want these. You can go here to enter yourself in said lottery.  The lottery will be open for 12 days and close on Sunday August 4th at 11:59 pm PST-you and Ti(cketmaster get to brawl it out over tickets after that. Check out the list of dates below, and be on the lookout for Wooks.

Phish Fall 2013 Tour Dates:

10/18 -Hampton Coliseum (Hampton, VA)
10/19 – Hampton Coliseum (Hampton, VA)
10/20 – Hampton Coliseum (Hampton, VA)
10/22 – Blue Cross Arena (Rochester, NY)
10/23 – Glens Falls Civic Center (Glens Falls, NY)
10/25 – DCU Center (Worcester, MA)
10/26 – DCU Center (Worcester, MA)
10/27 – XL Center (Hartford, CT)
10/29 – Sovereign Center (Reading, PA)
10/31 – Boardwalk Hall (Atlantic City, NJ)
11/01 – Boardwalk Hall (Atlantic City, NJ)
11/02-  Boardwalk Hall (Atlantic City, NJ)

Stone Temple Pilots Hitting The Road This Fall In America

Stone Temple Pilots

With Scott Weiland and the band currently suing one another, Stone Temple Pilots won’t let that stop them from hitting the road this Fall with Chester Bennington (of Linkin Park fame) taking over frontman duties. The band will be supported by Filter, who oddly enough served as the opening band for STP at the infamous PNC Bank Arts Center show in New Jersey where Weiland came out an hour late just days into the band’s reunion tour. Chances are, that won’t happen this time. The dates are below, for tickets head over here.

Stone Temple Pilots Fall Tour Dates:

09/04 Bethlehem, PA // Sands Bethlehem Events Center
09/06 Sayreville // Starland Ballroom
09/07 Atlantic City, NJ // Ceasars – Circus Maximus
09/09 Boston, MA // House of Blues
09/10 Huntington, NY // Paramount
09/13 Oklahoma City, OK // Downtown Airpark (w/ Motley Crue)
09/14 Newkirk, OK // First Council Casino (Without Filter)
09/17 Sunrise, FL // BB & T Center (FLA Panthers Event)
09/18 Orlando, FL // House of Blues
09/20 Columbia, SC // Township Auditorium
09/21 Ft Myers, FL Shockwave Festival // Jet Blue Park
09/24 Midland, TX // TBA
09/26 Tempe, AZ // Marquee
09/27 Las Vegas, NV // Freemont Street Experience
11/ 01 Biloxi, MS // Hard Rock Live

Stone Temple Pilots – Out Of Time

Mudhoney Stop By Jimmy Fallon

Mudhoney Jimmy Fallon

The last time Mudhoney were on broadcast television, so was Conan. It was also a time Clinton was getting neck in the oval office and the guy writing this may or may not have been eight years old. Fast forward to today and Mudhoney, just hours away from playing their space needle gig in Seattle (info here)-just weeks after returning from the UK with METZ and The Meat Puppets the boys decided to stop by Jimmy Fallon to perform ‘I Like It Small” for NBC. For that video, you could scroll down below this blurb. To check out Concert Confessions coverage of Mudhoney at the Bowery Ballroom a few years ago, click here.


Lineup for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 Revealed


Fun Fun Fun Fest comes back strong this year. Bands like Television (!), MGMT, and Both Black Flag and FLAG are just the tip of the iceberg hitting Auditorium Shores this November 8-10th in Austin, TX. Other notables include Kurt Vile, Thurston Moore’s Chelsea Light Moving, The Dismemberment Plan, Death Grips , Kathleen Hanna’s the Julie Ruin,Johnny Marr, Snoop Dogg, Slayer, Lupe Fiasco, and many many more.


This year’s festival plans on featuring expanded comedy and action sports sections, which they’ll tell us about on August 3 at the FFF Aqua Olympics in Austin. Tickets on sale Wednesday Morning, there’s some festival video things you could check out below, and please head over to the Fun Fun Fun Fest Official Website by clicking here for the full lineup, tickets and all that jazz. Now excuse me as I go listen to Marquee Moon and cry that this festival isn’t in my hometown.


Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 Lineup Leak from funfunfunfestival on Vimeo.

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